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  1. Did I hear correctly when Siggy said her father survived the Holocaust? She said that his family got out of Germany (or Poland) and escaped the horrors of the camps, that is not surviving but lucky enough to escape, my friend's father survived the Holocaust, was in 3 different camps, lived the horrors. There is difference, maybe splitting hairs but Siggy seems to exaggerate to make for more drama. Are we taking bets on fast her kid dents the brand new car? He seems like an okay kid but I have flash backs to my son getting a new used car at 17 and well, several cars later...he is 27 no
  2. Didn't Vicki go to the ER a few seasons ago because she was bleeding from her anus? It was during Alexis' fashion show, (I am using that word sparingly, lol). I wonder if she went alone then? Obviously none of her friends like Tamra ran out the door to be with her then and she was probably in an ER closer to all of them.
  3. Is it Jorge with the medical pot business? Well, what a sap. She must be desperate for a green card and he gets bragging rights, I wonder if she will ever let him consummate the marriage? It seemed like Jorge was in a hotel room, I wonder why? What is it with these people, the guy promises the sun, the moon and the stars and can't afford that lifestyle and the overseas people are actually surprised by that? Really? I think I have reached my limit of stupid people but I just can't look away.
  4. My guess is Loren has an anxiety issue, anxiety about making his parents think she is perfect, anxiety about planning a wedding in Israel, anxiety about the hideous wall paper in their rental, you name it. Not to make light of that disorder but I get the feeling she has always needed the focus on her in regards to everything. How does she have money for another wedding anyway? Does she work? Sexy Lexy must make some money but not enough to cover all the expenses plus travel costs and a wedding. I wish they did not do so much back story footage and filled in with more current things
  5. My DVR stopped mid sentence and I want to know too!
  6. Time will tell if Tre and Juicy have learned their lessons (although I doubt they will). Let's see if they pay their taxes next year.
  7. I thought it was stupid of Heather to call Briana and say your Mom has been in a horrible accident, why not say she was in an accident and is being airlifted to a hospital just as a precaution, the other way is just such a jarring way to tell someone who is 2 hours away. Meghan had every right to not visit Vicki in the hospital, firstly if Vicki was that badly hurt than visitors would not be allowed unless it was family only and secondly, Meghan is not on the bestie list so why upset Vicki? Heather was calm and helpful but I think she thinks because she sleeps with a doctor she is o
  8. The whole scene with Bethenny walking room to room in her fabulous former apartment, were we supposed to feel sorry for her? Really? OMG, what an idiot. How much did I love Jules yelling at Bethenny, "What is wrong with you?" so bluntly, it was like poetry. Andy needs to step it up with the questions, they are not really that interesting so the answers are boring. Dorinda may have her flaws but you have to hand it to her, she can shut things down in a nano second, a fantastic example was on the yacht at breakfast Ramona was crying and Dorinda asked why, when she found out the reason
  9. It's not that we are snarky about her illness but she is a constant complainer and coupled with her wanting to have her mother at her beckon call 24/7 is tiring. The fact that her mother is out of commission Briana can't use her for anything so therefore Vicki does not exist. That is the perceived situation. Briana, even in good health she is a pill. I bet her husband helps plenty, you are only hearing her side. Isn't Ryan on a local base awaiting discharge from the Marines? He was able to go home every night. While snarky is not the word I would use, there is an observation of h
  10. Didn't Tamra have to go to the hospital after she fell off of the bull ride at Heather's ground breaking ho down and now this? She needs to be put in bubble wrap. I am beginning to believe that Briana is not so sick from her surgery but rather enabled, I bet there is some post partum depression issues lingering combined with maybe not really happy with her weight (yes, a side effect from a bum thyroid so don't get all preachy about that). She does not need an orange right now, she needs some professional help from the neck up.
  11. Bethenney kept saying that she hadn't seen the wife of her boyfriend aka old school friend in 27 years...she just happened to have her cell phone number and called her out of the blue and that women actually answered? I am not buying it.
