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  1. You know... it would kind of be nice if Jason took a deep breath and was like, "fuck it, I didn't fight for Carly before, I never fought for anything and look where it got me. I'm done just letting this happen" and went full on "I will fight fooorr uuuuu". Just. Once. I am not rooting for modern times Jarly, but damn Jason needs to just stop being so fucking passive.
  2. they didn't even do that bit at my wedding. The preacher was invested in it going through. :) (I was marrying his son)
  3. it would serve us all right if Sonny remembers but decides that it's not Nina's fault that he refused to find his family. Then they can be together while Carly and Michael rage and Jason frowns constipatedly in the corner.
  4. or they can have TJ get a letter/message that she has been offered some deep undercover work and decided to peace out of PC to cut the cord with Curtis.
  5. As someone who actually shipped Jarly... this whole thing is disgusting bullshit and I refuse to watch even an instant of it.
  6. Grrrr.... I really wanted Jason and Carly to get together back when he first came back from the dead, but I hate it now. GH sucks.
  7. It is not "shocking" at all that Gladys will/has been/continues to cause problems for Sasha and Brando. SSDD y'all.
  8. I'd rather see a movie about Sophie and Sisi. Or anything about Christina Vasa.
  9. What shall be the next obstacle in the path to twwuuu wuvvvv? Will Willow or Michael be wounded at the wedding disaster that should be? Will one of the 5 families (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and HEART!) make threats against Mikey and spur him to distance himself from his son and ex wife for their own good? Will Willow freak the fuck out and pull away from Michael for some other stupid reason? Stay tuned to find out. On the next episode of SOAP...... or a show that's almost meeting that quality of drama anyway.
  10. Good for them. People's rabid love for that show almost makes me want to try watching it again.
  11. I am super pleased that Drew is back, no matter who plays him, partially because he loves Monica and because he can barely stand Jason. He's gotta give his "mom" super side eye when he finds out how she dealt with the FrankenDrew situation though. I mean, she basically threw the brother he actually liked under a bus for some freaky ass brainwashed version of who he used to be.
  12. If Willow dies Michael will officially hit Maxie's number of dead SOs and will whine about it for eternity.
  13. I agree that Willow needs to deal with her son's death. She needs to go back to therapy and/or group and she needs to take a little space to sort her shit out before she jumps right back into being Mrs. Michael whatever he's calling himself now (cause we all know that's what coming as quickly as they can resolve the Chillow marriage). However... at this point Willey IS hers. Her saying "woops, sorry, adoption reversed, my bad" just isn't going to happen, and I don't think it should. I DO think that something really bad should happen to one of the Mobspring and that she should use the fact
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