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  1. I can't remember why Daryl is blind. And why is vision-impaired Daryl stumping around out there by himself doing recognizance?
  2. Attention Makeup: Inconsistent schmutz on spy girl.
  3. Co-sign. I thought there was about to be a Big Reveal of someone long kept prisoner down in the RV hatch hidey hole. The damn music was dramatic enough for it to have been Rick Grimes!
  4. Oh goody, now you can see it, too! Andrea and Lamondre. Woot.
  5. A couple of hours?? Didn't he just promise his daughter he'd spend the night?
  6. Yesterday, my DVR captured a ten minute throwback to whatsherface, the sunglasses designer, and her convict sugar daddy. It was horrendous. We'd be begging for Brittany and Marcelino if we had to listen to those idiots.
  7. Between Cold Shoulders, the poker yoda and the woodsy hobo, there have been many attempts at healing tonight.
  8. Heh. The closed captioning says, "So Lacey's bein' honest wichu?"
  9. I'm trying to think of a smooth way to refer back to the remark about Andrea's rap synthesizer vag. . .
  10. Honey BB pretends to snort coke. If she could just find a convict to love, she'd fit right in with our crew.
  11. I am so exhausted and embarrassed by Sarah's desperation. Sweetheart, please pull yourself and your last little scrap of pride together.
  12. YEOW! I'd never seen those hand tats before. My eyes!
  13. I can't believe Lamar is sticking around Utah, still sleeping on the couch. Andrea doesn't look like all that much of a picnic to be married to. Whoever owns those condoms, I bet he didn't throw the wrappers away because he wanted to show off that they were magnums
  14. You're supposed to empty it out of the pack before you flush it, stupid.
  15. Are they having this little romantic tete-a-tete under a klieg light? What's the mosquito situation down there in Mississippi?
  16. Tony and Angela wagging those cigs around during their blindfold escapade cracks me up. Wait, he rolled the grill over next to the card table and the folding chairs out in the backyard and "it's the beginning of regaining trust"?
  17. Lamar's offended Andrea would think he'd ever use a condom.
  18. Uh oh, looks like Lacey has had a fresh plumper upper.
  19. Wait a minute--they just showed a quick shot in the promo from the scene where Darryl and Carol were leaning against the cave wall. And the lighting was perfectly normal. So someone is just editing all this down to a 9.8 on the 10-point Invisibility meter? I think that person should be fired. ###### I missed seeing them get out of the cave because I was writing that. oops
  20. Okay, so some random girl (to me, anyway) started to rush forward, but Darryl caught her and saved her from falling into the cave sub-basement. Then Darryl found a handy medieval torch ready to go and had a big kitchen match in his pocket.
  21. Who mentioned The Descent? Wriggling through tight passages in underground caves is my terror. Oh. Yes, of course. A zombie coming and you can't turn around to stab him.
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