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    S05.E19: Under the Influence

    The truth is, of course, people want to do for a family that they love. However, no one respects a doormat or a weak pushover. Whitney Houston loved her daddy but he was on her death bed suing her for $100 million dollars, not to mention she supported tons of family members who pushed her to work even though she was not ready in recovering from her addictions. Sometimes I think the people who scream "You always do for family" are just trying to justify their own bad behavior. That said I think Junior's obsession with Devante has something to do with him not facing his fears about college.
  2. qtpye

    S06.E19: Lumbar Support and Old Pork

    I know she did the right thing but it was not her choice to make. I'm glad Baxter admitted that he was very lucky that he hooked up with someone with money. He seems to still get high a lot but otherwise, his life seems pretty cleaned up. Yes, Roscoe almost seems to not exist at least we check in on Violet once in a while.
  3. qtpye

    The Sopranos

    Christofuh was horrible and the actor was totally fascinating in that role. I wanted Ade to go into witness protection and get the hell away from him. It is a good lesson for women who are victims of abuse from their boyfriends. The guy will never put you first no matter what and he will probably never change.
  4. qtpye

    S02.E06: Donar the Great

    This could be a fascinating thing to explore. Odin's biggest following is among Neo-Nazis yet it is greatly implied that Shadow Moon, who might or might not be his son, is a person of color.
  5. qtpye

    S17.E06: Power Play

    https://tomandlorenzo.com/2019/04/project-runway-season-17-episode-6-power-play-bravo-tv-reviews/ Tom and Lorezno agree with you.
  6. qtpye

    S05.E19: Under the Influence

    None to mention they live in a high cost of living area and many kids move back in with their parents after college to save money on rent. They are a long way from done with their older kids and their youngest is literally still in diapers. They will be in their 60's when things are finally done.
  7. I think you might be totally correct. I did like Jon on the show and a lot of ladies thought he was handsome. I think it was a shock to him that his bride totally rejected him and was not into him at all. It probably really hurt because the pretty, blonde, and slim Molly was exactly what he was looking for. Molly did act like a jerk towards him but his behavior after he left the show has done him no favors. First, I am beginning to suspect that the reason he was so ready to give up his job to be on the show was less for love and more because he did not really enjoy a nine to five and thought this show was going to make him a minor celebrity. I do not care that he found love with Dr. Blondie. At first, it raised my eyebrows but most it is something about which most people do not care or instantly forget about. Jon's constant showboating has done nothing but cost the woman he supposedly loves her one probably very well paid gig.
  8. Perhaps the real interesting story would be from Molly's perspective.
  9. Oh, John, I had liked you when you were on the show. Do you really think anyone at this point cares that you hooked up with a low-end therapist from a bottom of the barrel reality tv show? These news outlets would have come to you if anybody gave damn. I guess with Dr. Blondie losing her job and your work history being spotty at best you are really going to have sing at the intersection of fame whore and desperation in order to have some sort of cash flow.
  10. qtpye

    The Magicians In The Media

    I really do not understand why would they do this.
  11. qtpye

    S05.E19: Under the Influence

    Sadly, I had a friend who dated a man like this. He came from a large family and their whole relationship was him doing errands and chores for his adult siblings and able bodied parents. When she complained he said she would never be a priority since she was not “blood”. Girlfriend peaced out pretty quickly. Last she heard the guy was having financial issues and his “blood” was telling him to go kick rocks.
  12. qtpye

    The Facts Of Life

    I have been watching a show called Good Girls and people have commented how refreshing it is to have lead actresses who are attractive and not all size zeros. Watching some of the reruns I was struck about how ahead of its time the show was in that department. These were nice looking healthy girls and having a variety of body shapes was not that common even now. Ironically, the show often got lampooned for it with all those horrible Fats of Life jokes. The only thing was that some of those eighties fashions really did make the ladies look far more mature than high school and college girls.
  13. qtpye

    A Different World

    I really thought Lisa Bonet really had it in her to be a big star. She was the only one of the Cosby kids to have an X factor. Don’t get me wrong, this show was a million times better without her but I always thought Denise was interesting until she became an entitled flake.
  14. qtpye

    Good Girls

    Beth was so stupid this episode. She actually put everyone in danger to retrieve a blanket? I think this is supposed to make us think she is such a good mom but it makes me think she is an idiot. Also, she has time to knit another blanket in between the car dealership, pill drop-offs, and four kids? I still have not finished a scarf I started in February and no, it is not for a cat.
  15. qtpye

