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  1. Cancer, like other major diseases, doesn't care about your: race, age, social status, ect. RIP Ms. Sullivan.
  2. Right now the only complaint I have had is some major changes like Spook not talking except for sound effects. I also agree, Doggie Daddy current voice doesn't really work. I mean come on, they could get someone to do a "good" Jimmy Deranti, like Messick did back in the day? I mean as much as the "classic/legendary" voice actors were to many of the HB characters, you would hear the similarities. I mean, original Oggie and Elrod Jestson were so similar in voice it was scary. Same with Smedly and Huck or Dum Dum and Fred Flintstone. I do have to say that with the Hogan's Alley Cats, even making
  3. Yogi: "Well, I'm a doctor so that shows I'm successful. Captain Caveman: "Me successful Caveman." Boba Looie: "I'm a successful business woman." Boo Boo: "I'm wearing a bow tie!" The wife and I lost it with our son with that exchange in the second episode. I see why they changed Augi Doggie to a girl this time. I have to admit Jeff Bergman and CH Greenblatt really channeling the ghosts of Daws Butler and Don Messec. They have almost perfect matches with the classic voices.
  4. My favorite line: Hunter: "I thought you said you trained them? Gregor: "You think I teach them everything? I'm not stupid!"
  5. I have to say after the first episode, many times I was cracking up at some of the jokes, my son and his cousins thought it was pretty funny.
  6. If they can either just start the show where it left off like they are doing in Masters of the Universe or just keep the original story and update the animation style and themes. They will be fine. Though I love Larry Kenny to return in some form, at least with members of the Mob he did in the original.
  7. It also leads to the problems of how each is raised. When you are raised in different environments with parents are completely different types and how they treat their families. People get in their heads that's how it should be. I mean Debra was so crushed by her parents divorcing so late in her life and her sister deciding to become a nun. It was crushing to Debra and yet couldn't understand why her parents liked Frank and Marie so much. It was pretty much, they would have BEEN Frank and Marie if they weren't so busy putting on a show for their parents to be "the perfect little family". Sadly
  8. How true and it was like they kept taking shots at their own crappy writing. Alan asked Jake one time, when he was going to summer school "again". With Jake replying: "I guess that's who I am." I remember once episode towards the end before Charlie left where he looked at Jake and went: "Who are you and why are you this dumb?"
  9. It also didn't make sense as by the time both Judith and Kandi were about, Magically, Alan has "NO PRACTICE" he was in California, with a great client base. A rise NEED for chiropractors and alternative medicines. Yet, they made it like Alan didn't know how to tie his shoes. Then they move to the fact that Jake got so stupid and got lost in an airport, yet couldn't read one damn sign on what way to go. Then he can join the military no problem? Maybe as a test subject, not an active duty.
  10. Their fight is very Clint Eastwood vs Annie Oakley. Cad being old school and season bounty hunter and Fennec being the new kid, but not to be toyed with.
  11. Very excited for this and I do find it pretty interesting, since this is the continuation where the original series left off in 85. Characters and "toy vehicles" are also making their grand debut in things and even bringing back classics like the Landshark, Attack Tract, ect. I do love that Strider is also back, a one off episode, but they did so much with a robotic horse that had become alive and the message instilled by both He-Man and Man at Arms in the original series spoke volumes.
  12. Yeah, at that point I just wanted to go: "She isn't worth it John, never has." You got her pain seeing her still born's son name on the plaque and going: "It's still hard." I wanted to go: "Yes, losing a child no matter what is something you never really get over, but in Kem's situation, she decided to drop anchor and stay in that depression for the rest of her life."
  13. So, how did this woman after a year find Eddie's number and is now trying to apologize for hitting him? Why was she out with her parents' car? She feels guilty, COVID? Just so out of the blue. Seriously, get Delilah out of here and have her NEVER return. Her entire Boo Hoo speech on how Jon locked her out and that's why everything went bad for her? She didn't even want to know what he was hiding at several times in season 1. Everyone on this show can GTFO and go hit by cars but Rome and Gina. Keep them and Maggie and Sophie.
  14. That's what made it so stupid. Then again, remember: "OH we are old and we want traditional weddings, I don't care if there is a pandemic and we are in that minority group that is catching it. GET A DAMN BIG WEDDING BECAUSE!" Yeah, so stupid, then again, from what we know about Winston's family, they seem to have a very controlling background. As for Maggie's "dad" this is like what his, third appearance and Krista wants to bring back that subplot from her mom dying saying: "Your father was very controlling and for the first time in years, I felt I could breathe."
  15. readster

    Station 19

    Plus how her dad was just casually just sweeping and going: "Ho Hum... yeah I know this all sucks, but you know what, let's hope we can have curb side in an hour." It was such BS or the fact the back office was just magically left untouched so Vic could have her revelation moment.
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