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  1. Another episode that makes no sense is the one where they go to the 40th reunion of a school they never went to and pretended to be other people. Even if we ignore that these aren’t free or cheap and you must RSVP weeks in advance, why are they wearing false name tags? How did Blanche or Dorothy expect to meet men to date with a false identity? And Rose as Korean? It didn’t occur to them friends would be there who would know they weren’t who they claimed? If anyone said they didn’t remember them in their school a simple lie that they only attended briefly would have been easier and smarter. I hate it when the girls (other than Rose) are dumbed down this much.
  2. The father may have called but there’s no way I’d leave my child overnight just by talking to an elderly woman who claimed to be a decathlon champ. I’d insist on talking to whoever was caring for the baby, give details on what she ate, offer to pay and make sure they had my number and her doctor’s number. And of course ask if it was alright for my baby to stay until I could get a friend or relative there. None of it made sense including how an infant could be getting more siblings unless the man had two wives.
  3. Remarkable woman was Dorothy’s grandmother. If Dorothy was 6 when she was 94, she must have given birth to Sophia while well into her 60s. And then she lived to work on Eisenhower’s 1953 Presidential campaign, making her at least 111 at the time, assuming Dorothy was born around 1930.
  4. In the episode where Sophia thinks she’s having a heart attack after over eating at the party they threw, I think it’s rather rude to invite a guest over, put out an elaborate display of food, and then criticize a guest behind her back for eating it and enjoying it. No matter what she weighs.
  5. When Stan first appeared it had been two years since he left her. So she had married about 40 years earlier. So 57-58 would be an approximate age. But later in the series she says she’s 55, which would be impossible. But by then she’s saying she slept with Stan because he said he was being shipped to Korea which would be 1950 or later. So there goes those 38 years of marriage. Charlie being old enough to buy war bonds for him and Rose in 1942 and going off to fight in Normandy around 1944 also make Rose seem older than she claims. (I know Buddy lied about being friends but he must have had the basic details right to fool Rose). Charlie must have been at least 18 in 1944 and Rose was a year younger, making Rose also about 58 when the show started. But something makes me think she claims to be 55 in season 1. None of it makes sense and that’s before you even bring in the kid’s ages.
  6. Every time I see the end of the Rose-may-have-HIV episode, as the girls go off looking forward to Dorothy's wetland banquet and Sophia realizes she didn’t stuff the envelopes with invitations, I want to see what happens. Unfair that we are just left hanging.
  7. The episode where Sophia thinks she is having a hard attack but it’s just overeating. There is a big storm, trees and power lines are down, the paramedics can’t get through. The girls are in the kitchen discussing food (of course). It’s dark out and the wind is still blowing the trees. They decide to go for a walk. In a storm with trees and power lines down.
  8. Betty White is going to star in a Lifetime Christmas movie! ”According to a news release, White will star as a woman who "helps whip would-be Santas into shape, spreading the true meaning of Christmas and leading everyone to wonder: is she secretly Mrs. Claus?"
  9. The girls are still golden. According to Hulu people in lockdown have been watching hours of The Golden Girls. 11 million hours alone in April putting the show in its top ten.
  10. Or when she gets a hearing aid on the spur of the moment. Those things average $2K-$3K a piece with most insurances not covering them. They may have been cheaper then but in yesterday’s dollars still quite expensive for the time.
  11. I’m watching the episode where Dorothy refuses to pass the football player. Sophia is going on about how disgusted she is that Dorothy threw a priest out the door. When did this happen? She refused to pass Kevin and the priest got up and left. Was something cut? And that horrible Empty Nest episode starts with the dishwasher being broken and dirty dishes stacked all over the sink, counter and island. Blanche is the only one I can imagine not washing those dishes.
  12. In the “Marguerite the housekeeper” episode, Dorothy is grilling hamburgers in the lanai. She puts the metal tongs down on the hot grill and goes to talk to Rose. She comes back and picks up the tongs with her bare hands. Those should have been fire hot. Of course the set people didn’t even try to make the grilling look real. No smoke or sizzling. Just Dorothy aimlessly pushing patties around on a grill. Other shows put at least a little effort into details like this.
  13. Blanche did wear short sleeves, even cap sleeves occasionally, while Rose opted for sleeves that stopped at the elbow, and their arms looked fine. The sweaters and layers while complaining about heat waves made no sense.
  14. I like that episode too. But since she’s “Mrs” Klaxton, I wonder what happened to Mr Klaxton. She might have mattered to him at one point (since Rose was so concerned about her having no reason to have been born or something). Although who was Rise to decide Mrs Klaxton didn’t have a happy life?
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