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  1. So last week Jenna got her undies in a bunch because Madison was allegedly getting into her business. This week, Jenna not only airs her business to the charter guests but gets all up in Georgia's business by telling Chris to basically hit it because it would benefit everybody? And why is it okay for Jenna to be sitting down and socializing with the charter guests but Parker got reamed for chatting up the guests? Jenna, is the WORST chief stew in the history of chief stews. What I wouldn't give to have her working under Kate. Kate would eat her alive and I'd be there for that.
  2. Wasn't it established Brandon did work there? I mean, that was mentioned and Taylor didn't dispute it. Regardless, I'm not taking Brandon's side. I think he's definitely abusive, at least verbally. But Taylor is no prize and she's setting herself out as some innocent victim. If she did indeed stumble in there and find Brandon by accident, leave! She didn't say anything like I had no idea he was there, etc., she defended her decision to go there as she had been there before, so. That tells me she knew full well that Brandon either might be there or was there. And she can defend h
  3. I would think Taylor too, which could explain why she and Derek were so friendly. I did note that Derek said "cast members," not "cast member." So if Jess did know, I would think she might tell Austin and ask for his advice and maybe the two of them told Derek. Regardless, Derek was very gentlemanly about saying that he would not expose the person or persons, which I respect. I also respect him for airing Katie's dirty laundry to the world. Well played, Derek.
  4. Well, Katie definitely kept with the turtle theme and dressed in a lovely shade of turtle green that did her zero favors. I'm no expert but Katie, girl, wear a cute dress with a short skirt and cover up more on top. That said, Katie is a total asshole. So if whoever misunderstood what she said about cheating on Derek with her fuckboy ex two days after the honeymoon, please explain exactly what it was that you said so we can try and understand how it was taken out of context. Yeah, I thought so. I think Derek simply was not bad boy enough for Katie from (nearly) the start. She w
  5. My guess is that Caroline brought Sophie in because she knew that Sophie and Alex (?) were splitting up and Sophie needed a job/money. Sophie was also a good cheerleader and buffer for Caroline if the other ladies got critical. I had no idea that Caprice had a flat iron. I actually knew nothing about her before LOL. Maybe she had stepped back from her businesses a great deal during filming of season 1 because of the surrogate and her pregnancy. Whatever the reason, it's a shame because I'm always interested in seeing self-assertive women run their businesses. We saw Juliet blog
  6. Probably an unpopular opinion but I was disappointed that Caprice did not return for Season 2. I thought it would be interesting to see her business -- especially since that was somewhat limited due to her pregnancy. I wouldn't have had an issue with watching her run her business with two babies, so long as it wasn't all babies, all the time. I didn't care that Noelle didn't return. I felt sorry for what happened with Scot but she was the most transparent gold digger imaginable. So after seeing most of season 1 the other day I went ahead and bought the entire series on my Ama
  7. Since the hierarchy of the sailboat is so, so very important, I'm wondering how Adam and Jenna qualify for using the master bedroom when no charter guests are onboard. I mean, shouldn't the captain get first dibs? And then maybe down from there (which I would guess means Byron?) Or at least have a draw or lottery of some kind? Because these two fuckwits (Adam and Jenna) are hijacking the room at the end of every charter. I guess they feel superior because they're banging (or having shmex, as they would say). Someone needs to draw them a very simplistic, stick-figured explanation of
  8. If I lived in London, or the UK, I would absolutely do a yoga retreat weekend at Mapperton with Julie. I know a lot of people were annoyed by her during the show's initial run but I always liked her. She seemed real and she was very sincere not only about yoga but about her family's financial issue and her dedication to Mapperton. Not only that but Mapperton looks gorgeous! I'll admit I have gone to Juliet's website and she looks nice. I don't understand why she always looked like she hadn't washed her hair in a week and/or was freshly pulled from the dryer right before the cameras
  9. Bravo is replaying season 1 of LOL today (April 20, 2020). I'd forgotten how much I loved this show. As London is my favorite city, I am just drooling over the city porn (and it's making me want this damn quarantine to end that much sooner so I can get back there!)
  10. Someone needs to remind Dorinda that she may have lived in London for 10 years but she's an American. So all this touring houses is an American thing, etc. Please. Call me dense but I also don't understand why having house maintenance issues is the reason given for Dorinda being a raging asshole. Has she been doing house reno since she joined the show? What does she do all day? I mean, it's not like she's struggling to pay her bills or dealing with lawsuits or a divorce so I really don't get what she's excessively stressing over. So Lu's dress was not Hampton worthy but more
  11. Well, this started off much better than RHONY, IMO. This may be the first time Dorito didn't annoy the ever loving shit out of me. She was absolutely correct about Kyle's "fashion line." At least Dorito was involved in her bathing suit line during the designs, production and pre-show. Taking photos and sending them to someone does not constitute designing fashion, Kyle. Was I reading it correctly that Kyle's so-called fashion line is called Kyle Shahida? What a horrible name. Even Shahida Kyle would be better but we all know that it's got to be about Kyle all the time. And
  12. He definitely seemed shorter. Must have been the lack of poofy hair.
  13. Yup. I think it will be something like Katie admitted to Derek she had an affair . . . before she was married. I didn't recognize Zach in the reunion preview with glasses and minus word salad exploding from his mouth.
