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  1. Clearly Aaron, Denise, Garcelle and Teddi are the only people who know how to dress at a barbecue. Teddi is a shit stirrer. STFU, Teddi. I love that Aaron very quickly sticks up for Denise. #TeamDenise
  2. I wonder how much of that was production maybe telling Sandy that one of the guests wasn't pleased with his meal? I get that she was probably feeling nervous after Mila last season but I can't imagine that she does this on her non-Bravo charters. That's what the stews are there for -- tell them if something isn't right. Love seeing Mallorca so far.
  3. She reminds me of Hannah, who doesn't want to do the job of stew, do table décor, do turndowns, etc. Although I like her more than Hannah and as @TexasGal said above, if Lara gets under Hannah's skin, she's my hero. The Boston guy who said "unit" about 500 times is already on my last good nerve. Rob, the former model, is hot. I wasn't sure about Jessica but she seems okay and she seems to be a worker. Love the chef! He didn't make a negative comment about having to prepare a second steak for a guest, he has a sense of humor and Sandy likes his food.
  4. And the entire yachting world breathes a sigh of relief when Adam states the obvious that yachting is not for him. The winners of this reunion was Adam's dog, who, other than lifting his paw at one point and being ignored, slept thru the whole mess, and Chris, who popped on long enough to update us on his back and then leave. Too much time spent on Paget and Ciara's relationship and wine drinking and Georgia trying to pose for Zoom. Andy is a dipshit for not asking Captain Glenn his thoughts on Jenna's rage over him calling her out for her nonstop PDA. And I don't care what
  5. I just can't with these ladies. Tinsley should have stayed behind. No way would I go with them if they were already verbally beating me up before I had even set foot in the van. The van driver was everything with his expressions. He needs to be in every episode. Everyone in this group, save Elyse, appears to be an alcoholic. Lu is a recovering alcoholic. I don't care what they say. Leah, you were a drunk asshole. That's not just "being you." That's why your mother was upset you'd begun drinking again. Because you lose control, you're an asshole and then you can't remem
  6. Because it needs to be said, totally #TeamDenise. Erika can fuck right on off with her vile and disgusting insinuation that Denise's teen daughters have already participated in threesomes. There is nothing Denise has ever done or will do that would justify such a remark. Worse, IMO, was seeing every other bitch at that table laughing. They all have children. How would they feel if someone said that about their kids? It was NOT funny. FWIW, the party was at Denise's house. She can choose to discuss whatever she wants. Erika laid down the law pretty quickly last week o
  7. Yes, it was a Ho-wife dinner but there were kids present. These women should be adult enough to be able to keep their mouths shut about topics that aren't appropriate for kids until the kids aren't there. I mean, can they not go through one dinner without screaming at each other and hurling accusations? I think that dinner reflects far worse on Erika and Kyle than it does on Denise. I get that Denise was concerned, probably more so because her daughters had friends over. Regardless, it was Denise's house and if Denise asked them to stop, they should have stopped. After all, Erika told S
  8. Exactly. Yes, Denise had a whole conversation about happy endings but neither her kids nor anyone else's were anywhere around. Denise wasn't saying you couldn't discuss threesomes and whatever else they were screeching about, just please don't have those conversations in front of the kids. And Erika, please don't make that stupid comment to Denise about how maybe she shouldn't have her kids around their dinner parties. You're an adult, Erika. Maybe you and the other Hos should be adult enough to restrain yourself from improper conversations when kids are around. Teddi and Kyle bo
  9. I think this was the worst VR season ever. It was deadly dull. The newbies suck. I could not care less about them if I tried. The only people I do care about -- James and Kristen -- basically had cameos for most of the season. I'd rather watch James continue his journey with sobriety (go, James!) and Kristen work on her t-shirt empire and her new house than anything else. The show has become so far afield of what it started out being. I really dislike or am indifferent to the "main players." I'm probably done with the show altogether.
  10. Congratulations, Jenna. You actually made me LIKE Hannah, FFS. Heck, I would actually rather spend time with my ex-husband than Jenna. That certainly says something. It's the height of hypocrisy for Jenna to say that Madison should not be talking smack about her superior when Jenna does exactly the same about Glen. She's enraged because Glen had the nerve to call her on her bullshit. I thought Glen handled the talk with Jenna well. Adam shouldn't have been there for the discussion about how the interior suffers because of Jenna's work ethics (or lack thereof) but maybe there s
  11. After reading through the posts, I figured out why I'm still watching this shit show. James. I like James and I want to see him succeed. Interesting though that since he's been sober, his screen time has been cut. I also found it interesting that Jax was telling Brittany that he can give her the Leave it to Beaver life but they'd have to go to Kentucky. I take that to mean that in Kentucky, at least in Jax' mind, there are no drugs and no other women. If those are his issues, as I'm pretty sure they are, Brittany should call the movers immediately. But we all know she won't becaus
  12. So much word. Why didn't Jenna bring in entertainment from port? I'm certain Kate would have. Bring in real musicians, not Georgia and Paget. Bring in dancers. Bring on massage therapists and manicurists. Make it a real amazing trip not only for Kerry but for her friends as well. As one of them said, this is probably the last time they will have this experience. And yes, flowers, as you said. The effort felt half-assed and was half-assed because Jenna was too busy writing slam notes to Adam and worrying about their schmeelings and Adam was too busy being a fuckwit and slam
  13. Why do I still watch this shit show? I am so disappointed in myself. I used to look forward to this. Now I'm breathing a sigh of relief because it's the season finale next week.
