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  1. Well. In all the foolishment I don't know how to feel when I'm not mad at Nene. Especially in light of such truths. In the reaction to Kenya/Marc's separation announcement, Nene's first TH was shockingly absent of glee, nay, barren like my fuckless lands @Boofish. Ya'll fuck Bravo, she was talking directly to the church lol. She told the cameraman do ya'll remember when you let Kenya run that ole ashy {sic} cookie lady all up in Tanya's face? and then I swear she stopped talking. It made the one dim ember of affection I've ever had for Lenethia Leakes pulse the faintest glimmer of light. Pastor Leakes to congregation: Church has Karma ever forgotten an address? Us: mm mm, not nevah
  2. Fam? you know this is why we outta Purell right? bwahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I really did have to think about how this would even work though. Shield me, Father.
  3. Hello Barbara....? This is Shirley. Throw the whole man away sis.
  4. Girl? The irony. When Phaedra was damn near stalking her life talking about stay away from my husband!! Kenya's response was a dry: I ain't married, tell ya husband stay away from me. The thing is I agreed with her then but bish how it taste? And me. But shid I belong to a different tax bracket. I travel to get away from my baby lol! wellthisisbecauseshesadick. I wanna give her some fux but I'm fresh out.
  5. Show of hands, who still thinks she was being extra by not bringing her babies to Brooklyn's Barbie party? Keeps her man away from the fuckery too. Okay Miss Marcelle, okay. Sigh. I'm torn you making me defend this heffa. She does fully eviscerate whoever she ain't fond of, but, and it's a big ole donkey but, it's not out of jealousy, it's retaliatory. She went scorched earth on Porsha after Porsha age-shaded her *accomplishments* and pageant title, they didn't have a problem before that. She ramped up and kept up her assault once she found out Porsha wasn't on her intellectual level. Cynthia's the only one she could've left alone but during the Bailey Agency time, Cynthia said something Kenya interpreted as a direct insult and off she went. Like everybody, she's got insecurities for sure, but she has literally competed against national beauties and won. I don't say that to gas her, Iownlike the bish lol, my point is the way other women look, dress, what they've got, compared to her is not one of the things she's insecure about. That's Nene. Kenya is the only one on the show who doesn't drive a traditionally "prestigious" car, even though that Tesla is in the 6 figures. come on Rosetta Stone!! Chiiiiile. In vino veritas, and this fool didn't even have the grace to have the vino. Shat! Michael Hill, Marc Daley, Dennis Hotdog. Bravo was doing a marathon of Season 1 over the weekend. 14 zigzag wig-part Kim and original-nose Nene - {{edithvoice}} those. were. the. daaaaaaaaaaays.
  6. They didn't say what week she was but if it was the beginning of 32, she'd be concerned because 8 weeks premature = certain incubation. as fetuses develop lungs last. Week 36 is when the baby is cooked = no longer medically considered premature, but the *full* in full-term is at or beyond week 40. Nope. Lol. Every Sunday chef in America start clearing brunch dishes at 3pm. That was linner. I'm not mad at Porsha for her barely audible n'uh uh. You want me to go deep in front of your fan club who was at table B before you got here? Maam, no maam. Now we've arrived the secondary tier of reasons this chick infuriates me. She insists on refusing to grant her bosom the proper amount of foundational support it requires. In the kitchen, she was wearing a strapless top with that tank top. Those of us in the double and triple letter community implore you Kenya. Bish, spaghetti. straps. aint. talkin. to. us. Getchu some Honorable Justice Mablean sports bras and/or the Walmart 3 for $7 thick strap tank and call it a day, damn! That underarm/sideboob indent? That's between me and the Amazon delivery driver, but youse on tv sis. Issa no from me, dawg. She wore her hair, the only way we know is because her edges and kitchen (neck nape hair) were authentically stingy. Nene/Cynthia are truly codependent. I don't think Cyn was trying to shut her down as much as demonstrate the laws of physics. Equal and opposite reaction, we can do this all day. There's something in Cynthia's past that hates the idea of abandonment even if the abandoner is abusive. She's ok leaving, being left is another story. I was gone keep near the cross this week. Guess we sharing a handbasket. Damn you. I can't unsee it.
