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  1. On WWHL, Candiace said that Chris had actually set everything up - he mentioned in the episode that he "spoke to the guy at 1pm", but someone else on-site dropped the ball resulting in the miscommunication. Of course, she didn't apologize to him for thinking he had screwed her. I don't understand why anyone would think he would do that when she's spent $10k on this crap. Wasting that money is just less golf for him...
  2. I'm not sure how his dustup with one of his ex's makes him a bum. He's clearly and involved dad with the other kids - they purchased a house large enough for the kids to be accommodated, not something you do if you aren't interested in being involved. While I think Candiace is fine being stepmom, I don't get the sense she's the one driving that particular bus. So, why isn't his relationship with one set of offspring proof of non-bummy-ness rather than the lack of a relationship cementing the "ain't s&$!" narrative? Also, I don't think that Chris doesn't want to work - that's never been sai
  3. I had an epiphany in my 20s that if I could sleep in and wake up relaxed on a bunch of dead guys birthdays, I should do the same on my own. I haven't been super strict about it, but since my birthday comes in that period between President's Day and Memorial Day, there have definitely been years where I took the time to engage in some self-care. But I'm kind of a lunatic - back when I was single and living alone, I used to buy stuff for myself throughout the year, wrap it and store it in my closet so I'd have a nice birthday and Christmas haul. Mel is completely not my kind of self-involved.
  4. The suit was over the top but I loved her fashion hiking boots. It looked like a far more stylish (and practical) chunk high-heeled Timberland.
  5. My understanding is that Candiace HAS a manager. She is basically using Chris to do the things she should be working on rather than doing them herself. And the reason for this is because she's so overwhelmed with school and work and her career, so can't he please just step in? I gather that what Chris is pissed about is that he's got at least 1-2 things he's working on (online classes, etc.) and when his stuff and her stuff conflict, she expects him to drop his, reschedule, etc. He says if she's going to stop him from earning his own way, then she should just give him an allowance and mak
  6. I was most amused by this: He was leaving the country, until the chance to famewhore on Bravo arose...
  7. My SO and I have a thing, whenever an image of an especially attractive snack pops up on the screen, I'll get asked "Do I look like that?" to which my response is "Absolutely, both of you have a chest and two arms..."😀
  8. Robyn talked on her podcast in much greater detail about her relationship with Juan and spoke about how no one believed he could make it to the NBA because of his size. She said she was the person that would go to the gym with him to rebound when he wanted to practice, and she feels like the TWO of them put in a lot of hard work and sacrificed so Juan could achieve his dream. My guess is that 1) she was absolutely in love with him; 2) she determined that pretty much anything he did was okay, so long as they were together; 3) at some point she stopped feeling that way and divorced him; and 4) b
  9. For Sea Org members, they will basically try to hunt you down and drag you back. Each person is free labor that keeps the machine running. They need those bodies to make the whole thing work. For everyone else, leaving is "easy", but it comes with a complete loss of all friends and family. Scientologists are encouraged not to socialize with non-scientologists, so depending how deep you are in, it could result in losing your entire social circle, access to your family, and in some cases, loss of your job (if you work for or with other Co$ members). Even after leaving there is a fair amount
  10. So what do you think are the true problems Karen has with Gizelle? I know that they have had static back almost to day one, but I'd be interested to hear your take on it. As the poster noted above, it has to be a Bravo thing. I've seen the pandemic mentioned more on some of the franchises (BH & NY), but for the most part, the story is "and now we pick up where we left off..." I think it does a disservice to what folks may actually have been going through to paint Robyn as "lazy" or people as unconcerned about the pandemic.
  11. I get this, but there is a difference between what happens IRL and what happens on the show. Gizelle brought it up on camera. Once that happens that makes it "real". If the off camera blog postings don't get reported on camera, its like they never happened. Wendy can both be mad at Monique (for not controlling her people???) in real life, and be pissed at Gizelle for bringing something up on camera that doesn't need to be discussed. And trust me, the Bravo producers would shut Wendy down in a moment if she started going on about "this is all Monique's fault" when she is no longer on the s
  12. How does a pastor have taxable income of almost a million dollars?
  13. She's going to have to show that she filed separately in 2008 or else the IRS will come after her as well. If you are a joint filer normally and you didn't file, then your marital status doesn't trump that.
  14. You are correct, that they are not financially linked but Karen and Gizelle have a very structured playbook: Karen will bring up Jamal's tax issues because she's still hella salty about that t-shirt and Gizelle kicking Ray while he's down Gizelle will respond with fervor over Karen's comments, not because she's wrong, but because her kids will see it (even though those girls know their daddy comes from a long line of "Ain't shit"); and Karen will then respond with a faux-pology along the lines of "I'm sorry that your taste in men is so poor and I was wrong for pointing that o
  15. I agree that the Karen stuff goes back to Gizelle's very blatant "attack" on Ray. Gizelle had always low-key shaded him in her talking heads but that was the first time she really showed distain for him publicly to Karen's face. And no matter what folks may think about Karen and Ray's relationship, Karen rides for Ray publicly, even in those years where she was complaining about how much attention he was giving her. I can't wait to see how much grace Gizelle demands from Karen next season, when the story of Jamal's tax issues become part of the storyline...
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