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  1. That poor man with little tumors all over each of his 10 toenails. I've never seen anything like that.
  2. Possibly. I know I have issues accessing the site when I use a VPN. However, they aren't these exact issues, I just can't get to the site at all from some of the VPN sites.
  3. I never saw Debra as a bad cook, even in later seasons, just not as good as Marie. I figured she tried to make healthier things, so less butter and oil and creamy sauces in the cooking, and she probably used more convenience foods and ingredients, unlike Marie who would make everything from scratch. Oh, and she also wasn't a perfectionist about it either, so if her cake wasn't perfectly level she didn't care. Put all those together and compare to Marie who enjoys cooking, makes everything from scratch, lives for the compliments, and is a perfectionist about it and Debra will pale in compari
  4. This just started airing on the Food Network. I didn't know it was previously on Discovery+ so know nothing about. I tuned in because I like the Volt brothers. Not sure I like the "pick the weakest member of your team" thing, but I'll keep watching. I enjoyed it, overall.
  5. I initially ordered this because of the name, but I ended up liking it so every time after that was because I liked it.
  6. Jägermeister I have no idea why shots of Jägermeister were a thing in college, but they were . I don't even like licorice but I did a lot of shots of Jager in my time. Never again.
  7. Edge piece! But if all are taken, the middle is good, too. :D
  8. I love that they're back in "Flavortown", I don't even mind the non-3-rounds format. I actually kind of liked this set up - app + dinner in 60 minutes. Limiting it to 9 items and using the same protein twice was insane, but they all did marvelously well with it. I wanted to try all their food, especially the tortilla soup, grilled flat iron, and fettuccine.
  9. Original air date: July 1, 2021
  10. Original air date: June 24, 2021
  11. Original air date: June 17, 2021
  12. I never got the Anne Hathaway hate either, she may not be my favorite actress but she seems nice enough. Plus she did this paparazzi rap!
  13. Yeah, I like Claudia Black but they really went overboard with Vala. Too much, too soon, of a "too much" OTT character.
  14. While we do allow some leeway on a few off-topic posts, any further discussion of Gabe that does NOT relate to this episode specifically should take to the Cheftestents thread. Some post have been moved there already.
  15. I'm not in Canada, but I am in MN and people sit around fire pits all the time here, and for lots of the night even when quite chilly. Plus the smoke helps keep the mosquitos away. What I don't get are all the glass "railings" outside. I understand not wanting to obstruct the view, but that seems dangerous. Even if tempered glass or plexiglass, there's still the smudge factor and clean up factor.
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