  14. So right before the last charter, Jenna finally gets called on her bullshit. It's about damn time. Good on Ciara for telling Glen. Jenna needs to have her ass kicked up and down over leaving Madison alone to wait on the charter guests while Georgia is on break so that Jenna can relax with Adam and then take an hour nap. I didn't think it was possible for her to get any more unprofessional and lazy so congrats, Jenna. I hope that Glen speaks to Adam as well because they're both guilty and they both need to cool it on the PDA. Add me to the Chris love train. He's a hard worker a
  15. Sure, if Matt didn't want the divorce. He did. He checked out before Amber did so there is no reason for him not to at least sign the separation papers -- other than he's simply a Class A Fuckwit who keeps rising to the challenge to out-fuckwit himself.
  16. Exactly. Jenna is a shit chief stew. You don't shirk your duties because you have to run off and have yet another conversation about your fucked up relationship with your asshole chef. Glenn needs to have a convo with both of them about professionalism because they both suck at it. I'm sorry to say that I was hoping both Adam and Jenna would be swept overboard when the boat tilted. I love Kerry's joy at living. It's sad that it took a cancer diagnosis to get it but I understand. I hope for the best for her -- and I also hope this trip, even with Adam and Jenna on board, t
  17. I only remember the symbols for gold and mercury on the periodic table because of this episode. So see, you can learn things from FOL! I watched the Runaway episode yesterday and it infuriates me more each time I see it. Tootie wants to be treated more like an adult but whines and stomps her feet like a baby when she doesn't get to go to New York to see a matinee with Blair, Jo and Natalie. Which in itself makes zero sense because earlier in the same season (3), Tootie was going to go to the Bruce Springsteen concert on a Saturday night, which presumably would have been in New York Ci
  18. I own the DVD box set of FOL and I've been rewatching episodes during the lockdown. I used to post on the old board and I have to say, I am still annoyed by early seasons Tootie. I like Kim Fields but her early acting was terrible. Unless, of course, you count shouting out your lines, sighing loudly and overexaggerated eyerolls as acting. Clearly the writers loved her character because it seems like almost everything is about Tootie or somehow involves Tootie. Example: The girl who beat out Blair for student council president commits suicide and it becomes all about Tootie, with her eve
  19. Seeing the flashback to the 2018 reunion made me realize how much I loved it when Kyle cut her hair. I think she looks awful now and the bangs are tragic. I did like the polka dot blouse she wore to Sutton's -- finally, she chose something that looked good on her. Loved what we saw of Sutton's house and loved her cats! I liked Sutton in the first episode but she's trying way too hard to be the HBIC in this group way too early. There were what? 12 people at that dinner party? It's not that hard to find a seat, particularly when everybody gets one, Sutton! That said, Teddi r
  20. I finally watched this today. Matt has not changed one iota. He's still the same insufferable douchebag he was during his season. If this hadn't been filmed before the end of Season 10, I would assume that Matt didn't want to lose his King Fuckwit status to Zach because why else would you refuse to sign separation papers, at least? I don't know the law in NC but it seems that Amber could get an attorney, get Matt served and if he doesn't respond, default his ass. They have been unofficially separated long enough and their train wreck of a marriage is documented on film. Yeah, Matt
  21. So last week Jenna got her undies in a bunch because Madison was allegedly getting into her business. This week, Jenna not only airs her business to the charter guests but gets all up in Georgia's business by telling Chris to basically hit it because it would benefit everybody? And why is it okay for Jenna to be sitting down and socializing with the charter guests but Parker got reamed for chatting up the guests? Jenna, is the WORST chief stew in the history of chief stews. What I wouldn't give to have her working under Kate. Kate would eat her alive and I'd be there for that.
  22. Wasn't it established Brandon did work there? I mean, that was mentioned and Taylor didn't dispute it. Regardless, I'm not taking Brandon's side. I think he's definitely abusive, at least verbally. But Taylor is no prize and she's setting herself out as some innocent victim. If she did indeed stumble in there and find Brandon by accident, leave! She didn't say anything like I had no idea he was there, etc., she defended her decision to go there as she had been there before, so. That tells me she knew full well that Brandon either might be there or was there. And she can defend h
  23. I would think Taylor too, which could explain why she and Derek were so friendly. I did note that Derek said "cast members," not "cast member." So if Jess did know, I would think she might tell Austin and ask for his advice and maybe the two of them told Derek. Regardless, Derek was very gentlemanly about saying that he would not expose the person or persons, which I respect. I also respect him for airing Katie's dirty laundry to the world. Well played, Derek.
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