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  1. Hey did anyone happen to catch baby Jack's last name (Toby's surname) on his incubator placard? I read "Jack Pearson __________" and didn't catch the rest.
  2. Absolutely, all of this. Meanwhile, several of you tried to warn us not to get our hopes up smh. You were right.
  3. IIRC, that's actually pretty accurate with what it sounds like after being in close proximity to an explosion. For some people, unfortunately, that ringing is the last thing they hear ever again.
  4. Absolutely! I literally just wrote the same lol.
  5. One of the best episodes this season by far, probably because of more interaction with the Big 3. Kevin going back to retrieve Uncle Nick was probably the most endearing part of the episode for me. He's had the most subtle, but progressive character development since this show has started IMO. Way to go for recognizing the mistakes of St. Jack and re-paving a different outcome for himself, yay Kevin!
  6. I'm willing to bet Capt Daly and Fiona will be back within the next 2 episodes, based on the dark lightning they showed for the next episode. As least things have started to become more interesting. Glad there was no Danny or Lourdes storyline this week.
  7. DoItToIt


    Yes! To all of this!
  8. When the Bulgarian was finally stable and replaying the day from Cal's perspective -the whole "I was calling for my mother"- was that the first time he had ever spoken English?
  9. Absolutely! And it's the guy that's working close with Vance. he's been way too cynical of all the evidence that Ben showed up with. Too bad for him, they found the bandage with blood.
  10. Idk, this is actually what is holding my attention towards Kevin, his character is ever-evolving and changing, as we all are.
  11. This made me laugh a lot more than it probably should.
  12. DoItToIt


    This episode annoyed me terribly I'm afraid. 1.) They are making Alex appear way too stupid and naive. With just the way Olivia was dressed when they were backstage, you knew she was about to find some way to put the spotlight on herself, the girl came to slay! It looks like she'll be gone but the next episode, good riddance. 2.) Cassie and soft-looking gangster dude, HATED IT! Their scenes were completely unnecessary and didn't advance the plot in any way, shape, or form. Neither did scenes with Andy. Speaking of, 3.) I'm having a hard time connecting with the Andy scenes. Were we supposed to feel sympathy for him? Why did he even come back after the end of last season? 4.)Lastly, as much as I LOVE looking at Jackson, I can't believe he folded like that in front of Maurice! If he felt so strongly convicted, why didn't he say something at the club lol smh. I did enjoy Noah pulling a fast one on Maurice, it felt like my show again lol. Idk, it feels like the plots have been really disjointed. My guess is maybe the writers is figuring out a way to be able to distance Star in time for her [real] upcoming maternity leave.
  13. DoItToIt


    Love your recaps!! I wish this thread got more traffic. :-/
  14. I thought I was hearing him say "Chichi," a pretty common nickname in Igbo language.
  15. So I don't know if anyone else has thought this, but what if, Franco Harris is related to Beth or Zoe in a way? It's implied Zoe had some sort of complicated background. The Zoe/Kevin arc is what's holding my interest most atm. They are actually so cute together! I think I'm one of those people lol
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