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  1. Phebemarie

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    I could accept that ending. From your keyboard, to the writer's, please.
  2. Phebemarie

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I felt bad that the woman on the end didn't make it through to the final. Would it have been too much to ask to give her a shot at that final clue before ringing in?
  3. Phebemarie

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    If that's the case, they can have a 'choose your own ending' that would satisfy both the Michael and Rafael fans...hmm.....
  4. I keep getting logged out. Has anyone else mentioned similar concerns or is it my personal computer creating annoying log-outs?
  5. Phebemarie

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    If there's no twist, I'm disappointed. Was it really necessary to bring Michael back just to prove Rafael and Jane are the real deal? What about that lovely line that Michael would love Jane until his dying breath?
  6. Phebemarie

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Unpopular opinion: I don't enjoy watching a champion absolutely demolish the other people on stage for days on end. I didn't enjoy Ken Jennings' run for the same reason. So, yes, I'm hoping James wins a lot of money in a short period of time and moves on so someone else can have a chance. I like a little variety in my Jeopardy.
  7. Phebemarie

    S05.E01: Chapter Eighty-Two

    I'm waiting to watch for a few episodes. I still expect an upcoming reveal that shows Rose actually manipulated the DNA results. Anyone who's watched Days of Our Lives off and on since infancy can tell you villains always get their hands on the results before the good guys do.
  8. If I was Claire's friends and family, I would be gently guiding her to a visit with Grandma Marlena. She's gone from self-centered whiny to eye-popping manic in less time than it takes to exchange something on Amazon.
  9. Phebemarie

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    I respectfully disagree: Luna's unique style was never an affectation to gain attention.
  10. Phebemarie

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    I like that we finally saw a glimmer of a heart in Joey. He was distressed when his cockroach was injured, and it didn't seem like he was sad because he'd lost a potential source of income.
  11. Observations on the show's chances for a second season via TVLine. https://tvline.com/2019/03/12/the-kids-are-alright-season-2-renewed-cancelled/
  12. Phebemarie

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    I think it was really William singing. Frank and William had a cute duet when they were taking care of the neighbor's yard. I was impressed by both their voices during that episode.
  13. Phebemarie

    What is...In the Media?

    Alex resumed taping today. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/12/media/alex-trebek-jeopardy/index.html
  14. I noticed "Kids" wasn't listed on the ABC schedule tonight. It looks like "The Bachelor" is bumping "Kids" to hiatus for awhile. Must be time to cross our fingers for renewal.
  15. Phebemarie

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    AnnaRose, I thought I heard the same thing. I think they were close to having a really clever episode that gave us fun little peeks of pre-show Cleary life. We got to see how Eddie and Wendi became a couple, how Pat got his glasses, and the passive-aggressive way Mike and Peggy fight. Laurence in his earliest incarnation was obedient rather than rebellious. The longer his hair, the more rebellious his attitude. Who knew Peggy was a candle-making genius with Nixon as a muse? I just think they tried too hard to change up the format. I felt the prolonged focus on Lynne brought down the light-heartedness of the episode. I really felt sorry for Eddie.