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S09.E10: Are You Committed?

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Prolly Pastor Cal was supposed to be on Unfiltered but BrassyBeth’s titties scared him off the set.

Now we see BiggieChard’s cellulite up to her butt.

Jeez, haven’t we suffered enough seeing her mammeries....

 JamieO is wearing a summery Snuggli....the sleeves are cut off

Doug needed to gently brush her extensions 100 strokes before she left home for the set...they looked matted and ratty

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I don't think JamieO appreciates Liz's brutal honesty - Liz obviously can't stand Matt because of his all nighter.  I'm glad someone is just saying it with reg. to Matt. Now if Liz could find the rest of her outfit...

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When actresses wear short skirts on talk shows, the camera crew is usually careful to shoot from the waist up to avoid any potentially unflattering angles, and the actresses themselves constantly check the monitor to make sure they're not flashing anything.

Elizabeth has none of those crutches.

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She seems to have Grinch posture to begin with so it REALLY doesn’t work.  Wonder where she found that thing.  

ETA:  Think I’m gonna like this episode...

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Oh, Dr. Pepper, not the sex dice.  So trite (and not the best idea for Iris’ . . . uh . . . stage of sexuality).

Poor Keith is ready for some good old-fashioned boot-knocking with a fellow adult.  I feel sorry for him at this point. 

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Amber still hasn’t learned that people will treat you exactly how you allow them to treat you.  Matt is winding down the clock out on the town with his boyz and this silly girl is waiting for him to come home and “hold her.”  Matt wasn’t ready for this nonsense from day one. 

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While I can understand not wanting to do certain sex acts on camera, I don't understand why Iris is so uptight about some of this stuff.   She's given out bjs but all Keith gets is a kiss on the shoulder?

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4 minutes ago, Brooklynista said:

Keith needs to put the dice down and just ask Iris what she WILL damn do. She's wack as hell.

I'm starting to wonder if she really has had any sexual experience over the years, in spite of what she said on Unfiltered last week. She really seems immature but then again to play this out in front of the camera is embarrassing as heck.

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Oh enough of this crap.  Iris, if you can do that, you can do this.  Enough of this Virgin shit.

If I were Amber, I’d throw his clothes out on the lawn. Stop crying already .. if this is what u want, this will happen again and again.  He’s not going to want a weeping willow for a wife.  He doesn’t feel sorry for you.

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Seems they edited out the part from the preview where Greg said she doesn’t like physical contact.  And what advice did new “expert” give Deonna?  She just seemed to nod.  K.  

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