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  1. Oh, God, please no more Stefano microchip. Were those flashbacks, or new scenes spliced in?
  2. Reminds me of when Joey had a relationship with Dorian on OLTL and Viki's head exploded.
  3. Daniel Kaluuya is working on a live action Barney movie. That sounds horrifying.
  4. New poster for Mank, David Fincher film written by his father Jack, about Herman Mankiewicz and the filming of Citizen Kane, and his battles with Orson Welles.
  5. Abigail reading Chad for filth, as much as I dislike Abigail, is everything.
  6. She's divorced from EJ, is she getting alimony from DiMera? And isn't she running the Titan fashion line?
  7. Is Sarah moonlighting at an Asian massage parlor? Or a Chinese restaurant? So nobody bothered to tell Roman his granddaughter had been raped, huh? If I were Marlena, I would be rather worried that John might hit me.
  8. Saban's running around on the sidelines without a mask, yelling into the official's faces.
  9. Jason47 is reporting that Nadia is filming and will be back on air in December.
  10. King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima hurry home after being called out for going on vacation to Greece while the Netherlands is under partial lockdown.
  11. I wonder where Claire was going and coming from if it's so late that the pub is closed. Apparently John can just walk out of the hospital and then back in at whatever time of the night it is. There was a weird edit in the Steve and John tussle when John broke away from Steve twice. Did Charlie ever get dinner?
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