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  1. Kyle, it's bad enough you're wearing a dead feline during your packing party, you compounded it by ordering up water for your guests and then you can state with a straight face that you don't believe Brandi Glanville would lie? How much of the good stuff are you and Mauricio smoking? And just a reminder for Kyle -- it wasn't that long ago, when they were in Amsterdam in fact, that Kyle had a hissy fit because Brandi made a comment about smoking weed and Kyle didn't want her kids to hear that. Please explain how that is any different than Denise not wanting her kids to overhear threeso
  2. Right? Seems the dipshit apple doesn't fall far from the asshole tree.
  3. It did. That rumor was floated but clearly never seriously believed as there was no investigation. I used to work with someone who knew both Dan and Betty and what I was told was that Betty was a very-involved, fantastic mother who was always at the children's events while Dan was nowhere to be seen. This person also told me they considered Dan a prick of the first order. I've often said all three adults in this tragic story acted terribly and certainly not in the best interests of the children. I'm floored that, with hindsight, not one person truly seemed to realize
  4. Ugh, I hate the bachelor/bachelorette parties. First, never a good idea to have them the night before the wedding. Secondly, they're generally so cheesy and lame to watch. Clearly Brett is in the douchebag asshole for the season. He should have been matched with the high-maintenance Christina. I did laugh over how Henry tried on one tux and was good while Christina seemed to try on half the bridal store. She is going to eat him alive. No way they make it. Olivia is going to be this season's Mindy, I guess. Miles seems like a good guy -- which could mean that he has som
  5. Ha! This made me bust out laughing! I actually don't imagine Sandy does that during her non-Bravo charters. I'm sure the producers either suggest it or go and grab her and ask her to bomb the dinner table or something for drama. I do think she handled Pete exactly right, although Malia should have been there. Frankly, Sandy should be the last course of action so Malia should have handled this one on her own, instead of sending Bugsy to the captain. Pete is a douche but I really do hope this teaches him a lesson and he gets his ass in line. I must be one of the few who
  6. This makes Kyle even more reprehensible to me. Brandi is a low class, basic gutter rat with bad extensions and terrible filler. Bad enough that Kyle is friends with The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick, who I can just barely tolerate. That she's now allegedly actual friends with Brandi shows she has zero class. Can the show bring back Alison DuBois to give Kyle another psychic reading?
  7. Totally #TeamDenise and #TeamAaron. The only two housewives I can stand are Denise and Garcelle. Dorit is on the fence. The rest can eff off. Rinna couldn't wait to run-tell-dat after Denise and Aaron left Kyle's ridiculous barbeque. Some friend. Who cares if they're going to get a steak, at a strip club or not? All this fake pearl clutching while they're downing tequila and then attempting stripper moves on the tent pole. Wasn't Erika bragging about being a stripper not that long ago? Now suddenly it's offensive? Next. Kyle really should rethink criticizing Denis
  8. The best part of this episode was seeing Roy Orbison's grandson singing Pretty Woman -- pwetty woman, walking down the stweet -- on his little guitar and then mentioning his "gwandfather" sang it. The charter guests were awesome. They seemed easygoing and appreciative of everything. Always nice to see. Agree that Rob and Jessica were rude to hook up in the cabin he shares with Kiko, rather than just going to the cabin Jess has solo right now. Lara's gone so Hannah has to kick someone -- cue Jess. She may be unexperienced but she tries, she has a good attitude and she does
  9. Agree with this. I know someone who knew both of them and this person told me that Dan was a class A fuckwit. He was never around for the kids' school or extracurricular things and before Dan and Linda were a thing, Betty was not like that at all. I think Meredith Baxter did a fantastic job but that movie was made with the cooperation of Dan's family so of course they are going to make her look even worse than she already did. IMO, all adults concerned -- Betty, Dan and Linda -- behaved abominably. Dan and Linda didn't deserve to be murdered, no matter how shitty they were. I wish Bett
  10. Lara is completely insubordinate and unprofessional but this is BD. I love that she is getting under Hannah's skin so I have no problem with her staying. Hannah is not a good supervisor. Jenna is still worse than Hannah but if Hannah can't speak in a calm and authoritative manner to Lara (or anyone else), she shouldn't be in charge. And like every other season, as soon as she has issues with someone, she immediately runs off to blab about them to other crew members. I didn't care much for Malia in her previous season but I'm changing my tune (so far) for this one. She seems t
  11. I'll bet that if Erika made that comment about Kyle's daughters, who all but Portia are older than Denise's oldest daughter, there would be hell to pay. And Kyle has had her family on the show from day one. Still doesn't make it okay. I think it's disgusting for a grown ass woman to make that comment about two teen girls. And on camera, no less. I hope Denise rips Erika a new one for that on the reunion.
