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  1. Speaking of obnoxious kids ... https://www.ispot.tv/ad/Iqrd/frito-lay-classic-mix-soccer-mom
  2. Jeannette Rankin also voted against World War I. After that vote, she ran for the Senate, but lost in the Republican primary. She didn't serve again until 1940, just in time to vote against World War II, She didn't run for re-election.
  3. My high school took us to San Francisco to see "Tartuffe" in 1967, where Rene Auberjonois and Michael Learned were starring at the American Conservatory Theater. It was my first live production. I was entranced.
  4. Deep Fake. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in The Room.
  5. That 49er game was giving me high blood pressure. The vaunted 49er defense just fell apart. And their O line was crap.
  6. Knives Out cameraman Steve Yedlin explains how their lighting people were able to avoid light reflections on the eyeglasses on the actors.
  7. A Million Little Pieces looks interesting. Funny thing, though I hadn't heard the movie and didn't recognize Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Charlie Hunnam, but as soon as I heard them speak, my first thought was, "These actors are English." Billy Bob is going to kill this movie, though. It looks like it's going to be all him. But the trailer called the book controversial. It was, but not because of the subject matter, but because the author tried to claim it was a memoir, when it turned out to be fiction. The publisher even offered people their money back.
  8. Free Guy. Ryan Reynolds is an NPC in a video game who becomes aware.
  9. Ryan Reynolds got the actress who plays the wife in the Peloton ad to do a new ad for his Aviation Gin ad, playing off the Peloton ad.
  10. Lindsey Godfrey and Greg Vaughn will be leaving Salem, no indication for how long. https://www.soapcentral.com/days/news/2019/1206-greg_vaughan_linsey_godfrey_out.php
  11. They can't even bother to throw up establishing shots of Rome. I see they've brought the new DiMera Enterprises logo from the digital show. Eli goes to sit an a nondescript cafe instead of immediately checking in to his hotel? Kristen retreated into a dark place? Wasn't she already in a dark place? Heh. Eric's line got cut off by Kayla slamming the door. Do Italian hotel room doors not lock? Nice Friday ending.
  12. Come on, guys, you don't understand that the woman cooking the duck is dating a guy named Dad?
  13. Nicole, please don't beg, it's not a good look on anybody. I wish there would be a scene between Brady and Nicole where she tells him how squicky it is that he slept with Kristen when he thought it was her. Sarah is worse than Nicole? Because she dumped Rex? Shall we talk about him cheating on her and having a baby with one of the other women?
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