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  1. That's a nice headboard. What is that? Pleather?
  2. Oh, sweetheart. You are heartbreaking. And also those earrings.
  3. Wow, look at the affect on Mumbles! That's new.
  4. Tommy looks a little bit rough. Oh, man. Angela came in like Godzilla razing Tokyo.
  5. Well, let's see. Brittany's mad. Is she still mad about the same thing as last week?
  6. Oh no! I just got home. Will I be able to pick up the story lines???
  7. Ooh, that was fun, thanks for posting it. They showed Christian wearing Geoffrey's giant black puffy coat in the workroom. He's a jet black M&M. Wait, what do you mean Christian won't be on the show next season?!?
  8. https://images.app.goo.gl/pZhJJjdfiuZJugA47 I don't know if I can get this image from the 2020 London College of Fashion runway into my post, but I think it has a lot to do with explaining how Geoffrey's big fat tick coats won the day. Personally, I loved Nancy's collection. I think she was dinged because her fabrics were so beautiful--there's no way that molten mercurial flow would have benefitted from being seamed and tucked and structured. She included a couple of looks with all the tailoring anyone could ask for and they were coherent with the rest of her stuff, which was probably difficult to pull off. The clothes were gorgeous, the design skill was there, the sustainability backstory is current, the models were inspiring; Nancy's whole runway was terrific. I don't know how Victoria made it to the runway in the first place. I'll give her credit for not sending out ten dresses with a really long hem on the left side. Her white sweater dress was indeed stunning. Everyone complained about Sergio's fringe, but ye gods, man. Buy some better fringe!!! That's some vintage Dolly Parton Grand Ol' Opry stuff you have there. There must be fringe available that's less shiny polyester and uniform length and more like liquid melting icicles. Ask Nancy to help you shop.
  9. I took The Jim Jeffries Show off my DVR, but seeing him now, I remember that he's lightning quick and brutally funny.
  10. I loved Episode 2 as well. In fact, they could cut the show down to two contests per episode and I'd be pleased as punch to watch an extra hour or two. They really had to rush and edit to cram in all three matches and it was the judges' commentary that suffered. Judge Marcus Samuelson had barely any remarks on camera. I thought Richard Blaise was candid and honest, commenting afterward that losing feels bad and <shrug> what are you going to do? Well, for one thing, Richard, don't be all amused and winky-wink with the audience that you're a tiny bit insulted by your fifth place seed. Now. Here's my big question. On Beat Bobby Flay, I can accept it when the guest chefs pull out some ridiculously extreme ingredient, because there are only two of them and they each know which dish they'll be cooking if they have the opportunity. Makes sense they'd submit an ingredient list. But how did Elizabeth Faulkner happen to have that goujoubanga(?) handy? I've never even heard of that! And it was a plastic bag full of fermented bean goo, wrapped in butcher paper and tied up with string? Was that just hanging out next to the spice rack? Does Elizabeth carry that bag with her everywhere, just in case it's going to be a match for the competition assignment? I know the chefs on Iron Chef were told in advance about "the secret ingredient," so they could plan their menus, but I don't want that little bit of a cheat to be happening here.
  11. That "disqualify a vote/substitute your own" advantage is perfect for these tiny new five-person tribes. I was surprised she was waffling on whether to use it--ousting Rob would have been a worthy trade. Glad it worked out. P.S. Can you still be cast on Survivor if you understand object pronouns?
  12. I hope Kody ends up on a planet where he has to be a husband-brother. Ha.
  13. Somebody posted that Kody had found the idea of one woman with multiple husbands "disgusting." I would have liked to see that segment. It tells me so much about him.
  14. In his TH with Robyn, Kody appears to have some fresh highlights and curl coif. Then later it looks like someone glued on tufts of cat fur. (I am endlessly fascinated by Kody's hair. It's the most interesting thing about him.)
  15. Uh oh. TD had to drag out the love seat. See you next week.
  16. LOVE the Ghost Ship wire!
  17. I liked it, too. It was somewhat thoughtful and they advanced multiple stories and relationships. I enjoy those episodes more than fight fight fight, hide, stab-stab.
  18. I'm also among the little ragtag remnant of Carol lovers.
  19. Daryl has both eyes exposed. What the hell is happening??
  20. Carol/kid interaction. WOOGAH!!
  21. Crucifixion icon. Did anyone MISS IT???
  22. This show would be a whole different puppy if landing a bit of walker goo in your mouth or eyes or broken skin would turn you. I speculate, though, that it would work that way. [P.S. If safety depended on not touching your face, I'd have wiped out in the first 24 hours.]
  23. It's a little bit disturbing how much KFC is sure that TWD viewers are the target audience for slabs of fried chicken between glazed doughnuts.
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