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  1. I really like Gregory's story because it turns the trope of "love at first sight" sort of on it's head. Eloise's book feels very real to me as well.
  2. You know... you're right. I guess I got stuck on the idea that small town Kansas 30+ years ago would not have been a place where an interracial couple or a family of color would have been able to adopt a white baby/toddler without getting serious side eye and blowback, but if they made that part of the family's struggle, and of Clark's struggle to not stand out, to fly under the radar, then I think it might actually be good story. I don't think, however, this is a place where colorblind casting is appropriate, for those same reasons.
  3. Simon is Anthony's best friend, so having him there for a talk to, as Anthony was for Simon, is an obvious way to keep him relevant. Maybe some other hijinks with the non center characters, as Eloise had this season, and Daph and Simon can be involved. Show them adjusting to being parents... that kind of thing.
  4. I'm lucky that my maternal grandfather's family tree is researched pretty far back, I'm clueless about the rest. My paternal grandfather is tricky since his name was changed by accident in the Army in the 50's and he never bothered to fix it.
  5. I like that Liz seems to be the only one of Jason's exes that has lost her undying loyalty to him.
  6. I think that they should have diversity in casting for Superman and Lois in general. I don't think that doing so with the Kent family itself would be the best place to do that.
  7. Jason has never, ever, acted as Jake's father. The first time he ever even really talked to Jake was after the Drew/Jason reveal. Jake thought Lucky was his dad until he "died" and then Drew as Jason was his dad until HE "died" (cause I do think Drew isn't really dead). Jake met Jason once or twice as a small child, but didn't really know him until very recently. Jake doesn't care about Jason all that much, thank god.
  8. So, I guess this means Tim's lawn/gutter/whatever business is side hustle. Which is good. I feel like Tim might be the breadwinner of his family. Which is bad. I don't really have that much of an issue with his post, though it was quite cringe, I feel like he was trying to put his affection for patients into words that he really doesn't have because of his poor education. If he had the words they probably would have been more like 'even though many patients I have interacted with over the years haven't had their full faculties under their control, they were kind people with good hearts and I felt connected to them' or something.
  9. Funny, last I heard Georgie was practicing international business law in Europe.
  10. Even if Britt SAID she was negative, that doesn't really mean it's true. I love the girl, but she's Britt.
  11. the clothes on the bottom rack look much bigger, I think those are Lissy's
  12. If they were smart (heh) they would have Cam attend some other good school in the upstate NY area and do a lot of online classes and have "on campus" time here and there. That way they can have him around when they want to and have a handy and reasonable excuse to not have him when they don't. Some place where he could drive to, or take a train or whatever to, for the day.
  13. I think that was Wesleyan that she got kicked out of. The one where she was banging her teacher.
  14. From what I understood, there ARE queen bottom bunks, but they are limited in style and expensive, so instead of getting something she didn't really like, she decided to just build a loft bunk to put over the existing queen. Which, more power to her. I do think it's beyond stupid to keep Ben's office stuff in the kids' room.
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