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  1. Damn I feel like the Twighlight Zone dude with the regular nose and the rest of ya'll got snouts. No one else thought the conversation Shane had in the opening with the couple at the airport asking where his wife was meant that Rachael was in the box? #illbedamb Like Hitler level evil? No, but yea girl, in terms of willful ignorance, they were that bad. At the point where you're asking your daughter and her brown-skinned scholarship schoolmate to include your son because the world suddenly doesn't have any sympathy for "straight white males", you need to be like, Aunt Lydia s
  2. The category is........late everymuffukin where she goes. The squad has been talking about how much they loved this show for-ever. Meanwh'ile I was all: whaddoIknow about ball culture? meh. The weird (and I guess judgey stereotypical of me) part was that I just knew he was the one who was the hardass. When Candy looked at him, tears brimming and said I knew it was you who got me the dollhouse....I pretended to be asleep but I saw you. BayBeeee? Youd've thought it was the 3rd of September, a day I'll always remember, cause that was the day my daddy died + Shug tackle-hugging
  3. Girl he's not playing. I can't even be mad at em. Being a naughty boy must be great for your skin, he's 60 and still looks beautiful. 'damo post-it checklist: 1) google husband 2) get a husband 3) switch 1 and 2 Tuh! Remember these 8 words....? The State of California versus Orenthal James Simpson. I think it probably films like a huge metropolis because there's not a square inch of unused space. But this is indicative of just how wealthy she is. Her work, home and Reardon are each a jaunty upper east side strolling distance of each oth
  4. oh, so ya'll ain't finna say nothing? ok. you know good and hell well you heard it when Rodney said he had a friend and his mother said: her? Bri should talk to Erica. If she can stand putting her lips anywh'ere on that man, she needs to keep her head down lol and do her bid, just like her mama. 20 years from now Bill will have either aged out of hoeing or she'll be wealthy enough that it doesn't. even. matter. Kathleen doesn't need to be anywhere they are but ok Lifetime. The thing I don't like about her is that she can dish it out but can't take it. She carried o
  5. {{double dutch rock}} I'm jumping in I think stepping's more of a choreographed team sport. According to the horse's own mouth she may not have ever had any dance moves. Take it from a Whitney Houston school of rhythm graduate (Wendy that is one of my, count em, TWO degrees thankyouverymuch!), you either always have rhythm or you always don't! lol. Why are men so stupid all the damb time? Apologies to the guys on the thread, but I'm talmbout/to ya'll too lol. If sex were a Benjamin Moore project, what it would look like for men is: "apply sealant". For women it's mor
  6. Lol. I'm sorry girl I had to. I probably do *got* time for that lol. Thanks for the compliment!! This is a healthy, mature and self evolutionary response. And therapy? I'm here for it. I wish my dude had had Miles' and your friend in law's outlook. He said Imma just drink this ginger-tumeric tea and see how it goes....
  7. I guess it depends entirely upon your definition of broadening, but I'm gone vote uh huh. As unoriginal a destination as it sounds, on a vacation to Cancun, we visited Chichén Itzá. I grew up in Paramus, New Jersey Coll, how's that for exotic? lol. It wasn't my first international trip or first time in Mexico, but I stood in front of a piece of history thousands of years old. As lovely as the dirty jerz is, ain't nobody flying here to see Atlantic City's boardwalk. Anyhoo, we stayed at a boutique hotel off the strip that Olivia would adore called the Beloved, Playa Mujeres. Now I know al
  8. Gurl? Distance is not this couple's primary issue. Lol. He thinks she's ghetto and she don't know he ain't straight. It's a hot, raggedy lash glue mess and I'm here for all of it.
  9. Well. In all the foolishment I don't know how to feel when I'm not mad at Nene. Especially in light of such truths. In the reaction to Kenya/Marc's separation announcement, Nene's first TH was shockingly absent of glee, nay, barren like my fuckless lands @Boofish. Ya'll fuck Bravo, she was talking directly to the church lol. She told the cameraman do ya'll remember when you let Kenya run that ole ashy {sic} cookie lady all up in Tanya's face? and then I swear she stopped talking. It made the one dim ember of affection I've ever had for Lenethia Leakes pulse the faintest glimmer of lig
  10. Fam? you know this is why we outta Purell right? bwahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I really did have to think about how this would even work though. Shield me, Father.
  11. Hello Barbara....? This is Shirley. Throw the whole man away sis.
  12. Girl? The irony. When Phaedra was damn near stalking her life talking about stay away from my husband!! Kenya's response was a dry: I ain't married, tell ya husband stay away from me. The thing is I agreed with her then but bish how it taste? And me. But shid I belong to a different tax bracket. I travel to get away from my baby lol! wellthisisbecauseshesadick. I wanna give her some fux but I'm fresh out.
  13. Show of hands, who still thinks she was being extra by not bringing her babies to Brooklyn's Barbie party? Keeps her man away from the fuckery too. Okay Miss Marcelle, okay. Sigh. I'm torn you making me defend this heffa. She does fully eviscerate whoever she ain't fond of, but, and it's a big ole donkey but, it's not out of jealousy, it's retaliatory. She went scorched earth on Porsha after Porsha age-shaded her *accomplishments* and pageant title, they didn't have a problem before that. She ramped up and kept up her assault once she found out Porsha wasn't on her intel
  14. They didn't say what week she was but if it was the beginning of 32, she'd be concerned because 8 weeks premature = certain incubation. as fetuses develop lungs last. Week 36 is when the baby is cooked = no longer medically considered premature, but the *full* in full-term is at or beyond week 40. Nope. Lol. Every Sunday chef in America start clearing brunch dishes at 3pm. That was linner. I'm not mad at Porsha for her barely audible n'uh uh. You want me to go deep in front of your fan club who was at table B before you got here? Maam, no maam. Now we've arrived the
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