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  1. They are heading back to Texas for Season 19.....Houston this time, which they skipped last time. Didn't have a date in the Tweet...but we will get old friends back. https://www.bravotv.com/the-daily-dish/bravo-top-chef-season-19-location-announced?cid=soc_twitter_x_x_TopChef_org_img_TopChef_x_dish_x_x&utm_source=soc&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=x_x_TopChef_org_img_TopChef_x_dish_x&utm_term=x
  2. AriAu

    The West Wing

    On The Rewatchables podcast, they have a topic "What prop would you most like to have from the movie?"......which I think is the same as what you are discussing, except that the prop has to actually exist. Assuming you cant take like the entire set and need to pick specific items, I think that any answer other than "these knives were made for my family by a Boston silversmith named Paul Revere" is just wrong......altho I think "a cricket bat given to me by Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth Windsor" would be a close second. Edited to add..... Ooops, serious brain cramp......the only ot
  3. AriAu

    The West Wing

    On another topic, people have asked about TWW swag so see this site. https://lemonlyman.shop/product-category/episodes/ Pretty clever, but some are a little too on the nose for me and others are not that good looking (in my opinion), and none can top the Josiah Bartlet Presidential Library shirt I bought about 10 years ago, but I'm thinking of an investment in the Cartographers for Social Equality or Hartsfield Landing shirts as a way of identifying true Wing Nuts and the Big Block of Cheese one since it is cool looking.
  4. Perfectly said.....and he had time to come up with an excuse/explanation/alibi, yet nothing. Clearly, that is needed, but be careful what you wish for since, while this is clearly an unacceptable situation, what happens with things that appear to be less egregious. The PC police could make things uncomfortable. ummmm, they are producers, but, yeah, they are pissed at the Magical Elves. Tom should not be surprised-he works in the industry and knows that this behavior is pretty much commonplace. And no one should worry about seeing Gabe on Top Chef again....in recent years
  5. Listen. I am not defending Gabe or his alleged reprehensible behavior (remember, at least at this point, these are allegations, altho I have yet to see a denial from him) in any way, but I am not sure what the show, Tom and Bravo were supposed to do. The filming was done and he was named Top Chef before he got fired and before the allegations came to light. I'm sure Bravo/The Elves do/did some basic background checks on the cheftestants, but this would have taken some serious digging into the past of each cheftestant, and then they would have had to decide what is disqualifying. Remember, I se
  6. YUP.....not one time all season did they complain about the flavor and seasoning of her dishes....which means I want to eat it all! On the other hand, she is NOT great at this game.... not plating everything is just unforgivable given the stakes AND her history. Like him and he is a strong cheftestant, but screwing up the rice in the finale was and should be fatal. While I can imagine what Dawn's food tastes like, I have no idea, at all, what Shota's food tastes like and the judges just raved about it....and I really really want to try it and high end Japanese food. Not going to w
  7. As I do every season, I marvel at the show's ability to prevent leaks....we are a day away from the finale telecast and there is nothing getting out...not a word, nada. Yes, I know, they have a great non-disclosure agreements, but still impressive.
  8. I'm confused by this position. Dawn failed to get a component on the plate that supposedly was very good and that would have improved a dish that all the judges loved and Kwame said might have been the best thing he ate all season..... and that is bad. On the other hand, Shota decided not to put a component out because it wasn't good or at least wasn't up to his standards. In other words Shota screwed up the cooking part of his dish and that's ok because he chose not to plate it, but Dawn faces criticism for screwing up her time management and not getting a well made component on the plate....
  9. So, I have thought about this for several days and as heart warning and seemingly touching as Jamie's actions seemed to be, it was actually really, really immature. "I want her to have another chance like I had...but no, I don"t want to go home" is pretty childish. There are consequences for every decision/ask and she wanted an ask without consequences. I have nothing against Jamie and she has been a good cheftestant-this is not an attack on her, just a commentary on what she wanted. This is the way the game is played each and every week of each and every season-someone goes home, and so
  10. Altho he seems to be a very nice person, it was past time for Chris to go home. I was very impressed with Gabe's dish and the fact that he knew not to make another mole given the relative lack of time and the complexity. An I was a little shocked that Dawn was able to produce given her time management issues in the past. Never "got" what was funny about Fred Armisen and still don't after his appearance. Something is really off about this season...it feels very slow and almost boring. I assume it is all the COVID related changes like the fact they are not running around Whole Foo
  11. This show has always had a pretty high content of misery, but this will be unpleasant to watch...maybe they could couple it with Rebecca's cognitive decline and Kevin's career tanking! Was anyone able to see anything in the "Rising Star" article....or even what magazine it was in? Maybe Randall's rising star can crash as well by 2030-let's go all in on misery. LOL
  12. I ABSOLUTELY agree---annoying as hell...... but maybe it means less Madison......ok by me. Yeah, like she couldnt find a more appropriate time to discuss her truly regrettable decision than at another child's wedding! But the acting was excellent, even if it should have been in another episode LOL-great point, fellow dinosaur. And while you are right, and most people knew that trick, I never actually did that even with the final episode of MASH
  13. Whatever it is, and whomever is to blame, we can all agree that it is just really, really, NOT going to be pleasant watching their marriage explode, dissolve and/or wither away, especially with how loving they were in this episode. A couple of things from the flashback(s): 1. Kevin really hasn't aged in those 5 years and Kate also looked exactly the same. 2. Kevin and Madison must be getting along pretty darn well because she was awfully friendly or she forgot that she was supposed to be mad. 3. There must have been a pretty busy baby sitter who had all 4 of those kids sinc
  14. So, I missed a couple episodes....what the hell happened to this show? It used to have some pretty decent cases and good interaction among the characters and a little relationship drama laced in with it-this episode was just a total soap opera. Were there any medical cases....other than Lea doing surgery? Even the 'shroom guy was really just a chance for Resnick (still CTB "lite" to me) and Park to work on their issues.
  15. And they didnt even have her do one of those World War sketches where she sends weird letters with Mikey Day which they seem to do with every female host with a British accent! Funny episode...I was ok that it was non-topical and they had several clasically SNL over-the-top sketches like the dad shooting off his junk sketch. It wasn't Dan Ackroyd as Julia Child over-the-top funny, but it was pretty good! If that is not farewall from Cecily, I don't know how she'll top it when she does leave. Same with Pete. And there is no way Kate leaves without a big send off......not Lorne dancing
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