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  1. Also, just like Michael expected his female workers to care for the baby when he brings him to the office, I bet you Ashley has no problem with the crew looking after her baby when needed, even though that is not in their job description.
  2. I think she did in some subconscious manner. I think she had very low self esteem and was very flattered that a man as powerful and important as Bill Clinton wanted her in some way. I am impressed with the lady Monica has become but she is making some horrible mistakes here and hopefully she is wiser now. The real Monica was attractive but she grew up in a rich area of LA. A city were the most beautiful women in the world flock to because of the movie industry. Also, this was the time that the extreme heroin chic Kate Moss Skinniness was all the rage. Monica probably ha
  3. You might be right. Was it Bobby the ladies liked? I know both had bad reputations for using women.
  4. You hit the nail on the head. Candiass has a right to marry who she wants but hyping up Chris just makes her look stupid and that she is ashamed of who she married. Dorothy looked so pathetic when she claimed that Chris comes from a monied background. If that is true then why did Candiass have to beg her father for money to pay for the wedding? Why was neither Chris nor his supposedly wealthy family chipping in with some cash?
  5. I love Judith Light! Bill Clinton is like JFK. A lot of people in the older generations have told me that women would swoon over JFK and I’ve never understood it. To me, he has always looked like a short toothy troll. I have heard that Bill Clinton had a magnetic charisma that was very hard to resist. It was the opposite of Hillary who I have been told by a friend ( this person is a die hard Democrat who has met them both several times) is extremely off putting when you first meet her. Time and age has taken away some of his charm. That being said…WORST CLINTON IMPRESSION E
  6. Where did these happy looking people go? Good couples bring out the best in each other and sometimes there is even a palpable glow around them. Kim and Kanye always look so miserable together. Two people who are just using each other.
  7. qtpye


    Amen to everything you said.
  8. A lot of the bloggers have commented that if Chris had been an African American man, there is no way Candiass or Dorothy would have accepted him. Edited to add-I am not trying to be superficial but what is Chris really bringing to the table? Sure, he seems like a cool guy to hang out with but that's about it.
  9. Because Ashley is slick as Hell in a way that G is not. G brings up the shit but has the nuance of a water buffalo. She was talking about the binder hurting her daughters (who seem really cool) but she called Jamal a cheater cheater pumpkin eater the first season...didn't that hurt them as well? Ashley knows how to manipulate people much better. For the record, I totally agree with you. Ashley is not allowed to say horrible things about other people then hide behind her baby when someone mentions something about her life.
  10. It really is one of her best looks but once again her sister steals the show…not in a good way.
  11. I have to say that Wendy and Askale Goddess looks were on point.
  12. I have to ask...is this a giant surprise to her? Did she envision that she could create a power couple with this man? I actually like Chris but do not think that this 42-year-old is going to suddenly become a mover/shaker anytime soon. So far his most successful financial venture has been marrying her. I have actually heard that Charisse was the most well connected of the original cast with her basketball background. It is funny that she did not last and seems to be desperate to get back on this show.
  13. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/megan-fox-machine-gun-kelly-131841664.html I think Travis is producing an album with MGK.
  14. I too, would like to find out about his royal West Virginia lineage Ashley used those poor babies as shield, I breast fed all my children and still went to work, so Ashley not being able to leave her baby for a second is bullshit. You read them both for filth. They both leave the husbands off the table because they both do not have a leg to stand on in that department. Chris seems hella cool but the truth is that he is older, has a sketchy employment record ( he supposedly owned part of that restaurant…not sure) and the main thing she has gained by marrying him is chi
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