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    Even without Johnny in the situation, Lyn and Rudy won’t make it. She’ll never live up to his mother‘s expectations. Rudy’s got some sexual hang ups that he won’t discuss with Lyn, and I doubt Rudy will stand up to his mother, anyway. I knew the bowl would get shattered. But it was worth it to see Emma high as a kite.
  2. Maybe I’m being sensitive, but I thought that stunt the bridal party pulled was just mean, and not in the least bit funny. Bad enough that they guzzled her wine, but skipping out on the check, too? What trash. I wish Issa had run into them for real. I could’ve done without the scene with George, amusing as it was. Between Issa’s conversation with her mother and her responding to the positive questions for the party, the episode ended strong. I get why she didn’t confront Molly.
  3. Amethyst


    You can see how much Lyn has matured. She made an effort not to tell her news to Johnny since he was already depressed, and in the old days, she would have just spilled the beans without a second thought. And I really liked her discussion with Emma at the end. It's Emma's right not to see their father if she doesn't want to, but that doesn't mean she gets to decide for Lyn as well. This episode felt slow. I hate that Eddy only ended up at the bar because she saw her attacker again. I don't need to see the bastard again, but I thought that would lead to something else. Hopefully he
  4. I really thought Issa and Molly were coming to blows during that fight. That sounded like straight up hatred between them. I got why Molly was angry, but she was wrong to bring it up then and there. It made her look vindictive, like she wanted a reason to start something and had just been waiting. They really fooled us with the wobble scene, thinking they were cool again. I like Nathan, but I don't think it matters if he was in town. Dude disappeared without a trace, so Issa doesn't have to be loyal to him. After they spoke last season, it sounded like Issa wanted some time to think
  5. Amethyst


    I know every family has that one relative they can't stand, but the aunt really was awful. Especially when Johnny asked about the casket. Suddenly she has nothing to say except that they'll figure it out on their own. Uh-huh. She's the kind who will take home leftovers, but not bring anything to the table except her appetite. I wouldn't be surprised if the greedy aunt was the one who insisted on the expensive casket. Maybe that's where they always go for funerals, or it's expected that they'll get the best money can buy. Who knows. No matter what, that's a lot to spend on one item
  6. After watching the scene again, I can see how Molly came off as being a jerk on the phone, although I don't think she was trying to be one. She clearly thought something was up if the headliner dropped suddenly, but Issa was so rushed and cagey and didn't explain anything else. And honestly, I've been the Issa in this situation, where you don't want to explain the problem, you just want it fixed. Because it means admitting the part where you messed up, if you actually did. No matter what, it's embarrassing. I don't think Issa wanted to ask for Molly's help anyway. Molly was the least sup
  7. Word to all of this, especially Lawrence. It would make sense for Issa to contact Daniel. But someone reminded me (Twitter maybe?) that Daniel pointed out Issa's user tendencies back in s2. He said Issa used him for a quick fling, then again when she needed a place to stay. So maybe that's why she didn't hit him up.
  8. Watching Issa and Molly's "friendship" is like a slow motion train wreck. It's just a snipe here, a side eye there...that's all they do now. Issa came off the worse for that phone call. It's not all on her to make the first move, but Issa was also the one who cancelled their meetup to talk on Thanksgiving. Brushing off Molly like that was foul. Especially for a favor. Interesting perspectives on the phone call. I'm sure Issa saw Molly as judging her for losing her headlining act, but Molly probably saw herself as checking to see if Issa had any legal rights to actually contest t
  9. Amethyst


    Wasn't thrilled with Nico saying that she didn't technically lie and that her marriage wasn't a big deal. It's not her place to decide what's a big deal to Emma. And Nico has had time to tell Emma the truth. She should have done it when what's-her-face returned. I wonder if Johnny and Mari's childhood home is paid for, so Mari can move back in. Did anyone see what was in the paper bag that Mari was holding? Lyn shouldn't have even told Emma about their father. She could have just investigated it on her own and talked to Emma later.
  10. Amethyst


