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  1. Actually, I think Katie took every nice thing Ashley ever had, shoved it up under her lopsided wig and model walked off the stage with Ashley's crown. She has all the nice things now...
  2. Candiace, needs to learn that while it is perfectly okay to HAVE an opinion, it is not always okay to EXPRESS that opinion. I tell my 21 year old this all the time when we start having conversations about how things "should" run in the house I pay for. What separates a child from an adult is learning what that difference is and when to express it. Candiace isn't wrong that she's kee-kee'd with all of them individually about Ashley and Kangaroo Jack's relationship, but the issue is bringing it up in mixed company in public to drag her, especially when everyone in the room is already clear that you think that they are fake and false. As for the rest of it, Candiace also needs someone she respects to express to her in no uncertain terms that she fights just like her momma - down and dirty and straight for the jugular. I don't blame her, because you mirror what you see, but she's going to lose Chris, all her friends, and everyone she cares about except her momma if she doesn't realize this and internalize that she needs to change the dynamic. What is really deep about the whole thing is that she wants Chris to respond to her the same way she responds to her mother, with complete and total capitulation, but she also sees him as weak because he does that. It's fascinating to watch.
  3. It was the Halloween episode when they did the costumed walking tour. He shows up prominently when they previewed everyone's costumes as they were gathering.
  4. The forum for the Potomac version of RH disappeared from my shows sometime over the weekend. I went directly to the forum from the main page to add it back, and it looks like all of the sub-threads have disappeared except for the most recent 4-5 with activity.
  5. Rachel is married to an (ex?) NFL player. I'm actually a bit sad about this as I think she and Jeff would make an interesting couple. She has the right combination of "take no shit" and "love hard" that someone like Jeff needs. Her compassion for both of these doofuses (Regan and Jeff) comes through clearly on the show and feels completely genuine and organic, as opposed to some folks who try to put on those emotions to get screen time on reality tv (see every gd Hwives franchise).
  6. Rlb8031

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    The only thing wrong with this proposal is that it is highly unlikely that either of them has a loving and stable family member willing to parent them. The grandparents raised these two winners, so I definitely would not go with either of them. The aunts and uncles were raised by the grands, so again, no go. How about a third cousin, twice removed that doesn't claim them?
  7. ^^^^Amen!!! I keep wondering when the scales are going to fall from these chicks eyes and they are going to see Gizelle for the puppet master she is. She is still that mean head of pledges...
  8. Rlb8031

    Craig Conover: Work Hard(ly), Party Harder

    I agree. I don't think Craig was any kind of great student. I think he got by with a lot of help and support. As for his drive (or lack thereof), Naomie was right, he doesn't have a lot of ambition. This is Craig in his own words: He's a guy who wanted enough money so that he could give money away and "help" people by taking their picture or making them smile. Its the life goals of a twelve-year old.
  9. Her mom is not just a therapist, she is a Psychiatrist (an MD, not a PhD)! Super smart and batshit crazy, all in one package. As for Ashley's singing, my SO asked if she offered to perform at pride for free because "I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to invite her to sing anywhere."
  10. Rlb8031

    Craig Conover: Work Hard(ly), Party Harder

    Its probably hard for his family to make him understand this when Craig is legit making six-figures doing this crap. I have no doubt that he's not putting his money into an IRA, planning for his next move post-reality tv, or buying gold or precious metals on the open market, so you're right that someone needs to intervene. And he's probably supplementing with a couple of thousand here or there as an "influencer". But he's definitely that guy who pulls out a stack of hundred and waves them around saying "I don't need any help, I'm fine." He's going to be like a former NFL player who blows out his knee before his rookie contract is over - living on the couch in Mom's house and reliving his glory days.
  11. It's definitely in her mama's name as she brought the place well before Chris was ever on the scene. Also, doing the math, if Mama's 1/3rd is $4k a month, then that place went for more than a million - I'm calling bullshit on that. I think Mama is inflating her numbers to get more sympathy.
  12. You want confirmation of this, pay close attention to Katie at the dinner. There was one point when everyone was screaming, and it appeared that Katie has dozed off (or "was just resting her eyes")
  13. Rlb8031

    S02.E05: The Runway Runaway

    I believe Jeff needs professional help, but he also needs to understand that alcohol is not a coping mechanism. Until he accepts that, he probably won't be open to help. I'm slightly moved by the fact that production didn't give him an asshole edit which means that they may feel enough to try and get him the help he needs rather than just watching breathlessly as he spirals out of control. I so want to dislike Tamika, but I find myself agreeing with her on Regan's need to have every conversation be about her train wreck of a life. Watching that scene after the fashion show where she announces that Tamika and Rachel need to help her plan her wedding because she is just so overwhelmed made me want to reach through the screen and shake some sense into her. Also, does Regan realize that she low-key shades her little sister every time she gives here "Real southern women know how to cook and entertain" speeches and then the camera cuts to sis being absolutely clueless about either cooking or entertaining? I give Tamika props for at least contemplating that she could be wrong when it comes to Kelsey. In reality show world that is a level of self-awareness most of the "stars" don't have. Not that she's bending over backwards to fix it, but she didn't sit in Justin's office and do the "who me?" thing that so many of these chicks run with. I also think Kelsey is way more intimidated by Tamika than Tamika is dismissive of Kelsey. She so wants to be an alpha, and she just doesn't have it in her to back down the mean girl. How did she ever survive middle school?
  14. Rlb8031

    RHoA in the Media

    The RH franchise is a quick way to make a lump sum of money in less than one calendar year, with minimal disruption to your life. They have - what? 4-5 months of filming in your hometown with 1-2 guaranteed trips. If you have any big events (birthdays, weddings, etc.) you can see if Bravo can pick up at least a portion of the tab, and if you play your cards right, you can get in and out without your reputation taking too much of a hit. If I needed to come up with a quick couple of hundred thou, it seems like a fine option for an actor/musician/model/creative type.
  15. Rlb8031

    S02.E04: Housewarming Gone Cold

    I don't think this cast drinks too much. Yes, most of their interaction is either at parties or over a meal, so there is usually alcohol involved. I think this is reality TV 101. But I would say that with the exception of Jeff, who has been shown on multiple occasions having super mood swings after drinking too much, most of the cast seem to handle their liquor okay. Even the folks who have partially come off the rails (Tamika and Barry, i'm looking at you) after drinking at an event, have pulled it together and made it more of a one-off than the standard "oh, so-and-so is at it again behavior (See Craig and Shep on SC 1.0).