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  1. I think the fingerprint closet lock is brilliant. Kyle Richards famously had an enormous closet theft that is thought to have been an inside job. A friend of mine had her house broken into; all her jewelry is actually in a locked closet, which is inside another locked closet. Jewelry was spared.
  2. "Queen" Victoria: Cluster of Cluster B's. Eggshells, Narcissist, blaming others, perpetual victim. Psychologists' jackpot.
  3. I was married to someone who called me 20 times a day. This was 20 years ago, when cell phones were brand new. I had to get one of those dorky hip holster things because if I missed his call.....whew, thinking about it gives me shivers. Andrew, why don't you call the U.S. Embassy???? Newsflash: they speak ENGLISH there.
  4. Riiiight???!!! Um, Sean...... the word "No" is a complete sentence. And yes, with the cake....Braunwyn is trying to find any thing, any little reason, to say that Sean doesn't "know" her. Oh, but her "wife" knows her sooooo much better. GTFO Braunwyn. Someone buys you a cake, and you say....."Thank you".
  5. Completely agree! I, too, have a weird feeling about John. Handsome, professional, great kids....why would he be with Shannon? There have got to be so many women who are not only cuter, but don't have that shrieking, shrill, hypochondriac thing going on. But....I, too, wondered the full story behind the "drunk golf course" incident. Was he belligerent, was he a danger? Or perhaps had he had one too many, and simply needed a ride home? Heck, I left my car at a Tex-Mex restaurant once after too many margaritas and called someone to drive me home (pre-Uber). And I've called Uber and left my car. These days, I just. Uber.
  6. I was going to say the same thing too! They no longer have the "sex apartment", so they were probably renting that. They are renting their house. This looks like a bunch of smoke & mirrors to me, folks. When they first came on, we were all supposed to adore this beautiful big family, this supermom of 7 kids who kept herself in perfect shape; this super handsome guy (at least I think so) who is not only the doting husband, but the very successful businessman. So.....it's 7 kids who are being raised by a nanny (multiple?), by a mom who doesn't even know how to turn on her own washing machine, by a mom who unapologetically moves her "wife" into the home, by a husband who can't seem to stand up for himself when his wife belittles and talks over him. By a mom who's admittedly alcoholic, who hasn't gotten help until the 7th kid was at least a year old or so. This is the "episode thread", so I won't post any current stuff, but we can see the crumbling from the past few episodes, and it would suprise me not at all if their financial "happy picture" crumbled as well.
  7. No, not mean at all. Only if you're saying that it's mean of Shannon to over-dramatize everything in her world, including her poor sweet dog. Organic headboards? What does that even mean? And why buy a headboard for the roommate? Might the roommate have her own taste, her own headboard? I bet Sophie can't wait to see Shannon off at the airport when she flies out of "Wyco".
  8. Re: Dyslexia. I have a friend who is 60, who was held back in first grade in 1966 due to dyslexia. Said he saw the numbers backwards, and they sent him to a specialist who spent a year doing treatments with him. Stuff like throwing a ball to him, telling him to catch it with his left hand, but he'd catch with his right. Then repeating, the other hand, and he'd catch with the opposite hand. It was a lot of how he was viewing the ball, not that he was doing anything wrong. He said that in that year of first grade repeat with his therapy, he finally started just "seeing" the letters correctly. Ended up getting a Master's in Economics...a few years later. 🙂 So I do believe Elizabeth's brother's story about having had dyslexia. I believe Elizabeth completely. I have a feeling it's much worse than even she can recall.
  9. Except that she's nowhere near as attractive as either Demi or Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester). She seems to think she is, though. Can't wait for the week that Matt will be "allowed" to forgo her rose.
  10. ++++ !!! Whitney looks horrendous in her talking heads. While I love Heather, I suspect Whitney's taken advantage of one too many "Buy 1/Get 1" Botox specials. Ick....the overarched non-moving eyebrows. Guuurl, you were so much cuter with your little straight bob & your natural face. Meredith looks awful. That monotone, one-word-at-a-time voice is so grating. And Brooks is honestly one of the worst RH cast members I've ever seen. So affected, thinks he's the most special human. Bet he always "won" a trophy. Why don't we ever see Chloe? Why so much focus on Brooks? Why does Lisa always sound like she has laryngitis? She's another one....oooooh, I'm so so so busy, I'm way busier than anyone else, who ever existed, ever. Her boys seem awesome. Hope they can get away & live their lives independently one day. Why does Jen go from 0 to 1000, every single time? It's your husband's birthday party. People flew in. Tell Whitney to butt the F out and go back to the party. Whitney was drunk and I'm sure the producers pushed her to that stupid "confrontation". Jen, be better than that. Running out on your own party? Make Whitney leave, and you go back and dance.
  11. Agree 100. Originally, we were shown this "perfect, happy life", with Mother Ego necklace as the horrid mother that she is. I truly believe her Rainbow Brite mom is awful and a complete narcissist, and I still think that Braunwyn is/was a victim of this, but she has turned out to be just as bad. Braunwyn needs deep dive therapy, possibly EMDR, to get into her childhood. But instead, she continues to abuse Sean, because he'll take it. This way, she gets to put the abuse she suffered onto Sean, which temporarily makes her feel better. She made a comment about that sex apartment that they "had". Guess they were renting it, the lease must have run out. Again, a bunch of smoke & mirrors. Kelly made a comment on WWHL a few months ago about Braunwyn, to "wait and watch", as we will all see the problems with Braunwyn. I'm no huge Kelly fan, but we now see exactly to what she was referring. Re: John's house. It is right on the marina/dock as shown, with a boat slip in the back (again, shown on t.v.). It's a super small house, compared to the other houses, but it's been completely redone inside (as we've seen) and is pretty valuable. Perfect for a bachelor. So while I'd like to hate on John for his house, I can't. I'll just hate on him for liking screechy, overbearing Shannon so much. Oh....and Shannon? No one calls it "Wyco". If you're trying to do a Texas accent: Waaaayco.
  12. Has Betty never seen the way a calendar works? May 9, 2020 fell on the Saturday of her precious Mother’s Day weekend. May 9, 2021 is actual Mother’s Day. But for the next several years, May 9 is on a Monday, then a Tuesday, etc. In fact, the next time May 9 is on an actual Mother’s Day is in 2027.
  13. Matt seems like a nice enough guy, but he just doesn't strike me as someone looking for a wife, kids, the whole future. He says he's run from every past relationship, and he's still processing childhood mom & dad divorce trauma. That's the one thing a Bachelor should want: a wife, kids, the whole package. Matt could end up being another Brad (who, to this day, never has married. He has a girlfriend, but no ring).
  14. Unpopular opinion, but I believe that not only was Elizabeth held and abused, but that it probably goes so far deeper than her conscious mind is allowing her to recall. Which is why I brought up EMDR, above. There are many versions of cults; they don't all take place in foreign countries, ending in drinking spiked Kool-Aid. Is this church a true cult? Maybe not, but from Elizabeth's child-eyes, it felt like it. I do believe that she grew up in very unfortunate circumstances, which led her to believe that this old, rich guy who had multiple women was the best that she could do to get out of her situation, and why she does the uncomfortable laugh at the end of every sentence. Therapy, please, Elizabeth. Oh, and resign from this show, as this will hurt you more in the long run. Here's a 2017 article about this church: https://www.ldnews.com/story/news/local/2017/03/10/ldn-investigates-children-have-died-lebanons-faith-tabernacle-100-years/98858590/
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