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  1. Forget prostitution, in this day and age, no one was worried about Will being filmed while he was masturbating? That alone would make the offer a hard no. EDIT: I just remembered this takes place in 2006, not 2019, so cell phone cameras and social media weren’t really a thing yet. Still possible to be recorded, though. I think Simone resents Howard for not giving her more responsibility, which is why she phoned Maddie. And Tess’ youth just reminds Simone that she’s getting older and hasn’t accomplished much.
  2. Rant here: Tess rearranging the wine cabinet was beyond frustrating. Why would she take that upon herself to do, after only having been there a month? And yeah, I know it was a metaphor for her actual troubles. But she's lucky that she didn't get snapped at by one of the staff, or even a stern lecture from Howard. And if the system is in place and works for everyone else, it's your job to adjust to it, not the other way around. Then she's plopped on the floor trying to figure out a new model (using an actual map no less) during the dinner service? So moronic. The restaurant wasn't
  3. Amethyst

    Cats (2019)

    They do look like horrifying cat-human hybrids, no doubt. Jennifer Hudson‘s head looked like it was floating on that cat body. But the choreography is beautiful. The lead looked so graceful and lovely. I can see why that would translate better on stage. Still creepy looking creatures. And are they supposed to be miniature?
  4. Welp, is that it? I know the series was renewed, but in light of this, what now? Even if they have a backlog of episodes (and it can’t be many) knowing they’ve been banned from doing any more builds in Chicago isn’t going to help viewership.
  5. Amethyst


    I'm fine with Mari's BF taking a hike. He's scum anyway. I can't blame Emma for wanting to turn the bar around. Frankly, the bar simply wouldn't survive the way Eddie and Vida were running it. They had a few regulars, but there wasn't enough cash flow to keep their heads above water, especially in such a desirable location. Younger patrons have more disposable income and are more likely to invite their friends. And increased interest and word of mouth could also bring in more lucrative entertainment. When Johnny got the phone call about the baby, I just saw him and Lyn realizi
  6. Unless it's at a restaurant, I don't like banquette seating either. It's uncomfortable and I'm more likely to spill something on the upholstery. Plus, there are no armrests, you have to climb over people to edge your way out, nah. I didn't realize both photos were of her. In the second pic, she's so blonde.
  7. This is one of my favorite movies, and a real standout for a coming of age film. It's funny, challenging, and has a lot of heart. The scene when Muriel hooks up with Bryce is one of my favorites. So endearingly awkward by both of them. And when the American sailors showed up, it was hysterical. During the famous ABBA scene, I think the actresses playing Tania and Nicole were actually laughing while they were fighting. At least near the end. The scene was so funny I'm sure there was a lot of breaking character during filming.
  8. Yep. Jane's actions were petty, but Tess was definitely in the wrong. She was lying to her fiance about her real life and got upset when it inevitably blew up in her face. Unfortunately, the movie doesn't do a good job showing that Tess is as insecure as her sister and she just comes off as the villain. Tess owed Jane an apology for her own bratty behavior, especially for what she did to their mother's dress.
  9. This trailer gave me the same vibes as MiB International, flashy but empty. It just looks cheesy, and not in the fun way. Standard trailer fare from any spy/action flick, and the acting (what little there was) wasn't much better.
  10. This was really enjoyable. I liked the leads, and now having seen Ali Wong, I look forward to seeing more of her work. Hilarious of Keanu to lampoon himself. You know he hooked up with Marcus' ex back at his apartment. However, the last 30 minutes were pretty rushed and trope-y. Especially the public declaration of love. Can we please do away with that, or at least try a new spin on it? I thought the same thing, tbh. Their argument wasn't just anger, their worlds were really different and relationships can't always survive that. But the fact that Sasha named her restaur
  11. The State Farm "Don't mess with my discount!" ad is terrible. It just makes the woman look like a lunatic over a measly discount. I don't know why Progressive sticks with the annoying Flo and Jamie when the "turning into your parents" ads are so much funnier and more creative.
  12. Man, this network is so boring now. All the shows are under the same genre: house buying, flipping, or decorating. They might be tonally different ("folksy" type shows like Fixer Upper or Home Town vs more urban shows like Flip or Flop Vegas and Property Brothers) but once you've seen one, you've seen them all. And the new ones on the lineup are the exact same thing. But their blandness also makes them ideal for background noise. I've noticed that HGTV is now the default TV station in doctor's offices, hospitals, and gyms. It's no longer daytime TV or the local news.
  13. It's not a bad spin-off. Personally, I always cared for the decorative aspects of these shows rather than the home-buying and flipping, so I'm not missing Tarek's role in the series here. As for Christina by herself, she's ok. She doesn't have much personality (which is important for these shows) but again, I'm in it for the fancy finishes and the final results, Christina is just a second. Since Christina is pregnant now, I'm wondering what her house hunt is going to look like in the end. I sympathized with the short guy in the second ep, who wanted a shorter vanity so he could
  14. Amethyst


