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  1. I was reading comments from some fans yesterday that talked about how much they loved the S&K reunion so I was really looking forward to it when I got home. What I saw was --- meh, which makes me sad after Wednesday's episode (other than when she slapped him because that was always her MO when he made her mad). Kayla always seems to fall into Steve's arms when he apologies (remember the scene in the cabin after he told her Jack was Billy). I would like to see her tell Steve "no" and him to actually have to fight for her. He's steps back, but when he realizes he wants her back, he expects her to go running into his arms and she usually does. I realize the next few weeks are going to be the Cin and the Ericole weddings so I'm not sure when we will get scenes with them again, but I hope when we do they really talk about things.
  2. @Scarlett45, I'm so sorry about your godmother.
  3. Yesterday's episode reminded of the show I fell in love with in 1984. I don't think I hit the FF button on any scenes now that I think about it. Wally Kurth hit it out of the park yesterday. I'm glad Justin realized he couldn't marry Kayla knowing what he knew about Steve. He loves Kayla enough to let her go. Then the scenes in the condo with Sonny, he broke my heart when he started crying. I hope he submits this as his Emmy reel next year.
  4. Jer, you haven't done a damn thing lately, so please just shut up. Even when you were working as a preacher, I don't think overworking was a phrase in your vocabulary. In my job we have a yearly goal we are supposed to meet (don't meet the goal, you don't get a -- small -- bonus). Someone asked if we were still expected to meet this goal this year and yeah, they still expect it. I've accepted it's not going to happen for me this year, and honestly right now with how fed up I am with them, I don't care. But they expect all of us to overwork.
  5. I used to like her and had hopes when she moved to Texas and then to LA. But she is smugger than Josh now.
  6. Sorry JinJer but neither one of those pictures make me think "I want someone to look at me like that." Nope, both pictures were just too odd and awkward in my opinion. Stop trying so hard.
  7. @Jeeves it's so nice to read some good news. The anniversary of my dad's death from cancer is tomorrow, so this made me tear up in a good way I've been returning to the office three days a week. I don't wear a mask in my office, but I do when I'm anywhere else in the office. A few coworkers and I have been talking that the people in their 40's, 50's and 60's have returned but the 20's and 30's haven't. My 30-something year old closest coworker (we do the same job for the same person) hasn't returned even though everyone was supposed to return 3 days a week last week. She loves working from home and doesn't think she should ever return. But she doesn't think about all the work other people have to do to send her work so she can work from home. I can say I'm over trying to keep her happy. I am ready to a get to a new normal but it terrifies me. I haven't eaten out since March. I cut my hair myself and did my own toes for sandal season. I'm just not ready to put my health on the line for a "normal" life.
  8. I had a trip planned to the west coast with Colette tours last month. Yeah, fingers crossed the world will figure out the new normal so that I can go next year. I've done single trips (and I HATE having to pay that single supplement) but I enjoy them because I hate driving myself if I don't know where I'm going and I want to be able to look out of the window and see things. It's nice to have someone else drive and figure out the Itinerary
  9. I never minded Shane & Kayla either, but more because Kayla was trying to figure out life without Steve. I enjoyed the fact that the Bradys didn't know how to handle Shane and Kayla when Kim always had everyone doing what she wanted. She expected Kayla to step aside so she could get Shane back and I liked Kayla standing up to her and staying in the relationship with Shane. I never wanted them to be "forever soulmates" but it was nice seeing Kayla learning life without Steve standing by her side. (ducking all the tomatoes from the Shayla haters). Closer to topic: Maybe that's why I don't mind Justin and Kayla. No, they aren't "forever soulmates" but at least Kayla FINALLY moved on from Steve. Every other character has moved on after a divorce or death (other than Alice), but it always seem like everyone expects Kayla to sit around waiting for Steve to return. I'm glad to see she moved on. Having said that, I do want Steve and Kayla to get back together.
  10. Is there a coupon or some sort of discount you can get from the pharmaceutical company? I have had some eye problems since 2012 and the first doctor I saw told me insurance companies will not pay much of anything on various eye drops and that is the one prescription there is enough difference in generic and name brand and my doctors recommend name brand (I have had a corneal transplant). I think some of the workers at my pharmacy remember my breakdown before one of the surgeries. I had to get one prescription for three drops and it was $150. I did apologize because I knew it wasn't their fault, they were just in the line of fire. Yeah, a few months later I had to get another prescription and the woman told me the cost and then she said, "is that okay?" I guess she was the one that was on the receiving end of my breakdown. Yeah, it was okay and I was more prepared for the cost. After reading this, I'm just thankful it wasn't $4700.
  11. @PikaScrewChu, it doesn't matter what is going in on the world, something like this is going to hurt. I was on match and my subscription expired in March about the time all of this started. I didn't even want to renew it. Between the world situation and being in the south, most of the guys were 180 degree turn from me politically (a coworker said you live in the south, what do you expect?), I decided to not renew. I have figured out during this time, I'm OK being alone. Would I like to find someone? Yes, but I'm not desperate. The same coworker's daughter moved to a state 2/3 across the country to follow a guy she had just met. They didn't stay together. She has a new guy every month. Then she met someone around Labor Day and got engaged in a couple of weeks. This guy lives in another state, so I'm not sure if their relationship is still going on since all of this because his employer wouldn't let him use their business account to fly back and forth to see her.
  12. It looks like my church will be reopening in a couple of weeks, but I don't think I'm ready to return yet. They haven't been doing any sort of live-streaming, just sending out a YouTube video once a week. I return to my office tomorrow, so I prefer to get back to that first and then think about returning to church if I don't get sick from work. The majority of my church is over 65 and I don't want to put anyone at risk.
  13. My office is starting to reopen.I return next week - work 3 days in the office and 2 days at home. I agree with everyone above mentioning allergies. I have allergies: I cough, I sneeze, I wheeze, I feel bad, but it's all my allergies. My employer said if you don't feel good, don't come into work. I know the difference in I'm sick versus my allergies are acting up. If I didn't work when they are acting up, I would miss half a year. I just dread if any of my coworkers hearing me sneezing or coughing (also a problem after drinking or eating). I talked to a coworker last night and she has been acting like this is just an inconvenience. When I told her about how careful I'm trying to be, she made a comment along the lines of "you've been real careful" in her sarcastic voice. Yeah, because I'm still worried, I have put my life on hold. I'm jealous of those who are going about like nothing has changed.
  14. What's sad with these daddy/daughter "dates" is that the daughters will never be allowed to be on a date with a guy without the family supervising. They get more one-on-one time with their dad on these dates than they will ever get with another man until they are married.
  15. It's interesting reading what everyone has to say about chemistry. I remember watching this live as a pre-teen, I enjoyed the Laura/Almanzo relationship. Now, as a grown up, I cringe when I watch it. What was I thinking?? I liked the Nellie / Percival relationship and knowing now what was going on behind the scenes makes me enjoy it even more. AA and ST had enough of a sense of humor to be able to pull off their friendship and make it seem like a comfortable relationship.
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