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  1. Not really impressed with this final season. I think it could have ended a lot better. Just my opinion.
  2. I dislike Laura in a lot of episodes! I think she was my least favorite character after Carrie.
  3. Wade tearing up while talking about his wife made me tear up! Got me right in the feels.
  4. There have been comments on her Facebook I think that Brice looks like Anthony Michael Hall.
  5. Maybe Darlene should look into Harris living with David for awhile. Not sure if that would work, but he is her father.
  6. I keep hoping Grace's pregnancy will be a bad dream, but I guess it won't go that way! LOL
  7. I think my favorite parts of this show is when he is interacting with his daughters. I'm not much for his friends most of the time.
  8. I think the only person on the show that I like is Dennis, but that is not enough to keep me watching. I was hoping I would like this more than I do. The preview to me just showed more of Carol patting herself on the back again. SIGH...
  9. I really love this show also. Although Abby continues to be my least favorite character.
  10. I honestly thought Lorna was going to jump off the roof or something as well. I totally teared up over that!!
  11. I'm just wondering what happened to the podcast that Kim was doing. Has anyone heard why they stopped?
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