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  1. I don’t know how Rose ever kept her job as a product tester or got promoted to associate producer. What did Enrique think when she turned in reports about staring at lightbulbs for hours with her hand in a bucket of water? How did she become an associate producer suggesting topics like “who’s in charge of cheese?” Or “Lincoln: statesman or gas guzzler?” I don’t even understand how she was qualified as a grief counselor. The only job she had that made sense was as a waitress. And I still wonder how often she messed up the orders. The woman had trouble understanding basic English at times.
  2. I hated that the spin-off took place in a hotel instead of in their cozy house. Plus it had all these people I didn’t care about, ie hotel staff, hotel guests, intruding. I would have continued watching the original show without Dorothy but the spin-off didn’t work for me. Even Two and a Half Men found a way to keep the show at the beach house after Charlie died. Maybe they learned from The Golden Palace. When the house is important to the feeling of the show, don’t ditch it.
  3. I was underwhelmed also. I sat there for almost half an hour watching two people on one side of a desk listen to a guy on the other side giving a long exposition. It just wasn’t interesting to me. I also felt, and not for the first time these past few episodes, that our Loki was playing the side kick to Sylvie. I don’t hate her but she isn’t the reason I was watching.
  4. I most enjoy the early episodes when Jake was young. The family dynamic was most enjoyable then. That was really the best and funniest parts of the show for me, the relationship between the characters. The later seasons substituted funny and warm interactions for smutty low brow sex jokes. Charlie telling Jake he cleaned up his act on the weekends but pop in on a Wednesday and he’d be scarred for life was funny. Alan getting caught masturbating in every room of the house while Charlie had the hots for his date’s 20 year old daughter was just gross. I love the scene in the season 1 ep
  5. Blanche: If you take away the gruff exterior, the badge and the gun, what do you have? Dorothy: A naked policeman. Blanche: EXACTLY! So very Blanche.
  6. The alimony Allen paid to both wives was absurd. Judith was a healthy young woman who didn’t have to work to support herself at all, who got the house, all expenses paid, child support while Allen still had to pay for Jake’s clothes and school extras and Kandi was 23 and married for 6 months, no children. Allen just lacked the backbone to contest any of this. The show really did Allen no favors as the seasons progressed. They turned him into such a weak spineless mooch he contributed nothing financially to the household and was too cheap to even pay for popcorn at the movies. And h
  7. I was watching a couple of old episodes of The Odd Couple and boy if it didn’t remind me over and over of Charlie and Alan. In many ways Two and a Half Men is just The Odd Couple done in a way that couldn’t be done in 1970.
  8. I read their ranking if the worst villains to appear on the show. There is no doubt in my mind the worst villain is Sophia. Even Rex Huntington’s verbally abusive behavior towards Blanche is nothing compared to the years of verbal and emotional abuse Sophia heaped on all those around her. Funny how the show could have Dorothy trying to get through to Blanche how badly Rex was treating her while not seeing the abusive relationship she has been subjected to by her mother for her entire life.
  9. Sophia’s attempt to convince Dorothy she was going on vacation with new friends was pathetic. I also thought Sophia was mean bordering on outright sociopathic. Her idea of fun was hurting and insulting people. Tricking her roommates into tasting boiling hot liquid, tricking Rose into turning her stiff neck or admitting to burying Rose up to her neck in sand and having kids throw balls at her or pretending she was possessed by Charlie. The list goes on. Not to mention her constant put downs of Dorothy. I thought Estelle did a wonderful job of creating an elderly lady charact
  10. I’ve always through the three chairs and round table was an odd choice. TV shows have been showing groups of 4 or more eating dinner at a table since the ‘50s.
  11. It’s another episode that makes Sophia out as the biggest hypocrite. She’s always lecturing the others on being there for the family while she is having petty decades long feuds with her sister and daughter in law.
  12. I always marvel at how Kendall, and for that matter Trudy McMahon, can apparently stay perfectly motionless, not even breathing, not even a twitch, to convince people they are dead.
