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  1. The focus on having children doesn't bother me as much as others. I think that there is a perception that if you wait for marriage to have sex then you do nothing but for a good long time afterwards, and the logical conclusion to that in those kind of circles is babies. I spent the entire first year of my marriage fielding the "so, you pregnant yet?" question. To the point that it made me crazy. Anna's line was actually pretty funny, and shows a sense of humor about the whole thing, which I like.
  2. I loved the reveal about Carly's identity. Carly had never held Michael, she'd been back for a while but you had scenes of her having someone else pick him up all the time and it was sad. And they were all trapped together in the storm, with the power out and Bobby finally talks Carly into holding him, and it looks like Carly is going to tell her the truth, but then Virginia is there and Carly calls her "Mama" and Bobbie looks at this woman, who she knows adopted her daughter, and puts it together herself. It was epic.
  3. Kiki doesn't bother me at all. Neither does Silas for that matter. I don't care about them, but I don't hate them either. I did watch OLTL, but none of that stuff affects me much in watching GH.
  4. I really enjoyed Doctor Sleep, even though I didn't find it really terribly scary. Perhaps I'm a bit desensitized by all the creepy fantasy stuff I've read. I liked it because it's an interesting account of how Danny struggled with himself and came to terms with his experiences. The bad guys are unequivocally bad too, which I appreciate in the modern world of grey characters and "He's really not so bad other than the serial killer thing" stuff.
  5. ouinason

    Book Club

    I want to suggest a couple of books Good Omens by Neal Gaiman and Terry Pratchett The Hangman's Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch I also think we need to sort of alternate the heavy works with the lighter ones. That way we can not get totally bogged down in huge books or dark stuff or anything like that.
  6. Ugh, I do NOT want to see more dead baby angst, thanks. Especially from Sonny.
  7. OK, maybe I should clarify that I wasn't happy about Liz screwing Lucky over with Nik, but AT THIS POINT I don't care about it. If I can't hold Sam being a literal street walking whore against her, then I'm not holding that against Liz years down the line. And, I don't think Liz cheated with Jason on Lucky. Was their friendship a bit much, sure, but if that is cheating then Jason cheated on Courtney with Liz for their entire relationship (until the blinding thing anyway) with Liz. And on Sam as well. Another UO, I don't find the "Quartermaine family" all that important, and didn't even
  8. My UO is that I continue to like Liz, and can't see myself stopping. I have liked all of her pairings, excluding Ewen's creeping, and I don't care about her "hurting" poor whiney Lucky.
  9. Not likely Morgan will fix the DNA so that it's his no matter what and marry Ava in some hamfisted attempt to save her, or something equally stupid.
  10. Britt, at least Nik's money can help make up for his personality flaws Would you rather Have Morgan as your baby daddy or Michael?
  11. Shag Trey Marry Pete Kill Cruz Patrick Matt Noah
  12. ouinason

    Book Club

    I would love to be in a book club. Anything is good for books, I'll try just about anything once.
  13. I don't know, Morgan could turn out to be a good dad. A little...simple, but good enough to outshine most of the dads on this show except maybe Mac.
  14. Franco, at least he's hot and he hasn't demonstrated the mania about his sex partners that Nina has. Adopt Spencer and actually raise him to adulthood or Be married to, and living/sleeping with Silas for a decade.
  15. Best man, hands down. I could just slip away and never speak to either of them again. Would you rather have to get work done by Bobbie's plastic surgeon, or by Monica's dentist? And I really feel a little bad about this one, lol.
  16. Right? No private conversations in the future. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!!
  17. I love Kdrama so much. I got started with Lie to Me on Netflix by accident, I thought it was the American show and wasn't paying attention when I clicked it. I now troll Crunchyroll, KDrama (which is now SoompiTV), Vicki and Dramafever looking for new stuff. Just finished Glorious Day, A Little Love Never Hurts, Mama, Jang Bo Ri is Here and am still working on Secret Hotel, What Happens to my family, Modern Farmer, My lovely girl, my spring day and other stuff. I like Vicki the best only because I can watch it on all of my devices on a free account and the timed comments on the screen ca
  18. Aw, that's really cool. I love Flash, and Barry's relationship with his father figure that Jesse L. Martin plays, who's name totally slips my mind right now. RoHo better rock it so he can get good roles and get the heck away from GH.
  19. Kill TJ Marry Morgan Shag the crap out of DG Michael That was way to fast of an answer... I need help. Maxie Sabrina Kiki
  20. I'm still holding out hope that nuJason and Michael will get together and reQ themselves. I can't see "Jake" as he is right now having jack to do with Sonny's little business and Michael needs to stop being a little bitch.
  21. Visions, because with Bobbie I'd be the one doing the stabbing. Would you rather accidentally give birth to artificially inseminated Sonny Spawn or Stavros Spawn?
  22. Shag Sorrel Mary Karpov Kill The Balkan (for abetting the return of Sonny worshiping Brenda he deserves it) Hmm.... Alexis' criminal exes Ric Lansing Jerry Jax Julian Jerome and Shagging the hell out of all three is, unfortunately, not an option.
  23. Oh, screw Bobbie. She's a hypocritical, judgmental, plastic faced, baby talking cow and I can't defend her taking up for Carly in this shit. I've never liked her anyway, but she's getting more and more annoying as she clings to Carly's backside. And her voice really puts me off... A lot.
  24. I'm all for Nina and Franco's fun times too. I have no shame in it either. Whatever gives me a giggle.
  25. My UO is that I LIKED the Epilogue of Harry Potter, unlike the vast majority of the adult world. I went into the series looking at the Wizarding World as a Victorian society, so them meeting young and sticking with that person and getting married didn't phase me. In fact, the fact that their oldest kid is 13 surprised the crap out of me, since I sort of expected that they would get married and start having kids young. Harry and Ginny were about 22 and 21 when James is conceived, and Ron and Hermione waited another 2 years after that for their first kid. It all tracks for me, unlike everyon
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