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  1. Yeah, as time went on, never felt like Tim, Al or Jill had any friends. Something that I did like about the boys as they grew up. They actually showed they had friends and their girlfriends had friends. I get you can't pay a lot of extras and people, but shows like Boy Meets World, Frasier and even Friends you know, showed characters interacting with others and so forth. Shows like Home Improvement where you get episodes and you wanted to know: "What strange part of the world do you live where you go to stores and you are the only one there?" Or: "Don't you have anyone to hang out with?" The horrible "shoe store bully" episode aired last night and you see the shoe store manager standing there as Mark kicks the bully to the store room. Then he is magically gone, but you see an older woman sitting down watching the whole thing. Which really shows the entire part with Jill's: "Find an adult" argument is so stupid and even makes the episode come off with: "Hey remember folks, it was the late 90s, teachers just let students write horrible articles and people in their 50s will just let kids beat up others." Or same with the traffic ticket, Tim comes off sounding just as bad and why was Tim so obsessed with the "monkey" music that season?
  2. Right, it was that. Even when they had crap like Christopher or the Elder Gilmores doing things it was more of: "see that's why." Yeah, because constantly sleeping with someone shows "love". Dropping off checks and giving the occasional hug should be enough. When really, just say the damn words.
  3. Yep, say it to my wife every day and my son. I even was in a shelter place with a tornado went by my area this week. I texted out: "I love you." just in case.
  4. readster


    Yes that was hilarious and even how everyone at the bar who told him it was a stupid idea to try and be someone else, paid him back at the end by calling him: "Antone!" when he walked into the bar. We are in the middle of the season 10 now and once again, Carla's kids are still just horrible to watch. I get even Rela Pearlsman said: "Carla is honest, not mean." However, by this point in the show. It seems that Carla had gone into: "Well, if I can push your buttons, I will." In current times, Carla would have been knocked out and arrested and her kids taken away.
  5. No kidding. Sookie just threw money away and then when things weren't to her liking. She bashed them all with: "You just don't get my excellent skills." To the point where should could have gone into labor early and put her and her unborn child in danger. Yet we are suppose to go: "Well, she is an excellent chef who just wants what is best." NO, she was not.
  6. Right and that's where shows start going down hill and eventually cancelled. They start getting to the point, it doesn't make any sense. They can't EXPLAIN the reasoning behind things and just keep going with: "come on you can fill in WHY the act like this." No, they don't. The last good thing was when Emily in the revival finally gold everyone in the DAR that it was all bullshit and everything died with Richard and she was done living a lie of something she NO LONGER enjoyed. However, that was like a accumulation of the entire series. Yet still they had to throw in the inheritance to Luke to "Get him out of the diner business. Yeah, doesn't fly when you are pushing 60. Sorry, I think by that point they would realize that Luke was happy how things were.
  7. Right and I think it got worst when you got Richard and Emily's generation, but how people like Paris's parents or the Huntzburgers were. It's like the old Klive saying: "As much as we try to avoid being like our parents, we turn into a more twisted version of them. Some good, some worst." I think Rory said it best: "But your dad and grandfather did all that stuff too." Logan: "Yeah, but they eventually gave it up and took over the business." Something that also bothered me about the revival was when we saw the LDB they were not guys in their 30s that had "grew up" and moved on. They were a bunch of people trying to act like they could be 19 again because you know, they had the time and money to do that followed by: "Oh damn, my knee surgery, I guess I'm not as young as I once was." Like they were some 50 year old with a mid life crisis. Hence, acting worst then their parents were at that age who were working, had a family and trying to have a life that didn't lead to meaningless sex and passed out on the lawn and mom and dad being called. Yeah, so great the life of 32 and then going: "Shit, I have to be at work tomorrow." Talk about screwed up raising. Or: "Money will never buy me happiness, but hell I need it or I can't do shit!" Yeah, it was like with Emily. Either realize the past is the past and move on or go be a condescending: "I hated how my mother forced me to do this crap, but I'm going to do it anyhow." It was like how Luke wondered what the DAR was and Emily and the other women kept laughing. How about you, I don't know: "JUST ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION?" Instead it was: "Oh you poor, diner owner, you don't know anything and are pathetic."
