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  1. How true and even more, when you had the scene with Bev and Jackie, I just wanted Bev to go: "This will change history, Roseanne isn't going to magically come back!" "You have a damn son you never talk to and you are pushing 70. How is this going to keep you happy?" Especially in light of COVID-19, I do hugely wonder if they are going to write in that the Lunch Box would be a place severely hurt by the pandemic. Hell, it would prove Bev right the place shouldn't have been brought back. Just sold off and take the money and run.
  2. Exactly, it made the episode just a waste, because they don't even like hiking, they just did it. It should have been: "We don't like it, let's go do our own thing." But nope. Same with Oliver being so vain about being in mud when that would barely show up on Google Maps. Then he goes into just throwing mud at Taylor and vice versa. As I said before, if Oliver was that vain he would never have been out on the front lawn in that tshirt and slippers in the first place. Taylor, the way they write her, I'm surprised her underwear was on the outside of her pjs. One day she can't add 2+2 and the next she can apparently fix a car engine. Same with Trip, he still doesn't get that Auto and Otto can sound the same and be spelled differently. Yet, still believes that the family spells their last name "auto". Dumb leading dumb didn't do well with Haley and Dylan on Modern Family. Good to know that American Housewife things is "perfect" too.
  3. Oh yes, even goes back to when they kids were left alone for the first time and Claire was in a panic with Phil on the phone. Phil was: "Oh come on, they are older, they will be fine." Then the entire house went crazy. Then you get this episode and pretty much showed that Claire's helicopter parenting combine with Phil's: "I'll be the fun dad." Ruined their kids. Haley, fell up to success in life and now is: "Holy crap, I'm married with twins to a nurse who can save a life, but doesn't understand that a reed is a type of plant and not "reading'." Alex is meant to be shown as a constant loser and God forbid if she just tells someone: "Get over it, I'm happy with my life." Luke... where do you want to go?
  4. Yeah, just like magically he stopped trying to hook up with women over 35 or trying to hit on Manny's ex. I mean when they repeated the season premiere the other week, Luke didn't realize that Alex was in Antarctica. That was worst than the mobile devices episodes looking Haley thinking she married Andy. When no one decided: "Let me see if she is in her room."
  5. Yes, there wasn't any real subtle introduction like a lot of the other characters. She is all of a sudden just there and now part of the cast. It just makes it come off as: "Where the hell did they come from and why do we care?"
  6. Now reading this with the series over, you really wonder what was going on to do this. We understood the past two seasons due to Sarah's health. However, now we are seeing that events that would have made "logical sense" were now that the writers just did things and then went: "Oh duh! That would make sense, but this is funny to us." Of course, like many actors she did what others have done: "Just smile and accept it and get a paycheck." Of course reading that Sarah really didn't think that getting back with Dylan ever made sense and having twins wasn't really Haley's end game. It's kind of why I get Ariel Winters attitude towards the last few years off screen. She was tired of Alex not really progressing and I'm sure she will say later on: "Why did Alex have to be treated like everything was her fault or guilted into these things." "Couldn't my character just be happy?" Of course Elliot Guald has started saying he has been unhappy the past few years and the writers pretty much proved that with all of Luke's dumb storylines the past three years.
  7. I agree, I mean if Chris and Lore were still so hung up on each other. Why couldn't Lorelai tell him this? Plus, end of season 2 when she just rushes out going: "Sherry is pregnant!" "I have to go be there for her!" I always felt it was kind of like Chris just goes into fight or flight mode. Same with Max, I mean he wants to get married, that includes become a step parent and of course, he decides he will be a father figure to Rory. Of course then Lorelai pulls out that bs line: "Rory doesn't need any more raising." At 16, yes you do, hell you have 18 year olds who still need to be told once in a while: "That isn't a great decision." Maybe not hammer into things like they are 5, but still, even if someone can legally drive, doesn't mean you are just magically done raising someone. Of course the way Rory turns out by the end of the series and the revival. Yeah, she was NO WHERE near being raised.
  8. Right and with the Judge, it made sense. Plus, with the rocket launcher, it didn't really "kill him" just blew him apart. It's funny when you look at Faith's transitions during season 3. Yes, she had an abusive past and then killing Kakestaos to avenger her Watcher's death. I just feel like her all of a sudden: "So I killed a regular guy, he worked for the mayor, I'm going to go work for him now that I killed Mr. Trick." It was kind of: "Wait what?" Then of course by the time she woke up from her coma, it was: "Well, I've seen the light, I'll just be kind of a bitch, but I rather kill vampire/demons again." I felt like everyone was kind of amoured with Eliza Dushku in Hollywood, which was mostly with Joss Weadon various TV shows. However, while I have enjoyed her in various TV shows. I feel she was an example of: "This tv creator loves me, so I always have a job with them." Then they get pigeon holed in various roles and that's all you know them as.
