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  1. Having to where it is 2023 on the show is also making things just... odd. They did it not really have to "deal with COVID" and to give them a place Tim Allen has constantly said: "So we can end the show on a good note and not suddenly." Then they do these stories and apparently the show has recently taped their final episode. It's like they tried to have it both ways, keep the show like it's going like any normal season, but also basically say they are trying to wrap things up and doing it on tired stories from the past or trying to fix in the "context" of current happenings.
  2. I agree, I mean others have pointed out characters that did the same, but I think it was more in a humorous way that instead of coming across as spiteful it was funny. However, then you just go too far like with Maria. I mean you. have the classic: "Be happy you have a job" then you are on the verge of going to prison for someone because: "They want it this way and defy logic." Like on The Middle how Mike's bosses pretty much did everything to screw over their employees or do some very very illegal stuff. Yet, they laughed about it with: "But we've been getting away with it, so who cares?" Instead of: "you would have been sued by the state and people would have walked out in several lawsuits."
  3. That's why I called false on the entire thing. It would have taken UP to almost three years to get everything set in stone and then at the most two years to build. Instead they rushed through things in less than 4 months and then take 4 years to finish thing. Honestly throw away lines such as: the economy change, change in administration, ect would have held up much, much more. Instead of: "Well, we forgot about it until the final season and see how heartbreaking it is that it's named after Carter's dead son and Kem is still in deep depression. Isn't that great television?"
  4. Right and why I pointed that out and the fact it took that MANY years from signing the contract to the final episode. I kind of went: "Ummm... in Chicago? That place be built in 2 years."
  5. The show the past two seasons has been portraying this stuff as "funny" when sorry, these are crimes and in a town like this, they be up a creek and forever shamed. Same with Cooper's money situation, I got he didn't want to end up like the waiter guy, who is basically in this late 40s and being manipulated by his rich parents until they die. At some point he have to realize they aren't going to give him shit. In a way, good for Cooper realizing the life he has been living all these years is going to leave him just a joke later in life. Sadly, Oliver seems to not have gotten that in his head. Of course, same goes for Katey still saying Greg's ideas are stupid, and he has to be "dirty" with politics, but then gets upset when she screws him over. They keep writing Katie that she "wants it both ways" and then when it backfires goes: "Ooppps" then proceeds to do it again the following week.
  6. It also felt like it too FOREVER to build the place. I've seen new hospitals go up in less time than the show. Especially, when they were paying for EVERYTHING to be built for it. Even if Carter said in the end: "I'll be fundraising for the rest of my life". I just wanted to go: "So, what? You lost money or did Kem drain money because 'life sucks for me now' during those four years?"
  7. That's also how you know a show has just turned into crap. Plus, it's even more sad we as viewers or former viewers can think of better stories and actually "relevant stories" than bringing in a characters that A: The writers/producers ONLY like, they force said characters down our throats when everyone including critics go: "Why did you bring them back?" Plus you add in the fact they created these stories because they felt like they matter and then go ahead and just ignore them. They could have done more with Boyd now that he's a teen and a big brother. They could actually have both Ryan and Kristin realize now that they are older, things do matter, but maybe their views have been too one sided for too long. Have Mike realize he "won" the battle as Last Man Standing and it's time for him to just enjoy life quietly.
  8. Yep, pretty much. They have so given up on the character, to just making him the butt of jokes and making him so stupid we don't know how he knows how to get dressed or use the bathroom. They were talking about doing a spin-off with him, but that fell apart too. Just ship him off to Grown-ish, the writers over there had more ways to use him.
  9. Exactly and if they would have explained she had become "partnered" through a clinic, that would have made sense or even said she was now on the Board of Chiefs or Board of Departments. It's like the writers just make shit up as they go instead of you know doing a 10 minute google search.
  10. Right you can be on a board of directors or department chiefs, but a "partner" no that's not how that works.
  11. Pretty much as much as they did give a legitimate reason why Jen was sent back to the Baxters. She is pretty much doing what she has always been used for: a paycheck, a sound board to be Vanessa's Eve and to look in the camera with a: "Umm.... I hate this! Give me a paycheck!"
  12. That would require building another set.
  13. I agree and also her attitude has changed to you know realize that being in college and being out of high school. The world is a bigger place, while Tripp keeps doing his: "Dude, I've never been this far from my house before." They need more organic reasons why Taylor is starting to act like this. Not just the fact she "got" into college thanks to her dad and realizes, she actually "likes school".
  14. I mentioned last episode, Ali does have a condition that does not mix well if she caught COVID, so that's why her filming as been on video calls.
  15. That's the thing, as much as Chuck wishes he was "fully retired" he didn't make the same mistakes as Dan or Rosanne did. Another change was the fact he and Anne Marie only had one kid and didn't have to deal with three (minus one more later in life). Plus, Dan, Rosanne and Jackie just would get a good break and then just spend the money like they felt it was burning a hole in their pocket. Here Dan gets mad at Chuck for getting his boat when he had been saving up for it. Realizes he might live long enough to enjoy some "fun stuff" after COVID is in the rear view mirror some day. Yet, Dan almost loses his house, keeps doing very dumb stuff. Has his kids almost living rent free. Then wants to complain about things? At the worst, he should have had his mortgage complete paid off by now and be worrying about other things. Yet, he took out several mortgages, gave up a good city job that apparently now has been officially referenced he gave up for a very dumb reason. Yet, Dan still falls into: "Why am I so damn poor?"
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