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  1. Yes, overachieving immigrant groups are very narrow in what they consider "success". I went to a state university and one of my aunties actually came in to rub it in my mom's face that her daughter was going to a private university. You should have seen her face when I pulled out the rankings to show her that my state university was ranked much higher than the one her daughter was attending. I also got a scholarship, so my parents did not have to worry about my tuition. It is all stupid petty one upmanship combined with "my family is better than your family" bullshit.
  2. This is something that is hard for women to understand. I have often mentioned that my male law/medical school classmates had tons of women after them and it was just the opposite for us ladies. Most of us married guys that out earned by a lot so our jobs were really not an issue or did not marry at all. I think Amelia and Bennett will be fine and things might be changing for younger generations but it was just not the norm when I was dating (which was not that long ago).
  3. qtpye


    I had no idea that taking it up the butt was going to make it better for all the network. Bravo to her for standing up against reverse physiology instead of reverse psychology.
  4. I would agree with this except Candiass confirmed that Gizelle wanted to spread the rumor that Monique's last baby was not her huband's and Candiass refused to go along. This was at Andy's baby shower. This is really hitting below the belt but otherwise I usually do like this franchise.
  5. You know i never understood why the heck everyone used to say that Kylie was homely and acted like Kendall was some sort of great beauty. To me, Kendall was lucky to inherit the model like genes of being tall and skinny, probably from Bruce/Katelyn side of the family, but I always thought both sisters were rather unfortunate looking. Ironically, the main sister that still looks like herself is the oldest. The rest are almost unrecognizable.
  6. One thing about Brett is that he is just not this way his bride. This NOLA cast is a pretty friendly group but they all have a negative impression of him. Remember, this negative impression started before he even set eyes on Olivia. I think he is a pretty cocky guy that is trying to hide a pretty insecure shell. He knows the right stuff to say like Olivia's supposed secret smile. I think it is a bigger reflection on his character that fairly cool guys like Woody, Bennett, Miles and Henry can not seem to stand him. Mild manner Henry thought it was incredibly gauche that he was hitting on his friend the day before the wedding and he was right.
  7. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/is-rhop-the-least-wealthy-housewives-cast.html/ This lists him at $20 million but the whole article seems like bullshit to me. They say Ray is worth $40 million but how can that be if Karen had to bail him out of his tax issues and they seem unable to afford to buy a home in Potomac? To me this this is just the press release version of their wealth and not the real numbers. Tammy from one of the early seasons of the RHOC thought her daughters were going to be set for life, because of her ex husband, who was a much older wealthy man. It turned out they were left nothing in the will (her daughters were not minors), so you never know. Also, I am a little sick of the Darbys and would not mind if Ashley was not around for the next season. She should be plenty busy with her two small children.
  8. I have heard AJ (Stephanie's husband) on other platforms and he comes off very well spoken and not anything like the way he was on the show. In a small voice...I would take AJ over Henry, any day of the week. I would actually like AJ a lot more than Brett, as well. Since Henry has dated quite a bit, Christina will just be in a long line of many women who have tried and failed before her. He is nice but does not have the type of personality that most women find attractive.
  9. I think it has more to do with going away with a bunch of assholes, who hate you but have to pretend to like you, in order to get their sizable Bravo paycheck. Hell, it was at Monique's house and we all know how much the Green Eyed Bandits love her!
  10. I really think things have changes with some of the younger generations of men, who hopefully no longer feel pressured to live up to some weird standard of "toxic masculinity".
  11. But that is exactly the point. If you went on this show, were matched with Christina, knew that you did not like her at all, had sex with her, and then said "no" on decision day...you would look like a total asshole. That is what I mean about a lot of guys have sexually rejected women on this show because they know they do not want the entanglements. I mean thank Zeus that Keith was too much of a gentleman to mess with Virgin Iris. Christina is an attractive women...I am sure that many guys would like to sleep with her...but not Henry and particularly not in this situation, which is not a strings free one night stand. I think Christina is actually very insecure and that is what has turned many men off to her, so I think you are not far off from your assessment. I will spoiler tag this:
  12. I think people are mistaking Karen's lack of attraction to Miles as her being asexual. If Miles gave her butterflies or goosebumps, we would be seeing a different side to her. She is no more attracted to Miles than Henry is to Christina. The difference is that Miles has been a total sweetheart about the situation, which naturally makes us all feel bad about him. This is shallow but I think Karen is one of the most naturally chique (or chic) women to come on this show. She kind of reminds me of an African American soap opera star from the eighties, when my grandmother used to watch.
  13. From what I heard, Henry has actually dated several women but the MO is always the same. Henry is a good looking man and seems to easily attract nice looking women. The nice looking women go on one date with Henry and find the experience totally "boring". The nice looking women do not like Henry romantically but like him enough as a friend (Friend Zoning). This is one of the reasons he had a ton of female friends at his wedding including Trishelle (who also when out on a date with him and found him boring), who went on to marry someone else. He was probably hoping this show would help him break this cycle.
  14. The attitude that a blue blooded hetrosexual male will fuck anything is damaging to both men and women. If a man expresses that he does not want no strings attached sex from a relatively attractive woman, then he will be labeled gay. There is nothing wrong with being gay but this is really unfair. It is also leads women to believe that if they are sexually rejected by a guy, that there is something totally wrong with them because guys will fuck anything. If a guy does not want to sleep with a lady, it does not mean she is not awesome and desirable...it just means he physically prefers something else (maybe he wants a Camilla instead of a Diana).
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