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  1. I'm a little interested in how Jimmy Lee and Celia played out. Were they related biologically? I won't even pretend to be creeped out by the idea. As a dyed in the wool Jammy fan from GL, that would be deeply hypocritical.
  2. GH ruins everyone. For instance I started watching Walker and Lindsay Morgan is actually pretty good, what you would never expect considering how terrible she was as Long.
  3. God I love ET as Lois. I have to say that I'm relieved by that considering how much I hated her on Grimm.
  4. Holly escaped with the help of Not Dead Drew and they are just regrouping before busting back into PC like a tornado.
  5. Everyone knows Lois is Superman's contact, and that her dad is a highly visible General, they probably just assume she lets them use her place to meet up for stuff. I am more concerned about what happens when Jordan's changing body stops responding to his anxiety medication.
  6. I don't hate Michael, but I also don't think that characters such as him, Robin, Maxie or any of the other "legacies" are any more valuable or more deserving of story or POV or winning than any others. Though with Michael I see it less as "legacy" and more as "Corinthos" that seems to make him untouchable. Which is gross. I brought it up because this is not the first time that I have heard complaints about "legacy" characters deserving more or better or whatever. I just don't see it as a thing that should set a character above the rest.
  7. I'm sorry guys but.... I could care less about "legacy" characters somehow "deserving" anything.... ever. I like a character because I like them, and I don't care if they were born on screen or just showed up yesterday. Whoever that asshole was that was ok with Chase being shit on because he isn't a "legacy" can go kick rocks.
  8. I have always liked Britt, and Britt/Jason is pretty ok. My UO, I don't mind Sam/Dante. I don't root for them, but I don't care enough to be against it.
  9. I just can't deal with GH's twitter writer. I hate this person.
  10. I am having a very childish happy moment right now.
  11. You pay off the blackmailer if you have something to hide.
  12. I would watch the hell out of a show about the Sand Snakes!
  13. I find the idea of people hunting up a person's social media to figure out their ethnic identity really creepy. I supremely, deeply, hate the fact that it mattered whether a contestant on the Bachelor was partly Asian, biologically. Also, biology is not the be all end all of ethnic identity. People identify with the heritage that they identify with for many reasons. I know someone who is second generation Mexican American on her father's side technically, but does not identify with that culture at all because she was raised in a white household her entire life. She speaks no Spanish,
  14. Teenagers will give you grey hair and a drinking problem. I feel for Angelina's mom, but still find it totally sus (hey, I used a term those kids online use, go me! :) ). I find the Pitt/Lewis thing creepy too. Frankly they both have problematic pasts, but as long as they are being good parents, then I don't think it matters. Has Ellie Kemper said anything about her pageant issue yet? I don't think she has much of anything to apologize for, but I do wonder what she will say.
  15. I am super unhappy that this Sante thing is a thing. I Want Daxie DAMNIT!
  16. I'm fine with that. Him resembling Franco will only piss me off further that the character is dead. Or at least that he died in such a stupid and pointless way, since Peter is never going away. And to think I liked Peter until fairly recently.
  17. I have no idea how they were alone long enough to conceive blessing number 4, much less any to come after.
  18. Or Grace Burrowes, or Stephanie Laurens or even old school Catherine Coulter regency works. Though Catherine was big with the iffy and down right not ok stuff in her books.
  19. The themes of both shows were so similar, I wonder if it was coordinated. Both made me cry in places too.
  20. I like that Karen tried to be the voice of reason, but that was undercut by the fact that SHE was the one saying that they should file to adopt Nia, and HEN was the one who knew that wasn't something that they could do. The flipped roles just confuses me.
  21. look how they treat "names" who come on this show. He'll be evil or dead in a year.
  22. I watched that Lindsey Ellis video and I almost 100 percent agree with her about how stupid this all is, and I appreciate the fact that she did appologize for the things that she has said and done that were awful on the face of them. then she said "CinemaSins brain poisoning" about similarity being bad and I got quite offended. Cancel LE!!! How dare she (that is a joke, to be clear. It did make me to a bit of a record scratch and rewind for a sec.) This entire situation is while I hate Social Media. AND... the tweet that started this was not only true (and obvio
  23. They may have to recast they younger two if they are going to do 7 and 8 because they do need to be older by quite a few years. More than the passage of time in production may take.
  24. we really need a Quartermaine teenager to fill out the teens now that Dev is dead. I would lean toward Lila Rae, but that leaves things unbalanced. I would really and truly love to see a teen son of AJ, which would probably mess with Michael's head.
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