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  1. Maybe this should go in the unpopular opinion thread, but I have no interest in any 'next generation' remake of Quantum Leap, or any other show for that matter. I watched QL for the relationship between Sam and Al, so I have no desire to watch a version that focuses on Sammi Jo and has the original characters do a cameo at best.
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's especially tough when it happens rather unexpectedly like this.
  3. Yeah, same here. It seemed like one of the extended subplots was going to be the efforts to get Al's family to the US. Unfortunately, real life events have overtaken that storyline and I'm not sure how they're going to handle it. I don't think there's any viable way they can keep Al's immediate family in Afghanistan for the upcoming season. I did see in the news today that things were going more smoothly at the airport and that the US embassy and other organizations were working to get people out, so maybe it's not outside the realm of possibility that his family could get emergency re
  4. I actually preferred Rebecca to Diane. But my favorite character by far was Lilith. I really enjoyed her dry as dust sense of humor and I liked how her relationship with Frasier developed gradually over the years. I pretty much quit watching after they split up.
  5. There's a cute two parter where Laura gets Bunny back from Nellie and then they compete against each other in a big race, so keep an eye out for those episodes. I was horse crazy as a kid and really liked that storyline so I was very upset when they killed off Bunny a few episodes later. 😒
  6. I rode a lot when I was younger. Mostly Western, but I did enough jumping to know that the rider is definitely important. They need to accurately judge the distance between jumps in relation to their horse's stride so that the horse takes off the correct distance from the jump. If the horse is too close or too far away when they take off they'll knock down the top railing in the jump and get faulted or potentially knock over the whole jump. So while I agree that equestrians aren't the same caliber athletes as say marathoners, there's definitely skill involved and they have to be in shape s
  7. I got Moderna and a little over 24 hours after the second shot I did get hit with a bunch of symptoms - headache, sore, tired, and mild nausea. No individual symptom was bad but together they made me feel pretty blah for the rest of the evening. But after taking a couple of Advil and going to bed early I felt fine the next day.
  8. I finally had a chance to catch up on the last few episodes and I'm still really enjoying this show. My favorite episode so far is the fundraiser. It was a great mix of comedy and serious moments. I loved how Riley and Hazel both had the same response when the others complimented them on how nice they looked. She's definitely her father's daughter! The VFW presentation was really touching - both Al's speech, especially his line about how since Riley wouldn't let himself be called a hero Al would call him his brother instead, as well as how excited Lizzie was when everyone enjoyed her slid
  9. Yes, agreed. I've been rooting for this to happen since the fundraiser episode when Vanessa brings Riley a sports drink and greasy burger and says "I want the father of my daughter to be OK". That's when it struck me how much TV goes for the easy laughs of partners disliking each other after they break up and how unusual it is to show a couple who obviously still care for each other but are no longer in a relationship. It's an interesting dynamic and I hope the show explores it more.
  10. I think they actually are both sleeping in the garage. Otherwise why would Al have gone out there for his early morning prayers? Despite having to hand-wave a few logistic details like the bedroom setup, I continue to find myself unexpectedly charmed by this show. All the characters are just so darned NICE. Yeah, they all have personal issues that they're dealing with but they're just trying to do their best. The conflicts (and humor) mostly come from innocent misunderstandings and I find that really refreshing rather than having the show try to mine humor out of an obviously obnoxiou
  11. I thought the same thing. That scene really seemed to demonstrate that EMT could be a good career choice for Riley. Plus, it was nice to actually see his competence for once. He's told us that he enjoyed being in the Marines and was good at it, but since he's come home there's been a lot of struggling and angst so it's great to see him taking charge and handling an emergency. Overall I'm liking this show more than I expected to. The family interactions seem realistic - they love each other but can drive each other crazy at times. It's also really sweet how they all welcomed Al into t
  12. Or when sounding like A as in neighbor and weigh. 😊
  13. I don't know who this guy is, but that's an incredibly condescending statement.
  14. Well, I knew Goodwin was going to break July's heart but I didn't expect them to take her baby with them to England. I assumed Caroline wouldn't want a reminder of her husband's infidelity, plus it didn't look like she'd be able to pass Emily off as her child. I was glad that at least July got something of a happy ending with her son finding her and rescuing her from poverty, as well as her hope that by writing her story Emily might one day see it and learn about her real mother.
  15. No, but I’ve used a reusable grocery bag when dashing into the store and that works reasonably well.
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