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  1. I definitely don't need three previous MAFS couples to tell me what we all know. This season is a bust and truthfully, none of these couples should stay together.
  2. Didn't Virginia mention she had depression? Or maybe it was just anxiety? Anyhow, I have to wonder if she's on meds for that. Combining any prescription meds with alcohol (and especially gallons of alcohol on the regular) isn't good. I have to wonder if the experts had any idea about the extent of Virginia's partying. Surely if they did any kind of home visit they would notice the empty liquor bottles, the many, many tumblers, etc. Didn't they use to talk to friends/family way back in the beginning? Surely if they had done that, someone would have squealed about how much partying
  3. Haley continually puts her shoed feet on sofas and chairs, which grosses me out far worse.
  4. Just wanted to add that I noticed this over the last two or so episodes and it annoys the crap out of me -- can Haley sit on any chair or sofa without putting her shoes on the furniture? Grrr!
  5. Regardless of anyone's feelings on Erik, he seems like he's fairly intelligent and well read. Virginia? Not so much. I think Erik might like to have more in-depth conversations than she's capable of having -- that makes them a mismatch. I don't know if Erik is normally as bossy as he comes off in this show or if it's just his reaction to dealing with his (often) drunken child wife. I understand that Virginia doesn't want to move into Erik's condo. I also understand that Erik is saying he owns his condo and it would be foolish to sell it until he/they are sure this marriage will l
  6. You may be right. I started checking out by the time WWHL came on.
  7. Respectfully disagree about Sydney being the most attractive. I find her the least attractive physically. She has more of a cute look, I guess, but her features seem verging on the masculine to me. I don't like the tattoos that Alli and Dani have, JMO. But I find them both far more attractive than Sydney (and not meaning personality.) I too thought Dani came across very well on WWHL. I think she pointed out that she just turned 33 and she's thinking of a serious relationship/marriage and having a family, whereas someone like JL, who's 24, probably isn't. At least that's what I got
  8. I agree. I understand that Haley wouldn't have chosen to wear any necklace with a high-necked dress but even going on the assumption she assumed the bracelet was a necklace, she could have tried to wrap it around her wrist as a bracelet or draped it in her flowers. I would have made the effort to show that you wanted to wear the gift somehow on your wedding day. Of course, if Haley had planned on doing that, she would have found it was a bracelet.
  9. Either Dr. Pepper or Dr. Viv had a little session with Haley in which Haley was reminded of how she jumped on her Huffy bike and pedaled the hell out of Dodge on many of her past relationships, or dating experiences. And this was apparently something Haley said herself during her initial interview process. I think that given that things seem to have really hit the skids after Vegas, the "experts" should have found out from Haley if she bolted after having sex. From her own words, she seems to have been very, very hurt by the relationship that ended when she was 20 or 21. I don't think
  10. Below Boring, ha ha! I have to disagree about Gary doing his job, unless his job involves watching Alli in the laundry. Maybe ten percent of the time he's working - if that. He takes a lot of smoke breaks and shadows Alli to remind her how much he likes her. The only time he really appears to work is if/when they're docking, unless it's the editing monkeys. I'm undecided on whether JL is just plain lazy or has had no real direction and isn't the type to ask. Gary knew JL was "green," so part of Gary's job is to teach him. I don't understand why the person on anchor/night watch is
  11. Disagree. Jake wasn't "repulsive" enough to keep Haley from sleeping with him in Vegas. And regardless of why she doesn't care for him or find him attractive, she should be a fucking adult about it. Quit tearing apart his fondness for the 80s or the clothing and accessories he likes to wear. Jake has given her several opportunities to just be up front with him and admit it's not there and never will be but she won't own up. I suspect she doesn't want to be the "bad guy" but her words and actions are showing her to be just that. The problem isn't that they are different people -- the
  12. I'm posting before I read anyone else's comments (but will go back and read them) Haley is a complete and utter asshole. Unless the editing monkeys are at work, at no point was Jake complaining about the bracelet because he wanted it back -- despite what Haley is telling her mom. Dr. Pepper was actually right for once in that he is HURT because not only has she never once worn it but Haley's mom took it from the wedding to Alabama, where it has remained. At no point has she gotten it back or, per her own words, even thought about it. The fact that Haley has ZERO awareness of how mean th
  13. I fell asleep during this so I'm only going to comment on what I remember (seems to be the BD way, right?) The naked boat baby (Sydney) needs therapy. She seems like a Stage 5 Clinger that's verging into stalker territory. And she's very immature. It was a one-night stand and it's GARY. Perfect example of why you don't hook up with your boss. Her only saving grace, IMO, is that she does seem to work -- when she's not obsessing over Gary, stalking Gary, drinking and/or involved in some kind of shenanigans. Gary is the worst. A shitty bosun or first mate - whatever it's called o
  14. What I wouldn't give to see Kate go off at Gary and the deck crew -- minus JL, who does seem to pitch in wherever he's asked without complaint, and Sydney, the naked boat baby, who does seem to work when she's not drunkenly jonesing after Gary. Team Daisy on this one, since they had 9 charter guests and 3 interior stews. Deck crew has 3, plus Colin and then Captain Glenn, who doesn't seem to have a problem pitching in. This particular charter gave zero fucks about the water and the toys, other than the snorkeling on the last day, so the deck crew should have had almost nothing to do as it
  15. Oh boy. I was team Eric until last night's episode. Now I understand why Virginia drinks so much -- she's self-soothing. She seems to suffer from some pretty serious anxiety, which should have been a red flag to the "experts." I can't imagine how much marrying a stranger and then moving into a "neutral" apartment with said stranger, and leaving your cats behind, would incite anxiety. I also understand how much Rockie means to her; I had an amazing little Boston Terrier (like Eric's Tex) who helped me survive a painful divorce. I adored my BT and I would have thrown down with anyone wh
  16. Paige, you fucking twit, quit bringing God into your clusterfuck of a relationsham with Chris. This has zero to do with God. When Chris' own friend, who is a pastor, is telling you to run, you damn well should listen, girl. As it stands, I don't give a rat's ass what happens with Paige. She'll get what she deserves. Chris has already said he's still in love with his baby mama, he bought Mercedes a brand new Mercedes and he said to Dr. Viv, in front of Paige, that he doesn't know what he wants. While Paige sat there with that dopey smile on her face and then suggested Bible study.