  13. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/13/opinions/golden-girls-35th-anniversary-trump-colucci/index.html
  14. I think the girls short old lady hair styles and fussy fuddy duddy clothes make them look old. Their daily style is like ladies in their 80s now wear when going out for a special occasion. I’m in my mid fifties and my friends and I have long hair and wear yoga pants and flip flops.
  15. The girls managed to get themselves arrested an awful lot. Dorothy, Blanche and Rose-arrested for the fracas at the dock Dorothy, Blanche and Rose-arrested for prostitution Dorothy, Rose and Sophia-arrested for scalping tickets Dorothy-arrested for being a slumlord Sophia-arrested for the Shady Pines fire Blanche and Rose-arrested for shoplifting And we don’t even know if Dorothy got arrested for driving a stolen Mercedes. But the one time one of the commits a serious crime, nothing happens. I’m referring to Rose shooting at, and nearly hitting, Lester.
  16. When the girls are talking about the Seven Dwarfs and Dorothy says “and they all had jobs” Blanche responds “in a DIAMOND mine”. I think Rue’s delivery was perfect. Such a very Blanche thing to say.
  17. Nope, don’t like this list at all. Too many of them feature the annoying relative/friend/outsider. I don’t dislike the episodes (other than the awful Spare the Jacket, not a fan of the finale either), but most aren’t close to my favorites.
  18. I’ve never seen any other comment following Rose’s statement. Rose says he didn’t die then, he had his heart attack then and there is immediate loud laughter.
  19. The most inappropriate, odd and puzzling use of a laugh track: the episode where Sophia thinks she’s having a heart attack. Rose confesses to Dorothy that her husband had a heart attack while they were making love. Dorothy says she didn’t realize Charlie died while they were making love. Rose says he didn’t die then, he had his heart attack then. Cue loud laugh track. What on earth is funny about that line? A serious moment is ruined by a bizarre choice to find Charlie dying funny.
  20. Another episode that makes no sense is the one where they go to the 40th reunion of a school they never went to and pretended to be other people. Even if we ignore that these aren’t free or cheap and you must RSVP weeks in advance, why are they wearing false name tags? How did Blanche or Dorothy expect to meet men to date with a false identity? And Rose as Korean? It didn’t occur to them friends would be there who would know they weren’t who they claimed? If anyone said they didn’t remember them in their school a simple lie that they only attended briefly would have been easier and smarter. I
  21. The father may have called but there’s no way I’d leave my child overnight just by talking to an elderly woman who claimed to be a decathlon champ. I’d insist on talking to whoever was caring for the baby, give details on what she ate, offer to pay and make sure they had my number and her doctor’s number. And of course ask if it was alright for my baby to stay until I could get a friend or relative there. None of it made sense including how an infant could be getting more siblings unless the man had two wives.
  22. Remarkable woman was Dorothy’s grandmother. If Dorothy was 6 when she was 94, she must have given birth to Sophia while well into her 60s. And then she lived to work on Eisenhower’s 1953 Presidential campaign, making her at least 111 at the time, assuming Dorothy was born around 1930.
  23. In the episode where Sophia thinks she’s having a heart attack after over eating at the party they threw, I think it’s rather rude to invite a guest over, put out an elaborate display of food, and then criticize a guest behind her back for eating it and enjoying it. No matter what she weighs.
  24. When Stan first appeared it had been two years since he left her. So she had married about 40 years earlier. So 57-58 would be an approximate age. But later in the series she says she’s 55, which would be impossible. But by then she’s saying she slept with Stan because he said he was being shipped to Korea which would be 1950 or later. So there goes those 38 years of marriage. Charlie being old enough to buy war bonds for him and Rose in 1942 and going off to fight in Normandy around 1944 also make Rose seem older than she claims. (I know Buddy lied about being friends but he must have h
  25. Every time I see the end of the Rose-may-have-HIV episode, as the girls go off looking forward to Dorothy's wetland banquet and Sophia realizes she didn’t stuff the envelopes with invitations, I want to see what happens. Unfair that we are just left hanging.
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