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  1. This came off as a mix of Real Housewives and Love After Lockup -- totally weird, OTT and a probable trainwreck but I'm here for it. Also, I have pretty much dumped all the RH shows except for Dallas so I need a RH to watch. I'll be honest. I was working while watching so I really can't tell some of the brunettes apart. Except Jen. She is extra. She annoys me. But her husband and sons seem very grounded. Mary is pretty gross. Anyone who marries their stepgrandfather (ewwwww) should probably not judge anyone else. On anything. Ever. Heather seems down to earth.
  2. Heather is nuts. I think she wants Dylan back in prison, where she doesn't have to worry about Aunt Diane or other women and can be the only female in his life. I hope he gets away from her and gets his life straightened out -- because if he stays with her, his best option is returning to prison. I wanted to smack the shit out of Destinie or Destinee or however she spells her name. (I like the poster who used Density, far more appropriate). Yeah, Density -- it's not worth getting your shit together because now you have to pay for what you did in the past. First, how exactly have you
  3. I can't answer as to why they haven't branched more out west pre-COVID but I'm going to guess they returned to Atlanta because there is a lot of filming and production there and, perhaps most importantly, Georgia was one of the first states to reopen during the pandemic.
  4. The thought of Dr. Pepper, Dr. Viv and Pastor Cal being waterboarded has me laughing. I know it's wrong but I'm still chuckling. The problem with the matches isn't the opposites attracting (or not, as it were) but their goals being vastly different. On paper, Henry and Christina may have seemed a good match if what they wanted was similar and the "experts" believed that Christina's extroverted personality would bring Henry out of his shell and compliment him. (And honestly, I don't remember what either of them were looking for.) But Brett and Olivia wanted very different things. Bre
  5. I don't really understand the halfway house system but could Kristianna not be placed in a halfway home that she had not escaped/run from half a dozen times before? Maybe there's a pattern here and it's not helpful to have her in the same place with people she's bought drugs from, sold drugs to or done drugs with? I actually kind of believe Lindsay with that "letter." It wasn't addressed to anyone. I really thought that Scott was going to find where she had been communicating with another sucker. And I really didn't need to visualize Scott and Lindsay getting down and dirty on the f
  6. The biggest takeaway I took from this episode was: where is Pete? How did they manage to erase him from the tip meeting and final dinner? Second takeaway was wondering why Malia couldn't be bothered to hang out in the galley to help Kiko but somehow had all the time in the world to assist Tom. Sandy should have given Malia a certificate for being the best chef #2/sous chef on the boat. I guess she was a decent to good bosun -- when she was actually being a bosun. Once Tom arrived, she was always in the galley. Even if their relationship wasn't totally toxic, Rob had alre
  7. I was very much Team Olivia in the beginning but now I'm more Team Brett. I think Olivia was wrong to go visit her family when the city was in lockdown and she works in a hospital. Brett's fears were justified. I thought for sure the preview before this episode was a red herring and he was going back home because he was going to quarantine or because of Olivia's job. I think she was wrong not to go with him to his house during that week she had off. It would have been the perfect time to really look at his house and reassess -- no camera crew there, no pressure to feel/act like you have t
  8. I bailed on New York midseason and I'm thinking I will bail on this one before it even starts. Just sounds like there is nothing interesting about this group, nothing. Vicki was an annoying shrew but she was authentic. The show hasn't been the same without her ignorance there.
  9. Honestly, I can't believe Brett hasn't packed up and moved back to his house in the wrong neighborhood. Olivia is just exhausting. What exactly does she want? Brett says he's being sincere. If she chooses not to believe that, with no evidence telling her otherwise, that's on her. If Brett is kind, considerate, affectionate off-camera, exactly what is she complaining about? I'm not a Brett fan necessarily but I did notice that while watching the wedding video, he had his arm around her and she kept her hands firmly in her own lap. I liked Olivia at first but as the weeks go by, I like
  10. Man, that scene with Brittany's mother really should not have been filmed. Addiction should never been entertainment. Angela remains a complete dipshit. We'll see if Tony breaks into her Casa de Cigarette while she's running around after Ross in Indiana. I can just imagine the stench in that place. I think Angela is keeping the tobacco farmers in North Carolina going. I'm still gobsmacked over Lacey's friend making the comment last week about how if Lacey has a child with Chane that it could be another child she's caring for by herself. Who are the other kids she's caring for by
  11. I actually think Henry is a greater catch than Christina. When I was younger, I always went for the "bad boy" type. Now I can see the appeal of someone like Henry, who appears to be kind, thoughtful, respectful and loyal. To me, the fact that Henry has accepted how he's wired is a form of self-confidence or self-assuredness.
  12. Christina just can't stop herself from screwing shit up. As someone who suffered self-esteem issues for YEARS after my teens, you don't just "get over it." If it were that simple, no one would have issues, Christina. She should have commended Henry on moving through it and encouraged him to continue to move through it. She should have brought up that Henry is an intelligent, thoughtful and loyal person -- all wonderful qualities. She knew he had confidence issues so why did she sound like once Henry admitted that was his biggest hurdle, she was out? And then to say lack of confidence w
  13. I noticed Pete in the background a couple of times. I didn't notice that he seemed scary mad. He seemed to be talking to someone out of frame at least once and I also noticed another time he wasn't there at all. Edited out? Smoke break? I have to wonder why Captain Sandy didn't light into Bugsy and the interior over Cucumber Gate. After all, she attempted to radio Bugsy first before she went to wake up Tom. Why wasn't Bugsy taken to task for not having her radio on her person and turned on? Was she on break? And if she was, then surely Aesha and Jess were not. I know that Aesha
  14. Camille does respond. She responded to one of mine and then quickly deleted it. She said something along the lines that Brandi is basically all over people when she's drunk, a very sloppy drunk.
