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S06.E02: Janine's Story - LIVE CHAT

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A woman whose extreme obesity has left her nearly immobile must overcome both her physical and emotional pain if she is ever to live a normal life again.

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  It will be open during the US East Coast  showing and again during the US West Coast showing. 

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A reminder from the Mod Announcements:

Let's avoid discussing how money is being snatched from the public's wallet for the participants unless it’s specifically revealed on the show. Anything else is pure speculation not to mention also a slippery slope toward talking politics. 

Let's keep it to what we see and learn during the episode and avoid an off topic discussion of the various subsidies and assistance. 

Thanks and enjoy the chat!

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5 minutes ago, hoosiermom said:

i cooked a ham for myself and i am going to dance around it naked tonight. I love ham and never get it during holidays because my kids are vegitarians.(sp) Hi everyone.

Tofurky came out with a ham last year that I was finally able to try just after Thanksgiving. It was so good, I bought another for the freezer because it's a seasonal product. Not gonna lie - I love and respect pigs, but I missed ham so much!  

Back on topic - what did she have next to the waffles?  Looked like cookies. Waffles and cookies, and a side swig of Dream Whip. Wow. And people are surprised at how much they weigh.

How y'all are?!

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1 minute ago, PeaceLily2 said:

It is never their fault.  Ever.  The blame game gets old.  

Well, if her mom really was giving her diet pills at age 4, I can kind of see her point.

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