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  1. Ashley does not need the show pay check as now that she has little baby cash cow.
  2. I don’t like Ashley but some of these women came from privileged to middle class backgrounds and she came from nothing. The truth is she is in the same level. They are all z-list celebrities on a second tier howife show. What the hell has Candiass done with her life’s advantages? Ashley married an ugly old perv but this after her mother abandoned her a million times and her father basically was never in the picture. She needed a come up and took it. Candiass acts like she is owed the world because mamas got a little money.
  3. Great casting and Mama Gemstone’s eighties wig was epic. I really was surprised that he he Gemstones seemed like nice decent people. It seems like their biggest sin was spoiling their kids.
  4. I love that Chris, who has multiple baby mamas and has no problem having his mother in law support him, is too humble to mention his own supposedly esteemed and privileged heritage. Did this wealthy family chip in anything for wedding costs? Forget about Chris, Candiass would be screaming it from the roof tops if Chris came from any sort of money or privilege.
  5. Alexander says G is upset that she wasted her youth and beauty on Jamal and that is why she is soooo jealous of Monique. Monique is one of the most beautiful women on TV. Ashley was wearing a possum on her head ...it might of actually moved. Candiass does not get it. Mama is still paying for her lifestyle and no, coming out of someone’s cooch, is not an accomplishment. I assume Chris’s prominent West Virginia family deals in meth? Robyn looked horrible. That dress looked like she threw on some old lace curtains and called it a day. It made her look wide and gave her grand ma boobs.
  6. I think in the show history none of the guys that we suspected to be “plants” have ever worked out marriage wise. However. other plants like Dave and Trey did say yes on D-day. They all just divorced their unwanted spouses after the cameras stopped rolling. My guess is that all the “plants” are told to say yes on camera to keep up the stats and Keith refused to go along. That is the real reason the experts were blind sided.
  7. This. I remember Ricky Bobby being asked if he minded an amazing older woman and then the experts also asked Matt if he wanted a shortie before they paired them up. The reason they did not ask is that no one in their right mind would say yes. They were probably desperate to have handsome Keith on the show. 1. Keith, stop dating Iris. You don’t have to be mean but it is high time you told that girl that she is not the one. Your efforts to be gentlemanly are just giving her false hope which is cruel. 2. Iris, this man does not want you and probably never will. It hurts, but he is not the one God wants you to be with. You yelling at him to state the obvious just makes you seem desperate and crazy. We all wanted this couple to work because they looked so damn good together. Heck, I am a woman of color and Iris and Keith could be my cake toppers. However, the truth is they did not bring out the best in each other.
  8. I suspected Keith was just not that into her from the the start. The virginity was a crutch for both of them in some ways. Keith was in an impossible position but one of the reasons he did not want to be her first probably was he knew he was not attracted to her and that he was going to bounce fairly soon.
  9. It’s always been this double standard of being a proper lady in public and somehow swinging from a chandelier in the bedroom. It’s guys wanting to have their cake and eat it too. I had a friend who was a virgin for a long time, not for any moral reasons but because health issues caused her to have a low sex drive she was always attracting religious types who praised her “self control”. She was always honest and said it’s not hard to stay away from ice cream if the sight of it makes you gag. She also was honest about probably not being all that satisfying in bed. Talking about the sixties makes me think of Don Draper sleeping with anything in a skirt and then calling his wife a slut for wearing a slightly revealing bathing suit.
  10. Jaime is very good friend with one of the producers. She has gotten spin off shows , commercials, and hosts Unfiltered. She was also motivated by wanting children. I do not want to be sexist but if a guy was so repulsed by his wife that he collapses into a ball of sobs on his wedding day, I don’t see him going through with the marriage, contract or no contract. It is true she did not know all this on D-day. It is great if Doug has been gainfully for the last 3 years. They lost out on a house one time because cause Doug had a giant mound of debt that he kept hidden from her.
  11. He probably used his MAFS paycheck as his start up money. Better that than his music.
  12. I imagine Sherman was supposed to be Gisele’s storyline and she was probably hoping it would end in a Bravo wedding. G’s thirsty desperation really does act like guy repellent.
  13. Jaime Otis is trying to milk the MAFS cash cow as much as possible. She now has the distinction of having the longest lasting marriage on this show and she is not giving that up easily. Once MAFS stops calling she will be out the door.
  14. This explains Big Red’s decision to me. First, Daddy took care of her financially and now its’s Jaime’s turn.
  15. For those of you that do not mind being spoiled, @red12 , has an excellent analysis of Iris and purity culture in the spoiler thread.
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