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  1. I just binged season 1. It's my kind of show so I'm not sure why I was so late to the party. 🙂 I wondered about this, too. It seemed the like the cat plot was just dropped. It looked like it was building to her seeing the cat, but then ants all over the can. So then I was like "did the cat die?" (It was apparently a stray, if not feral, so most likely), and "what was this all about?" Things did go south after that, with more oversight and Holden spiraling, so maybe it was just foreshadowing. I didn't see Holden as possessive either, but I did see his research changing him. Earlier in the season Tench made a point of asking him how it didn't affect him, and also commented to others how Holden seemed not as affected. I think this showed he really was affected, and more than just getting a big head about the work. I also saw that Debbie and Patrick were doing more than talking in that dark room. I saw her sitting on the table, and I thought he was standing between her legs when the lights went on and she jumped up going after Holden. That said, I never thought they were a good match and didn't know how they stayed together so long. And it's not like I didn't like her - I liked that she was smart and independent and had no problem speaking her mind. I just thought they didn't make sense as a couple. She always seems slightly annoyed by him, or slightly looked down on him. It was more like she tolerated him. And he definitely has flaws, big ones, but I don't think it made sense for her to be in a relationship with someone she felt that way about. I had more thoughts on other things, but I'm starting season 2 now. 😄
  2. @SilverStormm -There was a brief time when the forums were down and the error message said it was due to an upgrade. That was about 10:30am central/4:30pm where you are.
  3. Time to move on from the hair discussion. If you want to continue it, take it to Small Talk.
  4. REMINDER: This thread is for Past Seasons discussion. We have a separate thread for Current Team discussions. Several posts have been moved there. Please be mindful of where you are.
  5. This is pure speculation, but thought I'd post here anyway. I think they're going to end up needing to perform an exorcism on grandma. It won't be for quite some time (season finale? later?), and it's going to take a while to realize and decide that, especially with Kristen and other non-believers (and I can see hubby really being opposed due to not believing) , and before that it'll take a while to put the pieces together. But I just kind of feel that it'll end up there.
  6. It might be, @Chaos Theory, but I share it. 🙂
  7. I think it's more to give Julia a real understanding about what the rest her "sibs" and families are feeling.
  8. And he was removed from the game after Elaine was voted off, so they may not even know about it yet (at the time of filming her Ponderosa clips),
  9. I guess this means Julia didn't sleep with her brother. 😄 Although, that is a terrible way to learn your father isn't your bio-dad. I wonder if mom had an affair, or if she was adopted, or I don't know - guess we'll find out. And finally, Edie came clean about the cheating. Finally!
  10. Original airdate: December 11, 2019
  11. Yeah, I thought for sure Jo wasn't a virgin, between Eddie(?), the older professor, and some others I'm forgetting. Not that I thought about it much, but when this episode came up I was surprised they were all supposed to be virgins. I agree, they should have just not talked about it and let us assumes whatever made sense for us.
  12. I still think only 1 year was a good outcome for her step-dad. AND bringing to light all that was going on so the whole family knew and could be there for him. I understand being upset at the whole thing, but to think this is some terrible outcome is crazy to me. Especially for someone she barely knows - they met after she was an adult, so although technically a step-father, in practicality no. She's known him, what? 6 months? a year? This is way too upset over someone she barely knows. Be upset, yes - it did disrupt her newly-reconciled-with-mom's life, and it makes sense to be upset when people you care about are hurting, but this is over the top. Oh, and then to make the decision for Miles not to stop working the friend requests? what? She doesn't believe he can make his own decisions? They're doing a lot to really make me unlike her, and why? I do agree that it will all connect in the end. There is a bigger reason here, but why make her so unlikable in the meantime? Why not have her back off so she can help her mom and step-sister and not for some holier than though/misplaced anger thing.
  13. I wonder if where Julianna ended up when crossing universes was based on what she was focusing on. On her initial transport, her mind was on John as he was bursting through her door and shooting her and then low and behold she ends up right in front of Alt-John. Then for her return, she was able to choose the specific spot she wanted and use the location. The ending confused me a bit, too. At first I thought they were random people caught between world jumping. Then I wondered if they were the people from the main world we followed that had crossed previously, for whatever reason, now appearing back "home" because of the change to the portal. Then I was confused as to why none of the travelers stopped to interact with our cast, or look around, or anything. They all walked off slowly apparently not curious about where they were, who the others were; even if they knew exactly where they were, the lack of acknowledgement of the other people around them was just odd. All that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this. As with every season, I start with ep 1 thinking "hmmm... maybe I'm not as into this as I remembered, but I'll finish this one out" and then next thing I know I've finished ep 7 and lost a whole afternoon. 🙂 I binged this final season in 2 days.
  14. I'm glad they got the finale movie. But even though they did wrap it up nice, I wish it had continued another season or two. I usually don't like triangles and obstacles, and I knew Lucy and Wyatt were endgame, but I do wish we had seen more of Lucy and Flynn, even one kiss. I'm one of those weirdos that didn't think Luka (GV) was that attractive on ER*, but dang did that all change here. I mean, the whole cast was incredibly good looking, but there was just something about him. 😛 * I didn't think he was unattractive, just not "all that" or "hot"
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