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  1. I think they were short Ugg boots, maybe the ones with the button on the side.
  2. jennylauren123

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    On the way home from work yesterday, I listened to part of the Watch What Crappens podcast. They said that Tyler has "old man face." I get what they mean. I can very easily picture Tyler as an old man. Patricia and Michael from Southern Charm were on at the very beginning of the podcast. Not sure that Michael made a peep.
  3. jennylauren123

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    A few of you have mentioned not being able to tell the blond guys apart. Totally cracks me up! I can tell them apart, because to me, Ashton looks like a former (or current) stripper, and Tyler looks like the epitome of a bro-dude, bro-douche, whatever you call it. Tyler looks confused most of the time, and he looks like a guy who would enjoy being called "Throttle" (didn't he proudly tell us that was his nickname?) and who gets excited by things like ... wait for it ... "Whoa! Dude! First tracks in the fresh peanut butter!" -- or whatever he said.
  4. jennylauren123

    S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    I see a little Fire Marshal Bill when she gets mad and retracts her lips.
  5. jennylauren123

    S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    Then I'm evil, too! I laughed out loud when Kate did that, and I just KNEW that whiner Laura would have to pipe up and say something. I do the same thing to people who are on my heels (while pushing carts) at the grocery store. I slow down a little and make them go around. It started as a therapy exercise (I used to feel that I had to get out of everyone's way) and later became a lifestyle choice for me.
  6. jennylauren123

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    You said it. And to be more adorable, don't forget speaking in a vocal fry, using the word "babe" to shut your husband up, wearing jeans with huge holes in the knees, and, when uncertain (or when just wanting to appear uncertain), coyly putting your fingers up to your mouth. Sheesh. I know I'm showing my age here, but I can't stand trends like posing with your feet cutely turned in (when you're not even pigeon-toed). Hate all the damn cuteness. This is not what our feminist predecessors fought for.
  7. jennylauren123

    S09.E09: Communion and Confession

    Only Delores. And maybe her mom.
  8. jennylauren123

    S11.E10: The Final Flip

    This is hilarious. It seriously took me a minute to figure out what you meant, but once I did? Amazing! Thanks for making me laugh, Knitta!
  9. jennylauren123

    S09.E03: The Jersey Breakfast Club

    I noticed Marge having lots of trouble walking in what looked like platform boots. I really think--and I know this is a weird thought for the New Jersey gals--that you should be able to walk in your shoes. Not hobble--walk!
  10. jennylauren123

    S06.E08: Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star

    She calls him 'Siah, short for Josiah--or so my closed caption said. Still so cute! I really enjoyed their chat. And I agree, Primrose is such a great name.
  11. jennylauren123

    S13.E17: Friends and Enemas

    Hilarious! We have a friend who is going through a divorce. But his divorce is much worse than any of ours. Why? Because he believes that they were special snowflakes who would never get divorced. Their love was purer than any other love. He loves his wife more than any other man has ever loved his wife! Divorce is for suckers like his friends. I think that's one of Shannon's problems, which are many. She thinks she is a very special girl. She doesn't think she's anything like you or me. Therefore, things like divorce, living in a tiny (ahem) 4,000 square foot home, and paying for water? They are not for her, Special Shannon.
  12. jennylauren123

    S09.E02: Easter Wives Hunt

    Is Margaret's tongue overly big or something? She seems to move her mouth around an awful lot--even when she's not speaking or eating. What's up with that?
  13. jennylauren123

    S13.E17: Friends and Enemas

    What bothers me the most about Gina is that, like lots of people, she doesn't realize what a good life she has. She seems to take her good fortune--and I do mean good fortune, because she doesn't seem to have worked for anything--for granted. Her parents obviously adore her, and she seems to have some good friends. Her children are healthy. So she married someone and it didn't work out. Big deal. Happens to the best of us. The casita is temporary, of course. And it's a much better place than many people have. She seems very taken care of. Very loved. Now, do I want to sit at home and watch that dumb bunny fluff her HomeGoods pillows? No. I can fluff my own! Do I think she has even one interesting thing to say? No. Please. One and done! Please! She's a cliche. As a very wise poster said above, she's the popular girl at school with rocks in her head and overly demonstrative body language. Next!
  14. jennylauren123

    S11.E09: Destructive Criticism

    Didn't someone, I think it was Jenni, say that they saw a tornado when they were flying? I thought it was that combined with the fear that Megan already has about flying. I can decide whether Gage smiles because he enjoys that someone besides him is the target of Jeff's wrath or because he's just so uncomfortable. I've been known to smile and or laugh when I just can bear what's happening around me. It's awful because it's so inappropriate. I think it's nerves (for me).
  15. jennylauren123

    S11.E1: To Love and to Cherish

    Hilarious and right on! Thank you for making my morning, Knitta!