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  1. This is, of course, what a normal person wears to the gym.
  2. Maybe next week Erica and Lainey will go on a double date with Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. Geof will burst in with Quiet Riot and/or Winger and then steal Erica away on his motorcycle to the tune of Girls, Girls, Girls. Sadly, I put more thought into the show than the writers.
  3. Yes, one of the things I loved about the old series is it showed people legitimately failing or having things not work out as planned In other shows if someone was a high school drop out in the first season they would be a raging success by the third or fourth season. I really thought, like other shows, the bike shop was going to be an amazing success. I love the fact that they incorporated the recession of the early 90's, which seemed to come out of nowhere for me (I was a kid so I was not exactly aware of economic forecasts). Now, they have people fail just to give them an ex
  4. Unfortunately, Rio's intelligence goes out the door when you consider he still has the hots for and is working with a woman who both shot him and sent a hitman to kill him (not sure if he knows about that one). Also, he knows she wears a wire now. I mean how many clues do you need to figure out you can not trust somebody?
  5. Yes, they could have easily brought them back and still had the writings stay true to the original characters.
  6. The only reason they could think of to make Mark and Becky move back in with Dan and Roseanne was to make Becky and Mark total failures.
  7. qtpye

    S03:E02 Intervention

    Thank you for sharing this...now the bad writing makes much more sense. The pandemic really did ruin everything. I think the writers were a little annoyed at the actor not returning because they could have given his character a much better wrap up that would have made better sense. Anna Faris broke her contract and left for personal reasons that were nothing close to a death in the family, on the show Mom. The writers gave her character a triumphant send off where she got a scholarship to Georgetown law school even if it did not make any sense.
  8. With NuBecky the only jokes they could think of was Mark is dumb and Becky is a bimbo. Before,Mark might not have been book smart but he was able to support himself at a young age working as a mechanic. That is not dumb.
  9. The thing is, when my husband goes for a haircut he always looks good (he has beautiful hair). Even with two weeks notice his hair would be on point, particularly for his wedding day. Jake just probably got unlucky and the person took too much off. Some men look great bald or with a shaved head but Jake's face needs hair. Ryan is probably going for some sort of cool hipster vibe (and failing) to make his straight laced personality more interesting.
  10. qtpye

    S03:E02 Intervention

    Am I supposed to see Lemar as some sort of fashion genius to justify his snooty attitude? Both the Beetle Juice costume and those sad Valentines day outfits in the season premier were tragic. At least Electra is one bad ass bitch...the woman always looks like she stepped off the cover of French Vogue. Also Electra leading in the royalty category in the series premier and the "Baby Love" walk of her new house in past seasons was EVERYTHING. I was screaming YEEEESSSSS in my living room. The House of Khan seems like some middle school students staging what they think is a ball
  11. qtpye

    S03:E02 Intervention

    Lulu is getting thicc. There is nothing wrong with that but I think we are supposed to be seeing she is wasting away because of the crack addiction.
  12. qtpye

    S03:E01 On The Run

    Happy that the show is back but disappointed with the premier. First, that light skinned old looking boy was no means a proper antagonist. The house of Khan failed to impress with their sad little Valentine's day show. Do you guys remember in the first season when Abundance stole those Royalty costumes from the museum and everyone (rightfully) lost their damn minds? Now, THAT WAS a show worthy of some money. Also, shouldn't attacking the elder statesmen of the ball scene get your house banned for life? Why was there a $1,000 prize when there was not a $1,000 to be had among the
  13. It's funny, some people have commented on Kirsten Johnston (Tammy) being so beautiful back in the day when she was on Third Rock From the Sun (for the record, I still think she is a cutie) with French Stewart. Since I brought up the fat guy with hot wife/girlfriend trope...guess who they paired her with on that show...Newman from Seinfeld. I know it was because she was an alien and did not know better but I think it still counts as an example.
  14. When Ex was talking that he wanted to pull Ben out of private school because he did not want Ben to be a dick...I knew he was in financial trouble. He is the type of guy that loved the idea of Ben hanging out with rich dicks who can afford Taylor Swift at their birthday party. Does Ex have a job or were they mainly wealthy because of his wife's business? Also, I understand why Annie is reveling in their troubles but the truth is Ben is losing the only financial security he had. Ex and his wife could do things for Ben that Annie never good, like pull him out of a public school where h
  15. This also goes for cars. I used to pride myself on keeping a very tidy car and then the babies came.... The whole bag storyline was gold and is probably why most of us are still watching this show which does not make any sense. I never noticed it before but Rio is kind of a tiny guy and he really is not that good looking in the face or body. They are making it that Beth can't resist him but their chemistry really feels forced now that Rio has lost a lot of his mystique.
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