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  1. So supposedly the word on the street is that most of what Nicki did was cut out. Candiace supposedly started crying and ran to the restroom when asked to sing, though she did come back and do what we saw her do. Nicki also supposedly questioned Mia hard and Wendy cut her off. I think Bravo needs to make a short video about all the stuff we missed.
  2. I actually thought Holly was prettier than Pam. By the time GND came out, Pam was looking so artificial that it was ridiculous.
  3. I usually like Porsha and find her entertaining. However, this was both boring and delusional. Simon is obviously trying to build some sort of reality show career for himself, hence hooking up with Porsha. I think Porsha knows that this man will not be faithful and this marriage will be one of many for him. I think all she is hoping is that her kids will be taken care of like Nigerian royalty and she will finally have a hefty child support check once this relationship is dead (which will happen). Simon is as greasy as an oil slick. I just would not trust that man.
  4. I have seen recent pictures of Kendra with brown hair and toned down makeup and she already looks much softer and prettier than she when she was with Hef.
  5. Lord, the beauty standard was very messed up. They wanted you to be Kate Miss thin but with giant boobs. Pamela Anderson was kind of the ideal. I thought Holly was the prettiest and had one of the best nose jobs I had ever seen. It looks like it belongs on her face. B was the most naturally pretty and sweet. I always thought Kendra looked hard in her early years.
  6. I do not know why but something about the flow of this season just feels real off to me. I used to love this show but now I am barely paying attention. I am sick of Issa and Lawrence-they have had years to make it work. Crenshaw is an asshole and I am sick of Issa bowing and scraping to his tantrums. Molly wilding out on the office retreat while her mother is in the hospital just did not feel like her character.
  7. I used to do this thing with Howives: Would she have married him if he was not rich? Would he have married her if she was not hot? The answer to both is usually no. I do think Michael has a hold on Ashley also because she had daddy issues because she was rejected by her biological father, who was also white. However, there is no way she would have looked twice at him if he was the janitor.
  8. I am not saying that you would do this but one of the problems about how Brett presents herself is that she attracts men who want her breasts and not her. She was crying about how guys like her but do not seem to want serious relationships with her. I wonder if guys are attracted to the breasts and then dump her once their lust is sated. Again, I am not saying that this is something you would do or all guys do. I am just talking as a large-breasted woman, myself, and yes, she does need to get better bra support or she is looking at some back pain issues in the future.
  9. Good Lord, you call each other bedwarmer and criminal (not to mention the white trash comments) and now you are all good? We know this show is bullshit but there needs to be a shred of sincerity to keep viewers' interests, like the friendship between Ramona and Sonya or Kandi and Phaedra's friendship (before it all went to Hell). Once these HW shows are totally 100 percent fakes then it really goes downhill. However, I do understand that Candiace and Ashley are around the same age and in interracial relationships and have terrible mamas. I do think they have plenty in comm
  10. WORD to all of this. Bring your hairstylist as your plus one anywhere you want (he was her date for Candiace's wedding) but let someone who knows what they are doing clean up what is on your head. She has the potential to look amazing with just a few tweaks. She is also always in cheap-looking ill-fitting clothes that went out of style about a decade ago. Yes, Nicki is problematic and I was disappointed her look was not on point. That being said the last fourth of the reunion was worth more than the first three parts put together. I wish she got to talk to the husb
  11. I think Chris is a likable guy but he has to understand the game I remember when he said (can not exactly remember) something about not wanting to contribute financially to Candiace and her mother's rental property (the townhouse) but excuse me, sir, were you not living there full time? I also imagine that the sale of the rental property helped contribute to the large home that they are currently living in that comes complete with bedrooms for all of his kids. Gizelle really did tell him the truth when he compared himself to Ray that Ray has had had a successful career and we ar
  12. Still do not see it. His acting will have to make up for the utter lack of resemblance beyond they are both white men with brown hair. He is still too sexy.
  13. There was a Reddit user who says she used to date someone on MAFS but did not say who. Eventually, people figured out it was Johnny. She said the following: Johnny is incredibly charismatic and charming in person, There was some speculation that he was gay but she did not think so because of her experience with him (she did not go into detail...thank God) They rarely spent quality alone time together and were always with his friends ( his friends are very nice). She thinks he dumped her because she did not have enough money.
  14. I think in the beginning Jaimie was kind of the MAFS golden child. Pretty enough to be on the bachelor but found true love on MAFS, even though her husband initially repulsed her. Now even that type of Z-list shine has faded and she is the queen of oversharing on social media. Jaimie is the type of pleaser that thinks if she does everything they say, her employer will never get rid of her. The truth is a company will get rid of anyone for good reasons, no reasons, or bad reasons.
  15. I have no problem with tattoos in general but for some reason, neck tattoos always look so damn painful to me. It also distracts from a cute face, weirdly even more than a face tattoo does.
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