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  1. Why does Marcia get all the pretty clothes? Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! I actually thought Jan was quite pretty in the later years but Marcia did have the best wardrobe.
  2. Food Network Challenge was one of my favorite shows because it showcased amazing talent and skill. It also had amazing challenges like fruit carving and sugar sculptures...not just cake. This is like a bizarro world version of the show were everything is cake and looks like total crap.
  3. What I loved is that they did not make the rich people just be assholes. Sure, they were entitled and sometime ridiculous but they were not defined as just one dimensional jerks. I thought it was interesting how the son and the daughter could effortlessly fit in with the richer people as tutors, while the mother and father definitely both always had a "working" class vibe. I wonder if it is because of the internet that the younger generation is more aware of how to ape mannerism of the upper class? Both the son and daughter seemed educated and knew how to present themselves in a polished manner.
  4. I love Dan to death and think he is the epitome of a good old school family man. However, he makes horrible financial decision and seem less stable now when compared to his younger days. He seems to still be living paycheck to paycheck and I think he still owes on two mortgages on his home after all these years. Dan took pride in taking care of his family but was always really simple minded when it came to finances However, I do hope that you are right because Becky does need to work on herself. She still has great potential if she can tap into her old self.
  5. This is a very good analysis and why this episode was a writing fail. However, I love the characters and am willing to give them a pass. It's also pretty insulting to football fans. Rabid fans of anything suck, but most football fans are okay people who happen to enjoy football and I say this as someone who does not really care about football. If you will excuse me, I have to go interview for a bank loan for starting up a print magazine about how starting up small scale print magazines makes no sense in this day and age. I have heard of this thing called the internet but since that America Online Dial up connection is pretty annoying, I doubt if it will ever catch on.
  6. I think something about the reality show environment breeds toxicity. I remember on one of these boards someone spoke about how she and her boyfriend were bit players in a reality show. Their "story" was that she was fighting with her boyfriend....totally made up BS and they thought it would be fun and a great way to get some extra cash. Well, once the camera started rolling, things began to get heated. Long story short, the poster said that her and the boyfriend ended their relationship in real life after this experience. I just feel like most people on reality shows end up miserable. The third rate fame that a show like MAFS provides can not be worth the headache, but I watch the show so I guess I am part of the problem. I figure that unless someone holds a gun to your head, everything is fair game when you sign up for one of these types of programs.
  7. Probably one of the worst lies that actually worked out was last season's Jamie and Beth both stating that they both want children, when in truth neither of them did not. It was ironic that they both lied about such an important point and it would have been so unfair if they had gotten matched up with someone who wanted children very badly.
  8. Yup, I was watching it with someone who hasn’t seen the show in a while....she was shocked at how good Kandi looked compared to her first seasons and how horrible Cynthia has aged. I imagine for a while Cynthia just looked effortlessly beautiful in most anything she wore and might never had to dress with any real care. Its not that she looks bad but that her styling choices leave much to be desired.
  9. It was a situation where Kate was EXTREMELY attracted to Luke and he could not stand her at all. People talk about how men lose their minds when they are attracted to a woman but I have seen similar things with women as well. I really could not believe that she hung out with him after the show was over considering how bad he treated her. I guess when you are insanely attracted to someone, they just have a lot of power over you. I hope this is not the case with Mindy and Zack.
  10. There is also tons of pressure on the first generation of children to be perfect otherwise all their parents sacrifice is for nothing. There is a strong burden on their shoulders which they are expected to bear with inhuman strength. I too would not go to a therapist with my background as my community has always been a source of great stress rather than comfort. This is very interesting. The same thing happened in The Prince of Tides. In that story, the parents were so horrible the children bonded together through without therapy it was not enough to overcome their childhood demons.
  11. I think what Mindy’s friend was trying to say, though the show would not let her is “Why in the Hell would a guy like you have any problems finding a girl to marry in the real world and have to resort to a shitty reality show to find a spouse?” In other words, she knows Zack is on the show for publicity/exposure and is very likely to break Mindy’s heart.
  12. The sad thing is they are still married with a very cute baby.
  13. I think the only guy who got over not being initially attracted to his wife was Jephte.
  14. This definition of a narcissistic mother is spot on for this show. She affects him adversely in so many ways. But, the main one involves an abusive technique called Emotional Incest. Emotional incest is when the mother transfers the position of her husband to her son. He is the embodiment of all the things she ever hoped for in a man. And he’s Hers! She turns him, as a child, into her partner. “ It blurs the boundaries between adult and child in a way that is psychologically inappropriate. When a parent looks to their child for emotional support or treats them more like a partner than a child, it is considered emotional or “covert” incest. The outcome of this family structure often produces similar results — on a lesser scale — as sexual incest. “
  15. This seemed so off to me....why the Heck would they not just start something online. I know plenty of freelance writers that make a solid living online. Not to mention, their start up cost would be considerably less. If Darlene was a copywriter in Chicago for many years, she must have contacts that could guest post and Ben should also have some contacts himself. The episode was acting like it was 1995 with them going for a business loan for a print magazine which would have a very limited audience at best.
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