  15. I absolutely adore Garcelle. I wish she had been the host of the reunion. That would have been something to see. This is an excellent point (well, that and the fact that the accusations were brought directly to Rinna and not gossiped about on camera ad nauseum before Denise was clued in.) Compare how Rinna reacted -- smashed a glass, going for Kim's throat, eyes bulging out of her head and basically losing her shit -- to how Denise reacted. Denise said no, I didn't say that. She said no, I didn't sleep with Brandi. She didn't attack anyone, break anything. The closest she
  16. Me too! I quit NY this year, quit NJ and Atlanta a couple years back and am doubtful I will return to the OC. I'm holding out hope for Dallas and we'll see about SLC.
  17. Denise owed the other women nothing. Whatever may or may not have happened with Brandi had zero to do with the other women. And why should Denise be less sympathetic because she won't be angry or upset? She was clearly upset tonight, she was near tears. She should get the same consideration that Kyle and Rinna got when rumors/allegations about their husbands were brought up. She did not. Kyle and Rinna got on their Huffy bikes and shut that down immediately and how dare anyone say anything about it! But no, Denise needs to be bullied and address something that is no one else's conce
  18. And this is one reason why Andy is such a shitty host. He should have been asking why whatever did or did not happen between Denise and Brandi is the concern of ANYONE appearing via Zoom. ANYONE. It's not. It has ZERO to do with Kyle, Teddi, Erika, Rinna, Dorit, Garcelle or Sutton. Zero. And Rinna can STFU with saying that Denise should have come to her to talk to her. As Garcelle pointed out, every time Denise said a word Rinna was gunning for her. Denise said repeatedly that nothing happened. Whether she was telling the truth or not, what else was she supposed to do? It was N
  19. Erika had more time devoted to her at the reunion than she did all season. Go away, Erika Jayne. Rinna is the worst "friend" imaginable and a horrible human being. Sure, your texts with Denise are private while you have a printout of alleged texts between Denise and Brandi. Kyle can eff off too. She's moaning about how miserable it was for her when the allegations about Mauricio cheating impacted her entire season. Hello? Have you not watched this season, Kyle, to see what was done to Denise? Teddi continued to be a nonentity with nothing to say, other than to pile on
  20. Maybe I'm just old school but I have the professional mindset that, being a supervisor, my employees don't see me drunk. At all, much less fall down drunk. But clearly it doesn't work that way on BD. Bugsy should be embarrassed -- and so should Malia. Speaking of Malia, has she forwarded her mail to the galley yet? When does she have time to bosun? She is always in the kitchen, helping Tom. I've always thought that out of all the crew positions shown on the BD franchise, I'd least like to be the chef because that position never seems to truly get a break but you would think one of t
  21. I used to think that Christina and Henry were the worst matched couple but nope, that honor now goes to Olivia and Brett. I liked Olivia at first but she's becoming Molly 2.0 in my book. She said at first that she was fun, loved to go out and do things, has a great sense of humor, etc. but we've seen precious little of that. I get that Brett is no prize but I was laughing at some of what he said. Of course, I love sarcasm but still . . . Olivia acts like an annoyed mother. It's slightly ironic that the partner who is frugal as all get out has the sense of humor and the partner who is more
  22. For all the scoffing the coven did at Denise's cease and desist, let's see how quickly they all get their own if Brandi is brought back on to this mess. As enjoyable as that sounds, Rinna would far and away win. Kyle is a precious little snowflake who backs down the second anyone challenges her. Look how she cried/got teary over several dinners this season and look how she tried to talk about how SHE was the one who was bullied this season. She's all bark and no bite.
  23. Worse, she's a follower who is desperate to be relevant. Exactly. Kyle said some stupid shit to Denise like "if it's out there, it has to be addressed." Yeah, well, clearly that didn't happen when rumors of Mauricio cheating were out there, when rumors of Kim doing meth was out there, when rumors about Harry Hamlin were out there, when rumors about Rinna's eating disorder were out there. And even this season, it's out there that Mauricio has committed fraud so why aren't we addressing that, Kyle?
  24. Really unfair to Love Boat era Charo! He he. I'm with you on Amelia Gray. I find her to be very, very average looks-wise, and a spoiled twit otherwise whose mother brags that she doesn't read. I wouldn't be bragging about that but then again, I also wouldn't be bragging about my kids learning how to perform oral sex thanks to my book so what do I know?
  25. So wait. Kyle thinks SHE was bullied all season? In what world? Denise has that particular market cornered. She could tell Kyle a thing or two about being bullied by these bitches. Newsflash Teddi: Denise said that she said worse about you than Brandi reported, not that she said that TO Brandi. There's a difference. Of course, maybe if you, Erika, Rinna and Kyle weren't so busy screeching over each other, you'd get it. Garcelle continues to be fucking awesome. Andy: "What is your response to the Hamlin brat telling you to fuck off?" Garcelle: "Okay." Andy: "Garcelle,
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