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  1. aquarian1

    Sex And The City

    Right, but it had evolved into which character was the best "lead". I do think a lot of folks really do view Carrie as a heroine, though, but I don't. I don't hate her, but she is my least favorite. That said, I do think she was best of the four to be the protagonist.
  2. aquarian1

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    Dr Lee said it could be done, but would take a lot of time, pain, and effort. Since it was large she couldn't just got it out and sew up the skin like a normal sized mole. He would need several procedures, with skin stretchers put in place in between. and so forth. I did wonder, though, if she could have done anything to smooth out the bumpy/hair part, or to lighten up the color.
  3. aquarian1

    Sex And The City

    I'd go with "protagonist" rather than "heroine".
  4. aquarian1

    Fargo In The Media

    Kansas City is only a 6 hour drive from the Twin Cities, so not too far from MN. Chicago is a 6-7 hour drive.
  5. aquarian1

    Dear Diary: Question of the Day(s)

    As a kid it was mostaccioli, but now I think it's mini-shells. They are good with all types of sauce, good in soups, good in pasta salads, good with cheese, etc., many fit on a spoon...
  6. Decades shows plenty of hour long shows. MeTV and AntennaTV both show some hour long shows, but you're right the majority are half hour. But there are other networks, those were just examples. I was mostly saying I don't need it to be streaming, I'm fine with cable or over air. I still watch plenty of that.
  7. Despite licensing issues, WKRP shows up in syndication now and then, but Northern Exposure hasn't been on the air in years. I'd love MeTV, AntennaTV, Decades or the like to pick it up. It doesn't need to be on a streaming service for me.
  8. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is already pretty likeable, but this is just so fun.
  9. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch recreates otter pictures (rewind the video if you don't know about the otter/BC thing). Also, wait for the 4:20ish mark, it's worth it.
  10. Ooh! My favorite Ann Hathaway clip ever!
  11. aquarian1


    In development with Warner Bros. Animation - ‘The Flintstones’ Adult Animated Series Reboot In Works At Warner Bros. With Elizabeth Banks Producing
  12. I thought of another I'd love to see again and hasn't been on in ages - Northern Exposure. It was so good, especially the first few years (like many shows).
  13. I'd love to see Earth 2, and Space: Above and Beyond in syndication.
  14. aquarian1

    Law & Order

    I really enjoyed yesterday's (actually, I think all weekend) WE marathon of early L&O - all the Stone & Robinette goodness.
  15. aquarian1

    S06.E08: Collision Course (Part 1)

    What is chained-up guy hadn't been able to stand up and unfold that jacket? Would Sarge still have come through, but be tangled in the jacket? Would it have worked at all since the circle wouldn't be a circle? A lot was riding on that jacket being on the ground, unfolded, outside of secure chamber/containment pod.