  12. I think I'm done with this show. It's nothing but excessive drinking by two obvious alcoholics (Dorinda and Leah), one possible alcoholic (Sonja) and an entire group of adult women behaving like toddlers. Why is this considered entertainment? Why does Dorinda care so fucking much about whether or not Tinsley is seeing/dating/fucking Scott? It's none of her damn business. She gets Tinsley emotional, then after Tinsley says she doesn't want to say anything to the other ladies yet, Dorinda pulls a complete bitch move and announces to the table that Tinsley has an announcement to make
  13. Yes, Denise is a cast member but her underage kids are not. Erika jumped all over Eileen for bringing up her adult son. And we've heard time and again that kids should be off limits. So that should include Denise's kids as well. And FTR, I don't think Denise cares so much about comments directed at her (unless they directly impact her children) but she's looking out for her daughters (and their friends.)
  14. Is Kyle's fashion line inspired by the Golden Girls? Honestly, for the astrology dinner, Kyle dresses like she raided a Forever 21 store. For her barbecue, it's like she's channeling Mrs. Roper.
  15. Yep. Saying you're done with a conversation means just that. It doesn't mean that you're about to burst a blood vessel or suffer an embolism, Teddi.
  16. Well, Denise had admitted that she swears around her kids. That's not the issue. And if Dorito had a problem with it, she could have said something. She didn't. So that's just Teddi butting in once again to try and stay relevant. I don't blame Denise and Aaron for leaving. Why stay at a party that's just going to be a pile on against you? They're criticized for not bringing their kids and then it's just pick, pick, pick. Teddi stirs the pot, Kyle can't read a room and Erica is just a See You Next Tuesday with shitty fashion sense.
  17. Can we have Aaron host the reunions? "Okay, great. Let's move on and talk about something else." Ha! Those bitches literally didn't know which way to turn. I may be developing a crush on Aaron because he has no fucks to give with them. I am just stunned that these, um, women (with the exception of Garcelle) seem to have no concept that some topics that adults discuss amongst themselves are off-limits around kids. And even if they think it's okay and would talk about it with theirs, if Denise says it's not around hers, that's the end of it. Or should be.
  18. Clearly Aaron, Denise, Garcelle and Teddi are the only people who know how to dress at a barbecue. Teddi is a shit stirrer. STFU, Teddi. I love that Aaron very quickly sticks up for Denise. #TeamDenise
  19. I wonder how much of that was production maybe telling Sandy that one of the guests wasn't pleased with his meal? I get that she was probably feeling nervous after Mila last season but I can't imagine that she does this on her non-Bravo charters. That's what the stews are there for -- tell them if something isn't right. Love seeing Mallorca so far.
  20. She reminds me of Hannah, who doesn't want to do the job of stew, do table décor, do turndowns, etc. Although I like her more than Hannah and as @TexasGal said above, if Lara gets under Hannah's skin, she's my hero. The Boston guy who said "unit" about 500 times is already on my last good nerve. Rob, the former model, is hot. I wasn't sure about Jessica but she seems okay and she seems to be a worker. Love the chef! He didn't make a negative comment about having to prepare a second steak for a guest, he has a sense of humor and Sandy likes his food.
  21. And the entire yachting world breathes a sigh of relief when Adam states the obvious that yachting is not for him. The winners of this reunion was Adam's dog, who, other than lifting his paw at one point and being ignored, slept thru the whole mess, and Chris, who popped on long enough to update us on his back and then leave. Too much time spent on Paget and Ciara's relationship and wine drinking and Georgia trying to pose for Zoom. Andy is a dipshit for not asking Captain Glenn his thoughts on Jenna's rage over him calling her out for her nonstop PDA. And I don't care what
  22. I just can't with these ladies. Tinsley should have stayed behind. No way would I go with them if they were already verbally beating me up before I had even set foot in the van. The van driver was everything with his expressions. He needs to be in every episode. Everyone in this group, save Elyse, appears to be an alcoholic. Lu is a recovering alcoholic. I don't care what they say. Leah, you were a drunk asshole. That's not just "being you." That's why your mother was upset you'd begun drinking again. Because you lose control, you're an asshole and then you can't remem
  23. Because it needs to be said, totally #TeamDenise. Erika can fuck right on off with her vile and disgusting insinuation that Denise's teen daughters have already participated in threesomes. There is nothing Denise has ever done or will do that would justify such a remark. Worse, IMO, was seeing every other bitch at that table laughing. They all have children. How would they feel if someone said that about their kids? It was NOT funny. FWIW, the party was at Denise's house. She can choose to discuss whatever she wants. Erika laid down the law pretty quickly last week o
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