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  1. Geez, enough already; he's given too many lines. With the exception of the recent episode where Dr. Finn wants to date him, he's inserted too much, as though the writers feel this need to insert him in there for the heck of it or to meet some quota. His constant questioning of the meaning of common sayings is just getting overdone and too old. It's way overdone, too much attempt to re-create Data. As it is, he sounds just like him. He's also annoying as heck to look at. Please, Seth, give him fewer lines already.
  2. It's as though the writers don't know what to do with this histrionic character once they start writing for her script. I don't find her the least bit funny. Laurie Metcalf is good with the serious dramatic scenes, but she bombs at comedy -- at least in her portrayal of Jackie. They now have her facial expression perpetually in raised eyebrows unless it's a dramatic scene. It's like the director thinks she looks goofy entertaining this way. She is given way too many lines, is over-done, and is one of the most annoying characters in sitcom history (I record the shows and skip many of her scenes, and when watching re-runs of "Roseanne" I do the same). I also don't understand why the wardrobe department keeps dressing her in such unflattering attire, when she still has the same buff physique she had 30 years ago. If I had a body like that at age 62 or whatever Laurie Metcalf is, I'd DEMAND wearing a mini skirt and midriff for at least a few episodes. Otherwise, this character is just so boring or annoying. She needs LESS script time.
  3. Am I the only one who finds myself watching what's going on in the background while the key actors are speaking? I've noticed that nearly every woman who passed by in the background has this huge badass ponytail. This is not by chance. It's deliberate by whoever does the hair for this show. I love watching those big ponytails (I'm really into ponytails, so I always notice a big bad one). And of course, the pony on YaYa DeCosta is too huge to be real.
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