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  1. You just blew my mind. A young Candice Bergen with Tom Arnold...there are probably not enough drugs in the world for that to happen.
  2. I think part of the reason we all gave David such a pass back in the day was that he was a kid that came from an abusive home. I knew David was incredibly selfish sometimes but I understood that he had nothing in the world but Darlene and of course he was going to hold on to her for dear life. I also disliked the way Mark would bully him sometimes. However, I was horrified to find that middle age David was still getting a free pass on his passive aggressive behavior because he acts meek and sad. David abandons his family, leaving Darlene with all the bills, has no relationship with his children, and Roseanne greets him with a big hug and tells him he can do better?????? This is not an 8 year old refusing to eat his vegetables. This is a grown ass man who is selfish as fuck. Heck, Roseanne never hugs her own children that way...why is David so special? Even returning from the Peace Corp, he still does jack for his family. How about taking your creativity inclined son for some art classes or helping your daughter get a job? He really has become a horrible character.
  3. At this point, just call it a reality show...you’re not fooling anyone with the pseudo experts.
  4. This cast is really not grabbing me like the NOLA cast. Everyone seems so generic and forgettable.
  5. It is interesting that you mention how they changed Laurel from what we first saw through William. We saw Laurel as a powerful woman who had been going down the tragic road of addiction. I think I remember a scene where Laurel was determined to get a promotion at work so they could get a bigger apartment for when the baby was being born. She was far from passive. Heck, the word activist, usually means someone who "actively" stands up to injustices. Now, with the new unnecessary back story, Laurel was just someone too ashamed for 35 years to even see if her baby was okay? She sees the "love of her life" is married so she never bothers to ever date anyone else? I stated in last week's episode that they do not think out the stories for Kate and most of the stuff feels retconned at the last minute. Even though the Laurel story had some touching moments, the story itself made no sense and made William's birth mom look even worse than before. I am getting annoyed that this seems to mostly happen to the female characters on this show.
  6. That is probably a big indications that they should not be matched. Chris does not seem to be the type to look past the surface.
  7. Young shirtless Hai made me swoon. There were some touching points in the story but it really felt unnecessary. Laurel was lucky that Randall got adopted by a loving family...what if he had been lost in the system and was suffering horrible abuse? Does anyone know what the heck happened to Randall's apartment building? Is it still being maintained?
  8. qtpye


    With excellent production values and of course, Farrah is no celebrity. She even claimed to get paid 7 figures.
  9. qtpye


    She claimed that she was in a celebrity sex tape despite all evidence to the contrary. Logic and facts have no place in Farrah’s world.
  10. Issa looking fab in Chanel!
  11. I was thinking the other day how Samantha not being in this limited series might be a chance to show that not all your friendships last for the rest of your life. Samantha would probably be leading a very different life compared to rest, two have children, and all three are married. It is not unusual for people to get into different friend groups once they are settled down. I can imagine Samantha just wanting to do her own thing. I doubt if the show would explore something that is this real.
  12. Sadly, I am ashamed to admit that I caught some of his horrible Flavor of Love ripoff reality show called "For The Love Of Ray Jay". He loves curvy exotic looking "light skinned" women. Ironically, I used to look up to his sister for being an attractive slender chocolate skinned teenage princess, when there were not that many representing that look on TV, back in the day.
  13. My guess is that many more people were invited and they expected a larger turn out. Word got out that this was actually a Kenya party and not a Kandi party (at least to those not on the show) and people dropped out like flies. They did not even have production people fill out the venue, as they often do for these type of events. Heck, it looked like Mike and Todd were the only two menfolk there...and both of them would rather be home watching the game.
  14. The funniest thing is this sex tape is probably the only thing RJ will be remembered for, besides ruining Moesha. Brandy, if you want to get your talentless brother some work...do not do it at the expense of characters we know and love.
  15. Ace is soooo cute...he remind me of It was because Porsha’s conversation was very real and raw. She want’s Pilar to have a father figure but knows it is not healthy to stay in a relationship where a man disrespects her. I give Porsha’s mom (who is still so pretty) credit for not holding any bitterness against Lauren and her Mother. It is very mature to understand it is the man who wronged you and not the other woman, and the children are innocent parties to it all. Compare this to Kenya’s fake “I swing both ways storyline”. Kenya’s party was a lot like her...lovely to look at but cold and empty on the inside. The sad thing is her and Porsha’s could have bonded in being unexpected single mothers. They both started their pregnancies with men who are no longer there. This season has been more boring than one of Kenya’s parties. It is making me miss Potomac and nothing happened on that show besides a fight that was already played out before the season began.
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