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  1. Dominque was a lot more down to earth than a lot of house hunters. I really enjoyed her episode because she was reasonable. Better than a 20-something wanting a huge house with all the bells and whistles and not wanting to have to do anything to fix it up.
  2. First I hope Jadon (what a name) is OK. But when I heard he went into the NICU my first thought was "I wonder if Zach decided to carry COBRA until the baby is born." But probably they will go on TennCare for the kids but let everyone think he is paying it all out of pocket from cutting down trees. I have stayed in jobs where I'm miserable because I have to have insurance. I was talking with someone about a job a few months ago and she said they have a 401(k). I asked if they had medical and she said no. I can do without a 401(k), I cannot do without medical insurance and it's just me with
  3. My dad died from the same type of cancer as MyFather. But I do NOT want to hear anything that MeAgain has to say about it. I would like to hear from a real medical professional if there is has been any advances in treatment because I know there had been even from the time my dad died and MyFather was diagnosed. Before MeAgain starts talking about worrying about developing this, I asked the doctor if this was something I needed to worry about in the future (is this a sinus headache, lack of sleep headache, or a brain tumor headache) and it is not hereditary.
  4. Some of these stories make me grateful for my "normal" Southern Baptist upbringing. It was a fairly small church so I think that made it easier. Also it was back in the 1970's and 1980's. I could wear pants, I went to public school, and thankfully my parents (well, my mom) never banned anything I read. A few years ago I joined eharmony (back when it was marketed more towards Christians). I spent a few months going out with a guy who I am 98% certain was gay but he was so ultra-religious there was no way he would ever / could ever admit it even to himself. It got to be a game with mys
  5. My mom had a health crisis yesterday. She didn't need to go to the ER, but she did call the paramedics. So I spent last night with her. This morning I went out to pick up breakfast for us and filled my car up with gas while I was out. I'm glad I did because the 2 gas stations close to my home were both out. As far as masks, I had to stop off and pick up a few things. Most of the crowd were still wearing their masks. I saw one older lady who wasn't wearing a mask. I will continue wearing mine since (a) I don't know who has been vaccinated and who hasn't and (b) no one knows how lo
  6. I was thinking the left sock was a nutter butter cookie, but I couldn't figure out what the right sock was supposed to be.
  7. I'm supposed to go up to Asheville for a few days week after next, but if there is still a gas shortage, I'll just stay here. I know on our news (in Georgia) they have said it will take a week or two to get back to normal.
  8. It looks like Charles Erickson is still in prison. From what I can find he filed for an appeal last year, but I can't find anything more recent than that.
  9. Jill looks fantastic. I work in law firm (as a paralegal) and sometimes people ask me if I have any desire to go to law school. No, I don't. I don't agree with Derrick on a lot, but I do have to say congratulations to him and good luck with the bar.
  10. I had a coworker who had a sign on her desk that said gut instinct: God Using Telepathy. Sometimes you need to listen to that little voice no matter what the human voices are telling you outside. Because of the purity message maybe Jinger was scared of how Jeremy made her felt (physically). But maybe she realized they didn't really have anything in common and she didn't really like him, but she didn't want him to feel like he wasted his time with her and he might be her only chance. If in a few years they announce they are divorcing, I won't be at all surprised.
  11. I know a lot of people think Derrick and Jill will be the ones to write a tell-all. Personally I would rather Jordyn and Jenny escape and write what they saw while they were growing up since their growing up took place after the show. I know it wouldn't be the "before we were rich and famous" book, but it would be "how we grew up in front of the camera." I wish Derrick would grow up and stay in a career. I still can't help but wonder if he will pass the bar and then what he will think about having to meet billable hours even if that means long nights and weekends. In less than five year
  12. I don't see Anna ever divorcing Josh because she doesn't believe it is allowed because of Gothard/JB/Michelle. What I think will happen, Anna and the 7 M's will move into the TTH and occasionally Josh will come over to visit. Even if his brothers and sisters are there with their kids, everyone will keep quiet because they will probably think, "Josh was just looking at pictures, he didn't touch kids" (forgetting that he touched 4 of his sisters and another young girl). The girls were forced to forgive Josh and act like it was no big deal. Josh has a serious mental illness (not snarking) but
  13. His family became rich and famous (well in the context of reality show stars) because of having more kids than they could afford. He should have had a vasectomy, but (a) he didn't have the money to pay for one and (b) JB wouldn't give him the money to have one because more kids means more money in their screwed up views, after all weddings and babies is what has made this family famous / infamous. Also he probably thinks having a vasectomy would make him less of a man (not that he is any sort of man other than fathering children). He could have told Anna he didn't want any more kids and went
  14. The empathic part of me can feel sorry for Anna because she has been trained since infant-hood to be a wife and a mother and (this is my thought only) not to concern herself with anything her husband does because it's just not a woman's place to question anything her husband does. The reality part of me has no sympathy for Anna because she spends so much time deluding others and herself that Josh is a diligent worker who was overjoyed at announcing M7. The only ones I do feel complete sympathy for are the M-kids. They were born into this shit-show and no one deserves that. I can't h
  15. I can't help but wonder if in a year or two Derick will be tired of trying to reach his billable hours and will decide it's time to go back to school and try something else. I hope not. i would love to see Derick (after Sammy goes to school) encourage Jill to further her education.
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