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  1. I'm not snarking on Michael, but I wonder if he likes working with learning disabled children because he was learning disabled as a child?
  2. I tried watching this last night and it was so saccharine until I just couldn't take it anymore. I've seen enough.
  3. Ohwell

    S03.E12: Fools

    I've always said there should be a Stupid Jail where people do stupid things should serve 60 days. I'm not kidding.
  4. Yeah, the only "making up for what he did" should be to get fired, have his license permanently revoked, and sued by that family. Heck, if the authorities find out, he'll probably go to prison.
  5. Knives Out! Neither one of these bitches has the moral high ground and I'm tired of them sniping at each other. They do look good though.
  6. I don't even want to think about Theo in any kitchen. 😱
  7. Kit's daughter is annoyingly skittish. There's nothing comforting about her at all. I think she's just a bad actress.
  8. I just listened to Soul Makossa on You Tube. R.I.P., Mr Dibango
  9. She also looks like she's gonna break her ankles in those clunky shoes and boots she wears.
  10. What I don't understand is why Saul continues to have a bug up his ass about Howard. Why can't he just let things be? Why continue to be a shitbird? My hope when this series ends is that he's stays in Omaha living a miserable life. Or he goes to Belize.
  11. Ohwell


    Are MSNBC and CNN planning to have "Cuomo Hour" at 11 am Eastern time every day now? He's on right now. This is ridiculous.
  12. Dear Chuck: Wherever you are, I just want to take a moment to apologize for every negative thing I posted about you. Tonight, I finally, totally, completely see why you couldn't stand your little brother and probably wished many times that you could have smothered him in his sleep with a pillow. I now can see without question what an irredeemable, balding little rat bastard of a scumbag your little brother really is. The only thing you should have done before you kicked the bucket, was to apologize to Ernesto. Kim needs therapy.
  13. I won't be poking around looking for more stuff on Michael other than that linked article. I do believe that he's more involved with the children than managing facilities or a website.
  14. It's never a good idea to fake something that could actually happen to you. I'm talking to you, Sally. I can understand her wanting some kind of revenge, but this was a crappy, sadistic way to get it. I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. Yeah, I noticed her. She had those same big sad eyes in the Peleton commercial, which is why she got so much sympathy and the "husband" got slammed for giving her the Peleton.
  15. I like this Mercedes Benz commercial with the clairvoyant telling the woman to ditch the dating app because she's found the right guy.
  16. I really, really hope Dr. Sad Eyes 😩 doesn't become a recurring character but, alas, I think she will.
  17. I wouldn't wish this or any other potentially deadly disease on anyone, including Weinstein.
  18. That's why I thought the whole "dreams" conversation was producer driven. I especially thought the Christmas song "dream" was too stupid to even mention. Why not just write the damn song?
  19. Ohwell


    That poor kid!
  20. Well at least Shauna had the good sense to leave.
  21. And Instagram and You Tube? Gah. They're everywhere!
  22. Ohwell

    College Basketball

    I'd love to see that Villanova-Georgetown championship game again. Georgetown was the heavy favorite and before the game I remember some sportscasters calling Villanova, "Villanochance." I shouted with glee when they won.
  23. Yes, he does work with special needs kids. I found this article about him on page 2 when he worked at Brent Elementary School in DC. http://www.brentelementary.org/uploads/6/8/5/8/68589867/tuesnews1-8-2019.pdf
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