  8. Jackson also came off as a complete asshole too in that episode. I'm sorry, do you want to deal with the fact your wife and your unborn child could die or have sever complications or just go: "Well, Lorelai, you and Luke just don't get Sookie at all!" I mean even when you hear Sookie going: "Jackson stop with the bumps, baby doesn't like that." My mom who was watching at the time went: "Good, I hope you have the damn kid there you dumb bitch!" My mother was never afraid to yell at stupid writing on tv.
  9. Since everyone is saying 11 is the wrap up. I see this being that too, of course if Gloria calls ICE on all her relatives and admitting to Jay: "Yes, they all suck, they will never see us EVER again!" Because if it gets to where Gloria is ONCE AGAIN letting family who isn't her sister walk all over her and Jay. I'm calling foul.
  10. The rum cake was what put it over the edge. I could get the green mac & cheese, but the run cake? Seriously?
  11. They did just some major odd things with Sookie at times. I also remember when they had their first kid and the "mean nanny" was just along the lines of: "Who in their right mind, new parent or not, would hire this type of person." Hell, I still don't get why the Gilmores didn't have a spot where NO MAID would want to work with them. I'm sorry, but word gets out about places you SHOULDN'T WORK FOR. The "mean nanny" was gone one episode later where it looked like she was about to move in and kick Jackson to the street. Same goes with the Lord of the Rings birthday party that Sookie was in charge of and then goes into a panic about: "I'm not going to be a good mother" moment. Which you can understand, but the way Sookie went, you were on Lorelai's side with: "Kids are not going to eat this, what are you thinking?" "You are better than this."
  12. Right and that's where it even comes full Circle in Wedding Bell Blues. When Emily brought Chris to bring Lorelai and Luke up with: "But I like your breeding and name." Or when Richard admitted that his and Emily's song was because Lorelai had a sever ear ache and they couldn't keep a nanny. With Lorelai even telling Luke: "I just wanted them to hold me instead of a new nanny every day." Plus, you also go into how Straub treated Christopher and Chris's only family member that seemed to love him was his grandfather. Pretty much The Elder parents just had a kid to keep the name and hated children. We even got that from all of the Gilmores' rich "friends" they treated their kids in name only. The only way they actually showed affection is if they followed their warp sense of how the rich should live. Other wise, they yelled at them, told them how they were doing it "all wrong" and even if they were in a hospital like how Logan did. They still are: "Well, they need to stay there and think about what they did." It was boarding on mental child abuse and then when Lorelai or someone else would be pissed at them for the right reasons it was: "Why do they hate me?" "I'm only doing what I believe is right." Yeah, discouraging, never standing up for your kids or even having them just be a shoulder to cry on. OH NO! The horror if they did that.
  13. True, but this episode mark the last time we will EVER seen Marty actually care about his job, supporting his family. He is depicted here about really being excited to get the Charter Accountant job. Moving back to the area being closer to Tim and Jill and the boys. Having the girls be closer to family and even Nancy looking forward to hanging out with Jill more.
  14. Have to wonder if Sarah wanted to put the character of Hailey behind her and start playing a more "competent" person. Instead of: "Duh... what way did they go George?" Reminds me when Charlie McDermont kept trying to leave The Middle for another show. He was tired of playing a one note character with Axl. That's why they started doing a lot of growth with the character in the last 2 years of the show. Even though they have writers who are: "but we like characters being dumb, so easy to write."
  15. To this day I will never get why Nancy NEVER locked the door to the bathroom. It was BOTH Tim and Jill's room, one of them coming in or the boys coming in. She NEVER thought about being accidentally seen. Same later when Marty makes the joke about coming in naked to Tim. Really, Tim didn't think of locking the door?
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