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  1. Then again, you have an irony of Pat NOT LISTENING again. It's like in the first episode, he was TOLD not to come to the mansion as the JSA was being killed. Ten years later, Courtney AND Yolanda said something was not right with Principal Bowen and he was: "No, just drop it!" Look what happened, Courtney saw her going through a "secret" passage and then wraps around the school and exits behind "fake lockers" and the is attacked by Shiv. So, Pat... still think something isn't up with the principal or the ENTIRE town of Blue Valley at this point?
  2. Even more it's been going on ever since then. You have main cast members going about asking the WRONG people what's wrong with them or what to do. They come off as idiots and beating the tired cliche "doctors are horrible when THEY are sick" into the ground. It's like what just happened with Richard this past season with his losing his mind. Everyone kept acting like it was alzheimer's when it DOESN'T hit you like that. There are slow signs and other pieces, they did a better job with how Elias started losing it or even Adele. Yet with Richard everyone was: "Well, it's our OLD foe alzheimer's acting up again." Same with Andrew Deluca's bipolarism. They kept going: "what's wrong with him." When it was beaten over the head he might be bipolar or something and has a family history of it. Yet it was constantly: "Go home and think about what you did wrong!" HELP THEM DAMMIT!
  3. Right and for people like Tom Hanks, he ended developing Type 2 Diabetes after the MASSIVE weight lost for Castaway. Charlie Sheen after doing Hot Shots 2 gained a 50 lbs after the movie wrapped and had to go on another low meal diet to lose 30 lbs when he was cast as Michael J Fox's replacement on Spin City. Even with more "natural" loses like Kristie Alley or Jenny Jones from Jenny Craig diets and Dancing with the Stars were over weight loses and gains were more clean. As it wasn't rapid like others mentioned. I know William Shatter after being cast on Boston Public tried to massive weight lost because he was afraid of not living longer if the show went on most then 4 years and if you seen him now, he had a lot of weight gain vs what was like when Boston Public started and after he did his LAST appearance in Star Trek Generations. Why Hollywood is so full of stuff like this, you either get shamed for being: too heavy, too thin, too tall or too short. There is no middle.
  4. readster


    It's like how Kelsy Gramer got the role of Fraiser. He was told by a friend of his working as an extra during the second season they were looking for a new reoccuring character on the show and he rode his motorcycle up for the audition. Even getting struck by lightning and said: "I took it as a sign from God if I didn't get knocked out by that lightning strike, I was meant to go to that audition." Turned into a 20 year career.
  5. Right, it's just like how Pat has "ignored" what both Courtney and Yolanda said about the Principal with: "Let it go." Why? Because the script says too. Court would have had a bit more up on Shiv if Cindy wouldn't have jumped her. Plus, even if Pat would have been in STRIPE, they have ZERO knowledge on her abilities and training. Unlike other members of the ISA, they have a rich history and as Pat put it with Sportsmaster and Gambler. "They don't look like much, but that's how they get you."
  6. I think it was a little of both. Putting Cindy more front and center on Ito's commands to make sure they could track Henry jr and also in case the Principal couldn't keep things in check when it came to the students. I mean she hates Sportsmaster and Tigress for killing her coaches and making sure Artemis is front and center with her team sports. What ever happened just after the original JSA's defeat really divided the ISA. We know the Shade's betrayal lead to that, but seems more was going on with the death of the original Fiddler and bringing the Dragon King more.
  7. Here we go again, why who said what and what Justice League wasn't "done the way it was originally done."
  8. The biggest glaring hole on the show is how much Court and the rest of the JSA are telling Pat: "We say this and we noticed this." Yet Pat is TOO focused on them not getting themselves killed instead of going: "Yes, why would your principal be doing these things?" Instead he is: "I wasn't there like you and Yolanda and saw her doing these things, and since the original Fiddler was a man, I don't believe you. So let it go." Or going to Beth and saying: "Beth ask Chuck to run a background check on people that might meet similar looks to members of the ISA." He would figure out Gambler in a heart beat and at least narrow down Tigress ID to people who match her description. I get it's for story plot, but don't have it to where Pat acts like he knows best and then doesn't go: "Wait you have a point." Especially a guy who figure out who the Wizard is or why would Gambler, Sportsmaster and Tigress be so focus on a communication company. He is basically just ignoring it.
