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  1. I’d not seen him before and I thought the keyboard( ?)player was being too loud. Since I hadn’t ever seen him perform I thought he picked up on that he couldn’t be heard and was hoping someone would help . I was wondering why someone didn’t tell him / signal or talk in his ear.to dial back. Again I hadn’t seen him so didn’t know if he was singing in a whisper ( I’m hard of hearing but hear tv fine) I’ll track him down and listen to a performance. What a delightful young man, and so talented.
  2. I agree that probably didn’t need so much rehash of pre- wedding, but if the touching moments shown between Chris and his best friend ,with Amy, and Amy’s father are all employees of TLC and actors then they deserve best acting awards in a scripted reality show. I don’t know why there’s a question about his confession that as he’s aged and in recent months he gets emotional. Matt said he weeped all the time but no concerns on his emotional status. I see love between Chris and Amy and predict that they will be much more of a team than what she had with the little Napoleon on his tracto
  3. Of course she had to have a rare birthing occurrence that she can’t wait to share it with us. My mother , a postpartum RN used to call them women’s war stories. Is there a reason the father needs to be bare chested during this birthing? ( hoping it’s just bare chest) I’m so tired of seeing pregnant belly’s I could scream. One she had her pants pulled down to her pubes, why is that ok? I’m with another poster missing the days of tops that gathered under your breasts and covered your belly. Smocked or Empire think it was called. Maternity clothes in my child bearing days were u
  4. I’m just now watching on my DVR and thinking Sara’s dress looks like my knock off Jessica McClintock wedding dress.
  5. I’m so confused the show I was watching just had Ari and mom packing and a flash of Cory thanking Evaline for allowing him to prove himself to her again and then I get preview of Ari with the ugly crying and it goes right into The Family Chanel pillow talk. maybe I better see what the heck happened. Was there anything further of Jenny after the astrologer leaves?
  6. On my counter are 3 bags of dates ( they were sparse at the store) 2 bags of dried apricots a bag of chocolate covered dried cherries.
  7. My youngest grandson who is 7 LOVES pickles and wants to drink the juice. I got him a T-shirt that says I’m here to eat the pickles. I love them too and used to make dill pickles with a Japanese pepper, glove of garlic ,dill etc too bad he won’t taste them. how do you feel about figs? My crack during December is an Italian fig cookie and they are outrageous amount of money .
  8. I know Bill Maher said it was a battle for couple of years to get approved. The company he was using was ready to do but he could not get them installed The comment from Abby said bad behavior was being rewarded could not refer to anyone but her former friend
  9. I have a frame that has 4 frames connected with individual family photos in it that sits on easel on my fireplace hearth and one of pictures is Steve, my son noticed it months ago and thought it was great.
  10. Am I the only one who thought Whoopi’s opening statements how it’s just so nice there with her co- panelist was a direct response to the crap written by the former panelist? That it is quite different than what you hear” out there “ (side eye to the audience out there.}
  11. My go to is P&B and honey on raisin bread.
  12. Mercy she divorced him in 2016, it was so ugly and he humiliated her badly why would she keep his name .?more exotic than Mullins ? We’ve been watching her since then and she talked about going to nursing school years ago but started in Jan where some she claims to have good grades. ( she posted grades in different classes) She was taking care of single disabled/ handicapped patients during covid in their home. oh she’s hawking some pink drink that says gives her energy and curbs her appetite a bit.
  13. I lost a long ramble when I went to re- read the rules . But is she avoiding lawsuits by not having written word? Since her husband has a long history of plagiarism and taking money for putting a positive take on Malaysia. The other day I looked him up and am wondering how she could live with the guy who believes in chicken pox parties and not social distancing. How can he claim to be Christian while calling someone a bag of pus and calling a nominee gay when they are not ,and when told to correct it he wrote guess she’s still in the closet. She was always clutching her pearls when sex was
  14. If I’m not mistaken Star used to do some silly stuff. I remember either baseball or football stunt. Sherri would do anything. Is this the first time they didn’t give prices on the VYDeals ?
  15. we were typing at the same time ifionlyknew! Thanks The YouTube guy with Megan McCain Is The Worst channel is listening to her pity party “book” and reporting daily and he always sums her up well. Originally someone posted his link but I’m not savvy enough. He’s taking one for the team and breaks her/book down perfectly. I really thought when she was off the show she’d stop pissing me off but that isn’t the case.
  16. I was addicted to the scambaiters YouTube channels, so have thought the very same thing. Unfortunately my cable server uses Indian call centers and they use same tactics.( script- transferring you to different department, use fake American names). He sent her someone’s else’s picture and name and that was ok with her so I’m thinking it was a call center. Is he even working now or just keeping her company? How as a first born son will he be able to take care of his parents if he doesn’t get off his ass. Let me know if you want names of brilliant baiters.
  17. I have been sick nauseated since last Monday and finally eating something that passes as food ( peanut butter sandwich) and I’m in danger of returning to Hell. The blow by blow reliving their sex is too much to ask an audience to stomach. Great idea telling Liz you had a panic attack. What is wrong with her ? Ed is someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with?! She said he became her best friend then boyfriend? These people are nuts. I did notice the bottle of wine from a winery near where I used to live I will say it again , there is no way Danielle is going to
  18. Delusional. Anyone witness her apologies? So many times where she should apologized .
  19. I can not tell you guys how much I’ve enjoyed reading everyone histories of religion in your life. It made me remember that my parents weren’t religious at all except for a few months when my mother studied Catholicism because her best friend and our next door neighbor was a devout Catholic. I would go with her on Sundays. One Sunday I looked up a few pews and saw a 12 year old boy that a few months before stopped me on my walk to our local grocery store and told me to go with him on the empty lot behind a trailer and told me to pull down my pants. I went screaming away but still went t
  20. So Caryn and Tori don’t have a business together as earlier indicated? The new house popped up on my news feed couple days ago. It looks nice and certainly more practical. I guess Jeremy still hasn’t completed his house which is very weird. They had to eat out the whole first pregnancy because of no kitchen as we were led to believe. I guess their books aren’t making enough money to hire some help in completing his 3 + year projects?
  21. I think it’s to hang your glasses. Just kidding. I really don’t need to listen to 3 hours of the civil discussion after hearing him suggest getting the virus then the vaccine. I also don’t understand giving the number of listeners as some kind of proof of his intelligence. So what? Years and years ago someone used to say to me FoxNews was the number one news show with highest rating or viewers. So all listeners are Einsteins ?
  22. I guess I just woke up cranky because I felt Sherri’s segment went on too long. I don’t need a refresher on her slobbering and pawing on male guests. Think I’ll have to FF through any discussion of KK since I didn’t watch SNL because she hosted. I saw Clinton on CBS Sunday and she was great. It seems odd that Scenes From A Marriage actors are on Friday now that it ended?
  23. The Joseph Behar that I saw a news articles/ pictures was 94 years old and was producer / Emmy winner for game shows and soap opera.these article said The View cohost Joy Behar was his spouse. ( where the actual 94 producer was married to one woman 54 years). I thought 94 was little old for Joy. I had to leave during Barbara segment but did see that panel had switched out after commercial and immediately went to positive covid test. Geez Barbara admit someone who became successful and so knowledgeable made you dislike her. What a charmer.
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