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  1. 1. Cristal #3 wasnt all that bad. I wish Fallon had a line asking if she had changed her hair. 2. I don't get Anders quitting to work with Sam. Presumably "La Mirage" will be miraculously completed in a couple episodes. But what is the point? 3. Kirby Anders just needs to go. I guess she hasn't figured out how to use her company credit card -- or heck, even office Petty Cash -- to pay for a $100 room at one of the Atlanta Motel 6's. 4. Not enjoying Dominique Deveraux either. Blake just paid her at least $1M ("seven figures") and she hires a t-shirt-wearing punk local tabloid on air personality to find out about the Flores Crime Family? 5. I don't think Adam provides *comic relief*. Giving snarky replies to the cops, diving under a sheet in the very tiny morgue with a dead body, splaying all over the flimsy card tables used at the aquarium celebration, or being all Three Stooge-y with his father and stepmother.... Tedious, not entertaining. Especially since he is clearly deadly dangerous to all Carringtons. I read that the actor just finished filming the lead role in some feature film. Maybe the actor will move on. Soon. 6. I did like the Dead Teen Girl appearing to Fallon all episode long. Also liked Fallon seeking out the mother and freaking out with the debilitating panic attack. I also liked that she framed the dead man for killing the teen. I didn't see that coming and it was well plotted. 7. Could care less about slimy tiny Liam. Having him bedridden or wheel-chair-bound makes it easier to hide the height discrepancy with Fallon. The ex-girlfriend is a poor replacement for his mother. Hopefully they find budget dollars to bring Sharon Lawrence back. 8. Loved that they kept the Dynasty-esque opening credits.
  2. They seemed to have *slowed* down the show timeline. The opening credits cite a 1995 move. The sixth season appears to have begun in Summer 1999, so we may have more episodes dealing with Y2K craziness. I am presuming this is just a 13-episode season. That could put a Series Finale around the end of the year, to perhaps coincide with Y2K?
  3. Probably if he wants it. Just about anyone who works for a company with more than 1000 employees can wrangle whatever time they want for family leave. You won't get paid for the whole time off. You probably will have to pay for your own health benefits/coverage. And you may end up having a different job when your leave has concluded. Most folks cannot swing all those conditions. But if you have earned a few million dollars per year for a decade or two, it's not all that unrealistic.
  4. I loved Salem Place. Essentially, Horton Town Square has replaced it for good. The studio is right in the heart of busy Burbank, with traffic noise and major construction being done on the property itself. It's been almost two decades since I was outside the studio, and I was shocked at how the studio was crammed into a very busy commercial district. And that was before the last decade of urban development. Parking for the actors was recently moved somewhat far away due to the construction. Far away enough that a golf cart is used to shuttle the cast. It may sound easy to just film outside, but go back and watch the hellish job done on the final gasps of ATWT and GL. Sure, technology is better, but you still have lighting, choreography, different makeup needs, crowd control, homeless management, landscaping and litter maintenance, shadows, angles, and re-takes. Under the current budget, there are no re-takes, If they manage to stumble into a few more bucks, I'd rather they spend it on updating the current sets, invest in some promotion, and maybe hire some writers/directors who aren't already AARP members. Edge of Night was an amazing show, and it's sets were comical. But the writing and the storytelling and the casting was outstanding. Good story will make everyone forget the dusty Brady Pub, the 1990s style hotelroom (hello, bedspreads were banned a decade ago) and the generic multi-purpose office.
  5. They haven't done that in decades. The four surviving daytime dramas usually identify a recast by having other cast members refer to them by character name. In this case, I am 1000% certain that Fallon and Sam will have snarky quips that mock the recast. I really wish they had just ditched Crystal #2. She really didnt have much of a logical storyline. A new character, with the same name, and a new backstory would have been OK.
  6. On Tuesday, they spent the first few minutes of Host Chat announcing the 32nd Year of "Live" and "Gelman". Then acknowledged the 19th Anniversary for Mrs Consuelos. Then, a smattering of applause for Ryan's Year Three. Perhaps there was some hurricane coverage which led to some stations airing a rerun?
  7. Seems rather clear to me. The actress is not very strong and the producers/writers do not feel she is capable of carrying an episode/storyline. While that may or may not be true, most actors would be thrilled to cash a weekly paycheck from a long-running network show. Given the huge raises that the two leads earned in the last renewal, it's actually surprising they didn't cut some costs.
