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  1. ThatsDarling

    S01.E03: Superhero

    The moment I heard Jackie speak, I thought "there is no way this actress is not Katey Sagal's daughter in real life." Their voices and rhythms of speech are so similar.
  2. I've seen Laurie Metcalf in other recent projects, including several of her Tony-nominated stage performances, and consider her to be one of our most inventive, compelling, and versatile performers. If my only exposure to her was the role of Jackie Harris on The Conners, however, I would be singing a different tune. Admittedly, the writing for her character is weak, but her performance is too broad for my liking. When an actor goes as over the top as Metcalf often does here, the direction is also to blame; I think there is a collective misunderstanding of what made the character interest
  3. I don't remember the Conners being as gross on the original series, either. Storing beef jerky in the toilet and comments on how bad the couch smells? Ugh.
  4. Lecy Goranson was terrific on original recipe Roseanne--one of the most realistic portrayals of a teenager I've ever seen on a sitcom. Her work may have been a little too realistic to garner much attention, however, and the Becky character did not have the hook of Sara Gilbert's sarcastic, anti-cheerleader Darlene. I can't say I'm as enthusiastic about what she's doing on The Conners, though this show isn't much of an acting showcase for anyone. Would still be nice to see her get a little more of the screen time that is currently allotted to Darlene.
  5. The cast is too big, and the frequent additions of recurring characters gives me the impression that the writers are not sure where to take the show, so they are throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. I'm not holding my breath for a toned down Jackie. Laurie Metcalf said recently in an interview that she was given permission to play the character as broad as possible, and was taking advantage of it "because Jackie is a broad character...She's crazy." Metcalf is one of our finest actors, but every performer needs a director who can modulate their work, and she's not getting
  6. The previews made such a big deal about Darlene being with child, I suspected it was a red herring. My hunch is that she will end up pregnant before the end of the season; the chance of naturally conceiving during perimenopause is quite low, but it's still possible, especially in sitcom world. I doubt the writers would have emphasized how much Darlene and Ben wanted a child together if they did not intend for it to happen down the line. It's odd to me that the go-to storyline for many family sitcoms is for the female lead to become pregnant at some point, even if she is in her forties an
  7. I haven't rewatched the original series in years, but if I recall correctly, Becky was initially the daughter with whom Roseanne shared the closer and more specific relationship. The idea that Darlene was a Roseanne in training wasn't developed until she was older and her passion shifted from sports to writing. During the time Roseanne worked at Wellman's, I think she would have been more likely to brag about Becky, though the current writers insist that Darlene was always the golden child of the Conner family. I agree with you about Mark; it's always a gamble to give a child actor a role
  8. I know this adds another continuity problem to a series riddled with them, but I'm glad they've retconned Jerry. He was a baby at the end of original recipe Roseanne, never factored significantly into any plot lines, and was away on a fishing boat during the first season of the revival. Why continue with the concept that the Conners had four kids if the youngest is never going to appear? Casual viewers are probably unaware that Dan and Roseanne even had another son after DJ. I'm not crazy about the choice to move Mary in with her aunts; there are too many characters already, and I tend to
  9. OITNB had a floating timeline, which is relatively uncommon on live action TV shows (with the exception of soaps), but never bothered me too much. Every season takes place roughly in the present day, so if it’s 2018/2019 in S7, S1 is retconned as taking place in 2016/2017. I totally see how this would bug people, though, because OITNB isn’t The Simpsons or a comic book series. But the writers and producers wanted to keep the show relevant to current day issues, which I understand as well.
  10. I think Polly knows what she and Larry did was wrong. IIRC, Piper had Neri throw a burning bag of poop outside Polly’s house when she found out about the affair, and Polly responded by saying, “I deserved that.” I think her clear reluctance to go to the dinner stemmed from understanding, perhaps more than Piper and Larry, that there are some things a friendship cannot recover from. She slept with her best friend’s fiancé while she was in prison, and is now having a child with him. For as much as Piper claims to have moved on and become a new person, that can’t not sting. Their friendship
  11. I like Zelda, and being that this is the last season and the writers probably wanted some closure on Piper’s relationship with Larry and Polly, I understand her suggestion for Piper to call them. In real life, however, this would be a horrible idea after everything that happened between them. The dinner was super awkward and I cringed the whole way through it. Sometimes you just have to accept that the bridge is burned and moved on.
  12. Agreed. I thought it was particularly cruel in previous years when the final two were left on the runway and Heidi would tell the runner-up "you're out." One year (Sean Kelly vs. Amanda Valentine), she actually emphasized how close the voting was and that Amanda barely lost. Sometimes it's better just not to know, especially with such a big prize package at stake. Loved DvF as a guest judge. I always prefer fashion designers, or people in the fashion industry, as judges because they can give critiques other than "I would wear that / I would not wear that." A solid return to form aft
  13. This is her sixth (and fourth consecutive) Tony nomination. I read that she is the first actor in history to earn four Tony nominations in a row. Go, Laurie!
  14. The grand prize is $100,000. Winners of reality television shows usually can't collect their prizes until the show actually airs, so she has been waiting a long time, and after taxes she will have significantly less money. There were more good collections than there usually are on a Project Runway finale, and I would have been OK with several outcomes. When Michelle and Dmitry were both spared elimination last week, I figured the judges wanted one of them to win, but I was rooting for Irina. She had a few missteps throughout the competition, but had more high scores overall than anyone e
  15. I cannot imagine a scenario in which Irina is not the next designer eliminated. Even if she produces the most beautiful garment of the season, the judges will make up a reason to send her home. They love Michelle, Anthony Ryan and Dmitry are their golden boys, and they will want one international designer in the finals. When it comes to actually awarding the win, however, I am not as convinced as some that Michelle has it locked up. I have always seen All Stars as a way to give a big check to a fan favorite by any contrived means necessary, and I don't think Michelle has ever been partic
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