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  1. Apparently hasn't watched Dr. Strange or Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  2. Something I find interesting about Kenny and his older brother who was in juvey. These were good kids, Kenny's brother sadly wanted to be part of the "bad crowd" since their dad is active military and the mother seems to cast herself in work. More so now that Kenny's brother is in lock up for probably another year. Sadly, Kenny's bother put himself in the wrong situation that apparently got someone killed. Then he went into the: "Be the tiger or get eaten, but don't snitch." While Kenny was just the new kid and those assholes that Anthony hung with were: "hey let's make this kid's life horribl
  3. Yeah, I mean setting up a girl in your class's a "fake account" getting water ballons set up in lockers with cameras that apparently don't work. Then being in the right spot to film and then share on social media constantly. Yeah, WAY too much time.
  4. Oh God! That will be fantastic and even have him go: "I didn't think I had any life and I almost killed myself... but you don't have to go there."
  5. No kidding, I was on debate too, this was all set up, but then again to see how both the Middle School and High School run things from the previous 3 seasons it doesn't surprise me. Just like how Kenny's locker was filled with all that crap and NO ONE saw it until it was on Tik Tok? You could see the damn camera in the corner.
  6. There was apparently a page in the original script where Terry was snorting before the sauna scene in KK3, but was written out. It was meant to describe his behavior, but they felt it went too far. Funny how 35 years later it all makes sense now.
  7. Right and we get their backstories more. It's just they went in one direction and this is where they are. Of course, now that Ed Asner is dead, what was Sid's back story? Just made some big business deals and then became an abusive asshole and never married anyone BUT Johnny's mother? There needed to be more backstory in that.
  8. Right and we know when Johnny joined Cobra Kai in the late 70s, Terry had packed up and left as the dojo was doing fine by then. At the best, maybe he saw him in passing or when Terry could check in now and again, but as we saw in KK3, Terry had been away for several years.
  9. Right and in the US, that can lead to some serious ethics violations and also if any of the clients get caught in doing something or go under, it puts things in a bad light in the company and cost them problems. Of course in France it's: "Whatever, as long as it gets money and everyone is happy, who cares? What you slept with my boyfriend... you are still married... hey pass me some wine, who cares."
  10. It was funny how in the first episode, Silver talked about he was doing drugs and how he was acting was out of control, especially against Daniel. I know from an interview they said there was suppose to be a scene where Silver was snorting during his sauna scene, but they cut it out because they thought it was too much then. Of course, after these last few episodes, you get how Silver ended up so screwed up. Went to war, luckily had a great family business and money to come back too. Started Cobra Kai and then went off on his own way and of course, too rich for his own good and took into drugs
  11. Yeah, Sam and Anthony sure fell into peer pressure as teens didn't they? I mean Sam went with the "cool cliche" and ending up getting into some stupid shit just because: "Well, my parents are really well off." Same goes with Anthony, of course learning at 13 instead of 17 that these are not the things you should be doing to others. Speaking of our new kid Kenny, having his brother being the other teen in juvy that was fighting with Robbie makes sense. He said to Robbie he knew how he felt, but as he put it: "My parents went along their perfect lives until they found out it wasn't perfect."
  12. I find it more interesting how the show keeps depicting how people are to handle "affairs" in France/Europe oppose to the US. I mean, Sylvia's "boyfriend" was in complete shock to find out they were still married and as someone who might be "younger". It leads to the entire: "Umm... so open marriage? Umm... why?"
  13. As someone who had wife and several other friends who were preggers more than once. The women constantly eating is a cliche on TV. Yes, some do, but many others... don't. Hell I kept expecting my wife too and the only thing that was regular with her was the mood swings and needing naps.
  14. Plus with Ed Asner's passing, they probably wanted to deal with the aftermath of Sid's death too.
  15. In the comics, that's what Matt Fraction who wrote series much of the TV show is based on went with. Then in the comics went from campy to down right dark where they ambush Clint and his brother, Barney, and beat them senseless to the point Barney was in a wheel chair and Clint had to go back to wearing hearing aids as he received sever head trauma from the beatdown. Also, don't get me started on them hurting the dog too.
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