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  1. I think A&J were upset that the other two didn't come back to "base camp" sooner. They were gone 10 days. Never mind that they literally couldn't come back via river and had to chop their way back through 10 miles of forest. But nevertheless, I'm pretty sure that was their beef. Of course, it never occurred to them to go to the other camp or anything. And then balking at them taking food back?! I've only been half paying attention and even I was like WTH?
  2. Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Jack Jackson. And every day, Jack Jackson juggled jugs. Until one day a wanderer came into town, one that also juggles jugs.
  3. Oh yes, I remember needing to get a pair of Jordache jeans, and I was in grade school for that, but I still knew I needed them,
  4. Les put together some director's commentary for one of the Survivorman Bigfoot episodes.
  5. The episodes are not 2 hours because of covid. They were 2 hours last season as well. "Beginning with the season nine finale, episodes were expanded to two hours and focused on a single hoarder." Wiki
  6. Looks like tonight is the finale.
  7. I just saw this and I loved it. I didn't have trouble understanding the dialogue. I almost cheered out loud when Kat took out Andrei. Loved the symmetry of everything, too.
  8. Like Dr Pimple Popper, there are new eps with video consults. I'm watching one right now, not sure if this is the first ep like that. My Feet Are Killing Me: First Steps article/explanation.
  9. Matt's "behind the scenes" clip
  10. Tracee Ellis Ross and more big names to re-create 'Golden Girls' with all-Black cast This is a zoom thing, but it could be pretty cool. That said, I probably won't watch, I'm zoomed out, even for entertainment things. But that's just me. 🙂
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