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  1. I actually think she looked adorable Before. She looks awful now. I cringe every time I see the way she tries to express any emotion, as her face moves in different directions. Sorry, Kaitlyn. If you didn't want to be talked about, then honey, don't do stuff that will be talked about.
  2. In my city, there is this one gigantic, very well-known liquor store that's more than just liquor. It's gourmet foods, alcohols from all countries, and extremely well trained staff that literally can walk you through to find that perfect concoction. Ha ha ha.....the other day, there was this dusty, half-filled display of Skinny Girl products on the lower shelf. Literally a layer of dust. The entire rest of the store is clean as a whistle, but it looked like time had forgotten those lonely bottles of Skinny Girl.
  3. Yeah, Sutton has to be worth a ton more than $2 million, or getting money from somewhere else. Using the common 4% rule, $2 million only yields $80,000 a year. Her ex-husband must either make a ton more than that, or she has $ from somewhere else, or something. Then again, in future seasons, I would not be surprised One. Bit. if her ex-husband turns out to be a ponzi schemer, and poor Sutton has to start shopping at Target, like the rest of us. Absolutely! It's a way to show compassion and understanding. As in, "Hey, I hear you, we went through that". But the way Rinna
  4. Hated the way Sutton kept snapping at her Event Planner team. Note to Sutton: Class is speaking kindly to all. Crystal shows vulnerability, opening up about her bulimia, and Rinna thinks that's a great opportunity to make it all about Amelia. Not once did she show a gram of compassion towards Crystal; she just ran around the party turning Crystal's openness about Amelia's struggles. Horrid woman, that Rinna.
  5. Distorted-faced Kaitlyn and giggly-giggly Tayshia need to go. Last season, they brought in frozen-filler-faced Jojo, which was distracting enough. Kaitlyn looks like a caricature of her former self. Barely only recognizable via those oddly placed bird tattoos on the backs of her arms.
  6. +100 ! Crystal asked Sutton where she grew up, where her parents were from. You know, the way one person gets to know another. Sutton didn't ask Crystal one question about herself. She kept turning it back to herself. And yes, zero empathy. I'm not sure I'm on the total Crystal train, but she was trying. Sutton was blank, until it was her turn to talk.
  7. Sutton and her hair-trigger sensitivity has my armchair psyche diagnosing brain going. I'm not a therapist, so I won't say what I think, but I know what I think. What I will say is, something just ain't right there. When she said her dad was "mentally ill", I'm not sure what his actual diagnosis was, but there's definitely something deeper going on. And then she said her psychotherapist mom is a "piece of work". When she & Crystal were sort of bonding early in the episode over shared pain of losing their fathers, Sutton was absolutely blank when Crystal was sharing, dealing
  8. ^^^ This. A way to get around the rules. I don't for one second, buy that Marc Jacobs is Orthodox, and therefore needs a Kosher kitchen. But that he wanted a second kitchen, which is not allowed, unless it's a fully Kosher kitchen, which IS allowed. So they built it out as Kosher (separate appliances, separate milk & meat storage, separate cabinets for separate dishes, etc.), and.....voilà.....2nd kitchen.
  9. Leah, on why she wants to convert: “I’m attracted to the challenge. I think I’m attracted to all the rules and the rituals and the prayers" Um, you don't convert to a religion for the challenge. You train for a marathon, you start a new business, you earn a new degree. Religion isn't about a "challenge", or rules and rituals. It's about what's behind those rules and rituals. The "why" behind the "what". Does she even have an inkling of anything about Judaism? This made me lose more respect for her than any stupid drunk stunt she's ever pulled. Charlotte conve
  10. Since this is an episode thread, I'll just say that you have to google Erik and first wife and sift through till you find the pics. There may be spoilers out there, so just be aware. Basically, he had a nose job. I think he was perfectly cute before, and I think he's perfectly cute now. It's his insides I don't like. His first wife was beautiful, really stunning. Makes Virginia look like leftovers at a bake sale. I don't get his affection for Virginia at all, either physically or emotionally. I just don't see it. I do think that for him, these are real feelings, and that for Virgi
  11. Virginia's Up-talk annoys me to no end. It's every senTENCE. She up-talks the end of every single sentence, and it gets so tiring to hear her voice rise constantly. That and her alcoholic skin. I'm more than twice her age, and trust me, as you age, it gets so so so much worse. I can spot a drinkaholic 50-something from a mile away, just from their skin. Ryan heaving that football so close to Clara honestly scared me a bit. Wonder why she didn't move out of the way? I'm sure his aim was great, but sheesh, it's a game. Chill. I don't get how Clara keeps saying he's the on
  12. Ha ha ha! Michael is worried about Angela having surgery, because he's afraid she'll either: A) Look so beautiful that she'll dump him and that all his time spent jumping for her phone calls is wasted, or B) That she'll die on the operating table, and that all his time spent jumping for her phone calls is wasted. He's way overestimating the amount of work that any doctor can do. She'll never be anything more than a slightly slimmed-down version of her cackling, saggy-skinned self.
  13. Re: Virginia and the cats. I don't care for her or Erik, but I empathize with him, as I'm highly allergic to cats, and there's not enough medicine to make it bearable. I'd never make someone get rid of their pets, and I can appreciate the way Erik approached this: let's figure out a way we can live together, keeping the cats in a separate part of the house. He'll still have to take meds, but it won't be as severe. Virginia: Zero empathy. Sorry, bud. Cats sleep in my "crevices". Mmmmkay. I dated someone who had 2 cats that he adored. He kept them in another room when
  14. I do wonder why Jake left without so much as a text to Haley. I don't like her at all, but he at least owed her an explanation. Production obviously knew he was leaving, as they were there to film it, so it's possible he asked them to tell her. I bet we'll find out there's a simple explanation: he got a work email saying he needs to get back ASAP, or his dog sitter said his dog is sick, something like that, and he had to leave. Agree with others re: his diet. Who cares? Guy has a ton of muscles and eats Keto. So sue him. But I don't get the Haley making dinner by hersel
  15. Re: Tarek & Hazel vs. Tarek & Minty. Yes, Minty is prettier, more upbeat, smiles more, is more sexy. But I love the interactions between Hazel & Auri. Hazel clearly has love for Auri in a way that most men's girlfriends would not. She embraced Auri from her very first meeting, and I think Tarek is torn between his attraction for Minty and his love for the way Hazel treats his daughter. If Tarek was smart, he'd block Minty forever, and find another woman that he's also attracted to, but that Hazel would enjoy as well. There's too much secret messaging history fo
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