  8. I agree that the bottom line is $$$. GMA Third Hour is getting it's FOURTH revamp next month. retitling the show to include some Keke person who co-hosted this summer. TODAY already has four hours, including the tailspin known as Fourth Hour. When you open the NBC app, and select to list shows by MOST POPULAR, DOOL is front and center, Number 1. The world still gets its jollies by hyping the "Nielsen Ratings", as bogus as they have been for a decade-plus. Streaming data remains closely held, and I imagine that's one reason that Sony sticks around. NBC knows that data as well. Corday Productions is a microscopically small company when it comes to Hollywood production companies. If Kenny were to keel over tomorrow, I'm not sure what would happen to it. Sony is a behemoth. Comcast/NBC/Universal is even larger. Clearly DOOL has value, even in this crazy marketplace. We really only know a few things. We know that NBC will air DOOL until September 18, 2020. We also know that DOOL will conclude taping of that episode by the end of 2019 (they just finished taping the April 15, 2020 episode -- that means only 5 months left before the existing NBC deal expires). We also know that the studio space has been sold and either an extension is needed or a new taping location will be needed as of 1-1-20. We know that NBC is launching a Netflix-like streaming program in early 2020. And we know that the Sony lawsuit is in accelerated mediation, making an overall decision likely by the end of 2019. ETA: Now watch, next week, we will hear about a 5-year long-term NBC renewal..... <ha>
  9. I don't think that's at all the plan. NBC is launching its own hybrid version of Netflix/CBSAllAccess in 2020 and will be desperate for content. Corday likely does want to get away from Sony, some cash would be nice. But freedom to market the show, and perhaps an investor with deep pockets, seems the goal. Meanwhile, Corday Productions will already have a proven show with a built in fanbase. And a year's worth of content, ready to air. Broadcast ratings have cratered in all dayparts for NBC, so it isn't about to walk away from DOOL for a Fifth Hour Of Today or local infomercials. Affiliates aren't clamoring for cancellation. I think we still only have one market where the show is exiled to "middle of the night" (Salt Lake City). A few affiliates have tinkered with the timeslot, only to return DOOL when their "big dreams" failed. The show has been having returnees and "end points" every since Marlena awoke from her coma and grabbed John on the pier in 1991. It's been the standard for nearly 20 years. Instead of cultivating new favorites, the show recycles mostly popular past stars -- most of whom are not recognizable outside of the daytime viewership. Ari Zucker is vastly more well-known as Trumpie's Escort than as Nicole Walker. Will DOOL get a 5-year renewal in 2020? Absolutely not. I can see how the show might end up in some legal limbo, or purgatory, burning off their year-long inventory while the SONY case is resolved. I think the bad contract Corday signed with SONY is stopping anyone from stepping forward as a new investor, or new syndicator, for the show. If that contract can be ended, then new contracts can be made. That said, the show is going to change. We are almost there already. I can see a world in which a core of 20 regulars are getting 1-episode-a-week contracts, another smaller core of as few as 5 or 6 getting 2+ guarantees. And then roughly a half-dozen others floating in for 13-26 week cycles, getting heavy airplay. Those actors can film most of those episodes in a 2-3 month window, sorta like how they do feature films. Honestly, they are almost at this point already.
  10. Sony doesn't renew the show. NBC renews the show. It seems to be a weird setup, for sure. It appears that Sony behaves in the role of an Agent/Syndicator, matching CordayDOOL with broadcast outlets, whether domestic, international, or internet. Corday seems very unhappy with the arrangement that he made years ago. The judge seemed to point out that Sony adhered to its contractual obligations. Given all the changes we have seen in "broadcast television" in just the last decade, I'm not surprised that Corday Productions feels frustrated. I wonder if there is another entity out there who would bankroll some of their plans and more effectively market the show. I am surprised that NBC/Universal/Comcast hasn't wanted that role.
  11. Or it is the lowest rated week of the summer and every single non-news program is deep in reruns. KLG and Hoda were rare with reruns, but they had several during their run, during the winter holidays and the dog days of summer. We may see reruns or re-packaged shows all week long. Er, rather, those who actually still tune in. It gives the whole production staff the chance to chill. I'm also expecting KLG will guest co-host at least one day of Hoda's Return.
  12. And we can't forget ! ...and...
  13. https://fetv.tv/ I had to stop watching once the dreadful Season Six began. I realize that the cast departures were unavoidable, but the show really lost its way with Julia Duffy/Jan Hooks/Judith Ivey. Independently, they were all fine actresses, but horribly mis-cast and mis-used. Seasons 3/4/5 were some of the best TV of that era. A great mix of silly and not-so-silly. And despite all the behind-the-scenes upheaval, the cast sparkled. It's too bad they rushed into trying to re-create the foursome. They should have added Sheryl Lee Ralph much much sooner, perhaps as a partner rather than trying to extend Meshach Taylor's 15 minutes of fame. Alice Ghostley brought the best mix of charm and dizzy. From what I recall, they rushed to get her back on the air when the Duffy/Hooks additions were spiraling toward disaster. They should have never used Jan Hooks as Charlene's sister. She would have played much better as a bookish know-it-all than some divorced country hayseed.
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