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  1. Simone told Kate that she had "about two years" in the yachting industry. Sounded dishonest at the time.
  2. With a good sense of humor and a sparkling-clean anus, how can Jihoon not go far! I agree; he was super angry. Losing-it angry.
  3. To me, it's her pronunciation of Tune-eeeeeeeeee-sia that bugs.
  4. I am here looking for the scoop, too. Maybe I'll see if I can find something online.
  5. My guess is that they are coached to call her Akinyi. 'Tis all very odd. Who wants to join a family that makes you want to throw up and run away?
  6. Early on, Ben said that he couldn't pronounce his intended's first name, so he calls her "Akinyi," the family (last) name.
  7. Good point. Jack was told several times to do something with his hair.
  8. John Megna. Looks just like him as Dill.
  9. I totally missed that. Hilarious! Michael Hutchence of INXS?
  10. Kaci Kash, I think. I Googled "Lacey Shane wedding," and I think the story was on Starcasm.
  11. Wow. Kind of surprising she'd be that honest on camera, but then look at all the other stuff she has thrown out there.
  12. Really? Or are you just making a great joke?
  13. Oh, Scout! So sorry! Sending big hugs over the Internet.
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