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  1. aquarian1


    I liked this episode. I like Maggie, in general, and don't think she's like Benson. I like her calm.
  2. Overall, I liked this episode. Just putting that up front because of the following nitpick. The one thing I didn't like about the punishment was that all 3 were acting so whiny about it. I could Torres being that whine and bratty, but not McGee or Ellie. I can see them not liking it, and even expressing that, but still accepting it better - more begrudgingly than whiny.
  3. Well, that's disappointing. I'm really liking this show.
  4. I haven't got that error, but I have had all threads in a forum suddenly showing as read after only reading one. It's been sporadic, and haven't found a pattern.
  5. If only that 3rd trio wasn't an unclaimed role, I might have had a fighting chance, especially since they went after LC so fast and hard. There was no one else to deflect to. And then couldn't split the vote very well with fewer numbers. Of course if the henchman had flipped... 😄 It's just the luck of the draw and part of what makes this fun! Great game all! Thanks for running, @SVNBob!
  6. Well, no soup for you! You'll also go to bed without dessert. You won't get any of this.
  7. I can't believe you would kill your own sister. 😄 But, I would vote for anyone outside of family, it doesn't need to be an unknown.
  8. If you think CP is not a villain, give me another target. I only have one criteria - not part of my family. I'm not changing my vote until I see more options though. My kids can be reformed, but only if they are not dead. 😛
  9. 2 to DL CuriousParker (MarkHB, aquarian1)
  10. I knew it was someone else besides me - didn't feel like scrolling back 🙂 Kind of, as a result of I won't vote for you, Mark,, JTM, or LC.
  11. If anyone switched me they haven't said so. So I am going to be bold here. Early on someone said 2 roles sleep well - Annoying and FM. I said I slept well. I also said I don't want to DL LC. And yet you keep insisting CP would be the FM? Pfftt... I will protect my family at all costs. My vote is for sale. I will join any DL that does not include family. Whether that gets a hero or villain, I don't care. Heroes: pick someone else and I will join. OR Villains: given the alignments, I think that would be TCS (since I won't vote family and villains won't vote another villain).
  12. What do we know about meet trouble or Curious Parker? We could DL one of them. As long we get one of the trio, it's good, right?
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