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  1. I hope I can leave my house by SeptemberSpringSummer...it’s my favorite time of year.
  2. She calls them a giant nerd/dork and then runs out of the room in hopes the client will come and coddle her.
  3. I really liked Brandon at first and was excited about him and Taylor as a couple. I don’t blame him for not trusting his wife but I think he was not feeling her even before the phony aspects of her personality came out. I mean he almost left without her at the alter. I know he just might be socially awkward but he seemed like a smooth likable guy up until that moment. It is okay that he was not attracted to her. I have said many time that I would not be physically attracted to Zack, who probably has women throwing themselves at him every day. This guy is really not that insightful but he does have thoughts on Brandon.
  4. https://tomandlorenzo.com/2020/04/pop-style-opinionfest-selfish-celebs-and-stylish-reality-tv/ TLo starts talking about the show at 18. They will be watching and judging the fashions. They find it a bit too performative. They comment that Heidi is a smart woman who sounds quite dumb in the show. They make good points like it is silly to tell already established and successful designers that they have to work hard to make it in fashion.
  5. They have three seasons on YouTube. It is tons of fun. The man actually cried at a beautiful toilet.
  6. Heidi has an amazing figure and they managed to make her look shapeless and frumpy. I tried to watch this with my 9 year old daughter that loves Project Runway. She was very bored and I changed it to a British pottery competition. I think it is because this not the high design competition that it pretends to be. This is a manufacturing competition for Amazon and most of these designers have already “made it” in some way. It’s just not as interesting even though some of these people are talented.
  7. It refers to Katie and Derek. You are correct.
  8. It’s like she mistakes his kindness and decency for weakness. It both annoys her and gives her a big head about how awesome she is. There will be women lined up around the block for a sweet guy like him. The dating market value for a whiny sniveling jealous brat like her is fairly low.
  9. I think in Carol’s case, she would be more likely to throw you to the lions and tigers...and I mean literally.
  10. I guess it can be compared to Luke saying he usually does not date white women and then getting paired with a white woman. Bingo. She is a mean nasty person who has no appreciation of the great guy she is paired with, even after seeing how horrible the other guys are acting. I actually did not recognize the girl Brandon embracing as Taylor because I did not see her horrible wig.
  11. Yeah, I felt like Brandon was just as disappointed with Taylor as Zack was with Mindy, but Zack actually hid it better during the wedding day.
  12. Maybe the woman Martha is hoping to dress is Harley Quinn?
  13. https://slate.com/culture/2020/03/tiger-king-netflix-carole-baskin-villain.html I have no love for Carol but this article brings up some interesting points.
  14. I would totally watch a show about loan guy with the Good Girls being side characters
  15. Yes, the bird could easily be explained since that was the only way Max knew Beth was lying.
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