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  1. Uhoh. Nicole said the "kill" word. Is Charlie going to be murdered? "You know Tripp, that guy who almost killed you? He could never hurt a woman." Whose kid's clothes was Chloe folding? And why did she have them in Brady's hotel room?
  2. Lani killed Madame's son, Stefan, when he jumped in front of the bullet meant for Madame.
  3. Madame Defarge was known for her knitting while watching the guillotine action
  4. "Everybody needs a hobby." I'm enjoying Abbie and Chad's tsouris. They both deserve it.
  5. Post Malone has donated 10,000 pairs of Crocs to frontline health workers. https://www.tmz.com/2021/01/13/post-malone-gifts-new-custom-crocs-hospital-workers/
  6. There will be flashback scenes of the rape. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2021/01/13/mike-manning-says-days-of-our-lives-will-air-charlie-allie-rape-flashback
  7. Plus she has to fill in for Sarah who never does her job.
  8. Claire's jacket is very pretty. I wonder if this is going to damage Claire and Allie's relationship.
  9. "So, Dad, how did you and Mom meet?" "Well, my sweet loving wife accused me of rape ..."
  10. I was musing on the fact that Philip is Brady's uncle.
  11. Who was Allie talking about when she said her grandpa thinks it's a possibility that Tripp didn't rape her? Roman thinks Tripp did it. Bill Horton is dead. John? Speaking of which, I hope we see Roman and Lucas apologize to Tripp. Why is Nicole dressed like she's going to a fancy dress ball?
  12. I thought Mimi and Rex were together? When did Bonnie become so Southern?
  13. So they have a house even though they live in Hong Kong?
  14. I knew Valerie was going to be upset with the baby's name. I actually love how Ben calls Charlie "Chuck". Does Claire have a job? How does she pay for that house? All of this crap about not telling Claire anything is ridiculous. Shut up, Lani! Wasn't Julia Grant Ulysses S. Grant's wife?
  15. The latest wild rumor, which nobody really believes, is that Kim and Kanye are divorcing because Kanye is having an affair with Jeffree Star.
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