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  1. We all have our wishlists for what we'd like to and not like to see on our shows. Who should come back from the dead, who should stay buried, what the next big sandwich at Kelly's Diner should be... I figured we could use a place to talk about our dreams for General Hospital. Since AJ just "died" I'm assuming I can't get my dream of hate-turned-to-love Carly/AJ story, but it'd be nice if maybe Johnny and Matt got let out of jail for good behavior or something... A girl can dream...
  2. rtoab

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Really, really, really, really, really looking forward to what happens when Sonny finds out it the "AJ" was "Ava Jerome." I know it might not happen, considering how this show can be with follow-through, but until it doesn't happen I'm going to have faith that it does. Speaking of Faith... I can't remember if we ever saw her body or anything after AJ had an assassin take her out. I'm assuming we did but that was so-freaking-long-ago. Maybe it was during one of my GH hiatuses... but I just can't remember the end of that story. Faith would definitely give Ava a run for her money...
  3. rtoab

    Top Gear (UK)

    I just have to say the Shan is GORGEOUS and, as molatte stated above, I love that Clarkson, Hammond, and May are constantly in awe of their surroundings on adventures like this and really appreciate where they are. Not many of us have opportunities to do the things they do, and they certainly know they are lucky to experience it.
  4. rtoab

    Top Gear (UK)

    Mr. rtoab and I both exclaimed "Jeremy's in a tie!?" in unison when we first saw him, which was conveniently followed by his explaining as to why he was wearing one. Loved the reasoning and how it looked the whole trip in contrast to the others (especially at the hotel - that was this part, right?). Such a gorgeous country, though. Wish I could visit!