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  1. I do not buy it, none of what he says about Peru or a girl named Jenny. If he ghosted her what about her calling or texting him?
  2. All this talk about Jenny Peru, do we know if she actually exists?
  3. How are you all seeing anything about Pillow Talk, I have not even seen a commercial for it.
  4. LOLOLOLOLOL! I thought they were in a defunct department store rug department, what was that place? No food or anything for this special celebration for the baby, so special that Jenny was not allowed to attend? Sumit can honestly say to Jenny that she did not miss anything.
  5. I kept wincing every time the Mikva lady kept grabbing Ari's arm and moving her around, I bet there will be visible bruising from that. I may be signing off, my husband keeps walking in and asking questions, I cannot type, listen, watch AND explain this shit to a casual watcher.
  6. Didn't Low have the starter chin braid, I did not like it on him and I do not like it on Victor, not in a box, not on a fox, I do not like chin locks.
  7. If I were Ellie I would not have embarked on that trip without getting a tetanus shot.
  8. That outfit could serve as birth control, it is hella ugly.
  9. I don't think Providencia municipal infrastructure is set up for performing weddings at this time, seems like there are more important things at hand.
  10. For the love of G-d, please make Ellie stop describing the carnage and how Victor and his family must feel and what trauma does to a person...shut up.
  11. My Great Grandfather refused to attend his daughter's (my paternal grandmother) wedding because she cut her hair to a 1920's chin length bob and he did not feel my paternal grandfather was religious enough...that is the stupid stuff people latch on to and refuse to budge, hopefully Father Armando will see what it means to his son to be there, it will cast a shadow on their relationship forever if he does not go to the wedding.
  12. Is Forehead on an endless loop of her describing how Providencia use to look? "I'm really shocked how it was paradise but now it is all gone, this will be really hard, maybe this is not a good time to move here, I am really shocked to see what happened, it use to be so nice, it is all gone now, I am really shocked how bad it looks now..." Make it stop!!!
  13. None of these dunderheads research where they are going to live, visa information, simple life skill stuff, nothing.
  14. Since SteVen is saying he may not be ready to get married SteVen probably should have gone to Russia one more time before making the move to meet in Turkey and get married there. That girl was expecting to get married in Turkey now she is just spending time with a turkey. Any process involving visas should automatically tell you that is would be some sort of process, oh SteVen, you are an idiot if you thought it would not be a process. Has SteVen ever seen anyone hitch hike? Facing the cars giving a "thumbs up" and waving them toward you is not how it is done...poor Alina, she's fo
  15. You will love it!! We leave for our 4th VRC in November, Lyon to Avignon, I could not travel any other way now, I am so spoiled by Viking, the ocean cruise was amazing too, (Barcelona to Rome), not one bad thing to say about any of our trips.
  16. The dress was so ugly it could work as birth control too.
  17. Honestly, her TH of her demonstrating her robotic sex was beyond cringe worthy, really awful. One day her kids will see that crap.
  18. Erika: Tom was abducted by aliens and never came back. HW"S: OMG, aren't you worried? Erika: He's fine, whatever.
  19. I guess Rachel did not know that she was knocking on those doors and nobody was home. Were the others living together somewhere else or in their respective homes as in separately?
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