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  1. You do have to wonder, I mean the point they established a few years later was that actually, Boomhauer talks normally, but he hears everyone else in the talk. When they had Boomhauer talk about how the firehouse got burned down and he talks completely NORMAL for three minutes. Though showing his parents and his brother talk just like him. Let his dad was a doctor, his mother was a teacher and he was a Texas Ranger.
  2. Plus it doesn't help he is a regular, so the relationship isn't going anywhere even if Geoff and Erica has no chemistry and seem constantly forced together. Plus, Erica is written to be more "It's all about me" than Bev has been the past 5 years. Despite what happened with Schooled and two of the cast members. Seriously, they should have called it quits with the Goldbergs and given Schooled another season and put these characters to rest. But you know ABC: "syndication money!"
  3. Plus, with the "flash forwards" to get things caught up since they had bits and pieces filmed for the last few episodes before COVID shut down. I mean, I will give them a thumbs up for trying to move forward, but at the same time as many people have said: "You can't pretend the pandemic is over unless the shows are set in the past or future." For someone who use to work in health care and still have plenty of friends who work there still including my own nephew. It's a much different place that the bustling, sleeping with everyone, surgens are miracle workers, the show and Station 19 have done. I mean, are they going to also ignore the major wild fires too? Granted they did an episode on Station 19 about them, but there were DAYS where you couldn't see 4 feet in front of you and people seriously, couldn't go outside.
  4. I think that also went along the ways of Tighe getting tired of where his character was going. I do remember at one point he told the writers: "Can't we give the guy a break for once." Though Pratt dying was the Tighe leaving the show himself. I know Grimms got sick who his character. Especially talking to him an Epilepsy fundraiser in person, he said he was really displeased after doing Band of Brothers and was excited when he got the part of ER as Morris and then "hated" what they planned on doing with him. Even saying at one point he wished they would have done his pot smoking situation that got Ramano killed exposed and he had to seek rehab or lose his license. Something that never got page one. Thought he said he was happy where Morris eventually ended up and how his and Pratt's relationship evolved from: "Man he is a screw up." To: "He's my Best friend."
  5. Especially when he is going up the elevator and everyone realizes that's it. It's so heart breaking.
  6. The girls look great, still boggles the mind that those episodes aired almost 25 years ago.
  7. Right and if Rebel doesn't really take off, least she has a fall back with Connors.
  8. Why do they all look depressed?
  9. It is interesting how times changed. I remember even back then and watching Cheers on Netflix how much my wife and I went: "Wow, why did women just throw themselves at these guys?" It is also how times have changed, I mean 15 years ago, you could high five your students if you were a teacher or literally give them a pat on the back for doing a good job. Now its: "That's my personal space." or "I don't need to celebrate anything, just leave me alone or I'll report you!"
  10. As a teacher, there is so much wrong with this. The bullying situation differs from school to school. Depending on: policies, history, rural/urban area, ect. If you think someone can just "use the PA" like that not have their ass thrown into some serious problems. Then this school is really a joke in any sense. Even for a stream series that is continued from a classic movie series. I seriously just HATE it when I see tv/movies just act like people in education are shown to be so stupid, they could have never gotten a teaching degree, let alone been a principal. Or act like people can just wonder around school grounds or hall ways like it's Walmart. Post Columbine, Sandy Hook, ect and now in COVID-19. Doesn't work that way no matter if you have a school of 16 students one computer working in the entire school.
  11. Funny thing is, she actually looks like she could be related to Taylor now.
  12. Having a casting change like that is going to be a problem. It's one thing when it's like been an episode or two, but after three years. Let's hope she can do well and we are going to always look at her as: "NuAnna-Kat".
  13. Devonte is a character? I thought he was a plot device.
  14. NO kidding and basically the excuse is: "But that's how it always been." Many sitcoms just don't really want people to move forward, they act like nothing has changed in x amount of years. Even if the actors age and characters leave the show.
  15. Right and if you look at it too, you can at least get farther away with those reality shows, but even looking at dramas that are now filming, they are pretty much doing the same with even more limit with characters to create that distancing.
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