    I binged the whole season last week, and I loved it. It's an engrossing show, and I love how they're not afraid to show the negative sides of the characters. With the exception of the father, the season doesn't end on a cliffhanger. I suspect it was because they weren't sure if the show would be renewed, so they didn't leave many loose ends. The bar was a success. Lyn manages to take charge and it ends up working. Emma finds someone she clicks with (Nico. one of the best additions to the show) and that's basically it. I was fine with that, I'm tired of shows ending on some major cli
  15. I actually LOL'd when the Chicago couple spent all that time on the Queen Anne house only to end up with the first nightmare of a house. IA with the consensus; those renovations are going to take years to finish, assuming they even do them all. They'll probably reno the office/attic, kitchen, and "wait and see" on the rest. Tbh, I felt bad for the husband. He said they'd already done two renovations, so who can blame him for wanting something move-in ready? Plus their indecisiveness when it came to making decisions about their home. The new place was basically a gut job, everything
  16. I actually thought this was better than Jurassic World. I empathized with the dinosaurs more this time around. The Brontosaurus...I was not ready for that. Poor creature just standing there bellowing for help almost had me crying. I think it was the same one they saw when they arrived. 😞 At least the indoraptor certainly did more than it's predecessor. That smirk when the guy was trying to take it's tooth was hilarious. Didn't care about any of the stock human characters, not nerdy hacker guy, evil businessman, evil military guy, cloned kid, or Owen and Claire's relations
  17. Bingo. It was a hollow victory, because she alienated/backstabbed everyone to get there. After Ben’s exit, the team fell like dominos, and she ended up in that office all alone. And she only had herself to blame. Decent funeral, but you could tell it was perfunctory and people weren’t emotionally invested. Poor Gary, holding onto that lipstick for all those years. Dude was a real one. I thought something else was going to happen with the congressman when Tom James confronted Selena? The congressman didn’t look pleased with what he was hearing. Like he was going to pull funding
  18. Wow, so much to unpack here. I really enjoyed it, although I thought Infinity War was tighter and made more sense. I know it's pointless trying to logic the time travel stuff, but a few things really stick out: - Steve's ending, for all the reasons stated. He definitely deserves his happy ending with Peggy, but it feels cheap if that means Peggy's happy life was erased because of it. I'm hoping that was an alternate timeline, although I'm not sure how that would happen. - If Steve and Tony took the Tesseract from 1970, how did the events of the first Avengers movie still happen t
  19. I felt the same way, sort of. I thought the movie was fine and ended right before it became silly, but a weekly TV series doesn't work for me. And while it looks like Nandor is supposed to be the Viago, he seems like the odd man out and they focus more on Nadia and Laszlow. Besides the lone female wolf and Nadia sniping at each other, I wasn't impressed with the werewolves. The film versions had more camaraderie, and did a better job of showing why there was a hierarchy. These wolves just seemed scattered. Criticisms aside, I don't think it's a bad show, just not one of my favor
  20. I can see why this movie isn't for everyone. The graphic scenes and gratuitous language really did juxtapose from the beauty of the palace and everything around it. I did enjoy it, although I could have done without the puking scenes. Ugh. But the performances are excellent, and the myopic fish-eye lens was creepy. It's hard to say who was the best of the three, but I'm glad Olivia won the Oscar. I would have been happy if she or Glenn Close had won it. Abigail wasn't just the villain because she ingratiated herself with the Queen, it's that she disregards Sarah's political involv
  21. Colin definitely came across better in the second episode. He was more sinister. I cracked up when he was so aroused after the meeting, he couldn't even get up and leave. Guillermo is going to be mad that some random newbie (Jenna) was turned before he was. Lbr, Nandor is probably stringing poor Guillermo along, lol.
  22. Decent finale, but they've had better. Rebecca being the famous her wasn't surprising. It's not too far from what happened to Jack. He had a heart condition that ended up contributing to his death, but no one realized. I think Rebecca's accident did more damage than they thought and it might have led to her being where she was in the future. As for Beth and Randall...ok? I do miss how they used to be, but this reunion didn't feel earned. A nice speech and moving to Philadelphia isn't going to solve things, considering they've had these problems for years. I actually thought they we
  23. I was a little worried that this wouldn't hold up to the film, but it did very well. And that's not easy to do. It's one of the best comedies ever. The scene with Nick trying to escape the vampires always has me in tears. But the new vampires are hilarious. I also like Guillermo as the familiar. I wasn't too thrilled about Colin, though. I think he's there so they can have some of the vampire scenes in the daylight, but he didn't do much for me. I'm guessing the Baron is going to be a pile of dust when we see him next, since the windows weren't properly boarded up in the
  24. It's not all of a sudden, Randall's stress, anxiety, and impulsive behavior has been part of his character since the beginning. Before, it made sense to see why he was all over the place, but his actions always affect his family. It's just reached a point where it can't be hand-waved anymore. It's not only financial. It's not right for him to make these major decisions without discussing it with his wife. I think the political storyline was where they reached the breaking point. Beth shares some blame in this, too. She should have spoken to Randall a long time ago about feeling unha
  25. Good point. I hadn't thought about that. It really was horrible. That "showing housewives how to twirl" remark was particularly mean. And Randall telling someone to grow up is laughable.
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