  12. Wow, a gang up on Petti. It was funny how Petti acted like a parakeet staring into the mirror at herself, she all but squawked, "Pretty girl, pretty girl." Her own sister told her the same things so it cannot be news to her about her self centered behavior. If Lydia has been going to Dubai for the last 26 years why not suggest doing something more cultural than the usual Housewives trip of the mall, camels, dinner in the dessert etc...how about a museum or speaking with the locals or venturing to a restaurant outside of the hotel? Janet was the shit stirrer at dinner for sure, get
  13. I notice that she does sit oddly and this time is no exception, don't these girls ever realize they have to sit in their dresses, this holds true in all the reunions. And yes Giselle, the dancing, oh the dancing, we need a montage of Ramona's dancing from this season. OMG! Dancing montage accomplished!
  14. How many dresses do we think Carole had to pick from for this reunion and she settled on that one? It looks like the ugly bridesmaid dress Jill had to wear in Odd Mom Out. She should fire her stylist and hair person and now we have to look at for the 3 parter reunion. Jules looks like she is wearing a costume from a Guys and Dolls Vegas review. Is Luanne wearing another jump suit? Maybe next season she will switch it up. Dorinda's hair looks great as does Bethenny's and Luanne's. Sonja is soo chill, loving her!
  15. Pettifluer's future daughter in law looks 10 years older than her son. I had a laugh when he sat down to play and was not playing well which is odd since he has had lessons since he was 5 years old according to Petti. Seriously, that piano is a huge investment considering nobody is around to play it. I don't blame her son for not inviting her to lunch, she did not really buy that piano for him, she did it for show. Lydia's artist friend did a great job but that painting looked nothing like Figaro let alone looked liked an Italian Greyhound. I had a portrait done of my friends cat (the cat
  16. I kept thinking that the women would step on the jewelry when it hit the floor. It would have been more fun if there was $10,000 cash in that piñata.
  17. I get it, jumpsuits are in but I can't say any of the women looked good in them, Bethenney needed a dickie with hers and Ramona just looked sloppy (in what every she wears anyway). Luanne running up to the group and yelling for them to stop talking about them was hysterical! Paranoid and afraid the others were getting screen time, very transparent. She knows her ahngagemont (lol) is a house of cards but WTH, it's a story line. If you need couples therapy that early in your relationship than perhaps it is not the right relationship for you. Ramona looking at the piñata jewelry and
  18. One more final thought about the renewal...their Pastor seemed to really dwell on the negatives between D & S during the ceremony, I did not think that was appropriate. TIA.
  19. I really wanted David to pull out yet another piece of ugly jewelry for Shannon's birthday gift, (I guess it's his thing) I giggle every time she has to act like she loves it. Can Vicki stop flicking her tongue around her mouth whenever she tastes something she does not like, I want to puke when I see that. My wanting to renew my vows whenever I am in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator just seem so tacky now that I have seen Shannon and David's renewal. LOL.
  20. I think it is a shame that Meghan conceived a child with a man who clearly did not want another child, last season this guy did not even want to get her a new couch! Meghan may be putting nails in the marriage coffin with this child. So David and Shannon renew their vows, (we all know how that usually turns out), lovely and well executed surprise, cut to the guests and there are Terry and Heather sitting there with their heads together looking dreamy eyed at the bride and groom...do those two know how to work it on camera or what? Blech. Tamara chit chatting with Jeff and Jenni, (wh
  21. I was wondering why did Tre and Joe have to go behind closed doors to cut off the ankle bracelet, lord knows everything else is out for everyone to see. I am surprised that the lawyer didn't find a way to get his mug on TV for this. Is it common to remove the sensor yourself and not an officer of the court? Does she have a parole officer now?
  22. So a low key birthday for Melania includes an over sized pink humvee limo? Delores and her kitchen, I can't fault her for wanting to remodel, I am working my way thru my house, new cabinets, new flooring, painting etc...but her ex is uber involved in her plans, granted he is paying but he does not live there which makes me think he owns that house and is thinking what would be good for resale or rental when her time there is over as in the agreement per divorce she can be there x amount of years. Tre and her family meeting, that quite daughter looks like she is over it, nothing wil
  23. Gee, do you think he is going international trying to find women on Instagram? Canada is a foreign country!
  24. After looking at Heather Dubrow's home theater I had to wonder if I could think of that many people to invite over to watch a movie. I feel like a Dubrow, I am having my master bath gutted and remodeled, getting rid of that huge soaking tub (which is never used except to catch all my hair from blow drying), it is over whelming to look at all the options I can have done in that space...I have to hand it to Heather for making all the design choices, granted an unlimited budget doesn't hurt. Do we have a betting pool going to see how long they actually stay in that house?
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