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  1. They often come off as a good guy, we all saw Dirty John, right? Jose should find a good therapist, Dr. Vivianno is out of her depth there.
  2. Erika really made me mad, (I'll tell her that to her face and not fear being sued, I can pay my lawyers, lol). Her speaking about nursing/memory care facilities in such a broad stroke made me think she has no idea what she is talking about. Health care in the home or in patient is costly, I spent $100,000+ in six months, ($20,000/month), for in home care for my father, 24/7 and that was with for CNA's not even RN's or LPN's...he started to need more medical care and I decided to move him to the nursing facility so he could have a higher level of nursing care, it was only $13,000 a month, I f
  3. Did we ever find out where Rachel spent the night when she was locked out? Why would production let her stay there, the producer that was talking to them in the kitchen should have told Rachel to pack a bag and come with her, why wasn't Rachel cared for by production, you see a man flying off the handle and yelling at his wife not even caring that it is being filmed, you step in.
  4. It reminded me of last season's Ryan and his "fer sure, fer sure."
  5. That was perfect. I love Gil trying to make sense out of the situation and questioning him, Jose will put a different spin with the men on how he tells the story but he has to realize it was filmed so those guys will see the truth. Jamie Otis better ask the hard questions and tell him how he is being perceived by women everywhere.
  6. Sadly, I know that type, I dated a Jose many years ago, mentally abusive, horrible...it was really hard to get over the scars, we lived together so it was a little harder to get out of the relationship but I did and never looked back. Jose has probably gotten to this point with every woman he dated, the women had enough and moved on hence he is forever single. I can only imagine that four year relationship with the single mother, he must have jerked her around plenty during their time together, she dodged a bullet. Jose knew exactly what he was doing when he locked up for the nigh
  7. Jose has shown himself, insecure, narcissistic, controlling and disrespectful, Rachel seems smart enough to know he has shown himself and should believe what she has seen. The fact that he fell apart over her calling him the wrong name, told her to pack her bags and go (when he has a house to go to, why wouldn't he leave?), how will he handle a real crises? Geeze, short fuse much?
  8. Do we think that Sumit and Jenny are considered a power couple and are going to all the A list cocktail parties and Walmart openings in India, lol? Do they get recognized or is that they are often followed by film crews and people are wondering who are they and what are they doing.
  9. My thoughts about Michael and wanting to be in the movie business is someone maybe trying to scam him, make him a producer, feed his ego (give him an additional pool of people to fool around with?), give him an opportunity to travel (more time to mess around with other people and a legit way to book a hotel room). That said, Michael could be on the level with this, filming in the VA/DC/MD area has been going on for decades, he may be investing a casting company, my first job out of college was as a talent agent at Central Casting in Baltimore, there is a DC office too, we worked on movie
  10. Why didn't Malia mention the burn list to Sandy?
  11. I give up, for whatever reason I cannot get this show on my list of shows that I follow, I have tried everything (I think), my options look like all the other shows that show up, what am I doing wrong?
  12. It's funny that Ari decided she wanted a child so she went bare back with Bini and got pregnant, had the baby and immediately got a full time nanny so she does not have to take care of that so badly wanted child...the want of a child that broke up her marriage or at least made her leave the country.
  13. Jenny is nothing without the drama in this relationship, if she goes back home she will simply be a middle aged woman looking to restart her life, no job, no money really, no place to live, no furniture., no car...it all sounds better than living in India waiting for a man thirty years younger to marry you when you know in your heart he will never marry you. Honestly, does she think there will be some magical thing that if they marry life will improve for her? Does she think Submit will become a different person and suddenly stop lying to her? Does she think his parents will welcome her in
  14. They are currently sailing, I leave in 48 days for Provence! Lot's of covid testing prior and on board, we are triple vaxxed and there are mask mandates, probably safer to go now then ever. This will be our 3rd river, we have done one ocean and next year I am doing a girls trip to Paris and Normandy with Viking. To my knowledge one cannot request a beach picnic, 70's disco night or ask the staff to dress up ala Magic Mike. You will never be sorry you went on a VRC.
  15. I wouldn't charter a yacht, I am prone to Mal de Mer, I stick to Viking River Cruises where dinner is served as individually plated and beautifully garnishes, lol.
  16. Funny, I always think of "Threat Level Midnight," the movie Michael Scott made on the Office.
  17. The other chef's that we have seen took great care in plating whether it was for a platter or an individual plate...presentation is part of any good chef's training...even a radish rose counts!
  18. I wonder if her life size cardboard cut out went out with the paper recycling.
  19. That was the first thing I thought too! Also from the the other photo it looks like a self storage place.
  20. She could have just done a Tik Tok like every other singer wannabe, Ellen would have noticed her and shown her video on her show, isn't that how it works? LOL. Seriously, Chris is not the man for the job of producing a video, he is the man for holding her purse and listening to her have a fit. I firmly believe that Chris needs his own gig, Candiace thinks his gig will shift attention from her and she does not like that, she can be the only star in the family, he does not pay the mortgage so he has to jump when she says to jump. I give that marriage two more years.
  21. Even if Katie has her team rotate and that nobody is stuck in the laundry full time I think she did herself and Courtney a disservice not have Delaney come back and just stay in the laundry, you don't need special certification to do that, lol, Delaney already had the experience of that duty, why not have her tucked away in laundry and brought out for service at dinner and the beach picnic. One look at that wig and we all knew Lexi is not rich, with all the Bravo celebrity hair products, extensions, etc...Lexi could have been a walking advertisement for any of those products. I think
  22. Tread lightly, only like the headband from a distance, it is not safe to get sucked in.
  23. That is my point, why is he hooking up with American girls, not using protection if he does not want a repeat of his first marriage? It takes two to tango, the sisters should be questioning him a little bit.
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