    S07.E03: Pledge

    Can someone explain to me why Selina is so loyal to Andrew? He is a serial cheater that admitted to actually forging her name on important documents.
  16. The reason I say it is more likely the men are more likely to be in it for the money is from what I heard this show always has a ton of female applicants and very few males applicants who are “camera friendly”. I am not trying to imply men are just naturally greedier than women. Totally not surprised. The irony is that going on this show had been a bit of a PR disaster for Luke.
  17. I agree she seems bitter and really should let this go. However, she might be angry Will came off as a nice guy when she looked like a money hungry shrew. This is why going on a reality show is usually never a good idea. She and “Will’s Lady Friend” need to go away.
  18. qtpye

    S08.E15: Finale Reunion

    Love this post. To me in real life I have seen men be evasive with women to stroke their own ego and keep their options open. It really has nothing to do with sparing her feelings. They don’t want the woman to move on and be at their beck and call. Will lost me when he said he wanted to date Jas for a couple of years after their divorce...you can’t have it both ways.
  19. Not a good look for either of them but Jas confirmed what I long expected ...that the money is the main motivation for a lot of these men signing up for the show. They find an “ain’t shit” man like Luke who has got a tv friendly face (a lot of ladies go for that hipster look) and throw some money at him so he agrees to be on this shit show. I would not be surprised if the men are paid a lot more than the ladies. It seems to me that Jas is implying that Will and his lady friend had him go on the show solely for the check. It could be that Will is romantically involved with said lady friend and that might mean he was never open to the sight unseen marriage that is the premise of the show.
  20. qtpye

    Figure Skating

    I have been an American skating fan since the days of Yamaguchi. People have made fun of me for watching this sport and being more excited for Nationals or Worlds than the Super Bowl. I have tried to watch the 2019 Worlds and ended up falling asleep with the remote in my hands. I do not know why but it is like the magic is gone. I do not care that there is not a strong American female. The Japanese ladies are great and I love the two Russian ladies who escaped from their overlord and slave master. However, I could not even make it to the Men’s competition and I like Chen and Hanyu and Brown. Brown is the type of skater that draws Americans into this sport. He has an X factor. Otherwise, I have no idea how this sport will flourish again in the United States when even someone like me finds it so boring.
  21. For real...you could not make this shit up. She will probably go to a privileged pretty white lady jail where she will do things like yoga and tennis all day. That is if she serves any time. I mean that Jackass from Wolf of Wallstreet is still making millions and Leanardo DiCaprio endorses him. Never underestimate the charm of people who con for a living. Heck, she just got engaged to nice looking, younger, MIT grad, who is also heir to a fortune. She is still living her best life.
  22. qtpye

    Counterpart in the Media: Prime Coverage

    Did they do this in the second season? I do not remember it in the first season and I tapped out after that since the show began to bore me but I could be wrong. It honestly seems like backpedaling since that character was not well received.
  23. qtpye

    Counterpart in the Media: Prime Coverage

    I was a big fan of the main actor and was excited about this. However it was like being served a delicious meal for the first episode and then all the chef wants to talk about was how to make Jello. They had an intrinsically fascinating scenario but instead wanted to focus on a played out spy vs spy trope. I was out when I realized they only cast a too young to make sense actress for Baldwin because they wanted a hot young thing to showcase in some male gaze oriented lesbian sex scenes. It is particularly insulting when you think about how many sexy and talented actresses out there in their 40’s, like Keri Russell, who would of added so much more to the character. Not sad that it is gone.
  24. qtpye

    S05.E18: Andre Johnson: Good Person

    I felt like Bow is insecure and she just wants to me impress other people. She was really proud to show off her organic homemade bars until the other lady shut her down with the plastic can kill you talk. Its crazy because Bow is awesome as a doctor who is raising a bunch of kids and a man child. I think she is so insecure because her hippy mama does not give her any validation or preference over her trashy sister and do nothing brother. She probably made the chili to show off she is vegan.
  25. qtpye

    S10.E20: Can't Elope

    It really was not Hailey's behavior that bothered me though I have always found her to be snotty and ungrateful towards her parents. It was more of why the Hell could Claire and Phil not just ask her what she was doing like normal parents. They were probably paying for her community college and have a right to know what her future plans are. It is like they were begging an adult child that was totally financially dependent upon them to give them crumbs of information about her life.