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  1. The problem is, the show is trying to not only act like COVID isn't a thing in this world. Yet, the situations, where the characters, ect ARE related to COVID. I mean they decided to throw Anna-Kat and Franklin into remote learning and "quarantine" together because Franklin's parents are in a cult (jab at current politics). Doris is constantly, constantly on Facetime some place, because: "I can't be in town right now." They show most of the kids doing more online learning and less face to face, since they can't put that many people together. It's either make it believable, or just acknowledge this is going on in the world. You can't have it both ways.
  2. Right and then they tried to do the time skip to get everything aligned and it just didn't make sense. Having seasons and sets match up with current time was not GG strong point or even realism.
  3. He was written better and acted better on his guest appearances on Grown-ish. Which, proves that while same creative teams, they have better stories with either Junior at college or playing off Zoey. Here, he is in the "huh zone" .
  4. Right, even the first couple of episodes paint Greg as stupid, not someone who worked so hard to not only get tenure, but also so he could have more opportunities to write and be recognized. Yet, as proved with Lonnie, his superiors just think he is a joke. Hell, even some of the things the town wants to do with the areas Greg wants "preserve" make even less sense. "Well, it's there and who cares, we need money in the town." I want to go: "Why? Half of your town is always basking how rich they are and everyone else sucks." Plus, even Katie perfectly pointed it out: "Greg, you can save everything even if someone famous peed there at one point." With Greg, at one point has he gone too far in his green quest? Or when Oliver or Katie basically bully and belittle him Greg never goes: "Well, fuck you! I'm so sorry maybe I want to try and keep the planet going and stop thinking it's the 1950s where it doesn't matter if we blow up nukes just to see what happens."
  5. Right and hell Lorelai probably would have given Kirk a discount if anything or with all Kirk's "odd jobs" he could have just been a cleaner for the rooms. We all know he would have quit for some stupid reason by the following week.
  6. I just realized, what the HELL did Becky want to go to college for? She didn't seem to have any clear plan, only that when the bike shop went under, she was NEVER EVER GOING to get into college. What did she want to do? Be a nurse? Lawyer, accountant? Teacher? Becky was: "Oh, this small town will suck me under like my parents, I must run with my bad boy boyfriend who's life sucks more than mine."
  7. Plus, she is always looking for an excuse to piss someone off. Her deleting both Franklin and Anna's assignments because she saw it as a waste of time for herself. Not, the kids who also knew they had to do it and also were fine doing it. Then again, we are suppose to think that Greg, for all his expertise, working his ass off to support the family and everything. Everyone thinks he is a joke, give him jobs just because they find him annoying. That all his kids think he is wasting his time with his green earth to the point all three of them and Katie tell Greg it's a scam and to just let the planet burn. It's gotten as old as Katie always trying to convince Oliver he is gay. No wonder Oliver keeps thinking his family is fake and he is from some rich family that abandon him. I wouldn't want to be associated with them either.
  8. Plus, the fact that college admissions only go to the kids and NEVER EVER the parents too. Plus, EVERYONE's houses are great and the Ottos are constantly told their house is a dump. Outside some nicer entertainment equipment and heated floors. THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!
  9. Then add in Rome's parents who were pretty much a mess and his brother who was always the screw up while Rome did all the "good stuff" and they kept giving his brother every inch they could. Then add in Regina's own mother was also abused at even though being in her 60s just can't face it and not only doesn't want to talk about it, but acts like it will be a GIANT SCANDLE if she even admits it outside of her own daughter and son-in-law. Then again, look at the mess that was John, NO ONE KNEW about his life before they call met him. Suffering from 9/11 survivors guilt. His kids were named after people he argued with at the terminal who didn't let him "die on the plane." Some asshole firefighter who was like: "Oh I know you feel guilty about your friend's son never knowing his father, because you didn't die with him, but give us $74K FUCK YOU!" "Plus, let's just let him think I'M HIS FATHER because you know, it will be too hard to know his real dad died on the planes!" Um... how many other kids who weren't born yet lost parents in 9/11. The writing on this show is horrible and the characters not only don't communicate, but live in their own fictional world. Now, we got the father who runs over the guy he "thinks killed his daughter" because said sister came out of the woodwork and one call where the girl's sister told him blankly on the phone: "My parents are doing really, really bad, especially dad, this will kill them." Yet he magically can stalk said person outside a bar and then hit him at 5 mph to paralyze him and then goes: "oh shit, I better call 911." Huh?
  10. A few friends of mine hugely pointed out that the summer episode is just painful and stupid. Including a friend of mine who went: "Good thing Sean Gunn is at Marvel Movies now, Kirk is too dumb to live anymore." However, you can see that the Ps MUST have this specific formula, or it doesn't work. They either don't know how to budget their money on the "correct stuff" people want to see. Or rush through what people DO want to see, of course it doesn't help when certain actors were not free. Jared was free for ONE DAY and why they basically did: "here is the cliffnotes of Dean's life since the show happened, and boy isn't it great he got over himself, but Rory is still a mess?" Then add in Ashley, same story, one day and they threw together what made Luke such an idiot from season 6 on. "It's my daughter, stop being the fun one!" She is FUCKING 24 NOW! Just stop Luke.
  11. It also makes Koracik look stupid. Especially, when he admitted: "I will not be the other guy." Yet, after seeing his ex and the "other son" as I want to call him. He all of a sudden was: "Oh Teddy, I missed my tru lurve, but I can't deal with it because Owen doesn't want you now either, even though I'm partially to blame and now I was demoted, damn you Owen!" Then having it where Tom admits he is just a bad teacher unless he is "cutting someone open" as he put it. They've now turned him into a self pitting idiot.
  12. Which last episode put in she doesn't know when she will be back. Which translates to: "When COVID is over, the actress will be more than happy to interact with people again."
  13. Oh, but he was RIGHT about the human trafficking situation and he is officially diagnosed as bi-polar when no one would give a damn. Give the man a promotion!
  14. Plus, Greg talked about the sauna, at this point, just have it where the house has a full finished basement. If anything shows they put work int the house to have greater resale. Hell, you could even add new jokes when people come over going: "Why do your bedrooms and basement looks awesome and the rest of the house looks so... regular?"
  15. I know, I saw the episode when I was little in early syndication, but WKRP was one of the shows where they got it right from the start. The cast gelled perfectly, the writing was there. It's stood the test of time.
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