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  1. He must never have run into Angela in Sicily. She was living there after her husband died until she moved to Florida. You would think she’d look him up instead of living with a goat.
  2. They did an episode about one of Dorothy’s pupils being deported for being here illegally. But then have Uncle Angelo arrive from Italy for a visit and Dorothy gives him an apartment and he just stays. No mention of paperwork or visas or court dates. Just as illegal.
  3. Michael’s age has always been the show’s biggest and most glaring continuity error because it’s not a one off mistake but is at odds with Dorothy’s whole repeated backstory. That she got pregnant in high school, married Stan and was married for 38 years. And when the show started she had not seen Stan in 2 years. So Michael would be 40 at the start of the series. Or there’s a never mentioned disowned or deceased older child out there since Kate is also too young to be that first child. But then at some point in the series Dorothy claims to be 55 which makes her story even more out of whack. Throw in Sophia’s mom who was in her 90s when Dorothy was 6 but was alive to work on Eisenhower’s campaign in the 50s and you have one strange family setup.
  4. I’ve always wondered why is there an exclamation point on the front door?
  5. Ria

    Rose Nylund: Her Heart's In The Right Place...

    And Mrs. Claxton.
  6. Ria

    Rose Nylund: Her Heart's In The Right Place...

    A lot of Rose’s stories are ridiculous. What about her and Charlie living in a burning house? It was warm and toasty until they outgrew the place. I really wonder sometimes if Rose was psychotic.
  7. When Dorothy and Sophia place 2nd in the Shady Pine’s mother/daughter pageant, why does Rose announce to Blanche “make way for the winners of the mother/daughter beauty pageant”. I mean really, just why?
  8. I like the “Mel Bushman” episode, but it’s another one where the show can’t keep continuity within an episode. Early in the episode Dorothy comments to Blanche she has been seeing Mel for three years and sees him maybe 5 times a year. So she’s seen Mel about 15 times. A few scenes later Dorothy is telling Blanche’s she’s been out with Mel thousands of times. Mel himself mentions Blanche calls him every couple of weeks. Couldnt the writers bother to settle on one story? It’s as if three different writers threw it together.
  9. Ria

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    Z is for the Zorro Mask Blanche says’s was almost knocked off her late night date when Sophia’s nurse entered at a most inopportune time.
  10. The Christmas episode also has the stupid story of Stan supposedly convincing his kids one year Christmas was the 26th and finding a thrown out tree and decorating it with pull tabs and convincing them a Jim Thorpe movie was King of Kings. Even if they were this poor, and this is really poor, I can’t believe Sal and Sophia wouldn’t have made sure their grandkids had a tree and presents on Christmas or at least had them over to their house to celebrate. And King of Kings was made in the 1960s. Their kids should have been teens. Were they this stupid?
  11. It makes no sense. Just like with Trudy McMann. You can’t really pretend to be dead for several minutes while people are standing all around you and would notice if you twitched or breathed.
  12. In one episode a man asks Blanche if she is in the book and she replies “in bold print”.
  13. I hate the witness protection program story. It’s just ridiculous and completely pointless. And after the Cheeseman is arrested he goes back to being Miles (not Nick) the professor. How does an accountant become an English professor anyway? I’m pretty sure that’s not how the program works. The Bob Hope episode was just dumb. I think Sophia stealing the Pope’s ring is alright. It’s not as if the Pope came to their house and it has some funny lines. But I don’t like the subplot with the detective.
  14. Dorothy not wanting to date a cop at least made more sense than Blanche not wanting to date a pharmacist. Now that was dumb. I never understood the problem with Dorothy dating Eddy the love machine. This was a woman who didn’t date much and had sex even less. Let her have some fun. When it ran its course, so be it. What was the problem that she had to dump him? And I hate Eddy’s line that the good ones always want more than sex. Maybe they’re just not that into you Eddy.
  15. She’s really been gone 10 years already? Hard to believe. They’re all so vibrant and alive each night, I forget most of them are gone.