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  1. Has anyone else seen this!? It gave me a great laugh yesterday. Does Hulu know something we don't know?
  2. All I saw was "chin," which made me at one point realize that hers looked odd when she grimaced. She claims that her lips are natural.
  3. When he woke up, greasy hair down and talking so gently...gag!
  4. You can get the free trial for a week and watch them all that way. I enjoyed it. I thought about subscribing for one month and then cancelling, but I got a second free week. And I agree: Pillow Talk is great!
  5. Same here. That was an extremely abrupt ending, especially for a finale.
  6. I agree. The opening at college was jarring to me. And being shown extensive frat behavior on TV is almost as bad as seeing it in person.
  7. I'm with Sisters Bini. They remind me of ... me. I cannot stand spoiled, entitled princesses (or princes). It is no wonder they are fed up with feckless Ariela. She has had all kinds of opportunity and comfort in her life--and it looks as though she has not learned anything except how to pout and manipulate. Bini's sisters' frustration with her is completely understandable.
  8. It is hard to understand the twins. If they're taking about a heated subject, drah-ma, they speak as though their mouths are farting. Quick bursts!
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