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  1. And this is one reason why Andy is such a shitty host. He should have been asking why whatever did or did not happen between Denise and Brandi is the concern of ANYONE appearing via Zoom. ANYONE. It's not. It has ZERO to do with Kyle, Teddi, Erika, Rinna, Dorit, Garcelle or Sutton. Zero. And Rinna can STFU with saying that Denise should have come to her to talk to her. As Garcelle pointed out, every time Denise said a word Rinna was gunning for her. Denise said repeatedly that nothing happened. Whether she was telling the truth or not, what else was she supposed to do? It was N
  2. Erika had more time devoted to her at the reunion than she did all season. Go away, Erika Jayne. Rinna is the worst "friend" imaginable and a horrible human being. Sure, your texts with Denise are private while you have a printout of alleged texts between Denise and Brandi. Kyle can eff off too. She's moaning about how miserable it was for her when the allegations about Mauricio cheating impacted her entire season. Hello? Have you not watched this season, Kyle, to see what was done to Denise? Teddi continued to be a nonentity with nothing to say, other than to pile on
  3. Maybe I'm just old school but I have the professional mindset that, being a supervisor, my employees don't see me drunk. At all, much less fall down drunk. But clearly it doesn't work that way on BD. Bugsy should be embarrassed -- and so should Malia. Speaking of Malia, has she forwarded her mail to the galley yet? When does she have time to bosun? She is always in the kitchen, helping Tom. I've always thought that out of all the crew positions shown on the BD franchise, I'd least like to be the chef because that position never seems to truly get a break but you would think one of t
  4. I used to think that Christina and Henry were the worst matched couple but nope, that honor now goes to Olivia and Brett. I liked Olivia at first but she's becoming Molly 2.0 in my book. She said at first that she was fun, loved to go out and do things, has a great sense of humor, etc. but we've seen precious little of that. I get that Brett is no prize but I was laughing at some of what he said. Of course, I love sarcasm but still . . . Olivia acts like an annoyed mother. It's slightly ironic that the partner who is frugal as all get out has the sense of humor and the partner who is more
  5. For all the scoffing the coven did at Denise's cease and desist, let's see how quickly they all get their own if Brandi is brought back on to this mess. As enjoyable as that sounds, Rinna would far and away win. Kyle is a precious little snowflake who backs down the second anyone challenges her. Look how she cried/got teary over several dinners this season and look how she tried to talk about how SHE was the one who was bullied this season. She's all bark and no bite.
  6. Worse, she's a follower who is desperate to be relevant. Exactly. Kyle said some stupid shit to Denise like "if it's out there, it has to be addressed." Yeah, well, clearly that didn't happen when rumors of Mauricio cheating were out there, when rumors of Kim doing meth was out there, when rumors about Harry Hamlin were out there, when rumors about Rinna's eating disorder were out there. And even this season, it's out there that Mauricio has committed fraud so why aren't we addressing that, Kyle?
  7. Really unfair to Love Boat era Charo! He he. I'm with you on Amelia Gray. I find her to be very, very average looks-wise, and a spoiled twit otherwise whose mother brags that she doesn't read. I wouldn't be bragging about that but then again, I also wouldn't be bragging about my kids learning how to perform oral sex thanks to my book so what do I know?
  8. So wait. Kyle thinks SHE was bullied all season? In what world? Denise has that particular market cornered. She could tell Kyle a thing or two about being bullied by these bitches. Newsflash Teddi: Denise said that she said worse about you than Brandi reported, not that she said that TO Brandi. There's a difference. Of course, maybe if you, Erika, Rinna and Kyle weren't so busy screeching over each other, you'd get it. Garcelle continues to be fucking awesome. Andy: "What is your response to the Hamlin brat telling you to fuck off?" Garcelle: "Okay." Andy: "Garcelle,
  9. While I do agree that Malia was right to chastise Rob for not doing his job, she's still a twat. Major twat move on her part to be badmouthing Rob to Bugsy. She shouldn't have done it at all, much less before she even spoke to Rob about it. So good on Rob for calling her out on that. Aesha's idea of fun doesn't appeal to me either. Of course, I also wouldn't like to go out in a group that is all coupled up except for me. No, thanks. Aesha didn't bother me as much her last season but for some reason, this season, her voice always sounding as if she's on the verge of hysterica
  10. For someone who likes to talk about how southern women have proper etiquette, etc., Erika sure is failing at that. She blasts Denise for lying but that frozen faced bitch sat there and lied through her capped teeth about how her threesome comment was about teens in general. No, it was about Denise's teen daughters and every Ho present in Santa Barbara knew it, based on their facial expressions. And Erika knew what she was saying too, based on her smirky look. Just because Erika was doing threesomes when she was fourteen and banging her boyfriend in a hospital room at sixteen doesn't mean t
  11. Brandi's looks have zero to do with whether or not her partner cheats. Eddie could have been or continue to be a dog who is always going to cheat. Or maybe Brandi was a drunk asshole then as well. Who knows? Regardless, Brandi proved during her seasons that she has zero boundaries, whether it's slapping LVP or revealing that Adrienne and Paul's kids were via surrogacy or slandering Joanna Krupa. She's tacky, she's trashy and anyone who is friends with her is an idiot.
