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  1. I was disappointed that Jeff didn't die in bed. Maybe that was planned for postponed Episode 21 or 22. Alexis *killing* Cecil Colby with her lovemaking in Original Dynasty was a classic.
  2. Season Finale Recap https://tvline.com/2020/05/08/dynasty-recap-season-3-episode-20-finale-ending-explained/
  3. It may have been in the plans, but I think the May 8 episode is the Season Finale. I had heard that production had stopped before they filmed the last couple episodes. Online TV listings show that the CW has two hours of Masters of Illusion slated for May 15. Since the show is already renewed for Season Four, I wonder if we will get 24 episodes next year. My Hangover's Arrived" New, 5/08/2020, Season 3 / Episode 20 , Drama, Soap Opera Things don't go quite as planned during Fallon's surprise bachelorette party.
  4. I doubt that anyone will have a gameplan anytime soon. Everything has happened so quickly and it seems pretty likely that studios in LA are not going to be back in production anytime soon. I don't think that NBC cares all that much about syncing up holidays with airdates. The contract with NBC only allows for X number of episodes and it seems equally unlikely that NBC would hand over more $$$ for 14 additional episodes (11 for Olympics and 3 for French Open). Back in the Soapnet era, they did a good job presenting encore episodes during the Olympics, with a handful of actors presenting their "favorite episodes". NBC seems to not like "encore" episodes, but by July, we will be well into the launch of PEACOCK, which is allegedly going to house old episodes. Maybe their opinion on encores of classic episodes will change if the industry remains mostly shut down in 4 months. The worst possibility is that NBC will just move forward with its plan to make TODAY an all-day show. An afternoon TODAY hour will seem sorta necessary if the world remains at a standstill in late summer. Honestly, if states are still in lockdown at that point, then DOOL airdates are even less significant.
  5. The previous renewal was until September 18, 2020, when the *season* ends. There is probably some type of story bible which cites things that should happen in the final weeks, but it seems unlikely that actual scripts would have been written, especially since the cast, crew, and management have known about the break for almost 6 months, per the Freddie Smith podcasts. It seems that the show has migrated to a *start* in September, when the traditional fall network season begins. I am basing this on how the episodes are numbered in the various on-demand programs.
  6. Ack! I was hoping that Guru was gonna be on the D/L and sexing up both of them.
  7. They may find some additional savings if they migrate more folks to recurring status and re-focus on 80 full-fledged cast members. I guess the Chabby in Paris web series worked well into their new model. From what Farah Fath tweeted, they filmed the entire Last Blast web series in under a week. She was on a long-scheduled international trip, which is why her role was re-cast (at least that's the reason she provided). I can't imagine that Corday makes much $$$ from the web series. Then again, it may not cost very much to produce either. Not sure what SAG guidelines web-actors operate under, if at all.
  8. Have they ever mentioned her on air since she left? I know they made mention of Melissa and Noelle when Sarah Horton arrived and was de-aged a couple decades. Big Sister Summer gets dissed. She can join Dougie LeClaire, Steve Olsen, and Sandy Horton as long-forgotten Salemites.
  9. I'm not sure it ever has been released, aside from a few private screenings.
  10. The only way the show gets canceled is if Corday no longer wants to produce it. That's quite possible, particularly if he loses the Sony lawsuit. The filming hiatus also gives him a chance to totally re-invent the daytime process, moving it more toward staffing/production models used in primetime and by streaming services. With all the money being tossed around to find the next "big hit" show, it seems odd that there wouldn't be someone with deep pockets who would love to buy into a product with a 50-year history, millions of hardcore fans, and a profitable business model. Why do we even have Episode Guarantees? Presumably this was to keep actors from fleeing to better opportunities? Maybe that whole concept gets thrown out the window and actors are hired for a set period of time. It was only about a decade ago that DOOL even really began to operate by "seasons". Sure, storylines would always peak during Sweeps. But do sweeps even matter to the networks or to advertisers any more. ABC and FOX have already started tracking success of a progam based on 35-day viewing. That's right, a whole month -plus. Which is how TV works on the edge of 2020. And why use only newbies? There's not exactly huge demand for any of the over-40 cast members. They'll use the actors that are recognizable and affordable. I see no reason to be pessimistic. If Corday loses the Sony suit, then my mind may change. If the Today Show were running on full cylinder and scoring huge ratings, I might worry about Hour #5. That isn't happening anytime soon. NBC isn't going to just hand back an hour to the affiliates. The Kelly Clarkson Show is the only syndicated program launched in the past decade to get any traction. And we will see what happens to her after her initial two-season commitment. In the end, we can all speculate and theorize. No one really knows. If this message board had historical postings, we could probably search the posts from the 90s, the 2000s, and even 5 years ago which cited the imminent Doom of DOOL. There are always a legion of doomsayers. Someday they will be right. I still expect to see DOOL at Season 60. And then some.
  11. The schedule has been wildly erratic for a couple months now. I use ATT TVnow and the Guide is almost always wrong for anything after 6PM ET. I don't know if they are swapping shows out at the last minute or there is a hidden method to the madness. And trying to sync up the APP episodes to what is aired is nearly impossible. I noticed a few years ago that HH was on a "13-episode season", which meant they were on Season 85 or something ridiculous. Back then, at least, you tended to get a somewhat logical sequence. They would air shows from the same *season*, although in randomized order, and not completely. Now there seems no logic to any of it. ATT TVnow (formerly DirecTVnow) does have a handy "callback" feature in its guide, which is how I have caught a few episodes that the DVR didnt catch. That has helped somewhat when my own DVR setting records some other dopey program.
  12. If the actor has a contract, it will be honored. The original clickbait article mis-stated the situation wildly. If a person chooses to work in a competitive profession with 90% unemployment, that's their choice. The actors have known about the "dark months" for at least 3-4 months. Heck, we have known about it for at least two months. This will be a great opportunity for them to audition for features or prime time. And they can be wildly successful, like Blake Berris or Trevor Donovan or Kyler Pettis or Rachel Melvin or Kristen Renton or Molly Burnett or Casey Diedrick or any of the dozens of other younger actors who have passed through Salem in the past couple decades. Negativity aside, hopefully some of them will book a few lines in a Lifetime or Hallmark movie, or land a commercial. Or travel. Or grab an acting class. Being an actor is highly competitive. NBC won't announce the future of DOOL until early 2020. The show has gotten a slew of 1-year renewals, so the entire cast knows that each year could be its last.
  13. John Aniston is recurring, meaning that he has no contract. He made this decision several years ago. He enjoys working, as do many older folks. And many fans have enjoyed watching him for 35 years. And still do.
  14. The unemployment rate among actors is roughly 90%. A gig paying a few grand a week is decidedly better than driving for uber or taking beverage orders behind a bar
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