    IA with CarpeFelis, especially about the personal stuff and the mob mentality. Also, I don't think the protesters are really aware of how much debt the Hernandez sisters have, and that keeping the bar afloat will take some serious money. In the season finale, Lyn told Mari that they weren't trying to gentrify the neighborhood, but to create revenue so they could keep the bar, and she asked if Mari had told the protest group that. Mari looked uncomfortable and didn't say anything. Good episode. I read an interview saying that they thought Nico was "too perfect" so they're adding on so
  11. Lawrence makes it hard to like him. First he was putting words in Condola's mouth about not wanting a family (rather than her saying that she simply doesn't want to get married again) but I'm not here for him sending DMs to Issa back like he's flirting. She needs to move on. Nathan or Daniel need to make an appearance. Issa should have just gone over to Molly's so they can hash this out. I get that she was taking advice from Ahmad, but this was the wrong situation to apply it. Molly may have been the instigator in the beginning, but now they're both being passive aggressive. They ne
  12. Same. I hate that she's acting this way around Taurean, but I get why she's doing it. I hope they don't go the romantic route. Last week, Molly told Issa that she was dumping Andrew since he was seeing other people. Not surprising, Molly always calls it quits when she notices the first flaw. But this week, she immediately apologized when Andrew called when she was out hiking. Although she wasn't wrong in what she wanted from Andrew (just the way she expressed it) it shows that Molly is learning from her mistakes. She's got her own issues and now she's willing to hear people out
  13. I don't think so. The last we saw/heard of Dro and Candice was at Tiffany's baby shower. Issa did say that she knew the previous season was unfinished, so I'm expecting to see Dro again. It would be interesting if Candice knew about Dro and Molly, especially since Candice is supposed to be pregnant.
  14. Molly may be her own worst enemy, but I feel bad for her. She's really taking hits from all sides. Taurean was a jerk before the Metra case incident, so his behavior isn't that suprising. At least Molly apologized and owned up to her poor judgement. It's depressing to see her suck up to Taurean this way, and it's already backfired on her. Same with Andrew. I get that Molly wants more connection right now. And she's clearly jealous of Issa and Condola's friendship, which makes her more vulnerable. Issa and Condola were right to acknowledge the weird situation they're in, s
  15. I guess it depends on how friendly Tiffany is with Condola and how much contact they have. Tiffany did say she didn't know it went beyond one date. Tiffany handled the confrontation poorly. Even if she didn't know about Condola and Lawrence, she just breezed out of the room like it was no big deal. Lawrence and Issa were together for five years, and Tiffany knows that. She should have called Issa later and apologized instead of doing that at the mixer, when Issa was already stressed and distracted. Tiffany's gone from bougie to annoying.
  16. The cracks are really starting to show in Issa and Molly's friendship. The opening scene was depressing to watch. The mixer showed how Issa has matured. Once she realized the party was failing, she got out of her own head and made the real speech that won everyone over. It was good to see her succeed on her own. She's going on the right path, even with the snags. Can't say the same for Molly. Her discussion with Issa at the end just made Molly look like an ass. I know there has to be conflict, but I don't want another whole season of Molly screwing up her whole life. And deep
  17. Not saying it should be endgame at this point, just IME, most couples who are paired from the beginning tend to stay that way.
  18. Gary and Maggie feels like endgame to me, but I'm happy to be wrong. It just seems like they want to play the will they/won't they game with them, despite them ending things well. Sure, there were some hurt feelings, but no animosity. Not all breakups can boast that. IA with you, Gary can't grow with Maggie, and she can't grow with him. I think they really needed each other when they were together, but they grew apart. It happens.
  19. That was awesome. The doctor in the first story probably got off the easiest. Yeah, he ends up in a coma, but he's reliving the orgasmic sensation of his actions, so at least he's peaceful. Could have gone without seeing the gory stuff with him mutilating himself, though. As for Carrie and Jack, I sympathize with them both. The transfer was just an awful idea from the start, but that's how Haynes worked, he would reach these people at their most vulnerable moments and propose a miracle that seemed impossible. And he said it himself: the real reason that the transfer failed was be
  20. I was wondering this too. I guess physical manifestations of arousal never showed, like erections. I think Karl had more emotional ties to Danny than he admitted. I think that if Danny had responded differently to the kiss, Karl would have as well. And there was a genuine connection between the two of them through their shared history as friends. Could be why Karl got the cat at the end, he was tired of being by himself and wanted something else to connect to. Everyone had to compromise in the end. Even though Theo gets to have a hookup for a night, it wasn't what she set out fo
  21. Same The moment Eddie started waxing poetic about how he wanted to tell her and he loved her, I was just waiting to hear the crash. So predictable. But someone on Twitter said they think Eddie was hit by the drunk guy who "saved" him at the bar. Shame that Gary and Maggie had a nice, mature send off, because you know it won't last. Gary will move on and develop feelings for Single Mom, Maggie will return from Oxford with some hot British arm candy, and Gary will get jealous. Figured Rome and Regina wouldn't get the baby. I know Regina is hurting but blaming Rome isn't the way
  22. Basically. Even with the footage they have, there’s so much negative press with this show. Besides the shoddy craftsmanship, the current residents don’t want them there, anyway. And I noticed that the recent articles list Donovan as Alison’s ex-partner. I guess she would have to get a new construction partner to continue the series.
  23. Ow, Saoirse. That peplum does look like it has its own tray. The skirt is so pretty, but it looks like it belongs on a totally different dress.
  24. ITA. The look is very simple, but accentuates her beautifully and the color works. Sandra’s dress is just too much.
  25. I thought she was Linda Ellerbee at first. And while I love Linda Ellerbee, blonde does not work on Olivia.
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