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  1. The themes of both shows were so similar, I wonder if it was coordinated. Both made me cry in places too.
  2. I like that Karen tried to be the voice of reason, but that was undercut by the fact that SHE was the one saying that they should file to adopt Nia, and HEN was the one who knew that wasn't something that they could do. The flipped roles just confuses me.
  3. look how they treat "names" who come on this show. He'll be evil or dead in a year.
  4. I watched that Lindsey Ellis video and I almost 100 percent agree with her about how stupid this all is, and I appreciate the fact that she did appologize for the things that she has said and done that were awful on the face of them. then she said "CinemaSins brain poisoning" about similarity being bad and I got quite offended. Cancel LE!!! How dare she (that is a joke, to be clear. It did make me to a bit of a record scratch and rewind for a sec.) This entire situation is while I hate Social Media. AND... the tweet that started this was not only true (and obvio
  5. They may have to recast they younger two if they are going to do 7 and 8 because they do need to be older by quite a few years. More than the passage of time in production may take.
  6. we really need a Quartermaine teenager to fill out the teens now that Dev is dead. I would lean toward Lila Rae, but that leaves things unbalanced. I would really and truly love to see a teen son of AJ, which would probably mess with Michael's head.
  7. Nothing like "your just representing about half of the world's population (or at least a third) to American network tv viewers, no pressure".
  8. That's very sweet, and I agree with him. I have enjoyed every pairing that Liz has been involved in, at least for a while. Except whatever the hell they were trying with the creepy Ewan guy.
  9. Well, if Cyrus should nab a Corinthos/Morgan or a Cassidine...... I mean there is that one obnoxious kid that ticks both boxes. ETA: Jesus, right after I hit submit I realized that there are several. But I meant Spencer, for the record.
  10. Show Eloise is a teenager. In the book she's much older, so I can see a more mature and more lonely Eloise going in that direction. She didn't plan to fall in love with Philip, she was just sad and lonely and had her tether cut when Pen and Colin got together. It was a surprise to her that she came to care for Philip so much. I can see it if they set up her personality growing and changing, and maybe slip in some subtle hints about the correspondence. I was trying to figure out if Jack was the name of Francesca's first husband, but I remember now that she's still too young, unl
  11. I know exactly what you are talking about. 🙂 I was a huge Ryan/Gillian fan, and I was upset and angry enough at the way that happened with Gillian's heart and Laura and all of it that I was distracted from being annoyed at that, but I do remember that habit.
  12. Nathan and Nurie look very happy. And, you know, not hamming it up in the sanctuary like a bunch of heathen assholes.
  13. We are having a real issue here in Fort Wayne with people making appointments for the vaccine at the Coliseum where they are doing huge numbers and just... not showing up. it's awful and wasteful of doses that can't be refrozen and go to waste. I know they have a wait list for extras that they need to find people to take, but apparently it's still leaving doses having to be thrown away. My vaccine appointment for the fist dose is a month away, and I would get on the wait list, but I don't have reliable transportation and I don't wanna complicate the process for others.
  14. There was a break in the middle, before Napoleon broke out and the lead up to Waterloo. I think that this takes place in that window.
  15. I didn't like the evolution of the Ryan character on AMC, but I didn't fully blame that on CM so I'm open to him playing someone else on GH.... as long as Rebecca B isn't involved in any way whatsoever. I would prefer BM come back as Drew, but I don't see that happening, so I just want Drew back, period. If it has to be CM....... fine I guess.
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