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"The Airplane Show"
Bailey: [about a WKRP stunt to help save Les's life] I bet all the other stations could help.
Herb: Why should they?
Bailey: Well, if you were in competition with us, would you want us to lose Les?

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Interesting tidbit I never knew -- that there were 2 endings filmed for the Season 1 episode "The Contest Nobody Could Ever Win"

The episode that I originally saw on TV was the one where Johnny retrieved the briefcase full of money from the fake Donald Pasola, and then the second ending in which the fake Donald Pasola (played by a completely different actor) got away with the money.  In the second ending there's also a completely different end scene where Johnny created a commercial that he plays between songs for the Donald Pasola repayment fund.

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Les Nessman, is that you?  https://oddstuffmagazine.com/funny-pictures-april-7-2019.html/lizzard-warning

"More News and Les Nessman"

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