  14. Parker is in the wrong to continue to argue with his supervisors/bosses but they are in the wrong to be continually smack talking him to others. Would any of them have a storyline if not for Parker? And I get that the hierarchy is clearly the be-all, end-all but does that mean that people like Jenna, who are supposedly Parker's superiors, can rag on him, make jokes about him, backtalk him and that's fine and good in the workplace? Parker, take a cue from Madison, shut your mouth and do just what you're asked. That's it. Paget did redeem himself a fraction of an iota by being
  15. Can we please have Katie's dad and Mindy's girlfriends be the experts on this show? They speak more sense than any of the so-called experts. Clearly Katie's dad knows Katie is an asshole. She speaks word salad just a little more clearly than Zach. But she still makes zero sense to me. She's trying to find reasons to say no on decision day and go back to her fuck boy. Derek doesn't know how to show love or commitment or compromising? Like you do, Katie? Derek is bending over backwards to make this work while you bitch and moan about EVERYTHING. Just admit that you want everything
  16. Well, that was boring. If it's any indication of how this season will go, I may be done with RHONY.
  17. I think the fix is in for Angel to go to the finale because she should have gone home this week IMO. Her crane tattoo was horrendous, far worse than Jerrell's. I don't have an issue with Jerrell getting a pardon because he generally does great tattoos. Now we know why two inktestants were cut last week - - because a pardon was coming this week. Wonder if the judges knew who the others' pardon choices were because I do not understand Dave's argument on Jerrell's tattoo. I could see the crane's beak perfectly fine. Glad Jimmy made it through.
  18. The slipper/shoe might be one of my more favorite products I've seen on ST. I think it's possibly one of my favorite products I've seen on ST. Daymond is a good fit (no pun intended.) The golf shirts were nice looking. I agree with Kevin and Mark that retail is not the way to go - - too much competition and cost. If your purchasers are lined up waiting for a shirt to drop, and you're killing it online, stay online! I liked the duvet cover thingy but the valuation was nuts. Never tell the sharks not to think too hard about your sales and numbers. She does need to change her pa
  19. And military spouses everywhere want to jump through their tvs and punch the hell out of Jessica. So he's going to travel for work? It doesn't mean he's going to forever. When military spouses are looking at 6+ months of separation at a time, a week is nothing. Shut it. YAY, Mindy! I do, I did, I'm done! Yes! And I love the shade with the "We Always Hated Him" sign. You spoke for a nation, Friends of Mindy. And Dr. Viv made the face of a nation, when Zach was trying to word-salad his smarmy way out of the whole mess. Whatever, Zach. You suck. Mindy definitely needs to p
  20. This show used to be such a guilty pleasure for me. Now I just feel guilty watching it. I couldn't care less about the newbies other than trying to decide whose brain is the most useless: Dayna, Max, Danica, or Charli. So Flat Iron has an "extra" themed birthday party? Yawn. Since being extra isn't exactly a compliment, why would you want that as a theme for your party? Maybe all that forehead flat ironing is burning brain cells. I must be getting old because these chucklefucks' parties look like torture to me. Have to say, though, that Stassi looked great at Daug's
  21. I had to laugh and roll my eyes over Jenna saying that Parker needed a pacifier. Jenna, who spent at least half the episode pouting and stomping around (probably holding her breath) because Adam wouldn't have sex with her. Who's the immature baby again, Jenna? No excuse for Ciara and Madison to be sitting around on that rocky beach. Especially Ciara, who supposedly has yachtie experience. Why didn't Jenna take charge of that? I mean, besides being a lazy bitch who would prefer to try to eyefuck Adam in the galley. Jenna has done nothing but complain about how Madison doesn't know
  22. Tony is a "containment expert?" Of course he is! Like Sean Penn being interviewed on how to handle a crisis during the virus. I guess he's an expert because he was married to Madonna? Color me surprised that Angela's wedding dress was actually pretty and flattering. What wasn't flattering was mentioning prison in your wedding vows, ANGELA, and having a bride and prisoner as a wedding cake topper. Keeping it klassy. And I had to laugh that Angela and Tony had wedded bliss for a WHOLE 48 HOURS. I guess Kim Kardashian and her 70 day marriage can hold Angela's beer. Pretty sad
  23. The only couple the experts should be encouraging at this point is Jess and Austin. The others are bad to flat out disastrous matches. Dr. Viviana, maybe Jess shouldn't go home and talk to Austin about being in love. It's only been 5 weeks. Let it rest. Danielle didn't say it to Bobby until Decision Day and they would have stayed together regardless, I think. Knowing Austin's thoughts on not just saying it, having it mean something, not rushing, holding off is the right thing to do. Austin may not say it in so many words but his actions demonstrate that there is love there. W
  24. Only 25 minutes in but must comment. Brittany's dress? Ick. Not my style at all. She looks as though she's wearing a corset, not an actual wedding dress and the back is horrific. Not flattering at all. Really makes her appear lumpy. Did Jax and Brittany really promise to take each other for richer or poorer . . . and that's it? Not in sickness and in health, through good times and bad and forsaking all others? (Not that we expect Jax to stay faithful). Gah. Flat Iron is the best best man ever. No contest. He really should be renting out his services or sell an online
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