  12. I still hate Malia. Sandy still annoys the ever loving crap out of me. Sounds like Jess's heart palpitations are anxiety-related. Rob did the right thing by telling her about his ex texting but she was well within her rights not to like it or feel comfortable about it. As one of the obvious downsides to a boatmance, everyone knows your business so it's not like this stays between Rob and Jess. Why doesn't every luxury yacht have those plate covers? It's such a stupidly simple suggestion, especially since on some of these boats, the galley isn't close to the dining area. But t
  13. Excellent points on this entire post but I want to point out that the real question is who told Rinna about the cease and desist and what was said? I'm going to guess Kyle, who was either told by production and/or told by Kim, who was informed by Brandi. Again, very hypocritical of Rinna to think Denise is in the wrong, pointing out how angry she is, etc. when Rinna lost her shit at the Amsterdam dinner when Kim suggested talking about Harry Hamlin. Obviously Rinna didn't want HH, or whatever tea Kim was going to spill, brought out on the show so she's not "owning it." And whi
  14. Creepy and the perfect example of deflection, which they all seem to be screaming about with regard to Denise. I liked Rinna when she first came on the show but she is a friend to no one. Someone needs to remind her how she reacted when Kim brought up Harry Hamlin at the dinner n Amsterdam. Talk about angry. I did love how Dorit said "Kyle!" as soon as she saw Brandi Glanville was trashing up her home. Kyle can play dumb all she wants but OF COURSE she knew Kim was bringing her (and Kyle also can't fully hide her glee that Brandi was there.) I don't blame Denise for not showi
  15. I'm amazed the dumb bitch can read even a Nicholas Sparks book, FFS. Shawn's baby mama needs to drag his sorry ass into court pronto for more support, since clearly he's got coin to spend on his jailbird girlfriend. Destinie has got to be one of the hardest, most worn looking 28-year-olds I've ever seen. I mean, I'm a straight woman but if I wasn't, seeing Destinie in that towel with her honking tattoos would turn me straight in a second. Ewww. I guess I give Shawn some kind of props for getting it up over that. Lindsey's daughter seems like such a sweet little girl, I feel s
  16. Exactly what did Kyle do for Teddi's baby shower to get "co-host" status? Keep Teddi busy to delay their arrival? Because it looks to me like Dorit did all the work. And way to be a passive aggressive asshole with the comment about how the Capri room does not look like Capri, Kyle. Newsflash: it's not Capri. It's Buca di Beppo. Of course Brandi Glanville shows up after Sutton and Garcelle leave. Can't have anyone in Denise's corner, other than Dorit. And thank you, Dorit, for not jumping on the "Brandi would never lie/we can't believe Denise" train. Kyle has a very limited
  17. Get Malia, P.I. on the case, stat! EVERYTHING must be registered with the boat! Everyone knows that's MARITIME LAW! (drink!)
  18. Malia is getting (rightfully) RIPPED APART on Instagram. She has closed comments on the majority of her newer posts so most have gone to her older posts to tell her how much she sucks and how many people are wanting her booted off the show. Ha!
  19. I don't think it was mentioned at the preference sheet meeting. I think the charter guests told Bugsy a few hours before dinner. In between their naked, dildo-toting shenanigans.
  20. I have traveled overseas with prescription medication. I've never had to take a paper prescription, just the pills in the original bottle with the prescription label on it, as you mentioned. But of course, we're not subject to MARITIME LAW (everybody drink!)
  21. Sandy doesn't have to because her pet, Malia, has forwarded her mail to the galley and is pulling a Jenna. I hope Tom does walk out. As he says, he doesn't need this. It would serve Sandy and Malia right.
  22. So Sandy is terrified that Hannah might take a legally prescribed medication for anxiety with the guests on board but it's perfectly okay for the crew to go out the night before a charter, get totally shitfaced and still be drunk when the guests come onboard? Really?
  23. If there is justice in this world, repercussions will kick Malia straight in the ass. So now that her boyfriend is the chef, is she going to be hanging out in the galley all charter?
  24. CBD is not the same thing as pot or marijuana, Sandy and Malia. Can someone please give Malia a dose of whatever it was that she had that allergic reaction to? And withhold the Benadryl? The crew needs to stop saying that Hannah walked off the job and quit right before a charter. She did not. Sandy let her go. And Malia, please stop telling the deck crew about how they should have each others' backs. Take the knife out of Hannah's back before you spout that bullshit. Damn you, Below Deck Med for making me Team Hannah.
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