  9. Right and Deep Space Nine was wrapping up by the time he joined the show and only had one season left. Why you saw more of him towards the end of Season 2 more and then majority of the time in Season 3 as DS9 was over by then. I felt like his brief appearance with the Apocalypse Now Dream of Xander was kind of: "We love Armin and feel bad we kind of just killed him off. So here is a chance for him to show some great acting." Especially, since Armin admitted in an interview he loved the movie and knew it influenced the scene. Something about TV shows when they are long over you look back and go: "So, why didn't they do this?" or "They seem to be setting this up and then went, nah."
  10. Not only that, but to even have them believe it could be "funny" was far from it. It came off as: creepy, wrong and basically trying to put it that Alex will be more than happy to be used like as someone's personal little sex slave than dare to admit to her parents they did something that was so 15 year old.
  11. I know, there was once where he go this head split open and he healed up fine. Now, if they would have it where his germ phobia was key as in: "I can heal from anything, but if I got hit with influenza or anthrax, I'm screwed!" Then you see he knew despite his abilities he wasn't invincible. However, the Mayor really never had much an origin story, especially when the Hellmouth was revealed for what it was both in season 1 and season 7. It sounded like the Mayor was behind the true origins of the town since they found all the pictures of him and they basically just had him "assuming" the role of being descended from the Wilkins line. Then it was: "Ho, hum... that's not important." Other wise it sounds like the Master established the Hellmouth, bit off more than he could chew (pardon the pun) and then everyone just took advantage of it. Then they plugged in that the Seers were corrupted people and then branded themselves, but they really never got that right. I mean if the First was non-corporal, how was he merging with Seers and Caleb and giving them "super powers" yet no one could put their hands on it. I'm still a fan of Joss Weadon, but he was trying to have it both ways and use cast members from Firefly when the show got cancelled. I mean all of sudden here were Adam Baldwin, Gena Torres and Nathan Fillion on his shows in the middle of their seasons or ready to be over in less than 8 episodes. It came off like: "Well, our show got cancelled, they need a paycheck so let me just throw them in here." I brought up Snyder because after he was so happy that Buffy left at the end of season 2 after defeating Angel. It was making it look like he was really kind of like a main underling and knew about all the super natural stuff in Sunnydale. Then they back tracked on all of that with the demon spider box and even at the end, Wilkins eats him. They were trying to have it that Synder was this big anal reteptive person that he is ordering a 300 foot snake to give him quiet instead of: "I'm fucking out of here!" I felt Synder could have been used much more relevent instead of the: "I'm a school authority figure and it's my way or the highway" cliche.
  12. My choices: The First: For being around since the dawn of time, age didn't give it wisdom The Mayor: For all the stuff he was trying to do, he was trying for over 100 years to perform the ritual to become a giant Snake Demon. Also, he wasted Snyder, who was also a waste of Armin Shimmeren's talents post DS9. Synder was so one note and really, he didn't make things for Buffy and her friends "difficult". He wouldn't work as a principal in this day and age. Adam: Sorry. He made no sense, even the professor, she wanted to make Frankenstein demons for the government, but then had "alternative" motives and never thought for one second she was having a lower IQ than the First? Also, for someone so bent on disecting and making hybrid demons, she sure scared easily from demons (Including Giles) who just were scaring her and not trying to kill her. Plus, Adam so invincible that once Buffy ripped out his power core, he just died. OK. Then how about the Cheese Man that was just designed to be just some actor who needed a paycheck.
  13. When does Dre ever "choose his battles" with Bow?
  14. Yeah, never understood of people were cold or just wanted it to be that no one focused on their bodies. Yes, yoga/track pants are more stylish and thicker than the old leggings, but yes, as they say: "You don't leave much to the imagination."
  15. Oh I agree. I remember when tights were a fashion in the 90s and then went away because girls and woman were tired of boys/men looking at their asses all the time. Now, you see that on anyone from 12-33. Yes, they are comfortable and warm even on cold days, but many times I keep thinking, especially teenage girls when they reach their mid to late 20s are going to go: "why did I feel I needed everyone to know if I was wearing underware or thongs back then?"
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