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  1. I have to say the phrase “come have dinner with my beautiful family” is really messed up for me now. Strong start to the season. I kind of wonder if this was just a plot thing. Maybe they thought Morty’s obsession makes things like turning down going skinny dipping with Jessica funnier?
  2. I don't understand why the Dark Army did not want Darlene. Holding Darlene hostage would give them incredible leverage on Elliot...to kill her is incredibly short sighted.
  3. The thing is with assholes like this is that they just can not be bothered. They do not give a shit that you have a million things to do and that having to resend every email twice might inconvenience you is not on their radar. They are also the first ones to complain if you do not make everything they do a priority. They force you to resend email but complain if you do not immediately jump to one of their requests and are usually good about wrapping the managers around their little fingers. I once had a coworker who would always submit his requests in the last minute and then insist that he be put at the top of my queue so HE would not miss any important deadlines. The worst part is my manager always enabled his behavior because she was intimidated by HIM. So he would give me a shit ton of work to do with impossible deadlines at the last minute, meanwhile I am building a backlog of unhappy people who are getting punished for submitting their stuff in a timely manner and taking it out on me. This would put my stress level through the roof. Needless to say, that I happily left that job when the opportunity arose. My idiot manager could not understand why I was frustrated.
  4. This is not to make any excuses for Rebecca and Jack but I have always heard that three children are the most difficult to raise because one will always be neglected. If you have more than three, the children tend to pair up and help each other, leading to no one feeling like the odd one out. I used to think that Jack spoiled Kate so much because he just was one of those fathers who thought their daughters were little princesses that could do no wrong. I am now beginning to think that it was more selfish then that. He needed Kate to need him. Heck, I wonder if he even enabled her weight gain to a small degree because that would mean he would need him more. He was insecure in his relationship with Rebecca, because he thought she was too good for him, and on the outside Kevin was usually so awesome that Jack did not feel needed at all by him, even though we know that was not the case. My uncle was the favorite child of his parents, because he was the first born son. My mother and her other brothers got the short shaft and became very successful in life, though they never totally got over the insecurity that comes with not being the favorite one. The favored uncle went on to have a stroke at a young age and died tragically. He could never handle anything stressful because he grew up extremely coddled. He was a total loser in life and never accomplished anything. He sponged off his parents and never made anything of his career (my grandfather used connections to get him into a prestigious field and school, something he never did for any of his other children).
  5. Does anyone find it strange that Annie and Tess never seem to be resentful of all the attention that Deja seems to receives? I know that they love Deja and she seems like a good older sister. However, they have had to deal with a lot, mostly due to their Father's weird whims and his fixation on a biological father he knew for a year. It's interesting that Kevin has always resented Randall but the girls seems to love Deja. Heck, no one even cared she took a baseball bat to a car.
  6. Imma gonna need the show to clear up the time travel aspect of things. I know it must be torture when a loved one dies and you really want to go back and save them anyway you can. Is the time travel why the show is still set in 2015? Vera is just not interesting enough to devote so much of the valuable final moments of this show to. The character seemed to have come out of the bad acting school of thuggery. So does he intend to erase Mr. Robot (how is that possible without killing Elliot) and then become Elliot's new Mr. Robot/crutch to get through life?
  7. Please Lord, tell me this is not about Ashley drinking when trying to conceive. The heifer done already had the baby.
  8. That’s my mom she only visited my home once just to see if it was nicer than hers. She and my father never visit me because they need to be kings and queens of their domain. Yeah, they call Pearsons bougie and judgemental but Mrs.“let’s say grace” calls Deja fast and has the nerve to imply that she is damaged goods because she is a foster child. What if someone judged her grand baby for being the daughter of a teen dad?
  9. Chris Elliot is horrible in everything he does and he always plays the same type of idiot in every role. Loved Hank and Pat
  10. Unpopular Opinion- Why is Randall honoring his biological father more than the family who raised him? This comes from a William fan. It really has been boring. Also, he seems to be coming from a very naive and strange place. He wants to be a councilmen to honor the memory of his biological father who he has known for only one year and this is the reason he uproots his family? I loved William but come on. When he gets to Philly, he is squeamish about Deja riding the bus. Wait, aren't those awful bus riders the very people that you want to help? Alcoholism and addiction plague the family who raised him. Heck, addiction also derailed William. Why is he not more interested in that type of thing, if he is worried so much about cherishing his legacy.
  11. Unpopular opinion, I miss Randall's and Beth's old house. I also have not really liked him since the councilman story line began.
  12. Was there a scene where Deja's mother had just given birth and wanted to give the child up for adoption but he grandmother guilted her into keeping her? I might be remembering this wrong.
  13. I loved Alexis's song. I have shown it to my daughters and they adored it and her. It was comedy gold! I actually think her song is better than the horrible stuff put out by Heidi and other c-list reality people. On another thread someone mentioned that it was almost a parody of a Britney song. I think she could of been a star during the time period. Its too bad Moira was not more supportive. I do think Moira does have a tinge of rivalry when it comes to Alexis. Emir can go to hell for hurting Stevie like that and it was sweet of Moira being supportive of her. Young people, do not ever let a jerk make you feel "less than".
  14. I wonder if the whole point of them being so vague is so they have the possibility of keeping this plot line open? Of course, even if adult Andy hated his mother, there would be no way he would not show up for Roseanne's funeral. It was unfortunate that when Andy and Jerry showed up, the show got really bad and pointless. I will say that make believe Jerry on the fishing boat is right now the most successful of all the Conner off spring.
  15. It was like Annie was our Greek Chorus this episode.
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