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  1. Sadly, they are bad at "taking care of the children". Especially when said children now have brains and are like: "You know mom, I would like to eat meat instead of you telling me it's bad." or "You know what, I do want to try and work at things because how else am I going to know? Or how do I know I'll "marry rich" what if I don't want to get married?" Then these "trophy wives" go into a deer in the headlights with: "how dare you question something that makes sense." Like they were never little girls or teens either. I've actually been enjoying Cooper more this season because he finding out he can't just get away with EVERYTHING because he is rich. Now realizing Katie and Greg are actually "being parents" to him to even telling him how to cross the street.
  2. Oh that was so horrible, including hearing the Rosetta Stone tapes and still couldn't even REPEAT what they were saying. It was sooooo bad, plus I've seen Le Mis many times, the use of the French language is like... 3 lines. You can fake that even on Broadway. The story made NO SENSE!
  3. readster

    S02.E12: FeMellor

    Being a teacher myself, I really try to stay respectable in my dress. Many of my coworkers who have been teaching for decades either go with dress down or at least something that still maintains that. Yes, certain styles have changed for teachers, but I think Lainey looked fine. I have to wear my Spider-Man and other ties that go with the themes and of course to match my outfits when I teach. Of course, why spirit and casual Fridays exist. What drives me crazy is how super rip jeans have come back into fashion. Because we get below zero days and then the kids complain they are cold and we are: "Why don't you wear something that doesn't have holes in it?" They then go: "But I don't have anything with no holes, I love the look." You roll your eyes.
  4. Plus, Regina knows better that you can't let something hang over you and "never deal with it" as we found out with her uncle and her mother is a grand example of never wanting to face a situation and how it dominated their lives in a very unhealthy fashion. Yes, Sophine might never "get over it" but it's here and it's not going away and being constantly angry over it, or then trying to take it out on everyone or ignore it is never going to solve it. She is living proof of that.
  5. It also just kind of proves that no matter what happened, Justin was pretty done with the show and wants to move on with his career and life. How they handle this is a different question, but how are they going to explain: Jo still being around. McWidower just magically having Alex's job because Christina said so? The show went off the rails a long time that the writers are acting like a bunch of 11 year olds trying to write their first essay for a teacher. ABC really needs to step in and go: "Yeah, we need to end this. There is nothing left."
  6. Right, it's sad that this would be the last time we would see "Normal Mark" before the writers decided he needed to be changed to "Goth Mark" a few months later. Also, Jill's reaction is still piss poor or the fact the manager and the old lady in the background are just letting this teen try to beat up another kid. Or how about how Jill goes off on how Mark and Randy "need to apologize" to the family of the kid ready beat their son because of stepping on his shoes. Or the entire fact the manager/owner wasn't pissed off that a set of kids just ruined and destroyed his back stock of shoes.
  7. The only problem is, they have really put Vanessa to the point she is brain dead at times. They like to throw her PhD in her face and yes, I have a doctorate too, but at times I wanted to go: "how are we to take this seriously she was ever ANY type of doctor?" But shows do that, great examples of Jill and Debra, characters that made sense EARLY on, but then turn into bitter, I'm always right and you are wrong and into their parents/inlaws they talked in the series of NEVER becoming and do. Of course after meeting Vanessa's mother and sister you just want to go: "What family did you come from? Are you adopted?"
  8. See this is a pretty great example of how society has changed. Not the kids, but people think they can just avoid problems, have someone else take care of it. Something the show however does skate by on is how their rich or "ex-rich" husbands are not involved in any shape or form. That they just throw money at their spouses and ignore their kids. That's something I really wish was brought up, Greg is the ONLY involved father sometimes over involved, but he actually cares. Everyone outside the family are really horrible, horrible parents. I am really enjoying Oliver and Cooper's story line here, I'm happy this is continuing and that Taylor is actually DOING something useful now. Of course, I love Ian Gomez, he can be on the show anytime.
  9. I know right. Something too is now we are getting to where Eddie's problems came from and seeing it's pretty much a family history. There are still missing pieces as to how Katherine really met Eddie and given his history and problems why should even married him. As we saw, Eddie pretty much gave up drinking BECAUSE of Theo. Even more, I doubt the writers would even say some of Eddie's issues that lead to his affair with Delilah weren't stemmed from his deciding to sleep with his friend's wife instead of going into a drinking binge again early on. However, also proving that Eddie doesn't think of any consequences to his behavior like everyone else on this show.
  10. Because the creator of the show had a baby late in life and the writers thought it be "comedy gold" to give them another kid.
  11. Right, it was like Rosethal was: "ok, let's get everyone's Lorelai and Christopher out of their systems for good." Of course, but didn't do ANY focus on Chris's relationship with Rory or hell even Rory and Georgia's relationship. It just painted Christopher as: "I just like banging Lorelai more than being a father." "But hey, I'm attractive!" Other wise, the character work on everyone else was great and you know, MADE SENSE. Instead of AS-P coming back and going: "God! Who the hell you think you were writing MY CHARACTERS!" "Here is how they SHOULD BE!" Just no.
  12. I also how AS-P and her husband still depicted "higher society" even with the former Dr. Corday on the show. They had her basically stealing people's food because she could. Never thinking those people might want their meals or have some where to get to by a certain time. I didn't have a problem with Rory saying "she's a drunk" however it was very unprofessional how she talked about her and never THOUGHT it get back to her. However, just like with Emily calling bullshit on the DAR screening process. It made everyone come across like they could do or say whatever they wanted and it never got back to them. AS-P and her husband's writing, seriously has become crap. Thinking they could do "whatever" they wanted and everyone would worship the ground they walked on. Which proved to be the opposite yet they still go: "Well, it was my vision of how I wanted the series to go." Instead of: "you look like a bunch of armatures with too much money."
  13. That was such an eye opening to the character. That it's not how "he talks" but how he hears everyone else. Though to this day, how the hell Dale ended up the way he did when you see his parents both in flashback and later on when he finds out his father is gay. You just want to go: "Where the hell did his view on life come from?" I mean, you get Hank, he wanted to be more traditional and more like his mother than Cotton. Bill just never recovered from his divorce. Boomhauer went on his own accord, but never got over his "fun life style". For Dale, who the hell knows.
  14. I get it more that the show lasted longer than they originally thought it would. The real Eddie wanted more of a portray of his book and "real life", but not realizes that would have been hard to do and the show would have probably ended after a couple of years. It's pretty simple, the ratings weren't there, the actors were tired of the show, especially Constance and they get to at least wrap it up in a satisfying way to them. Instead of similar to how ABC pulled the plug on previous shows.
  15. Neela was one of those characters, that the writers never seem to really know what to do with the character. Is she feeling sorry for herself all the time? Is she the grieving widow. Are men really falling over her like that? Something I will never get was when she was trying to figure out where to go in the next step in her career and when she calls Maggie. Maggie tells her: "Maybe you need a drink." What the hell was up with that?
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