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  1. qtpye

    S07.E04: The Fly

    There was a former cop named Traci who had a more rough and tumble attitude. However, a close encounter with a bear set off some of her ptsd, so she did not last very long.
  2. Yes, for her bother's own safety, she should have given him a little money and sent him on his way the second night of his visit. This has nothing to do with his illness as she should want to protect him from the dangerous game that she is beginning to enjoy a little too much.
  3. The producers should be ashamed and the reunion was one of the cheapest most ratchet ass things I have ever seen and it still managed to be boring as hell.
  4. Yep, she would make sure to post a ton of pictures of her poring over law books...wearing a thong.
  5. qtpye

    S07.E04: The Fly

    A lot of the ladies that go for this lifestyle seem to be kind of sunny and perky. It is great that they seem so happy but I understand if it is not everyone’s cup of tea. I remember watching a documentary show about a woman going to a a survivalist camp to learn how to live in the wilderness by herself. She was the only female and had a very perky personality. In contrast , all the men around her were quite serious. You could tell she was kinda getting on their nerves even though she really did not mean to.
  6. qtpye

    S07.E04: The Fly

    Maybe you should already do the number of days before you give yourself the tattoo. It was almost like giving himself 25 dots guaranteed that he would not make it 25 days. At least he did not ink Season 7 winner. This season has been more gross than usual. The show usually does a good job bypassing some of the nastier aspects of survival. If I were a contestant, I would just be amazed that I was less than 80 days away from a million dollars, tax free, since the show pays the taxes. It is a life changing amount of money. I am still a little foggy on the rules of this season. If no one makes it 100 days...does that mean no one gets the money?
  7. qtpye

    S07.E04: The Fly

    I thought Keith looked like Robert Englund, who is best known for playing Freddy Krueger. I sorta knew he was not going to last long. He just did not seem to be making good use of his precious time before everything freezes over. Did he only catch one squirrel in 22 days? Joel is a bit of a sweetheart. So glad he is still in this.
  8. Social media and changing attitudes about sex have really altered the way people perceive stripper. There are plenty of strippers who are killing it That being said this girl is only 21 and already has a shit ton of cosmetic procedures, which include butt implants and a botched nose job. I could never stand to be treated the way that man was treating the women in that first episode and the fighting looked totally staged. I feel like stripping ages you and makes you develop a hard shell at an early age.
  9. I read that book as a kid and remember being so impressed by the skills.
  10. On episode 3, Stormy reminds me of one of those MLM scammers. I thought the dancers acted with a lot more class.
  11. The sad part is I honestly don't remember. Did she escape out of prison with her new lover and join the rest of the family?
  12. I think they should just lose the stuff with the family, since Kudrow is just sitting in prison and the daughter really does not work for me. The premise of this show should naturally be so fascinating but it is just so bland and not funny. There is potential but they have to make some pretty drastic changes.
  13. I loved books like that as a kid. Roland’s intensity is both impressive and a little scary. The lady who missed the moose reminded about how Jordan rode his moose kill to victory.
  14. Particularly since one of the premises is that only going for “your type” had not worked and that is why you are on a tv show to find your spouse. The best example of this as Jaimie Otis and Jephte. These two would have never chosen the people they were matched up with but ended up being okay with it.
  15. I like the main actress and some of the writing is good. However, I took this off my dvr record schedule. Something about this show is just not clicking for me. I was shocked that she would just walk off leaving Arabella in that state in a foreign country. I am beginning to think Terry is a bit of an asshole, who is a little jealous of her friend's success. Also, those two fuckbois were so scummy.
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