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  1. Welcome to the maelstrom. 1. Yes. A big ass and a nice smile. 2. YMMV. She has moments of likeability that are bookended by eons of being truly horrid. 3. Start paying close attention when her workout video comes up. That's really the beginning of the end, although it takes another season (or two??) to get there. 4. Not soon enough. He's there until Apollo goes to jail. He's a stain...
  2. So not only is Aunt Liz an actress (part-time??), but she's married to "Hey, it's that guy" actor Afemo Omilami I can't wait until the next episode when Simon starts to chastise Liz for not respecting Porsha enough as the granddaughter of Hosea Williams. I can just see her saying "You know he was my daddy, right?"
  3. But they are skilled at some things: booty popping, cheating, trading in wives for a new model, and demanding apologies for shit that they caused among them. I feel like we have to give them SOME credit🤪
  4. So I had to ask the question of the men in my house - "What would you say if you asked a friend what he wanted for his birthday, and his response was "your wife to show cleavage at the party"? The response was "that would be a problem". So Seth is officially a creep.
  5. I feel like none of these people have the life skills to communicate the important things that they are feeling to one another.
  6. Maybe, but I don't find it dumb that her mom would consider doing that. I friend, sure that's stupid. A significant other, even more so, but I'm not shocked that her mama has her back (even though she may be way more responsible and less naïve than she's claiming to be). I don't know a lot of parents that would be like "see ya" when their kid is in trouble - even in those cases where their kid absolutely deserves everything coming to them.
  7. So if Liz is a Williams that would make her Porsha's dad's sister - and a full aunt to both Lauren and Porsha but unrelated to Storm and 'em. Stormy and her screaming mom are relatives on Porsha's mom's side and not related to Lauren. Is Londie a Williams? or Esther?
  8. Did anyone else peep at the table just before everything went sideways when Porsha's aunt said to Gina that she should get to know "the Hosea Williams family" and not the people that Porsha has brought to this event? She has been shading "the family" both overtly and covertly since they were in the ATL. My guess is that Storm, her mama and a couple of the other "aunties" may be relatives by marriage and actually related to the stepmom and not directly to Porsha by blood.
  9. Jen's mom is a teacher. If she has been putting money away, between her pension and any other retirement savings she has been doing, amassing $1m isn't that hard. I know tons of state employees with 20+ years in that have that level of retirement savings. And in my state 62 year olds sitting on historic government provided defined benefit plans can liquidate with relative ease.
  10. Rlb8031

    Music Box

    Ok, so I am officially old because I didn't get the whole Juice WRLD thing at all. He kept saying he was good at music, but his atonal moaning over a beat didn't really show any evidence of that. I didn't get the whole "voice of his generation" thing either. I was sad to see the outcome, but it didn't look like anyone was pushing him to get help and that the folks around him encouraged his self-abuse as it furthered their own ends.
  11. So glad you said that! Happy to know I'm not the only one to see that resemblance. When he jumped up on the crates in Medina Station, I was like "Where are The Revolution?"
  12. Finished the Doc Antle doc last night. That dude is pretty much the walking definition of a scumbag. It's clear by episode 2 that he was targeting teen girls, and by the last episode they flat out say that he was grooming girls starting at 12/13/14 and having sex with them by age 16 or so. Bravo to the crazy hippies at Yogaville who said even in the "free love" 70's his behavior with those girls was a bridge too far. He's left a trail of broken and scarred women, many of whom have probably passed those traumas down. And I think he's more dangerous than Joe, because while Joe hates himself, I d
  13. What you are describing is how a functional church should operate, not how a dysfunctional scam works. I'd be shocked if Mary's church had any outreach programs that catered to anyone other than Mary and members of the church. The prosperity preachers don't go in big for acts of charity that don't directly impact them. Its amazing how many churches have ladies guild, men's guild, youth ministry, etc. and don't do much more in the way of charity than take the alter flowers to members homes Sunday afternoon. My guess, they have a bunch of people tithing significant amounts of their annual income
  14. I worked for an institutional investor as well, but we had the same deal. A couple of times a year we'd host closing dinners on deals and the clients would want to end the evening at a strip club. Fortunately for me, they tended to be out of state (southern and midwestern) clients who'd turn the deal into an excuse for a huge trip to the big city. I covered other parts of the country, so I didn't end up having to participate, but one of my colleagues was regularly dragged out to "the club" and would have to pull out her corporate card to pay for lap dances and drinks.
  15. All of the animals with habitats also have smaller holding areas that they are moved into when they clean, treat animals, and (for those that can't bear the harsh NY winters) when the weather changes. I think that what they show for the ambassador animals. Those animals may not get the larger enclosures, but there is an open area that is immediately adjacent to the building where the ambassador animals are kept that the animals are given access to. They have shown it several times when doing stories on the ambassador program. It was large enough to accommodate the two cheetahs and their compan
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