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  1. To be fair, she did text both her dad and aunt as well. Jackie's taunt from behind the wheel was classic. 😂
  2. Was I the only one bothered that Darlene and Jackie were at Becky's side for the birth and they were not wearing scrubs, gloves, masks, shower caps, etc.? BIG fail.
  3. I think the answer for the Friday reruns is that they have been doing new, live episodes on Sundays following Sunday Night Football. I wouldn't mind if they did that sporadically, but every week during football season really messes up the rhythm. I want my Hashtags on Thursdays and Thank You Notes on Fridays!! Why they are off altogether this week, I don't know, but Seth Meyers is off as well.
  4. That was brilliant - and brilliantly funny. The episode was "Reality Bites" from Season 20.
  5. Just wait for Trudy!! ❤
  6. I applaud Chris Hayes for being one of the few with the testicles to speak out against the boys club at NBC. Not only do they need to clean house at NBC, they need to disinfect it, fumigate it, hire troops of Orkin Men to get rid of the stench!!!
  7. You're right, it was The Emotions that I was thinking of. Thanks for clarifying. Sheryl said in an episode last season that that was one of her best birthdays ever. By the way, Donny's birthday jingle to Marie is still stuck in my head. I cracked up when he broke out into "One Bad Apple", only to be cut off by Marie when she said they'd have to pay for the use of the song. 😂 I noticed too that Sharon did not take a swipe at Gwyneth Paltrow today. All right, who is this imposter and what has she done with Mrs. O? 😂
  8. Same with John Schneider, for failure to pay alimony or spousal support, I believe.
  9. I did a binge watch of this show in its entirety over the weekend. By far, this is the best episode of the series up to this point.
  10. Same here. Times sure have changed, haven't they? 😳
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