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  1. Franco was definitely a bit much in the beginning, but I don't think I would define it as stalkery. I mean, he needed to take several steps back at certain points, but I never got the impression that he was menacing or anything, though the show did go to lengths at times to frame him in that way to amp up tension and red herring him as a suspect in serial murders... twice. That bothered the shit out of me actually. Like that creepy ass elevator scene where they played Liz as absolutely terrified of him for like half a minute and then it was fine. That is terrible. I do like Friz, but I find it sad that this relationship is the longest lasting one that she's had, and that this is her longest marriage as well. Poor Liz couldn't catch a break for decades, and the one time she has it's been sort of an anxiety hammering ordeal for a good chunk of time. I'm actually glad that they are basically back burner for a while because the minute they get front and center, people start dying.
  2. I know that they aren't popular here, but Franco and Liz moved pretty freaking slow. They had their first date in June and their first time in January. That's glacier.
  3. The biggest impression that I got from Jana's Father's Day post was that Jim Bob, once upon a time, actually pushed strollers like one of us heathens who have not yet found the holiness to leave that to the womenfolk as god intended.
  4. Terribly unpopular opinion... The Office and Parks and Rec were not funny.
  5. Playing it straight, BSG. Playing it for laughs, Farscape. Playing it for WTF crazy, Lexx.
  6. It's super weird that you can't find apple jelly. I buy the store brand one at Kroger all the time, though I haven't looked recently to see if it's affected by the pandemic.
  7. Hey now, Zuko talked out of turn! He needed to be put in his place!! Really though, screw that guy. I agree that Shaun's parents on "The Good Doctor" are serious crap, but I think that Park Shi On's parents from the Korean "The Good Doctor" were actually worse. Hare to imagine, but damn. I was watching "The Great" last night and Peter tells his aunt that he had a dream about his mother eating a chunk of his flesh (fever dream after being poisoned) and her response was "she only did that once, and it was a small piece", so... yeah.
  8. Somewhat connected. I think that Stargate SG-1 was better in season 9 and 10 with Claudia Black and Ben Browder than it was in the couple of seasons before that (barring a few good episodes). It was really getting stale.
  9. Jamie Bamber is so hot that I'm pretty sure the entire "Fat Lee" mini arc on Battlestar Galactica was simply the show trolling all of the drooling fans. Apparently we were supposed to be watching for plot or something.
  10. If SB's daughter is in the movie perhaps they were skirting around the rules about tutors and supervision by him "handling" that instead of having someone else there to put her best interests forward. I am really interested in the details here, have to say. Though, the reality is probably pretty boring.
  11. You would think they would do more services each week to help get more people into the church more often. Getting out of the habit of attending church is a problem that many preachers have with membership. You get used to staying home on Sunday morning and you don't really feel the urge to go back. Even good Christians can fall into that.
  12. Canceling SA isn't in the cards, but not supporting them and giving your donations to a different organization is a good idea if you don't agree with their policies. I prefer Lighthouse Ministries (or did, when I was in Tampa) to either SA or Goodwill. I don't care for the SA and I think Goodwill keeps a stupid percentage of their money.
  13. Or maybe Jill got this cool stuff for her kids and is excited to share.
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