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  1. Dante's paternity was a secret from everyone, including himself. Both Lois AND Sonny grew up close with the Falconeri family and Lois continued that when she took BLQ and went back after dumping Ned. Lois had no idea about Dante since he was the product of a ONS that 15 year old Olivia had with HER COUSIN'S ADULT BOYFRIEND. She told NOBODY who that daddy was until the shooting. Yes they grew up together and were close, up until she took money to screw with his relationship. No, Lois didn't keep his paternity from her BFF Sonny.
  2. Or... they are teenagers and it just flamed out naturally during the time skip of the show. Also, comics
  3. I don't have an issue with it, but the general audience probably would, lol. I was a absolute Jammy shipper back on GL, and they were first cousins by way of their moms being half-sisters... and his biological father was her adoptive father. Anyway, my point is, it's not weird to me, but would be for most people. (I also really shipped Michael and Kristina back when DG was in his role).
  4. he can be there without being shown. I vote new Lucky! I liked JJ, but I'm not married to the idea of him being Lucky the way others are. I would go for new Ethan too, but not both, cause that would be a lot at once. But, I bet that NP would roll in for a few minutes for a funeral for Luke if asked. But again, can be at the funeral and just not shown on screen.
  5. the half sibling part doesn't matter when counting degrees of cousins. Second cousins is accurate. Same degree of relation as BLQ and Drew, or Wiley and Scout. Though if you felt the need to be super exclusionary about it, then it's still the exact same as Wiley and Scout or Wiley and Danny since Drew and Jason were AJ's half brothers. Bring in adoption and that would make Wiley not a Q at all, and therefore NOT related (legally anyway) to any of them.
  6. I just realized that if Nina and Sonny are legitimately a thing, Nina gets near to Avery. I am not ok with that. ETA: I realize this is more than a little hypocritical considering I didn't have much of an issue of Franco being near to Aiden, but the situations and motivations of those kidnappings are quite different and the absolute violence of what Nina did is just.... a lot to get past. I realize she and Ava are friendly now, but even Ava hasn't let her be around her daughter.
  7. I was totally kidding about Drew and Esme.... , but... I DO think that Esme would try for it because Drew is, on the surface, the kind of guy that someone like Sam - back in her con days - would totally target, and I clock Esme as being that level of manipulative.
  8. I love the drama at the courthouse, but the stupidity behind it just brings it down. And, not to disparage Alexis' character, but she has a couple dead bodies in her rearview (one literally) so her stabbing Dante is sort of the least of her problems in a background check.
  9. I would assume because he's desperately lonely, and if it doesn't work out, he can just kill her or something.
  10. I think it might be a good idea to move up some of the youngish kids so that they can move up the ones behind them as well. Get the babies graduated to small children instead.
  11. And isn't that an inditement on GH's hair/makeup/wardrobe as well as lighting/camera people. If you can do it at home, on your cell phone, then getting your shit together to make an actress look right on actual TV shouldn't be harder.
  12. Why nicknames for both names though? William Michael Cobrin would be a boss name. Liam Mike makes the parents sound like children. Then again, one is named Brando and this show thinks Rocco is a name so...
  13. those dresses look so good on her.
  14. MW and RH don't have terrible chemistry.
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