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  1. I've lost about 4 pounds over the last month (I last weighed before all of this ramped up). I need to lose the weight so I'm not complaining, but I have figured out I'm probably not eating as much because for the most part I'm not leaving my house, so I'm not burning off as many calories. I have started taking my trash out every day. Our compacter is about a block away from my house and if I walk in the big circle it gives me about a 2.5 block walk. I haven't seen any of my neighbors up close and personal, so I feel OK doing this. Not like the walking I was doing when I went into work every day, but better than nothing.
  2. Our time off has always been called PTO. Period. The end. Now all the sudden it's PTO/sick leave. I guess people have been asking about sick time. The first five years of employment we only get 16 days a year - 10.33 (or is it 10.67) hours a month. This week is April so even if you haven't taken any time off that's only a little over one week so far this year. If you get this, you won't get paid for the entire time off, could possibly lose your job because you have taken all your time off, or have to go without any pay. We are expected to work from home, but they don't want us to go in to get our work - it is a very paper intensive job. I was supposed to go on vacation in May and right now I feel like I'm still going to take the time off even if it means sitting around home and staring at the walls. I will need the mental health days off.
  3. My mom and I live 10 minutes from each other. I saw her last Saturday after I picked up a few groceries for her. I texted her that I was heading to her place. She met me at the front door and took the bag from me. We didn't touch each other - just the bag. I want to keep her safe and healthy and I'm not willing to take the chance right now. She did tell me today if I get sick she is coming to my place to take care of me. She might want to, but I won't let her. Her oldest brother lives in another state and one of his daughters doesn't work and the other works for the school system and in her position she's not working right now. They are both seeing their dad regularly and taking him out to places, acting like they are on vacation. I just want to scream every time I see my cousin post pictures on Facebook. It sounded like my mom and uncle's youngest sister (who lives in the area as my uncle) might have had coronavirus, but her niece called the fire department to check on her and the guy told my aunt she doesn't have coronavirus but she has the flu. I asked my mom did they do any testing for either one and of course they didn't. But my aunt is still planning on having their weekly dinner with her brother and his family because she feels OK. Right now I think people need to use some common sense. Yes, you might want to spend time with your family but it's better to wait until things are clear and then spend time together.
  4. Georgia still isn't shutting down. I went into work early this morning to get additional work since I have to keep on working (I think even if GA shut down, the higher ups in my office would say we are essential even though I don't think a law firm would be essential). I was there for 2.5 hours but was gone by 8:00 AM so I didn't see another person other than someone walking into the building as I was walking out. My allergies and anxiety have kicked in. I have a headache and was coughing but then I remembered the thick layer of pollen on my car so I know that is what it is. I also feel like I'm turning into a hypochondriac. Chest pain: is it my heart, is it coronavirus. No, it's just anxiety.
  5. I recorded it last night and sat down to watch it this morning and more about Coronavirus. Yes, we need to know what's going on, but we also need to have moments away from it. I'm trying to limit my news and was looking forward to this. I wonder when they will air the episode.
  6. I love the dress Jessica ended up getting, but her MIL drove me crazy with her judgmental attitude. I realize it was for all conservative taste drama, but give it a break. It's not your dress, you aren't paying for it, so Jessica can pick the dress SHE wants. How was it she described that last dress: boobalicous or some phrase like that. It made me laugh because I'm sure none of the Duggars (other than Josh) would ever think of a phrase like that. I think it was at least edited to keep Jessa more quiet (I'm sure at the actual appointment she was a lot more vocal). Then at the wedding Jessa did have to mention she was -- what 3 weeks away from giving birth, but was still going to be in the wedding party. I just looked it up, the wedding was May 18 and Ivy was born on May 26.
  7. My dad died from the same form of cancer in 2011. He was not hooked up to any machines before he died. They were just trying to keep him "comfortable." I had not connected my dad dying with the coronavirus situation at all, but mourning Meggie tries to pull her dad into anything that is going on.
  8. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. My anxiety has been through the roof lately and this helps.
  9. I worked from home yesterday and realized I'm not really set up to work from home. I don't have a desk so I was using my dining room table which is too high to work on. I went in today and those of us who did were told we are not to come into work again. OK, I get it, but I wasn't visiting people, I was working. I brought home some work, but I don't think it's enough to last me through Friday. There is no reason for my employer not to close for the week if they are so afraid of anyone coming into work. Normally we get 1-3 snow days a year and we haven't had any in the past two years. So pretend it's snowing and give us a few days off. I started having a panic attack earlier thinking about all of this so I thought I would clean out the box I brought home from work and ended up slicing my finger on some records. At least getting angry stopped my panic attack. I don't think I can handle two or more weeks of this.
  10. That sounds like my employer. We have four different teams. After telling everyone they are supposed to work from home, they decided the system can't handle it. So now each team can access everything one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. But we're still expected to work 8 hours a day. I'm going to go in on Tuesday because I think risking being around people will be less stressful than trying to deal with their slow system.
  11. The past two weeks I have not been able to find TP I have enough for about three weeks, but I'm supposed to work from home this coming week, so I know the TP won't last that long. My employer has told us we aren't supposed to come into work, we're supposed to work from home this next week, but my job is very paper intensive. I copied and scanned some things on Friday, enough to work on on Monday and Tuesday, but I will have to go back in Wednesday to replenish my work (and maybe steal some TP too LOL). My employer has never really considered people might have to work from home before now and their list of "must haves" at home means other people are coming into work because their computers don't have the capability for working from home. I may end up going into work on Tuesday if my computer can't handle their old system. My tiny church is not canceling services (gotta make sure they can pass the collection basket) but I'm not going because 80% of the church is 75 years old or older. If I have this and don't realize it, I don't want to risk giving it to one of the elderly parishioners.
  12. I think I need to go to Waffle House for dinner tonight. 😀
  13. I was talking to a coworker today and she was telling me this is all blown out of proportion due to social media. "The swine flu killed a lot more people than this has." Hmmm, we are only weeks into this pandemic. Also though she believes everything Fox News tells her so no matter what I say she knows more. Her son is supposed to travel out of state next month for a convention. His company has put a stop on all out of state travel, but she told him she would pay for him to go so that he can find a new job (since this is a networking event). I'm more worried that I might get it and not realize it and give it to my elderly relative. And here she is acting like all is normal.
  14. @Scarlett45, Hope Charlie feels better soon. Healing vibes.
  15. As much as I would like to snark on the Duggars helping, I can't, at least not at this time. Cookeville is about an hour and half or two hours from where the Bates family live, so I want to think they are trying to help. More people died in Cookeville/Putnam County than in the Nashville area. I just hope we don't hear anything like we did after the Bahamas hurricane.
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