  7. Lol original quote was misattributed. I know how the baby got her Magic City ass name. I ain't worried bout it though, she's likely to get all the way through college without having to figure out how to make ice. I doubt she ever needs to work anywhere, let alone a club lol! It can get a little dicey but - your spouse doesn't default to inheritance of any of your assets unless it's specifically designated by your will. You can legally smooth leave em a solid dollar if you want. A valid will supersedes everything (ya'll know I wanted to say trumps so badly, but...) If you leave no will but were legally married at the time, the state disburses your assets amongst your spouse and living children. Auntie Ree Ree, God rest the dead, was bout as country as 13 brown eggs which is why her kinfolk still fighting today (it can be scrawled on a napkin but you still need a notary lol). Anyway, Georgia's not a community property state but even if it was, all the property she owns, she acquired before marriage. I would bet money Kandi's executor is her trust & estates attorney. I would also bet money that the cash value of her assets is to be divided in a manner and percentage she's already designated. I'll be damb if ya'll keep calling Todd a golddiger while I'm awake lol! The way we saw her gangster his ass into a prenup? I promise you there is no way in hell he'll ever get the chance to be. That chick wishes. Tanya is classy and much more beautiful just because she's a whole quirky ass nerd and refuses to be baited. We gotta work on her unbothered look a little, it doesn't really involve a shame-stare attempt, especially as these bitches ain't got shame in em. The squad won't eat baby birthday cakes. We call em snit confections. Sugar Heffa
  8. #SometimesitBslikethat Don't be a menace to South Central while drinking your juice on the seesaw.
  9. Ok, I thought this was just me. Too close, right? I feel like if it wasn't for pesky dna standing in their path.... Yeah they're just exes. She's too old for him now but was in her mid 20s the time, when he would've been approaching in his mid 40s. Paulina isn't cute in the face to me, at all. Neither is Sara. Reza/Adam cheatgate - yawn. GG encroaches upon total strangers for the biggest piece of buffalo cauliflower in the dish then goes fuckin ballistic after Destiney she tells her she went ballistic on her best friend. "That's the reason you wanted to stop being friends with me?" a. it's more than one of those wooden dolls inside a larger wooden doll and b. yes bitch, that's how normal people self-protect from dysfunction. Mike looking for the card in the flowers. Lol! Ah shit....these kids never disappoint.
  10. Oh. My. God. My guts. What is Cookie Lady's name? The bitch is dirty. /fin. Did she even get the name of her business out there? I hope Tania read Eva then read Cynthia twice for eating that muthafucka's baked goods. How dare you! Mike had forgotten his daughter was in the room until he looked at her after one his friends said that dumb shit about Cynthia getting on her knees. The thing is that was predictable enough a crowd, that you could absolutely see it coming waaaay before Cynthia was done with her sentence. I was like oh no. Oh No. Somebody stop here, please. Then it was compounded by his never been in love before statement. What exactly the fuck do you think is gone happen when you announce on a national tv show that you never loved this child's mother, in front of her? Room full of grown folks, not an ounce of maturity. That shit made me mad as hell. And then that sob with her whole soul? Cyn, dig your "big dummy" tshirt out the closet. Joyce, Kenya has no chill. Not now, not ever. Marc ain't even the half. I wanna see how this shit translate down to pta and schoolyard arguments. She finna be put on modified attendance for kindergarten assembly lol!! When Marc was assessing the event space and she said I feel like I'm chasing you. I was like #heyKarmaheyboohey! Now Porsha look, you done already re-accepted this ring and resumed relations with this dude. Either, you tell him he got work to do and make him do it without reward or use these oscar meyer 20s to wipe up your tears. Ain't no way in hell, you get to be disgusted by your man putting his body next to another woman.....then, having acknowledged that, put your body next to his. LMAO. Thinking: we gone let the baby name the baby. I might've told this story before, forgive me if you've heard it. The lady who does my hair did this with her little girls. Her first daughter's name: Kylar. The little girl Kylar named: Skylar. Shhh, don't say it. Lol!!!
