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  1. I predict Katie will need an engine overhaul, yet again, and she'll need a new body part. Bill will donate it, and that's how he gets back in her good graces.
  2. I finally saw this at home today and I was underwhelmed. Marta was on the screen too much and it went on too long. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had seen in the theater, but I still think I would have been lukewarm about it. And seeing Toni Colette in HD was rough.
  3. Ohwell

    Station 19

    I really hate that Eva's going to collect her husband's insurance money.
  4. I know Darlene Cates died at 69. I only referred to her because she was an obese actress like Chrissy.
  5. I hate any commercial with Busy Philipps in it.
  6. Ya happy now, Quinn? I can't wait 'til you get yours. Skank.
  7. That's what I did with my brother's cloth diapers when he was a baby. I was 12 and didn't mind doing that.
  8. I never liked Maggie, have always thought she was annoying. However, I do hope that she and the Boston doctor can make things work and she moves to Boston. She needs to get away from that hell hole of a hospital and her "sisters." She could always visit them occasionally.
  9. The way Michael puts his hands to his head when being questioned really does make me think that he's got some serious issues. I'm no psychiatrist so I don't know what they are, but it does seem like he needs some help, but definitely not a wife right now. Also, I haven't heard anything more about Ocho Rios.
  10. I also think of Darlene Cates, who played the obese mom in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
  11. Howard has been eerily calm, knowing that Saul is the prankster. I do believe something's gonna happen.
  12. April continues to think she knows more than the doctors. Maggie continues to know sick people.
  13. Yes! I would love for Paige and/or Schweikart to put the screws to Saul and make him sweat like he's in a sauna. Pull a masterful prank on him and give him a taste of his own medicine.
  14. Yes, I know there's Uber, etc., but there will be occasions where one will travel out of the city. You know, take a drive somewhere? So in that situation, I wouldn't want to be the only one who could drive and I wouldn't date a guy who wouldn't/couldn't drive, (the exception being if he had some kind of illness or disability).
  15. Meka missed her calling. I really think she should have gone into law enforcement, and she'd be brought in when any suspect needed to be questioned. I guarantee they'd tell the truth just to end the torture and get her to shut the fuck up.
  16. Jessica read that letter so fast my head was spinning.
  17. Yes but guys usually don't rely on the woman to drive them around. At least the ones I've known. Also, I suggested that people in NYC might see things differently. We ain't NYC, lol!
  18. He said he grew up in DC. So did I, but I still learned to drive. It isn't quite like NYC where one assumes that most people don't drive.
  19. I don't usually watch Unfiltered but I just checked in and whoa! Jamie should be ashamed of herself.
  20. Yes, I believe he was just playing big, dumb Ezra.
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