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Golden Girls Alphabet Game

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N is for Norman, Rose’s cross-eyed cousin that had performance issues. Both Dorothy and Blanche slept with him and agreed the fault was Norman’s.

O is for Olga aka The Lean Mean Swedish Machine, Cousin Sven’s intended. 

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C is for Coco, episode one’s gay cook, useless for collateral.   

The girls’ money situations were inconsistent, but they never came across as wealthy enough for a cook, gay or otherwise.  

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N is for Non c'e pensare. Dorothy's attempt at Italian. 

It's also for Natural manure, which is the topic Blanche steered the conversation towards the 1st time Miles came over to the girls for dinner. 

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is for baked Ziti, which both Sophia and Angela can most likely make deliciously despite insults to the contrary and curses on each other that their sauce never cling to their pasta. 

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F is for Forget it! Like when Dorothy protested Baby living with them...until she changed her mind.

Rose : Well I'd split the money with you girls!

Dorothy : Forget it!

Blanche Devereaux : How long does a pig live?

Chester T. Raney : About 25 years.

Dorothy : Forget it!

Blanche Devereaux : How old is this pig?

Chester T. Raney : 29.

Dorothy : Welcome, Baby!

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is for Horseracing. Sophia frequents the track, Blanche has a pass to the jockey’s lounge, Rose went to help her paint a horse accurately and Dorothy nearly lost everything gambling again. 

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