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  1. Watching season 1 now (new watcher) and the story is kind of poorly written with lots of plot holes and unrealistic stuff. But in the times of Covid I have exhausted my nextflix selections. Need a new show to watch and this has many seasons to watch so should last me a while. I also am not a fan of Jenny. Rolled my eyes when she was sitting on bench opening box that Joe left her in his will. She had a stinkface look. Not a sad or 'remembering' look. BUt like she just smelled a sewer. Biggest complaint is how they get from intro to storyline to completion. They seem to jump without much bridging. LIke the Joe story. Jenny goes for 1st time and seems skeaved at the conditions of the place. SHe comes back later for a drink and see the bugs which sends her running for the hills. She complains at the dinner table and the nun dresses her down. Then she goes back and next thing you know she is like a surrogate daughter and crying and hand holding at his bedside. There is no showing the development of that relationship. Aside from a quick scene where she and her fella take him to that military banquet. Just not enough to make her extreme sadness at his loss believable. ALso confused at the eclampsia death patient. WHy the need to cut her wedding ring off when she was dying? And how they seemed to have that linked to the husband accepting that she was dying. Like cutting the ring was symbolic of his accepting she would die. But doesn't make sense. ANd then she puts the ring in his hand when he visits his wife's dead body. Don't get the meaning behind that.
  2. So Delores. on her FB, checked into a resort on Feb 29 and MArch 3...same one in St John's. Was that night before and night after charter? If so, the charter was 2 nights. So looks like they get to stay?
  3. So...Gunhilde swimming and swimming for all that time. I expected her to see ghost Bjorn like Legartha saw Ragnar but she didn't. Instead we saw a long drawn out swim that looked lonely and sad. Was that intentional to say that Gunhilde was not important to Bjorn? She wasn't his person? We saw a final shot if her sinking and her hand under water that I expected go see Bjorn's hand grab but that didn't happen. So I take this whole scene to say she was not Bjorn's love of his life. And she would not be with him in Valhalla. What was the purpose of Katia pretending to be Ivar's dead wife? I thought she was doing it to trap him for Oleg. But she wasn't. SHe was all in on the plan to get Igor out and take down the crazy Oleg.
  4. Man, this show is bad. Not realistic AT.ALL. ANd plot holes galore. Seems like some old guys just wanted to relive their youth. I
  5. Izzy is the tall girl who moved to outside deckhand from being a stew. SHe's the one trash talking Francesca all the time.
  6. These are my thoughts exactly.
  7. And Elizabeth is brainless too. New guy is awkward (Rob). Best of the show is new blonde stew (Ashling). And I don't think Francesca is that bad...her and Rob and Eddie are most tolerable after Ashling.
  8. Remember Chef Leon (beef cheeks)? Just watched a show on ID called Crimes Gone Viral (season 1 episode 13) and I swear it is him in the final crime clip, who saved someone from being robbed at ATM.
  9. Lamima

    S04.E10: War

    Yes. This clarifies it exactly. And I think I would prefer to marry into the Thatcher family rather than that Royal family. 100 times over.
  10. Lamima

    S04.E10: War

    Vile. That is the best descriptive of Prince Charles. Another thing that didn't seem to add up was when the Thatchers went to holiday with the royal family. Thatchers left because they just didn't gel and she said to her husband that they were not classy and civilized or some such. Thatcher was stuffy and didn't bring outdoor shoes ad had zero interest in hunting. She wanted to work. Yet she didn't know any of the rules of the upper class and royal family so she just kept irritating the royals. ANd they showed the royals all loosened up and having fun together (sitting around in outdoor clothes joking about the hunt and then playing games after dinner). Yet they had formalities about when dinner was and what to wear which was stuffy. But they were trying to say Thatchers were stuffy. Then, episodes later, the queen has to schedule luncheons with each of her children to see who is her fave and she requests a 411 from her staff on each of her kids (what they are doing and what they like cause she doesn't know them). But the holiday episode tried to portray them as a down to earth fun loving family who were close. Just not adding up to me. ARe they unloving, cold, stuffy, formal, antiquated....blah blah blah? Or are they fun loving, jovial, joking, caring tight knit down to earth? And were the Thatchers stuffy formal snotty bores? She was always cooking and ironing and doing normal things the queen would never even dare to do.
  11. Hmmm....but the show portrayed her more as a W word that rhymes with bore. Like a flakey, immature W. But she was elegant and classy and the people loved her. She made the royals seem more real and relatable than the rest of those stuffy drips. But maybe she was a good actress. She had to be though. It was her duty....to be so perfect in the public eye. I dont envy her life at all.
  12. Lamima

    S04.E10: War

    I like the show for the more inner turmoil of the Royal family. So I am happy with all the Charles and Diana stuff. It was a huge part of the Royal storyline. Being that Charles and Diana's son will be King someday. Unless, of course, they dump the totally irrelevant and useless Royal family. Time to drop it. Let them become just another Uber rich family. No ties to govt...no govt money.
  13. I don't think she was a revolving door adulterer. Maybe just that Hewitt guy.
  14. Charles is a cad. And this show makes Diana come off badly. Like an immature ditz and major adulterer. Not too pleased with that.
  15. When Rachel dropped a bunch of pans on the floor I noticed one was a smaller omelet sized pan.
  16. A new true crime series on Netflix, called Carmel, was very interesting. Discusses 2002 murder of Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce in an upscale gated community in Argentina. It is in Spanish with subtitles. https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/11/10144689/netflix-who-killed-maria-marta-suspects-now
  17. The car crash was odd. In the ZA, with so few cars on the road, you would think Morgan would see it coming.
  18. 1st...no way is Cody anywhere close to Dan. 2nd....I think he planned to take Nicole but then Enzo got him with his speech. Saying he was his boy and even helped save Nicole for him so he had to take him to F2. Cody started crying then so I figured that was a guilt cry because he was about to cut Enzo. And he just couldn't do it.
  19. This is how I feel too and how I feel about some of my fave Survivor players. No way would I want to hang out in real life....but just love watching them play. Kind of like my fave Below Deck cast, Kate Chastain. Loved her on her show but could never spend much time with her IRL.
  20. And she sucked at the game. Had terrible reads on people and not a comp winner either. I may go on and vote. Wasnt going to bother but I would love Janelle to win afp. She is one of my faves plus it would irk Nicole.
  21. And they aren't allowed pens and pencils to write anything down. So its all memorizing.
  22. Trying for AFP. Ha...not a chance 'ugly on the inside' lady.
  23. And production chose which comic won. Not like any kind of competition there. How dumb.
  24. This shit is stupid, yo. Dumb comic fights. Random. Boring
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