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  1. I just re-watched “Silver Linings Playbook” and wow, Michaela could be Bradley Cooper’s character double. Flipping out at the smallest perceived sleight, then pouting, then apologizing, cycle, rinse, repeat. I’m not here to diagnose, but girl needs help. Stat.
  2. Yeah, I think the political differences of Brett & Ryan wouldn't mean that much to Ryan. He's just not that into her. It doesn't make him a bad person; in fact, I applaud the way he's handled it. He's gently tried to let her know that he's not "there" with her, he's not having sex with her, he's honest with the experts. He simply doesn't find her that attractive, and there's nothing wrong with that. Initially, I thought he was some shallow guy who needed arm candy, but that doesn't seem to be the case. He seemed to really enjoy her personality early on, but there has to be th
  3. https://pagesix.com/2021/10/05/kim-richards-debuts-glam-new-look-at-nieces-bat-mitzvah/ Taken at Portia's Bat Mitzvah. Interesting! Looks like Kim has possibly been very absent for several months to allow her "work" to heal. She's obviously had a ton of plastic surgery and, along with weight loss, even some body work as well. Something else interesting from the article: "it appears Hilton, 62, did not attend the bat mitzvah, so fans should not expect to see a recent family photo of the sisters. Kyle and Hilton may be on the outs again after they infamously feuded in
  4. Tracy's sister is something else. You can tell they have a strained relationship. She was nice enough when she was directly on camera, but a very different, more difficult persona emerged when she was on Tracy's phone via speaker. It's almost like she forgot she was being filmed, and her true self came out. I bet they've had a contentious relationship for years.
  5. Thanks for your perspective! I can see how it's a relatively easy getaway from L.A., as it's less than 2 hours. I guess the difference between the Jersey Shore/Catskills is that with one, you get beach, the other, you get mountains. (I've been to all). With Palm Springs, it's flat, dry, hot desert. But I can see why people would enjoy the getaway. FWIW, I've been to both NY and LA dozens and dozens of times. Maybe 100 altogether. LA hands down for me. Re: Suzanne Somers. I do believe the dry heat has contributed to her aging, but this show is about real estate, lol. I found
  6. I don't get the Palm Springs love. I've been there twice, both on "fabulous vacations" (that others planned). I just don't get it. The "best" restaurants were only ok; the "best" spas were also, only ok. It's almost 2 hours away from L.A., with nothing but flat desert and millions of windmills to look at. Plus, it's hot and so so so dry. I'm wondering if the dryness has contributed to Suzanne Somers looking so much older. I live in a very humid area, which can be a pain, but I lived in a very hot & dry city for almost a year, and I swear, everyone there looked 10 year
  7. While I don't blame Ari for wanting to bring her baby to the U.S. for surgery, she chose to move to Ethiopia. It might even be more dangerous for the baby to fly that long in that condition. What if air pressure changes can cause the hernia/intestines to burst? How horrible and uncomfortable is it for a baby to have head/ear pressure changes, not knowing how to swallow to relieve the pressure? And yeah, her parents will never turn off the money spigot. She will be enabled by them until they pass, when she'll just inherit their money.
  8. Yeah, I completely agree with @JocelynCavanaugh about Ryan. He's just your average Texas frat boy who probably grew up hunting and spending time on ranches because, well, there's so many of them in Texas. As to why he goes out with so many "potatoes" (super attractive but no substance), and why they gravitate towards him, is very simple: he's educated and financially successful. And yeah, he's got access to a ranch. He's had his job for 8+ years, which lends to stability. He's a good 'ol boy with a college degree. And he's into golf, which is an attractive thing for girls like the on
  9. Aaron gives me vibes of Elaine's boyfriend Puddy on Seinfeld, with his open-mouthed, monosyllabic expressions that just turn out to be coincidentally hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxtO8LXIBvo
  10. Ryan is entitled to be attracted to what he's attracted to. Look at his friends' wives/girlfriends. Ryan wants one of those: size 2 (or smaller), blonde or brunette, but has that sorority girl look, very petite features. But he also wants intelligence. And a girl who will spend weekends at the ranch. Honestly, not a tall order in Houston, but Ryan himself has had a hard time finding it. I don't get it. I mean, those girls are like ants all over Houston. Yes, college educated, pixie doll attractive, and yes, up for cooking all the venison he brings home. He seems to grav
  11. Ivan "just happened" to see a producer's phone? Really? How many of us just leave a phone around, with a schedule on the front screen? Without a locking password? And who touches another person's phone? Ivan had obviously made it clear, well in advance, that he was into Alexa. Production decides to bring her in last, hoping Ivan would have already made a connection with someone else. They'd have had the "Ivan's really into Alexa, but he's formed another connection" storyline. They had no idea he'd never have formed connections with anyone, but I digress. So Iva
  12. Sutton brought up the Elton John Gala on WWHL. She said that she in fact, bought a table at $10,000 per ticket and that Lisa Rinna + Harry Hamlin sat at her table, but they never thanked Sutton. It came up that Lisa may not have known who actually purchased the tickets, that maybe she thought she was brought there by production, or by Elton John himself, etc. Sutton acquiesced that in that case, she gets that Lisa wouldn't have known to thank her. I don't know about y'all, but if I was invited to a $10,000 per seat event, I'd want to know who invited me and who paid for it so tha
  13. The thing about whether they actually sleep in the apartments or not is, not only do you not have all your stuff, but many of them work up to an hour away. Houston is 100 miles from Houston, lol. So it wouldn't surprise me if many of them stay at their own places, or if they're getting along, stay together at one of their homes. But for a couple such as Jose & Rachel, they literally work about 1 1/2 hours away from each other, so even if they work out (doubtful), the home situation will be difficult. It's got to get old, basically living out of a suitcase for...8 week
  14. I had my Aha! moment with D&S when they did that montage of all the guys saying mean things to Darcey. Tom asks if she's put on weight. Georgi says Stacey's face looks a little better, as Darcey still has "wrinkles". Etc. Jesse's stepfather tells Jesse that he's way above Darcey, right in front of Darcey. Seeing all the negative comments made to her, all at once, made it clear to me, that Darcey is trying to fix her insecurity, not just relating to the childhood trauma of being called troll dolls and eating lunch only with her sister, but a more important, and possib
  15. David and James strike me as much as brothers as they are best friends, where they can have angry fights but get over it the next day. I bet there's been a ton more disputes among them over the years, but they have this unconditional love for one another that overrides any disagreements. It's refreshing to see their relationship. Yeah, I wonder about Flagg's home buyer, saying they love the house as is, that they'll make a few changes, but keep it as is. Let's check it out in a year, and see if they don't bulldoze it. What can the seller do at that point? I never get why a seller ca
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