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  1. I have a theory about why this game was not a runaway which is probably 100% wrong. When Mayim was introduced, there was a cut to Matt whose expression could be described as 'star struck'. He was also a bit more ingratiating during his contestant interview. I think he may have been a bit distracted. Maybe he's a fan. Of course, the conflict backstage and all the media attention may have also had a bit to do with Matt's game play tonight. 🙂
  2. Too bad they didn't start the show with the group therapy sketch and leave the other sketches on the cut for time floor.
  3. Ted staves off a panic attack in this episode with a call to Dr. Sharon Fieldstone. I thought Ted only had one other incident but now I'm not so sure. I re-watched the pilot last night and wondered if Ted's response to the overwhelming reporters at his first press conference was a precursor to his panic attacks. The music/sound effects just before his spit take enhance that sense of impending dread that happens with panic attacks. Since we don't have a general topic anymore because we've been promoted, I'm not quite sure where to put this. I don't want to accidentally spoil anyone
  4. Thank you Shapeshifter for finding the correct article. I remember Mayim was on an episode of "What Not to Wear" years ago, and her 'makeover' was challenging because she had strict ideas about what she would/could wear.
  5. I found the article on Mayim interesting because her choices were deliberate. She wanted to match the visual "tone" of Alex's wardrobe. I think she succeeded.
  6. I read this article about Mayim's fashion choices at the beginning of her run as guest host. https://www.thelist.com/248835/the-stunning-transformation-of-mayim-bialik/
  7. Be a Goldfish has to be included, too. (Maybe favorite moments...you know...the things we forget when we see the next favorite moment...)
  8. Phebemarie

    Tennis Thread

    It's sort of a delicious, Shakespearean irony that Djokovic finally got the love he craved from the fans but lost the most coveted crown in tennis.
  9. As a recently retired teacher, I appreciated that Phoebe's teacher was sympathetic and kind rather than judgmental and shrill.
  10. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/Om4Q/dish-network-tv-you-can-depend-on I love the dog's expressive face.
  11. Arthur Chu has an interesting opinion piece in the Washington Post. I’d link it, but It’s behind a pay wall. He writes a bit about being a Jeopardy villain and ends with a quote from a little boy who approached him during his run. “Why can’t you do something else and leave Jeopardy alone?” Chu would like Sony to do the same.
  12. I wonder if some potential candidates (Ken, in particular) are so busy with their own projects that a permanent job on Jeopardy is not a possibility for them. I did like Mayim on her first shows. She did get more and more giggly as her weeks progressed. Buzzy was also a viable candidate. As much as I wanted LeVar Burton to succeed, he seemed really awkward as guest host, but he would probably win an American Idol style vote in a landslide.
  13. Wasn't there a throwaway line in one of the early episodes about all the "teens" in Riverdale actually being actors in their 30s? I spent the first season wondering if that was some sort of meta line explaining why the actor cast as Paxton is obviously not in his teens anymore. He's a handsome man, but he doesn't look like a teenager.
  14. I get a feeling the producers are trying to make the outcome (winning couple) less obvious this season to build the audience. They may be encouraging Cash to start some friction due to her on-line popularity. The Olympics are supposedly going to start this Friday (unless Covid shuts everything down), so it may be CBS's last big push for ratings.
  15. The Oregonian's article about the finale. https://www.oregonlive.com/entertainment/2021/07/top-chef-portland-names-a-winner-but-controversy-casts-a-shadow-over-a-feel-good-season-recap.html
  16. Here's another feature story from The Oregonian. https://www.oregonlive.com/entertainment/2021/06/with-top-chef-portlands-finale-nearing-locals-wonder-can-the-show-help-repair-the-citys-image.html As an Oregonian, the only disappointment I have is that Top Chef didn't go a little farther south. Bandon is a beautiful area (and I'm certain the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort would have been thrilled to have a visit from the production).
  17. I think it would be interesting for Maggie and Howie to bump into each other and reminisce about Mitch a little...maybe over a few nice dinners at Maximo's.
  18. I'm beginning to wonder if The Oregonian is signaling who is eliminated each week. At least this week and last, their feature story has focused on the chef who gets eliminated. A nice feature story about Sara was in Wednesday's edition. https://www.oregonlive.com/tv/2021/05/top-chef-portlands-sara-hauman-on-self-confidence-yogurt-and-the-importance-of-little-fish.html I thought the set-up for chef's table wasn't really great for the introverts on the Penny team.
  19. https://www.oregonlive.com/tv/2021/05/top-chef-portlands-sara-hauman-on-self-confidence-yogurt-and-the-importance-of-little-fish.html
  20. Why not set up TAR USA with visits to national parks?
  21. There was also a feature story about Gabriel in yesterday's Oregonlive (The Oregonian newspaper on-line edition). It could be timely if Gabriel was indeed eliminated. https://www.oregonlive.com/entertainment/2021/05/top-chef-portland-contestant-gabriel-pascuzzi-says-the-show-will-help-boost-the-citys-image.html
  22. https://www.oregonlive.com/entertainment/2021/05/top-chef-portland-contestant-gabriel-pascuzzi-says-the-show-will-help-boost-the-citys-image.html Feature story about this season's "villain", Gabriel.
  23. Feature story from The Oregonian about Thursday's episode. https://www.oregonlive.com/entertainment/2021/05/what-was-it-like-at-the-top-chef-portland-drive-in-rain-a-scary-corndog-a-fogged-up-windshield-and-more.html
  24. Maybe something happens to Max's dad, and he has to go to NY to help his family.
  25. I was wondering why no one was commenting on that beautiful dog. Tom mentioned that he and his dog stayed in a Airbnb. By the way, Oregonlive often has day after feature stories about Top Chef Portland. (That's where I think I may have read about Tom's dog.) https://www.oregonlive.com/
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