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Golden Girls Alphabet Game

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On 2/18/2019 at 2:46 AM, CousinOliver said:

D is for Dan, of “Dan and Morothy” 

We  were just talking about Dan and Morothy the other day, and decided they would be code names for a couple we know... 

E is for Elvis and his pork chop 

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H is for House and also for Home. The floor plan makes no sense and the outside doesn’t match the inside, but it’s a big part of what gives the show it’s cozy feel. 

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X is for xylophone, which is what that piano the chicken played really sounded like (a stretch, but my second x in a row...). 

Y is for the yogurt Blanche was eating when she got lost in remembering about the one that was always up for extra innings, such exceptional control...

and Z for the Zbornie, don’t burn your fingers on a potato!   

Forgive me for taking all three, but better letters await you and I will control myself from here on out.

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