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Jackie Harris/Laurie Metcalf: Bench Coach

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It's as though the writers don't know what to do with this histrionic character once they start writing for her script. I don't find her the least bit funny. Laurie Metcalf is good with the serious dramatic scenes, but she bombs at comedy -- at least in her portrayal of Jackie. They now have her facial expression perpetually in raised eyebrows unless it's a dramatic scene. It's like the director thinks she looks goofy entertaining this way. She is given way too many lines, is over-done, and is one of the most annoying characters in sitcom history (I record the shows and skip many of her scenes, and when watching re-runs of "Roseanne" I do the same).

I also don't understand why the wardrobe department keeps dressing her in such unflattering attire, when she still has the same buff physique she had 30 years ago.

If I had a body like that at age 62 or whatever Laurie Metcalf is, I'd DEMAND wearing a mini skirt and midriff for at least a few episodes. Otherwise, this character is just so boring or annoying. She needs LESS script time.

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