  9. Of course look at Brainwave, well known doctor and he doesn't even try to hide his face and the Wizard had to get rid of his costume to keep him from being discovered. Same with the Gambler, he just wears a hat and a suit. Least with Icicle, he distorts his face and Tigress does the face paint and ties her hair back.
  10. The "green flame" or Star Heart as it is referred to, is very similar to regular green lantern ring as it creates: constructions, flight, invulnerability. However, it is unable to effect wood. Get it flame and wood? Anyhow, something that Rick pointed out perfectly was how Pat had been spinning his wheels the past decade. Plus, Pat hasn't really gone much into his original body guard history with Sylvester and their relationship. So, yeah why would the other kids really think he was doing anything. When he really decided to just hide everything away, even if was trying to "figure out" what the Injustice Society had been up to. Plus, even though it has been just for plot points, you think after Courtney decided to wear the stars full time, he be going over the various members of the IJS. Plus, also maybe doing more background research like he did with the Wizard after he was killed and Pat discovered he was. Everything from who he associated with or a big WHY he might have been killed. Because if the Wizard had a kid, Hourman had a kid, maybe the other JSA and IJS members did the same.
  11. With the bottles, you knew it was his house. It made sense, make sure the Gambler could get in, and basically, Icicle figured that Stargirl would show up. However, they weren't expecting a junior JSA. Why the Sportsmaster was mocking Hourman so much and Tigress was impressed with Wildcat's fighting skills for a bit. When STRIPE showed up, they knew they were screwed. Why Icicle said at the end: "Let's find out who they are."
  12. Not as annoying as people CONSTANTLY parking their cars in the backyard when there is a DAMN street that seems to always have space to park. I know the house hasn't had a garage since episode 8 of the original series, but come on! Plus, I'm still confused on how Steph backed the car into the kitchen when she KNOWS how to drive a car now and is tall enough to reach the brake and gas pedals.
  13. That's the one thing that I think MANY TV shows fail out is how a school district is structured. Sure you get magical worlds like in Harry Potter, or in comics where you have "the teachers are secretly super villains". HOWEVER... for once I love to see a show tackle how school district politics and structures work. I know the show dealt with the Wizard being a Council Man for the town. However, even if she has a legitimate background and degree. The Fiddler (Virtuosity) would still have to answer to a superintendent and school board with the constant "disappearances" of coaches at the school. Plus, why she be so focused on keeping Paula on staff when it's been shown she is a wack job both in and out of costume and at work. The show wouldn't have to do much and just have one of the IJS members sitting on the school board, and while I won't say anything from the comics, the original series "better" explained why the school and town were "ignoring things" more. Sadly the only show that has explained school politics and structure better in the past 20 years has been Boston Public and Schooled. Even if they did things to an extreme or farce, it was still in consent with the times during those decades. Now, you either have teachers for, against or complete idiots in TV and film. I'm looking you Riverdale and current Spider-Man movies.
  14. This is where networks do their: "Let's see if the show can stand on it's own two feet." However, as I history has shown: "If it's working, don't break it."
  15. Yes, also the story that Frank is telling Pratt about Nam and his troop was also very sad, especially at the end when he goes: "You are who they could have been." However, I agree, his behavior was just terrible. So, he makes these comments, is an asshole to people, but hey, he was a great cop, husband father to a daughter with downs syndrome. Umm... sorry that doesn't work. Even when Frank's wife talks about how much Frank talks about everyone in such positive light don't add up.
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