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  1. AriAu


    I am really enjoying this season and I find myself laughing out loud a lot because the writing is outstanding and focus on the main funny character....Brockmire himself. The Yipkowski thing at the beginning as a quasi Ken Burns like parody was very funny. YMMV Yes, I miss Jules and Charles, but I don't miss Morristown (the jokes about small dying rust belt towns were getting almost mean and not all that funny). I really, really dont miss the dark tone of last season and while Carrie Preston was immensely and enjoyably twisted, it all went too far and for too long. We have had our Jules visit...when do we get a Lucy stop in, and will it only happen once he starts a relationship with someone?
  2. AriAu


    I haven't figured out if Sam Rockwell is doing a bad job or a great job portraying a selfish, childish, deeply flawed (albeit talented) person. What he and/or the writers have NOT done well is get us to care about him or even show us why Gwen Verdon does. On the other hand, he can't dance......and as I said above, Michelle Williams, really, really can.
  3. AriAu


    I like the non-linear approach and am enjoying the series, but this episode, for everything that was going on, was somehow boring....not sure how or why, but it was. They could not possibly made Fosse seem like a bigger asshole than they did in this episode......and I guess that was pretty much true to form! BUT, the eye opening part was how well Michelle Williams dances....and how poorly Sam Rockwell dances. She's not Gwen Verdon...but almost no one is, but she really, really moves well....and he does not. The link to the Mambo dance showing the real Fosse and real Verdon was great. Thanks Electric Boogaloo By the way, in this episode, Michelle Williams slipped a little into the Gwen Verdon accent and sing song phrasing that Verdon had, especially later in life (like when she was Thomas Magnum's mother).
  4. AriAu

    S44.E18: Emma Stone / BTS

    LOL. I hated her voice and the bad overacting from Emma Stone-really annoying and not a good sketch. The lines in Lazy Sunday are not hysterically funny, but the whole premise is and this was trying to do that as well.....but just not nearly as well.
  5. AriAu

    WKRP in Cincinnati

    "More News and Les Nessman"
  6. AriAu

    Quotes: "You're the Panty Police?"

    "Better than Yoda....you were" Bwaaahhhhh...funniest line of the season, by far
  7. AriAu

    Top Chef in the Media

    While not as strong as the Semi-finalist, still a respectable showing by the TC family in the Beard finalists http://www.grubstreet.com/2019/03/2019-james-beard-restaurant-and-chef-award-finalists-nominees.html Tiffani Faison, Isaac Toups and Beverly Kim, along with Kwame in the rising chef category....plus some random judges and TC Masters
  8. AriAu

    The gnaB giB -- How should BBT End?

    Ok....this one just about made my day. It would be too funny and draw away from TBBT, but still clever and hilarious. Lorre is willing to cross all kinds of lines at the end...think about the piano dropping on NotCharlie in 2 and 1/2 Men and then on Lorre so anything is truly possible. I do think we'll get a wedding or some ceremony so that they can bring lots of people back at one time......but personally, I hope that they end with Leonard and Penny together sitting happily....with Sheldon in a galaxy far, far away.
  9. AriAu

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Very minor thing....The actress who plays Zoe is beautiful-drop dead gorgeous, but it seemed like they played down her beauty this episode. I imagine that it was a conscious decision to have it be more about feelings than looks, but then again, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  10. AriAu

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I'm not saying it was her business, but given the history and how Kevin has been portrayed, I was surprised that he did not at least mention it to her.....although it would have taken the focus off of what they needed to discuss. I know he is self-centered (to put it mildly), but i would assume he couldnt help himself and I was surprised there wasn't a throw-away line at the end from Sophie like "tell Kate...."
  11. AriAu

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Bingo...or at least I hope so. I think they are trying to show Randall and all of the characters as inherently good people who dont always do good things...and that voicemail was definitely NOT a good thing. I read it differently-the Kevin Sophie door is slammed shut, but Kevin took it as "he always gets what he wants" and what he wants is Zoe AND a baby and first he needs to get/keep Zoe and then he will get a baby with her since he always gets what he wants! He is simple enough and more than selfish enough to think that way.....and shockingly, he is not the Pearson brother I have the least respect for this week! 3 small points 1. Did Kevin tell Sophie about Kate and the baby? Sophie was Kate's friend first and was part of the family and is, you know, a nurse! 2. When Zoe talked about having sex on the kitchen counter, I thought about "When Harry Met Sally" and Meg Ryan/Sally talking about she and her husband saying they could do it on the kitchen floor, but it was such cold Mexican tile.. ok, this one wasnt supposed to be a funny moment, but I still thought about it. 3. Took me a couple minutes to place Finch's voice..and yes, i know he has been in Scorpion and other things besides American Pie, but he will always be Finch to me. Not sure how many episodes that he'll be on, but it would be nice if he and Toby could become friends so that Toby had someone to talk to.
  12. AriAu

    S16.E15: Finale

    The Pack Your Knives podcast that dropped last night had all 3 finalists on discussing the Finale and giving a lot of inside info. I won't ruin it for anyone, but they all come off very well as being open, genuine and hardworking and generally as good people. YMMV. As suspected, they did have their 4 course meal very planned out before they got on the plane...as a matter of fact they had to give them a list of ingredients within 2 days of getting home. While no one said it directly, I have a hunch those dishes were cooked more than a few times in those 2 weeks. And in case you couldn't tell, Sara was well prepared for the battle-she researched the menus at the place they were staying so she knew what products were available.
  13. AriAu

    Whiskey Cavalier

    The show is stupid and silly and I like it! You have to suspend belief to watch it...but the characters are interesting, the dialogue is not awful and the action scenes are pretty well shot for a 1 hour drama. The pacing and the tone reminds me a little of The Catch which didn't last long and I am afraid this series will suffer the same fate.
  14. AriAu

    S16.E15: Finale

    I could not DISAGREE more-I think they always pick the cheftestant that turned out the best dish that night and they don't take other things into consideration...I don't think Tom would put up with it otherwise and he doesn't need to put up with that. I think that Sara's problems with the pork/bacon were too much to overcome and were much worse than Kelsey's with the crab. Unlike the final between Kristen and Brooke, something they have NOT repeated since, it is not a round by round competition-instead, the judges look at the entire meal and give their decision. And, as I pointed out above, Tom did NOT say how close this was, something he has done in the past. See my comments above-I think they pick the best meal that night and don't take other things into consideration, whether it is appearance or promoting the brand or even the optics of having a black woman win (as people argued in TC Colorado). Bravo is only too aware of optics, and that is why I think Tom etal don't let those thing stop them from picking the cheftestant that made the best meal THAT NIGHT.
  15. AriAu

    S16.E15: Finale

    I know that Stephanie Izard won both and I think Kristen Kish did as well Ooops-I was wrong. as biakbiak pointed out Sheldon won over Kristen and they all won over Josie