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  1. She needs to get that toe ring off at least until the swelling goes down. A few years ago I "SEVERELY" sprained my ankle - to the point both the ER doctor and the x-ray tech told me it looked like I "blew that ankle out." Luckily it was my left foot because I had to drive myself to the hospital. Walk into the hospital and then a couple of days letter I had to drive myself to the doctor (normally I wouldn't have done any of that but I wasn't sure if I hadn't broken it). No HUNK to drive me around. And then I had to return to work. But I'm sure that Jill is sitting around on the couch
  2. Top 3: Jenni, Jordan, Jackson Bottom 3: Josh, JB, Michelle Top 2 in-laws: Abbie, Lauren Bottom 2 in-laws: Jeremy, Anna (I wanted to say Derrick, but Izzy is going to public school so that puts him slightly above Anna)
  3. Once upon a time I had sympathy for Anna, but with this last scandal I have lost any sympathy I had for her. Seeing her smug face makes me wish they had worn masks, at least then we wouldn't see their faces. I hope that this is just a bad screenshot and she did look worried, but somehow I think the smug look on her face stayed there.
  4. I hope I'm misremembering but didn't one of Chad's daughters mention the "evidence" buried in the backyard. Don't you mean Tylee and JJ?? Also when she was talking about how if Chad had done it he would have buried them deeper because he used to dig graves. That whole family is messed up.
  5. Count me in on feeling sorry for Derick. Maybe he (and Jill) will realize he needs quiet to study.
  6. I think this time he will pretend to be the dutiful father who is oh so concerned about Anna and M7. He might think this would look good to the attorneys and the judge.
  7. I ended up in the ER once for food poisoning. But I take medicine to slow my heart down and between being so physically sick and not able to keep my medicine down, my heart was beating too fast. I went to the ER and they gave me fluids and Zofran and I was finally able to keep my medicine down. But I had had food poisoning before and since, but that was the only time I ended up in the ER. Maybe since Alyssa has had heart problems, if Josie's heart was beating erratically, maybe they thought it would be best to get checked to make sure it wasn't something more serious. It feels wei
  8. Unfortunately there are parts of Tennessee that would welcome you Jill, but there are parts of the state that will think you are BSC. Why don't you go ahead and sell your earthly possessions Jill? I won't even say sell 100%, but you could sell 75% and still have a lot more than your kids will ever have as long as they are living under your roof. Sell your possessions and use the money to feed and clothe your kids, Jill.
  9. "On the Beach" when it first aired it sad. I was going to miss Anthony Edwards, and it was nice seeing some of the original cast at the funeral. I did cry during "Over the Rainbow." Since that originally episode aired my dad died from glioblastoma and now I cannot watch that episode without crying through the whole episode. The first time around, I didn't really like Rachel, but on rewatching it, she didn't bother me as much because I remember the feelings I was going through when my dad was dying. Unfortunately no trip to Hawaii for us. He was in one state and I was in another so I did a
  10. I went to the Shakers Place in KY years ago and I admit I enjoyed it, but I wasn't an 18-year-old boy celebrating my birthday. Poor Philip. Also her calling the Shakers a cult. The Rods were grifting for money at that church in KY. I don't think that is very Christ like either.
  11. Probably by the end of the week she will realize she is a sinner and needs to accept Jesus into her life 🙄
  12. I don't mind Fern, but I like more old fashioned names anyway. I know Fern Ellliana doesn't seem to flow well, but personally I think it flows better than Evangeline Jo. Ben and Jessa, you have two girls and two boys. I hope one of the reasons Jessa had a hospital birth was so she could get a tubal ligation. Yeah, I know she didn't, but I can dream, can't I?
  13. I know I need to lose weight but what bothers me about David is reading about Tim and Phillip "fasting" for whatever reason, and being praised by Jill when they do that. All of the kids look so skinny (not naturally thin) and unhealthy. I was born with a heart condition and was thin when I was a kid, but I looked healthier than these kids do.
  14. My mom used to buy mugs from different places when we would go on vacation. But they didn't match --- looking like she went online to buy them (I know not all of their mugs match but a lot of them do). Also when she moved she got rid of them. I cannot imagine moving that many mugs from Laredo to LA, but I guess they figure they are going to be living there a long time.
  15. OK, I found this: Then I looked again and found a Dr. Lieberman in LA (hip and knee orthopedic surgeon) but from the video I saw, they are not the same guy. Guess what Jerm, I searched because I was curious, but I feel like I just wasted five minutes of my life that I will never get back.
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