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  1. Wasn't there an episode where Philip got attacked in a winter snow scene by a couple of bullies and pushed down into the snow on a Friday, and stood up on a Monday as a totally different actor?
  2. What was the timing of their move? I had thought it happened (to LA) weeks ago.
  3. They also had the French Open tennis tournament hiatus.
  4. Between Trump speeches, Gavin Newsom speeches, and mayor of Sacramento speeches, we never get Show any more.
  5. I was wondering if she didn't want setup people to be in her house.
  6. Why is Abby so upset about Kristen going into the catacombs? She doesn't know what's down there. It's funny how Roman seems to have no concerns that the mother of two of his children is missing. But then, Eric doesn't care, either, and Sami doesn't seem worried. Speaking of Sami, why didn't Stefano arrange to have EJ at his family meeting? Poor Hattie.
  7. A dog in a wheelchair has been named the winner of the Cadbury Bunny contest. https://www.petage.com/wheelchair-dog-wins-cadbury-easter-bunny-contest/
  8. Unless the Commonwealth nations vote otherwise, there is no question that the next monarch will be Charles.
  9. What ever happened to that English actress that was coming that people were speculating was going to be Greta?
  10. There were spoiler shots released for today's episode of WilSon at Adrienne's grave, but they never aired. Shows you how much value they have to the show.
  11. So it really is Hope. Nononononono, Nicole got herself a Karen haircut. Why does idiot Eric never question Nicole when she's acting shady? I wonder if Ciara is going to wonder if she can compete with Will in the bed. Funny how Xander is always able to find a corrupt hospital worker.
  12. Does that include season 10? Britbox is airing those right now, though there are only four episodes.
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