  17. Why is Sydney so confused? Does inebriation cause hearing loss for her? Gary is major fuckwit but he clearly said that it was a one-night stand. Does the naked boat baby not understand what that means? Or is being confused just a natural state of affairs for her? I also want to know how that guest cabin got so dusty before Gary and I'm-So-Confused-Sydney did not have sex in there. If the interior had already detailed the bathroom, I'd be guessing they cleaned the cabin as well. Gary and ISC-Sydney should have had their asses chewed for using that room without permission and I'm a
  18. Nailed it. Watching their free evening on the yacht was like spring break in Florida in the 80s. I must be old because I cannot understand why anyone working on a yacht would think it's a great idea to drink with your coworkers to the point of an inability to stand and/or to hook up with your coworkers. Is one or both a requirement for the job? Is it a question on the job application? Jean-Luc seems like a nice enough guy with bad taste in tattoos who needs to learn moderation in his drinking game. As neither Gary nor Glenn were yet asleep, it wasn't that big a deal in my
  19. 1986 grad here! I think the issue with Jake and Haley and his love of the 80s isn't so much that his love of that era isn't "right" or is bizarre; it's that Haley (at least on camera) hasn't once even asked him why he likes the decade so much. She doesn't have to share the same fondness but since Jake is her husband, she should at least try to understand why he enjoys it so much. It's really no different, at least in my mind, than someone who is into football or a genre of books/movies/music, etc. I learned about football from my ex because he was into it and I wanted to underst
  20. I felt sorry for Paige last week. This week? Not so much. Chris has not only told her but shown her with actions what a very special asshat he is. He's a manipulator and someone who gets off on emotional battery. I could understand her a lot more if she had a long term relationship with him but they have been together a week. There should be a relatively low level of investment here, from everyone. Given that Chris began his fuckery on their wedding night, Paige most definitely should not have bonded or formed anything with him. She is obviously codependent. She didn't need marr
  21. So I bought the entire series via my Amazon Prime. Don't judge. I'm rewatching now, starting with season one, since I can't travel internationally and must get my London fix. Had forgotten that Luke, Caroline S.'s makeup artist, had been with her since day one of LOL. Juliet's hair always looks like she needs to wash it. And her clothing is horrible. Her kids are darling though. Still like Caprice. Too bad she didn't return. Julie sighting! She shows up at Marissa and Juliet's (although really Marissa's, since Juliet did nothing other than show up) July 4 party as
  22. I still stand by my previous opinion that firing Elizabeth with only two charters left on the books is incredibly stupid. Francesca simply didn't like her and wanted her gone. I was laughing over the fact that in the end, Elizabeth didn't miss any charters. I don't particularly like Rachel but I dislike Francesca far more so I'm siding with Rachel over the cake. Overall, a letdown of a season finale. Any idea why the crew leaves one at a time? Just for filming purposes? Because wouldn't it make more sense for all of them to leave for the airport at the same time (especia
  23. I agree with you 100%. I think Francesca is a shitty chief stew. She hasn't liked Elizabeth since day one and has been out to fire her ever since. Other than the mustard gas situation, which I have seen posted wasn't really mustard gas, Elizabeth hasn't done anything truly egregious. I have seen crew members in past seasons who have been drinking while on charter, swimming off the yacht without permission while on charter, been drunk from the night before while on charter, slept in the guest cabin, banged it out in the laundry room (looking at you, Eddie), among a variety of other things w
  24. Agree with everything here 100%. Elizabeth isn't great but I find Francesca worse. Running to Captain Lee over every little thing would piss me off. The boat has a chief stew so that the captain doesn't have to deal with those things. Stop crying and get your shit together. Maybe if she were a better chief stew, Elizabeth would be a better stew. And then again maybe not but at least lead by example and give Elizabeth praise when she does complete a task so you can get through the remaining charters. Regarding Mahigate, I think Francesca and Rachel were both at fault. Communication
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