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  1. qtpye

    S02.E02: Worth It

    I think Blanca passes just fine. I still think that the only one who does not pass is Electra. Candi, Lulu, Blanca, and Angel would probably have no problem going into a ladies dressing room. Though Electra is beautiful and fierce Those two light brights really are barnacles on Electra’s ass. They go where she goes. I love House Evangelista but really wish they would put some effort into their apartment. You can make it look nice even with no money. Papi is swole. His adoration of Angel is really sweet.
  2. qtpye

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    In other words, Jamal had money and Jamal’s daddy had money. This would help lessen the supposed horrors of his darker than a paper bag skin skin tone.
  3. qtpye

    Wedding Cake Championship

    The old Food Network Challenges were clearly superior and some of my favorite competition shows.
  4. qtpye

    S.09 E.01: Nice To Marry You

    In my senior year of college I was taking the highest level of courses for my major and was often with the same people. I was also raised in the Deep South and wanted to go to graduate school. I was the only woman in my classes that was not engaged and some of the other ladies expressed concerns that I was still single at 20. By the way, I graduated from college in the early aughts not in 1950.
  5. qtpye

    S.09 E.01: Nice To Marry You

    I have seen in some cultures in which there is a virgin/whore complex, the men often have very messed up attitudes towards women. Ironically, these men often have mistresses because the mother of their children must be wholesome and chaste (boring in bed, only has sex to breed) and their mistresses are the ones who bring fun and passion to their lives. Great observation. Crazily, the real Kathy and Jerry did not get along, to the point of him actually making it a plot point in one of the episodes of his show.
  6. qtpye

    S.09 E.01: Nice To Marry You

    Your post cracked me up. It makes me think that there is a special rack of red bridal dresses that is the “dirty whore” section. Even more amusing because part of my family comes from a culture where red is the go to marriage color for new brides. I got that impression as well, particularly after her sister talked about how weird it was going to be to actually see her with anybody. I applaud her for accomplishing all she did by her age but it is a little off for an attractive young woman to not even go on a date for 10 years. That high school boyfriend must of really did a number on her.
  7. qtpye

    S06.E02: Tainted

    Would it of helped if he had boiled the muskrat in a pot with some greens (if he had found any)? Perhaps if he made a soup he would not of gotten sick? He also had a magnificent grey beard that also contributed to him looking older. I was thinking “that fifty year old guy is in pretty good shape...wait he’s in his thirties and he’s already had a heart attack!
  8. qtpye

    S06.E02: Tainted

    Donny is a nice looking man but I really thought he was 50. I was shocked when they flashed his age.
  9. qtpye

    S.09 E.01: Nice To Marry You

    I am glad that the two couples they showed were very into each other and seem to have some chemistry. I hope they keep this up because I could not take another Luke and Kate. Does red head and Mr. Picky look like brother and sister to anyone else? Okay, just me...I’ll move on, but it struck me since they both kind of had a unique look. Both Iris and Keith seem nice and are good looking people...rooting for them.
  10. I guess “never intended to be on tv” translates into “willing to sell my dignity to be on a trashy reality show”. I hope “the great love story” between her and Jon are worth her losing what is probably a well paying and lucrative gig. She always looks much fresher and younger on social media than she ever looked on the show.
  11. qtpye

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    There was a bit of a weird d vibe. If they are “Our type of people” they might be embarrassed as hell that one of their own was on a reality show. Of course if this were the case...why did they show up to party which they knew was being filmed? Maybe they wanted to honor G’s daddy and had no choice? I loved New Orleans and besides the fight at the party, the ladies actually did not embarrass themselves too much. The Potomac crew looked adorable jamming out to the Jazz Band with their tiny little parasols. Monique really was a trooper. I bet her baby is going to be as cute as her little daughter, boy or girl.
  12. qtpye

    MAFS-Most Unforgettable Moments

    Not to mention Ryan’s personality and face. Heck they should put a picture of Ryan besides the words off putting in the dictionary.
  13. qtpye

    MAFS-Most Unforgettable Moments

    You would think they matched her up with The Phantom of the Opera from the way she was so disgusted by Doug’s supposed hideousness.
  14. qtpye

    Sneaky Pete

    I think at this point the family will accept Marius as family even after they hear the truth. Taylor and Carly will be pissed at first but they will accept him. Otto and Audrey will also rush to welcome back the real Pete. Maggie really does not live up to the hype. I do not understand how everyone is so enamored of her. Real Pete is staying away from the family he desperately loves and needs because of her and I am really not sure why. Lizzie was more of a plot device than a real character. She only existed to prove how much Marius has grown. I am sad that the show has been cancelled. I don’t know if she the last episode was strong enough to be a series finale.
  15. qtpye

    S10.E05: We're Back & Divorced

    Paige Davis has to grow the fuck up and realize you do not “surprise jump” into the arms of a seventy year old man if you are older than five and he is not your grandpa.