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  1. readster


    I knew a guy who worked at Demonte for years until it closed down and he was making some good money. In fact, he said his wife and him were going to buy a nice house until they were laid off and then she started losing her eye sight. Of course, I also worked with a few people at a movie theater when I was in college. I barely went out, worked all hours, had to take out loans. They got promoted to managers, were spending money and going to school and barely took out anything. I still to this day talk to them through social media and their excuse was: "We just were good with money."
  2. readster


    Just no! So, apparently they had it the other way. Junior was going to show up on Grown-ish and not Zoey on Black-ish.
  3. readster

    SO3.E23 A Mom's Parade

    Yep, look at Speechless, of course they renewed Fresh off the Boat for another year which Wu didn't like at ALL.
  4. readster


    Why I was happy that Dre and Bow kicked Junior out in the season finale of Black-ish. Junior kept wondering and then thought since he scored a big deal at Dre's company life would be perfect, which was crap. You don't get that at 19, thinking now life will be easy going, because you decided college wasn't for you because your college roommate scared you and you ran away for some half ass "gap year". Zoey needed the cut off, because she needed a reality check and Junior needed the kick off too for a reality check. The sad part is, both Dre and Bow got their two oldest in that mind set with their: "I'm a giant man baby" and "I'm a doctor" attitude. The only difference is, both Dre and Bow realized that they need to stop their kids from this road now before they turn around and go: "Why can't I keep a job and why am I working at a car wash?"
  5. readster

    Untreatable: Unpopular Opinions

    I hated Kem, before during and after everything with Carter. I got her depression and upsetness with the death of Josiah, but by the end of the series, I was waiting for her to jump in front of a moving car, she looked that bad.
  6. readster

    S03.E21 Locked in the Basement

    Then add in the bitching controlling "house wives" that are divorced or their husbands just throw money at them and don't sleep with them. Can't shows at some point just get that people get married for at least love than apparently they were "rich". Unless they inherited a company or money, I'm sure all these people started at the bottom of company at one point and were living paycheck to paycheck. Oh no, they are running through money like it burns a hole in their pocket. Telling their kids to eat a certain way and basically going: "this is how I view the planet and you will conform to it." Just enough!
  7. readster

    S10.E22: A Year of Birthdays

    Yep, which is known as stupid stubborn. It's one thing when you want to be a tree and don't want to move, but when you insult people or constantly believe you are right and the world is wrong you are being very ignorant about your views. It's like being told the house is on fire and going: "No it's not." until your arm catches on fire.
  8. readster

    Station 19

    It was another fire fighter who made reference of Vic being a slut since she was sleeping with the Chief and then asked if Travis was "hitting that too". It wasn't unrealistic that Travis is getting charges pressed against him. However... it wasn't like people didn't hear what happened and it escalated into a full bar fight with others. Which means there would be other charges against other people and the bar owner could have sued. Praitt would have also knew that Travis was facing charges because he bailed him out the next day. It's kind of how Ryan's history of stealing and hot wiring cars magically was over looked when he applied to the police academy. They would have been like: "So, you use to love stealing cars and the Station 19 captain bailed you out? So, why should we hire you again?"
  9. Yeah, you have to wonder if moving House Wife is a plan on getting ratings to kill off Fresh off the Boat or if ABC is really seeing if the show is worth keeping around after next year.
  10. readster


    Plus, it would have been a great way for Ross to show Ben how be a big brother as he was one with Monica. They had the opportunities and the writing would have been pretty organic but, they just never took them.
  11. readster

    S03.E16 Insta-Friends

    Which also doesn't help that all the other mothers act the same way and shame Katie for not being like them. Yet, their personal lives are pretty miserable and when they can't be the center of their own universe, they raise utter hell. It isn't funny and you don't want to root for anyone.
  12. readster

    S03.E16 Insta-Friends

    I agree or ones that bash their husbands or siblings and it comes across as: "How are you not divorced or dead by now?"
  13. readster

    S03.E18 Phone Free Day

    Right and that was a major story line in season 1. Especially after moron son thought they were hiding more money they had. Plus, most of season 2 was Greg getting his book published and Spencer accidentally bought all his copies that got him to be a full tenure professor. But then they dumped the super stalker/idiot graduate assistant on Greg and then put him in a former utility closet. I have yet to see a comedy treat people who are tenure professors that they actually you know, MAKE money. But they think it's funny, Big Bang did it for years. People can have decent salaries and still not make great financial decisions, but on AHW, they act like Greg works at McDonalds.
  14. readster

    Star Trek: Picard

    Right and we know it takes place after Nemesis, where Picard so saw such a major shift from Data's "death" to Riker and Troi leaving and the Enterprise E almost being destroyed. We also know that the destruction of Romulus DID happen in the prime timeline and had a big effect on both Picard, the Romulan Empire, Vulcan and the Federation.
  15. readster

    Star Trek: Picard

    Plus, Data's memories and experiences.