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  1. readster

    Station 19

    When Travis was talking to her at the end about the baby. Vic replied: "No, the restaurant is THEIR baby, not me." It is actually a term that is well documented describing either a "favorite child" or the fact they see someone or something else as their MAIN responsibility and the other as a burden or have no regards too." Given what has be hit over our heads the past few years about Vic's family and how the grandma was really her "real parent". I think Vic was basically an "oops", since her parents started the restaurant before she was born.
  2. Still said how people even now are more against vaccines and still calling the pandemic a "farce" sadly heard it so many times with my own coworkers in education. Plus, people still going on on how the election was "stolen" you just CAN'T change people who rather live in another reality. Hell, current shootings this past week, there are people saying that the officers were "set up" despite evidence they didn't. Welcome back to the 1950s-1980s everyone.
  3. readster

    Station 19

    Yes, they need to explain that. Though the revelation that Vic's parents basically see her as "an accident" and that's WHY they were more focused on the restaurant that her. That is going to not go to a very good place if I'm thinking what they are going to do with her story. But seriously? Why can't she get her own apartment?
  4. I agree, it was not a well written scene at all. Abby was more of: "Eh" than actually either chewing him out or really wanting to know what the hell he was thinking.
  5. That's exactly it. I mean when my wife and I got married, she looked forward to living in my duplex, she really liked the space. A few years before I met my wife. I did have my girlfriend living with me and she hated her previous apartment and really loved living in: a space friendly duplex, a nice neighborhood, she could walk to work instead of drive, ect. The entire story line is not only contrive, but it makes both Olivia and Jr look very dumb and self sabotaging things just because you know, reasons.
  6. To this day, that was one of the most oddest things to happen and even more how Michael Gross replied and his reaction was so spot on.
  7. readster

    Station 19

    One thing that is true, if a hospital doesn't NEED to keep people at the hospital, especially during the pandemic, they would release them. HOWEVER... as it was pointed out one of them it was their third time that month at what point aren't the police called for illegal drug use? Oh right, the police HATE the fire department right now since the one former fire chief, you know the corrupt one that had the mayor on speed dial is making their lives very difficult, but you know, never appearing on camera except for two episodes.
  8. We have been hit over the head since the original series and this series that Dan just is not a good man of business. Knows his stuff, can fix things on his own needing very little help or expenses on things. HOWEVER... he just can't do it in a long functioning situation. That's been proven over and over again. While Jackie and Rosanne seem to know how to run a business, they NEVER LOOK beyond the "fun part" and never invest, save or of course think if the economy might tank or their side of town isn't doing that well.
  9. They have CONSTANTLY shown Junior to be dumb about the most stupidest things. Same with Jack at times, it's not only tiresome, but to the point where you don't know how he is still alive. Of course, look at some politicians.
  10. Exactly. Especially when Greg and Katie has made their thoughts known on Tripp. So, seeing this happened is like: "Oh crap!" Things said, I have to say it was very enjoyable having Greg hit Mr. "I got my administration license through a special rebate mail in" with the paint ball and his air head girlfriend was very, very satisfying. Holy crap! Lonnie has become a likable character and has realized his fame as a Youtuber is going out and needs to start thinking of what to do next. I also liked Oliver's turn of events, because it makes sense. Oliver had hit everyone over the head about how much
  11. Unless Katie Nixon is pregnant with child #3, what a very stupid move with the show. At least with Oliver thinking of dropping out of school after everything, at least that makes a lot of sense.
  12. You have me there. The problem with the story was everyone was miserable from Annie to the family and she kept on going to where everyone was just going: "Would you stop taking everything out on us." Then meets a person out of the blue and it's: "Oh, you know what. I'll do it now."
  13. Also, at that time Katherine Hicks was getting "bored" with who Annie was as a person and also started wanting to "have less work days". Hampton and crew were: "Hey, my sister is having twins, let's put them there." Followed by: "Hey, menopause has been a bitch for me, let's take Annie there and due to her pride decide to not do things that are medically proscribed, because how dare Jessica Biel want to leave the show!"
  14. If anything has proven over the series besides the constant: "Debra can't cook." I think at times, she resented being the house wife/stay at home mommy. Something I said during the final two years of the show. Deb could have gone back to work, I know they did it a few years prior and it just showed that Debra was just not a pleasant person to work around. Thinking she knew it all and even going as far as learning that through her old job, people were happy when she quit to stay at home with the kids.
  15. readster

    Station 19

    Yeah by now anyone going to Station 19 is either going to get someone killed or be killed.
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