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  1. The co-host on Monday was Tamron Hall. Tuesday was Ryan's LA Radio co-host Sysanie. Menunous showed up Wednesday. Since Thursday and Friday have been pre-taped shows all season long, presumably two of those three will show up again this week. I can't imagine that they would fly 8-month pregnant radio co-host to NYC for just one hour. Wouldn't be surprised if they each taped multiple shows (3 each?) and that next week has 5 pre-tapes so Ryan can start his summer vacation. That would then lead into four weeks of "Best Of" with newly created Host Chats with Kelly and Ryan. ETA O
  2. I was too busy trying to figure out if Ryan was drunk, high, sleep-deprived, or all of the above. I've been watching him for a couple decades and have never seen him behave like this. It's like he is in slo-mo mode and speaking at half-speed. Slight slur to his voice as well. I do like the new slogan for the new season: "Live with Kelly and Ryan: We've Been Way Worse".
  3. I suspect the reason there was no Ring video shown of the neighbor's "flying table" was a legal one. Whoever owns that table has some serious liability issues, especially if the injured woman surfaces (which she will, most likely in one of the NYC tabloids). The owner of the damaged car could also have a claim.
  4. I think we may get some new shows in July. Don't Kelly and Mark typically host the Independence Day week shows? The Emmys are this week and next week is a holiday week. They haven't ever pulled an Ellen and shut down for all summer. I'm not sure that July Sweeps are still a thing, but the Olympics don't kick off until July 23. That gives us three more weeks of "60% Live with K and R" ? Then 6 weeks of pretaped host chats leading into Best Of segments.
  5. The stripper/student is destined for a crush on Culhane. There will be some type of misunderstanding, with both ending up naked as Sam walks in. Given the change in the writing for Culhane, and the actor's move from brooding to gay bestie, I won't be all that surprised if Culhane suddenly initiates a romantic kiss with the stripper. It took 6 episodes to get from an annulment to cohabiting in the same city. Might take another dozen for the drama to peak.
  6. And its bound to go even lower.. As will nearly every not-live over-the-air broadcast on the traditional four networks. NBC doesn't even use Nielsen ratings to judge show performance any longer. They get a much better feel from sources they can actually monitor, like show streaming/downloads, as well as overseas sales. The announcement of the two-season renewal (until August 2023) mentions that the show is not profitable for Sony. Deadline: Because of Days of Our Lives‘ age and declining linear ratings in all day parts, including daytime, the show no longer is profitable for S
  7. I have no insider secret info, but I suspect it was part of the slight changes which appeared in the last two episodes. 1. They dismiss the haughty blonde stereotype and bring in a social-media-obsessed patient with some wit and personality. 2, They shipped Linda Lavin off to a mother-daughter cruise, after several weeks of her being pesky housemother. 3. Gina bonding with Gideon. The two had few interactions prior, and now they are suddenly *besties*, having lunch, going apartment hunting, sharing their deepest thoughts, joking as if they have spent months knowing all about each other. G
  8. The show was live on Wed and Thur April 7-8. And Ryan returned from LA at 4AM for the live Tuesday April 13 episode. Now that American Idol is doing live shows on Sunday and Monday, I suspect we will get Monday pre-tapes until June. Whether it's Kelly or Gelman or the ABC syndication suits, the decision seems to have been made that Ryan can have pre-recorded guest co-hosts, but Kelly only does the show with Ryan. She has twenty years of tenure, so I suspect she at least partly approved the arrangement.
  9. I am pretty sure that Ryan's week with guest hosts had "Previously Recorded" flash on the screen. They were live again on Wednesday April 7. Ryan asserted that he asked for the extra day off due to Idol. It's pretty common that the show takes 2-3 weeks off around Easter.
  10. NBC announced in February 2021 that they no longer will use Nielsen. https://www.thewrap.com/nbc-tv-ratings-live-same-day-stop-abc-fox/ Snippets: NBC has joined Fox and ABC in swearing off Nielsen’s Live + Same Day TV ratings. This means that CBS is the only broadcast net among the so-called “Big 4” channels sticking with the earliest snapshot of how a show performed. "We didn’t come to this decision lightly, but believe it’s important to accurately reflect how the television business is changing and, specifically, how these early ratings numbers are no longer repres
  11. Renewed for Season Five! (before season four even starts) More New Crystals/Krystles/Christals????? :-) https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/walker-renewed-season-2-cw-flash-riverdale-legends-of-tomorrow-1234899745/ The CW is renewing 12 of its scripted series, including an early Season 2 pick up for its freshman drama “Walker” starring Jared Padalecki. The other shows are: “All American” (renewed for Season 4), “Batwoman” (renewed for Season 3), “Charmed” (Season 4), “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (Season 7), “Dynasty” (Season 5) .....“Though we’re just a few weeks into the new s
  12. I have wondered about the lack of new shows. Usually, January HGTV is loaded with new episodes. It seems like we are getting just one new show a week. I figure there are three factors. 1. Pandemic limits shooting. 2. Full impact of the new HGTV ownership/budget/programming strategies (from Scripps to Discovery). 3. New episodes being migrated to DiscoveryPlus. We know that some of these *new* episodes are re-purposed from other shows. And some are legitimately new. We know that's the case due to the change in nomenclature ("main" in place of "master"). That happened as a result of na
  13. Someone finally uploaded the (dreadful) 1977 Thanksgiving Reunion Special, hosted by those two *single parents* Fred MacMurray and Shirley Jones. They apparently guaranteed David Cassidy and Shirley Jones two solo songs. Its horribly corny, awkward, and memorable.....
  14. They were looking for Alice's lost ruby, or something silly like that. A rather ridiculous attempt to show Shawn and Belle as the new Bo and Hope. And they really didn't go to PR. They just re-purposed the beach/lake/park sets. The biggest event of the "summer adventure" was the bonding of Nicole and Jan Spears (the Heather Olsen version). Nicole's father Paul Mendes raped Jan, who then killed him after she discovered she had gotten a STD and was pregnant.
  15. It was mentioned back in October (?) that Ryan is taping/prepping American Idol and he requested the change. Not sure if there's a reason to go back with no audience and limited guests. It's likely cheaper to keep the studio dark two days a week. Having guest co-hosts is much harder than in past years. More important, the ratings are better than fine, so why change?
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