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So glad we have this thread. I miss talking about the O.C.! Here are my U.O.s

* I loved the Oliver storyline - it's one of my favorites in the whole series. I love how Ryan and Luke bonded over their suspicions of him. "Just let me know, and I will DROP the Great Gatsby"

* I liked the Rebecca storyline as well. I know it annoyed people but there it is. Although soapy, I thought it said a lot about being middle-aged and dealing with your past and present. And Sandy wasn't so saint-like, which was interesting to watch. He really was drawn to her even if he didn't want to be.

* Turning Kirsten into an alcoholic was a mistake, IMO. I just thought it was stupid. Soap Operas go so quickly into casual use to full-blow addiction, I just find it boring.

*don't know whether this is UO or not, but I did not like Lindsay. I liked the idea of her but I thought the actress was irritating and I didn't get why Ryan fell so hard for her. Meh.

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On 3/31/2016 at 10:02 PM, WhosThatGirl said:

They played the finale today. That montage.  Still gets me everytime. Those last minutes are really what this show was.

So agree with this! I really think the O.C. finale montage was one of the best ever. I'm glad the show went out as strongly as it went in. I rewatch S4 sometimes just to  build up to that great final ep. Seeing Ryan make it and do well and be in a position to pay it forward was great! And I loved him and Taylor so knowing that they would (probably) end up together also gets me! *sniff*.


On 5/2/2015 at 10:49 AM, AndySmith said:

Ranking the seasons, from best to worst:


1 - Lots of fun, and just a great soap overall

4 - Doesn't quite hit the highs of season 1, but still good fun

2 - Hit or miss

3 - Alternates between boring and just plain bad

I am copying this in full because ITA with this ranking. They really, really, really almost killed the show with S3. The whole Johnny BS was just so, so, so bad. It's a wonder that they came back as strong as they did to finish out the series in S4 (of course, it didn't hurt that Marissa was dead).

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45 minutes ago, idiotwaltz said:

The first eight episodes of Season 1 were golden. Years later, the last 5 mins of the S1 finale still slay me. 

Season one really felt like more than one season. The first episodes were perfect and I often wonder if it’s because it was shot in a vacuum like experience. They shot it and put it on tv with no outside input until later on in the season. Few shows get to do things like that now.

 The first season was really such a great season.

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