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  1. In the upcoming series "Chad", executive producer Nasim Pedrad (who is a 39 year old woman) plays a 14 year old boy.
  2. "Company" has announced it will be opening on Broadway, but no date yet. Starring Katrina Lenk as "Bobbie". https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Watch-COMPANY-Confirms-Broadway-Return-with-New-Promo-Video-20210322
  3. Uh, Xander, Sarah wasn't naked. Show is missing not having Maggie right now.
  4. Don't forget GH/Port Charles having vampires and angels and aliens.
  5. Loyola has an unfair advantage, they have God on their side.
  6. Days won the Writers Guild Award for best writing for a soap. I almost put this in the Bitterness thread.
  7. Reza Aslan's an executive producer. The lead actor isn't even Afghan or Muslim.
  8. One would think that the hospital would be wondering where one of their doctors got off to.
  9. In the comics, Joaquin Torres gets merged into Redwing and becomes the new Falcon. If they go that route, then Sam would pretty much have to become Captain America down the line.
  10. If the US military can't be seen to be operating in Tunisian air space, what's that big USAF plane doing flying in Tunisian air space/ Those wing things, operating in and out of helicopters were cool af. Rhodey! Sam isn't right about the boat and house. I think he's probably feeling guilty about being gone for five years (and is that when his parents died?), but he has to understand his sister's point of view. I hope Sergeant Torres sticks around, I like him. I'm suspect of US Agent.
  11. Next week's extended preview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJVML_pAgCc&t=38s&ab_channel=DaysofOurLivesPromo
  12. I thought Meggy's hair today looked like a German maiden during the 30s.
  13. Kristen needs to move to Hollywood and become an actress. Rex should really be questioning whether he should be having sex with a woman clearly going through a crisis. Can Kristen sound like Susan while wearing the mask that changes her voice to Sarah's?
  14. He's always got baseball to fall back on.
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