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  1. I missed the first few minutes, but what I saw: Justin was at Adrienne's grave and told her he wanted to marry Kayla,so he asked her to give him a sign that she approved. Just then, Sonny showed up. So they talked for a while, and Sonny approved of the proposal. Justin went to see Kayla at the hospital, and proposed. Will, Marlena and John were at the pub with Nicole and Eric, and everybody was afraid to call Sami to tell her Eric was going to marry Nicole, so she took the bullet and called her. We didn't hear Sami's end of the conversation, of course, but Nicole said she was very nice and congratulated her. Then Sami immediately texted Eric, saying "How could you propose to that bitch?" Xander yelled at Brady about letting Kristin disappear with the baby, and then taunted him about claiming to love Kristin but he's already in bed with Sarah. Sarah said that Brady is a much nicer guy than Xander, and besides, he's good in bed. After the discussion about Eric and Nicole getting married, they all had a discussion about needing to grab the moment, so Will went back to the mansion and Sonny showed up, and they agreed that now is the time to have a baby. I'm sure there was something more, but I missed it. Twins have different fingerprints, so clones probably would, too, except in Salem.
  2. Xander is sort of responsible for Haley's death, too. Sarah throwing out, "Oh, and he's good in bed" made me laugh a lot. If Kayla was always the love of Steve's life, what does that say about his first wife, Marina? Sami being Sami.
  3. John and Marlena are beloved Salem residents? I literally laughed out loud when Ciara came bursting in. Kate just strolls in to Hope's house. LOL. Aren't pregnancy tests supposed to be done first thing in the morning? "When you told me that we were getting married"? That's a strange way of putting it. Er. Uh. Is Justin a prosecutor?
  4. What is Ciara wearing? Oh, go away, Jack. Thomas is so cute. Are we supposed to be teary that Abigail is leaving?
  5. AIDS activist Larry Kramer has died at 84. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/27/us/larry-kramer-dead.html?
  6. Yeah, but Nicole and Abe have a close relationship (he's like a father figure to her since her real father was so Evuhl), so she sort of has business there.
  7. Taser phone, huh? The things they think of. What's that counting down?
  8. There's a channel on Youtube that has put up a playlist of WilSon's greatest hits. If you want to see them before they get copyright struck, take a look. The playlist is in opposite order, the newest one first, so if you want to watch them in order, you have to go to the bottom and work your way up.
  9. it was cute how the little boy playing David had to look down at the floor to find his mark.
  10. Nooooooooooooo! Although, on second thought, that would be a great time for Adrienne to come back.
  11. Four weddings in the month of July. Ben and Ciara, Lani and Eli, Eric and Nicole. Who's the fourth? Steve and Kayla? And whose funeral?
  12. If Rolf is telling the truth (which is doubtful), I wonder if Vivian is the one who brought Jake back from the dead.
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