  11. Jennifer said something like: Sure I have the house with the most square footage but it's my only house. First of all, it makes me genuinely sad for someone I don't know in real life to be so transparently invested in oneupmanship. For a couple of different reasons. a. you've really considered this before, like of all the nj housewives IVE got the most square footage, buah ah ah ah. b. let's say your house is 3500 sq. ft. (I don't know sq. footage like that so just imagine bigger if I'm off) 1900 of it is hallway dumbass. That is quite literally the most unpractical use of wasted space ever.....on a 1/4 acre of land lol. c. square footage is a but not the determining factor in a home's value. You can bother Bill for another couple of floors but Paramus don't have na'am one lake or beach boo, unless you count Van Saun and that's just for the comatose iguana n shit. d. kids parties - are for kids. Look, when there were still babies in the squad one of my besties invited us all down to the crappy pizza amusement spot for her baby's birthday. She considered that thing so pricey she didn't order any crappy food for the parents, we had to pay for our own shit. Which I cursed her the hell out for, but the point I'm making is first class, economy, if the plane crashes, sharks don't care where you was sittin. And if it don't, we all landing at the same time. Because I feel as though I have single-handedly made Jeff Bezos a billionaire, I could not stop giggling at the pinnacle of Jen's umbrage. With your Amazon Box gift bags!! They come prewrapped and everything, but look, if you can find the Tiffany's sterling rattle your last baby played with as an infant, please let us all know. I left some Amazon snack pack crunchy edibles on my porch table with a note for ups, fedex and my postal carrier and lemme tell you something, they ring the bell to express profiles in gratitude about a pack of cheezits and a juice box. I'llbedamb. That's a tack-ass bitch calling somebody else a tack-ass bitch. I love Delores but she sounds crazy justifying dumbassery with cultural familiarity. I gotta give it to these women coming to breakfast, going shopping and having cocktails in heels everywhere they damn go. The Hamptons is made of sand and uneven sidewalks. You liable to break something trying to be cute. I see you trying to give her the benefit of the doubt lol. I was 11 months old at the time of the murders. Whether you or your kin follow the news or not, speak English at home or not, it's kind of impossible to be this ignorant about an infamous real person in American history. Teresa went to high school in NJ just like I did lol. They taught this in Paterson. This is like never having heard of MLK or Malcolm X. I'm sorry girl, you tried, but Teresa is this silly. I had a co worker who had never heard the name Condoleeza before........during the Bush II Presidency. It made me put her in this is why we can't have nice things category. Evan. That's some good grown right there. None of the 50 year olds in my dating pool look close to that dude. 40 year olds neither lol.
  12. @luckyroll3 @Brooklynista No Jouvert payday loans necessary. We can get our costumes from the same place as crisis wigs. #girlstrip2020. What up with it? Ya'll think I'm bullshittin, I'm really not, August is perfect for me, I'm grown! https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000521233599.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.7f2d5e69InCmWD&algo_pvid=fa447a12-8b26-4442-ac35-f1749224e98f&algo_expid=fa447a12-8b26-4442-ac35-f1749224e98f-30&btsid=0e4a9b56-4128-4dff-9edf-42137e144a88&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1,searchweb201603_53
  13. Ayyy!! Perfect!! I got time to tame this disrespectful ass cellulite. Anything except Spirit Airlines, they’ll charge extra for our crisis-hair 😁
  14. It is, as Kenya would say, the pot calling the pot, the pot. One of my girlfriends wanted us to rehash the episode and I was like this is a great time to go get some darjeeling. Shit. She swore it was one of the best in a while and I didn't even have the strength to ask why. By and among loose titties, fake umbrage, snakes I don't give a shit about and Cynthia's unjustifiable ass Glory tear? Oooh chile. Dennis defines words the same way his "wife" does. Selfish is bar none the best Chicago sidestep of community dick I'dn ever heard. Ya'll saw the fast-blinking right? She was doing her damnest not to fix it for him and fuck up this public moment. Leave em lone, she know what she looking at. She said his public display of affection is the thing that allowed her to claim her commitment to working on her family more proudly. Nene has a thing for yokin up camerapeople though don't she. Ya'll girl palmed that dudes neck and I do declare if he hadn'tve been holding onto Porsha and some other production dude she would've smooth flung him cross that suite. Does Marlo take those Hobby Lobby rhinestone foam pieces everywhere she goes in case she locks herself out or.....? Cohen you can keep this shit, but gimme more Henny-fueled feather crown struggle twerk, swollen ankle moments, I'll look at dem tings all day. That one random lady the camera caught a glimpse of in the lobby going to get her carnivale uber? Who come from a Jourvert culture? I'mma turn 50 again this year, let's geaux please. PM me for real but hurry, gravity's out here winning. Kandi's defense of Kenya's messiness on WWHL made n'aam lick of sense. She didn't say any names? You don't see this bitch twirling her mustache, she ain't gotta name names. Ya'll why can't Kenya pack her own wig? She could've put that thing in her carry on.
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