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  1. Agree. Even my non-"sciency" friends like watching things like meteor showers, shooting stars, and eclipses; and think dinosaurs are cool.
  2. Maybe Ben's dad will turn out to be one of Jackie's exes.
  3. I thought they could have said it was self-defense. It really was, even though Ainsley went a little overboard with it. That said, in the heat of the moment, fearing for your life and your family's lives, it could easily be explained away. Then I thought maybe have Malcolm take the wrap (which I didn't love, but they did initially start with him telling her he did it). I'm not sure I love disposing of the body and making it disappear angle. I do like the show, and they do play the long game, so I'm happy to wait and see. That said, I'm not sure Ainsley has totally forgotten, at least not anymore. Although I'll admit I have absolutely nothing to base that on.
  4. I agree. I don't think if all she knows about him is his first name that at the same time she can know he's dead. One or both of those things are lies. I mean, I get it, if it was a one night stand she wouldn't know much about him, but then she couldn't know he was now dead too. All that said, all it would take is one of those DNA/family tree type tests to find him plot wise (I know in reality he might not be in the database, but for the purpose of the show he would be).
  5. I figured Sunny's ranch dip and pizza segment must have been some obligatory product placement. I didn't really pay attention, though, so I could be wrong.
  6. I caught a couple of the new episodes and love that he's had on Jonathon Waxman and Ming Tsai. I hadn't seen this in ages and the variety of chefs on this seems good now (or maybe it always was and I just missed it?).
  7. Guy Fieri invites his chef friends over for a spontaneous Sunday cook-off.
  8. I just saw this. I thought it was a good movie. Awfully dark though. I'm good with drama and dark, but this was just a tad too much for me, Glad I saw it, though.
  9. A place to discuss season 17 episodes. For more in-depth discussion on specific improvisors or past seasons, please use other threads in the forum. Just like previous years, there is no consensus on which season number to use. E.g. The TVDB and Wiki call this season 17, IMDB calls it season 9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. And even if they didn't want to go back to Richard's place for some reason, why not have one of them just run down to a drug store? Come on!
  11. DABL network has been showing some of these older episode. I decided to watch just now and it's "Amy's Baking Co". I have never seen it, but heard lots about it. Not sure I can watch the whole ep. heh. ETA: Oh! It looks like the Return to Amy's Baking Co is on right after this. I may need to watch all this craziness after all.
  12. There was a whole segment where Marcus talked about Jose Andres and they highlighted the work he has done and how that inspired Marcus.
  13. Here's a link to the documentary in the Specials forum.
  14. I think it'll be interesting to see how Marcus various locations are faring and his options and opinions given all the different locations he has - they span the gamut on "openness" from Sweden and Florida to NY, Canada, and London. It's got to be such a mixed bag, and how to apply safety measures to all employees and customers in a way that makes them feel safe regardless of their respective state and country guidelines.
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